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Chapter 362: Xu Xiaoshou Felt That He Should Do Something…

The full moon hung high in the sky.

However, no one could sleep in Tiansang City.

No matter how far apart, the intermittent roar of the void still caused people to look up.

It was not long before the battle started, but the intensity of the fight was shocking.

“What is going on today There already was a Sovereign Stage battle during the day that spread 10 miles with heavy casualties.

Is there another one now”

“Looking at this situation, it is even worse tonight than it was during the day!”

The people who were close enough to see the events unfurl had tension written on their faces.

They did not witness the spectacle in amusement at all.

An occasional Sovereign Stage battle would be a source of entertainment for these guys who were usually idle.

Even if this source of entertainment was a little risky, they were more than happy to join in the fun.

However, it seemed that the Sovereign Stage could lock horns twice in a day now.

It completely went beyond the limits of entertainment.

It was a death sentence by the king of hell.

Whoever got too close to the fire would die.

How could anyone care to join in the fun when their lives were at stake

Being able to control themselves from dragging their families away from this perilous land was a complete show of faith in the City Lord Mansion and its ability to maintain public order.

“There is no peace in Tiansang City anymore…”

Everyone sighed heavily in their hearts.

However, Xu Xiaoshou felt slightly lonely in the battle.

After he discovered that Xin Gugu alone was able to restrain everyone, he felt quite bored.

He looked down at the nervous crowd that had gathered at Zhang Mansion.

Nearby, the six Sovereign Stages were already in the heat of battle.

Xu Xiaoshou nearly waved a flag behind in support.

He forced himself to resist this impulse.

Knowing the scale of the commotion here, his Perception spread.

It estimated that the ruckus had attracted a lot of strong cultivators.

‘I should do something.

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but think of this.

When he conceptualized this idea, the sword energy left by the scruffy-looking man suddenly jumped above his energy center.


Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

That energy conveyed its bloodthirsty yearning for a battle to him.

‘What the hell This sword cognition… Does it have consciousness

Xu Xiaoshou widened his eyes in shock.

Deep down in his heart, he felt a fiery excitement bubbling up.

If he could use the power of this sword cognition, he imagined that he could stop these people who were deeply engrossed in the fight with a single sword.

As he thought of this, Xu Xiaoshou immediately took out Hidden Bitter.

The newly reborn Hidden Bitter appeared to be revived and rejuvenated after that double cultivation.

It was originally a ninth-grade spiritual weapon.

However, after experiencing countless torturous incidents under Xu Xiaoshou, it almost fell apart and deteriorated to tenth grade.

As its foundation was still there, the sword observation helped to restore it to its peak form.

Under the Sword Intent, its edges were even stronger than before.

Xu Xiaoshou no longer hesitated.

He drew his full sight and immediately looked away.

Hidden Bitter trembled with a buzz.

After experiencing the sweetness of double cultivation, it already knew what Xu Xiaoshou was going to do.

The sword handle tipped slightly as if it was looking at him shyly.

However, under Xu Xiaoshous grip, the sword body of Hidden Bitter suddenly straightened.

It stretched itself upright and waited for the gaze of its master to fall upon it in anticipation.

As Xu Xiaoshou initiated the Sword Observation Technique, Sword Intent formed in his eyes.

He had already experienced it before and was familiar with the process.

He successfully bridged the connection between the sword and the person.

A faint white mist oozed out from Hidden Bitter.

At this moment, the heavens and earth experienced a drastic change.

In the shocking transformation of the void, it turned into countless miniature swords.

The tens of thousands of small swords went rigid, and the sound of the sword cry rang through the 10-mile-long street.


Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyes.

The sword energy swam past Hidden Bitter instantly and pierced his body.


After going through a painful experience in the past, he mentally prepared himself this time.

He gritted his teeth and tolerated it, enduring the horrifying sword energy that was piercing his body.

Fingertips, wrists, forearms, elbows…

Little by little, the sword cognition swam across.

At every inch it penetrated, Xu Xiaoshou felt as if he was slashed open by a sword.

The remaining sword cognition energy in his body turned into an awe-inspiring Sword Intent and merged into his body after the tormenting episode.

An increasing strengthening feeling was born in that painful place.

Even after entering the stage of the Master Level Physique, Xu Xiaoshou could still clearly feel this significant change.

‘Is the Sword Observation Manual that strong

‘This change…

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly thought of the broken sword body belonging to the masked man that fell into pieces.

Was it possible that if he continued to develop in this situation, he could also cultivate similar skills

He was secretly surprised at this realization.

Not just him, but the six people in front of Xu Xiaoshou were also shocked at the drastic change.

It was as contrasting as heaven and earth.

The Sword Intent in the void was awe-inspiring.

Following the trembling body of Xu Xiaoshou, it manifested into rolling waves of the sword tide.

The soft yet surging sword cry made everyones hair stand on end.

‘A swordsman

Zhang Zhongmous pupils contracted instantly, and horror unfolded in his heart.

‘Is this guy also a swordsman

When Tianyuan Mist Mountain had been seized earlier, and he failed to summon it back, he concluded that it was because the person before him was a Sovereign Stage Physique.

Now, tens of thousands of swords were in the void before him.

It was as though they were there to shoot him down, slap him across the face, and tell him that he was wrong.

‘Not only is he a swordsman, but is this guy also an ancient swordsman

The faint sword cognition gave Zhang Zhongmou a feeling of déjà vu.

When he was young and carefree, he traveled far across the continent and visited many associations of distinctive arts.

The Eastern Region left the heaviest impact on him when he was young and wildly ignorant.

Among the few swordsmen who defeated him, only one possessed such a similar ability.

‘Sword cognition…

Zhang Zhongmou looked nostalgic as he recalled his younger days.

At that time, this person was not famous yet.

However, he had suffered tremendous defeat at the hands of this person and his sword.

Shortly after that, this person claimed half of the Eastern Region and established a terrifying Sword Dynasty…

Fringe Moon Immortal City.

After that, Zhang Zhongmou learned that the little-known guy who defeated him at that time turned out to be the only named apprentice of the Eighth Sword Deity.


‘So… Is this guy from Fringe Moon Immortal City

Zhang Zhongmou looked at the young man in front of him who had perceived the sword.

His slight fascination only lasted for a moment before Xin Gugu assailed him with a pillar of blood.

“Stop… Stop.”

Xu Xiaoshou could not hold it in anymore.

He forced himself to endure the pain and gradually forced the sword cognition that had made its way to his shoulder to retreat.

He originally wanted to use the Sword Observation Technique to trigger the sword cognition on his energy center.

Perhaps if he were lucky, it would fly out of him in its lust for battle.

That way, the time bomb in his body could also be expelled at the same time.

He had not anticipated that the sword cognition only moved during the early stage in an apparent attempt to seduce him to cultivate.

When Xu Xiaoshou moved, it stopped and completely disappeared.

“Was I cheated”

Xu Xiaoshou did not allow himself to think further and held Hidden Bitter in his hands.

He could not hold on anymore.

He was desperate to release the piercing power that had spread across his body.

Once the Sword Intent emerged, it was a majestic sight, just like the celestial phenomenon of 10,000 swords that moved with an order.

Xu Xiaoshous words were quite formidable.

As soon as his voice fell, the 10,000 swords in the void stirred.

The six people in the field stopped the fight.

Zhang Taiying narrowed his eyes.

He glanced at the sword in Xu Xiaoshous hand with some surprise.

Could a ninth-grade sword have such power

After realizing that this guy was not as simple as he initially thought, his anger subsided, and he calmed down.

Even if they had to fight, they should not be fighting at the doorstep of Zhang Mansion.

Otherwise, the Zhang family would suffer a massive loss in the end.

“Your Excellency, what is your intention” Zhang Taiying asked coldly.

“What is my intention…”

Xu Xiaoshous hand that was holding the sword could not stop shaking.

His lips turned purple.

Finally, he forced the sword cognition into his palm.

“I cant expel it out.

Although this sword energy is strong for me, before the Sovereign Stage, it will only expose my ability.

‘I must put it away!

Xu Xiaoshous eyes flashed as he thought of Yuan Mansion.

With a move of his hand, he was about to launch the sword cognition into Chaos Space.

Unexpectedly, the sword cognition above his energy center was suddenly alarmed.

A flicker of breath shot out and tore a bloodied path in his body.

It suddenly merged with the sword cognition that Xu Xiaoshou had cultivated in his palm.


Xu Xiaoshou cried out on the spot, Hidden Bitter suddenly stiffened under the bewildered gaze of everyone.


A silver light pierced the sky.

Its brightness lit up the heavens.

As this sword struck, it seemed to have torn the galaxy apart.

The sight sent everyone into shock.


At the same time, the 10,000 swords that were floating in the void swept away neatly.

The draft from the 10,000 swords blew at Zhang Mansion silently.

The next second…


The Hidden Scriptures Pavilion split into two, and the slanted top half and fell onto the ground.

In the next instant, the Zhang Mansion barrier exploded and filled the entire courtyard with smoke.


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