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Chapter 369: The Engraved Shard

Yuan Mansion, the highest level of the collapsed tower…


Xu Xiaoshou applied a light force and crushed the spiritual array guarding the purple devil box.

It opened with ease.

It was completely different from the Light of Buddha or the Wrath of the Devil that he had expected.

Lying in this box was an ordinary bronze shard.

“What is this”

He was looking forward to seeing what was in the box.

When he saw this broken thing, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly had black question marks on his face.

He picked up the shard and observed it with detail.

The shard was very heavy, and it was like old iron speckled in rust.

No matter how hard he rubbed, no dirt came off.

There were engravings on it, but just like this shard, only a tiny part was visible.

Xu Xiaoshou could not tell what they were at all.

Xu Xiaoshou guessed that even if the complete engraving was placed before him, he would still be unable to tell anything from it.

Apart from its texture, this engraved shard still had some bronze color remaining.

The original color of the engraving should have been the same as it.

It was evident from the few clean spots on it.

Overall, something unidentifiable had contaminated this bronze shard.

Although it was very black, it could not be wiped clean.

“Did this item trigger that dangerous warning for me”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

He did not believe it.

He casually tossed the item on the table.

He flipped through the purple devil box again and could not find any concealed layer.

There was also no hidden compartment on the top layer.

In general, this devil box was only a devil box and did not have any mechanism to transform itself into other forms.

Judging its material, it was just a rather expensive box.

It was not even comparable to most of the spiritual ore in his spatial ring.

“In other words, this devil box is just an ordinary thing.

Does the mystery lie on this engraved shard”

Xu Xiaoshou set down the purple box and picked up the engraved shard again.

His spiritual senses reached out toward it.

However, at the first sweep, it already provoked an incident.

The moment his spiritual senses came into contact with the engraved shard, he sensed an oppressive murderous intent.

Xu Xiaoshou felt his hair standing on end.

He had never seen such a concentrated and terrifying murderous intent.

Even the masked man, even Red Dog…

Among the strong cultivators he had encountered in the past, he never experienced a murderous intent that terrified him more than the murderous intent hidden in the depths of this engraved shard.

Suddenly, Xu Xiaoshous eyes turned red.

An unknown force transported him to a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

Withered bones, demented devil beings, blood flowing into rivers, corpses scattered all over the floor…

Among the endless Senluo Purgatory sight before him, there was a long, slender black sword.

The black sword was elegant, and the bronze engravings on it were shrouded in mystery.

It was this very sword that was constantly hovering in the void.

With every rotation it took, blood-black Monstrous Aura seeped out from it.

One could even see such a suffocating murderous intent with the naked eye.

It had caused all beings to deviate from the Great Path and launch into self-destruction.

No life force remained in the world.


Xu Xiaoshou grasped his head in excruciating pain.

He felt that he only needed to be here, and the Monstrous Aura would instantly infiltrate his mind and soul.

If the pain of the sword cognition wandering through his body was at level 10, then at this moment, the piercing pain that tormented his soul was at the level of hundreds of thousands.

A violent primitive desire instantly destroyed the clarity of the spiritual altar.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou had realized that something was amiss, he could hardly contain his thirst for destruction.


He roared in rage, and his muscles took on a golden light and swelled sharply.

At this moment, the Devils Will of the Spiritual Universe suddenly seemed to have discovered a catharsis.

It had purged all of it into an unknown place.

Xu Xiaoshou relaxed his expression, and his breath returned.

Finally, he forcibly stifled the urge to transform into the Raging Giant.


With a blur before his eyes, the sight of his surroundings in the collapsed tower once again greeted him.

Pen, ink, paper, inkstone, the devil box, the engraved shard, and Aje, which had its hand on his shoulder.

“Ma Ma”

Aje tilted its head, its eyes flickering red and momentarily turned black.

Black Devil Veins snaked around Xu Xiaoshous body and constricted him.

With Ajes palm as the origin, it was all absorbed away.


“Can you absorb this devilish energy”

Xu Xiaoshou was drenched in sweat and looked terrified.

It shook off the engraved shard in its hand like a hot iron, and then it shivered.

“Cultivation deviation”

Truthfully, it was practically impossible for Xu Xiaoshou to experience cultivation deviation since he did not need to cultivate.

This almost impossible event in the past was a reality at this moment, and it was all because of an engraved shard.

Xu Xiaoshou was in disbelief.

His spiritual power and mental strength were already terrifyingly powerful.

The increase of Perception had once again elevated them.

Even at this level, he still could not hold on for a moment.

He instantly experienced devil invasion.

“How horrible!”

“What the hell is this”

“That sword…”

Hovering between heaven and earth, causing everything to lose their spiritual quality and turn into withered bones, the culprit behind the mass destruction scene was an elegant Devil Sword…

Xu Xiaoshou could not fathom it at all.

However, it had vaguely reminded him of a familiar feeling.

“Whats going on”

At this moment, the spatial ring on his chest trembled.

Hidden Bitter shot out.

Xu Xiaoshou grasped at it inexplicably.

As he glanced at the trembling Black Scabbard, enlightenment suddenly flashed in his eyes.

“According to previous tales, the Black Scabbard should be the scabbard of the Fourth Sword.”

“Is this engraved shard also related to the Fourth Sword”

“Or is this a fragment that fell off that sword”

Xu Xiaoshou was a little surprised.

If this was the fragment of the Fourth Sword, then where did the Zhang family get this

Everyone knew that White Cave had not opened yet.

“This is weird…”

Although puzzled, Xu Xiaoshou had already realized that this fragment was of no simple matter.

Sure enough, the treasure contained within the top level of the Hidden Scriptures Pavilion was not inferior.

“Perhaps this item can contribute greatly to the White Cave expedition.”

Xu Xiaoshou had no idea, but for the time being, he could only accept this item.

Nonetheless, he no longer dared to extend his spiritual senses closer to it.

“Thats not right!”

Thinking of the devil invasion, Xu Xiaoshou was suddenly overjoyed.

Currently, if he wanted to take on the Raging Giant form, it seemed that he had to go through a life-threatening tribulation.

This fragment could instantly bring him into the Raging State, and Aje could restrain its devil invasion power.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head to look at precious Aje and suddenly realized that it was a tremendous treasure.

It could easily absorb such terrifying devilish energy in this way and not be affected at all.

Was it possible that this guy had a considerably terrifying origin compared to the Fourth Sword

Xu Xiaoshou was taken aback by his thoughts.

“It should be impossible!”

When he thought of Slaughter Cape…

“Perhaps the purpose of the Slaughter Cape in Tianxuan Gate was not to hold Aje captive, but because of Aje, it had become Slaughter Cape.”


Xu Xiaoshou was silent for a while.

When he had excessive thoughts, he could sometimes perceive the horrors of life.

The feeling of having his life dictated by fate resurfaced.

He raised his head and gazed through the ceiling of the top-level, looking toward the Chaos Heavens of Yuan Mansion.

The breath of vitality was very majestic, but the chaotic grey mist was ferocious and dancing.

It could never be predicted what shape it would take on in the next second.

Xu Xiaoshous thoughts were all over the place, and he was a little confused.

“What is waiting for me in the front”


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