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Chapter 370: Xu Xiaoshou Ventures into Farming

Xu Xiaoshou leaped out from the highest floor of the collapsed tower.

However, he did not leave Yuan Mansion after exiting the collapsed tower.

The fish in the spiritual pond were springing frantically.

Seeing their vigorous movements, Xu Xiaoshou fell into deep thought.

They were bursting with energy.

‘Perhaps I can bring forward my planting plan for the Garden of Horror.

‘I dont know how much these spirit fish can evolve in the end.

On the ground, Greedy the Cat Spirit inched its way forward.

It took the form of a little white cat.

It was now well enough to move with some effort, but its movements were not flexible.

The lively fish greatly aroused its interest.

After all, it had been locked up by Xu Xiaoshou in Yuan Mansion for a long time.

It was inevitable that it would be slightly famished after being trapped for such a long time.


It growled and pounced forward, but the spirit fish were simply too flexible.

Greedy the Cat Spirits pounce had no effect at all.

With a splash, it fell straight into the pond.

Water sprayed everywhere.

The spiritual pond, which was already active enough, became even more restless.

Although the fish could not see the existence of Greedy the Cat Spirit, they were brimming full of spiritual quality.

All the fish noticed something was wrong when an unfamiliar breath trespassed their surroundings, and they swam wildly and jumped even higher.


The cat caught the fish, but the fish escaped.

The entire spiritual pond was in an uproar.

The commotion was louder than firecrackers.

Xu Xiaoshou was amazed at the sight.

If he indeed had realization quality, perhaps he could even realize something by looking at this scene.

But at the moment…

‘Well, this cat is rather weak.

If the fish evolved, could they mock it instead

‘It has embarrassed all the ghost beasts…

Xu Xiaoshou did not give it much thought.

He even forgot Xin Gugus instructions.

The only lively scene in Yuan Mansion had enraptured him immensely.

‘What else is lacking

He stroked his chin and observed the ground at the edge of the pool where the water had splashed out.

A faint grayish-green seemed to be on the verge of popping out.

It was rather frail.


Xu Xiaoshou slapped his head in realization.

There were enough animals in Yuan Mansion, but plants…

It was somewhat challenging to grow it from nothing in this Chaos Space, even with a strong vitality and spiritual energy.

He estimated that it would take at least a year or half.

It was certainly an uphill task.


As Xu Xiaoshou thought of this, he picked out a handful of spiritual herb seeds from his spatial ring.

He also had other precious spiritual ingredients, but it would only be a waste if they could not be grown.

Since he intended to sow a new garden, it would be better to start with ordinary seeds.

After they had taken root here, perhaps they would improve the quality of the soil.

He could plant high-quality elixir spiritual ingredients such as those required for the Origin Court Pill in his next harvest.

Xu Xiaoshou randomly sprinkled seeds along the edge of the spiritual pond.

He watched the purple seeds tumbling and suddenly realized that something was wrong.

‘Purple Snake Orchid Seed

The seed that he took out was one of the special spiritual ingredients in the Red Gold Pill.

This spiritual ingredient was poisonous.

When used as medicine, it would be refined in the form of seeds.

If he were to use spiritual herbs to condense pills, he would require other strong spiritual herbs to suppress their poisonous quality.

Otherwise, it was very likely to be condensed into a poisonous pill.

While the Fallen Star Pill used the thousand-year-old Purple Snake Orchid as a medicinal ingredient, it was a different story because it was a top seven-grade healing medicine.

To be truthful, Xu Xiaoshou did not possess many spiritual herb seeds.

Most of the spiritual ingredients given to him by Elder Sang were individual ingredients.

The ones that could appear in seeds were poisonous ingredients.

‘Uh, it shouldnt be a big problem planting poisonous herbs…

Theoretically, it was interesting to create a Garden of Horror.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was a little fearful of reality running askew from his imagination.

To balance out the poisonous seeds he had planted, he also grabbed a handful of spiritual herbs and inserted them along the edge of the spiritual pond.

However, these low-grade spiritual herbs had not been treated when they were picked.

Many of them did not have the possibility of being replanted.

Whether or not they could survive entirely depended on Gods will.

‘Well, I hope you can all thrive.

Wait for me to come and harvest!

Xu Xiaoshou was satisfied with his planting method of half poison and half spiritual herbs.

Perhaps with the existence of the spiritual pond, everything could thrive.

In this case, when he next entered Yuan Mansion, he would not be greeted by the sight of a genuine Garden of Horror.

He imagined fish and cats frolicking and spiritual herbs growing bountifully.

Everything would be growing and evolving naturally.

That would be a pleasing sight.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at it for a while then withdrew his gaze.

‘Thats it!

‘Whats left is to make ample preparations for the City Lord Mansion banquet dinner.

Xu Xiaoshou really did not care if he could obtain the White Cave quota.

It was not as if he was the leader of a large organization.

He did not pay attention to these things, and he did not feel a pressing need to fight over them.

On the contrary, Elder Sang would surely send him into that dangerous place.

‘My primary purpose of attending the banquet dinner is naturally to get more intelligence about the White Cave.

That guy Fu Xing is a good starting point…

‘However, Zhang Taiying is also a top priority.

Xu Xiaoshou swore that he must kill that person.

Not only was the arrest warrant of Three Incenses not withdrawn, but the existence of that person had already posed a threat to himself.


‘Killing a Sovereign Stage

The night attack at the Zhang Mansion did not cause Xu Xiaoshous ego to swell.

The strike of his sword that toppled the tower also did not make him conceited enough to think that he alone could fight against Zhang Taiying.

On the contrary, the strength that guy possessed that made him capable of surviving Ajes barrel of attacks made Xu Xiaoshou fearful.

If it were him against Aje…

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at precious Aje beside him.

He did not have the confidence to fight this guy, persevere for so long, and not lose the upper hand.

Xu Xiaoshou squinted as he thought about how to kill Zhang Taiying.

‘At Zhang Mansion, I only need to ask Xin Gugu to pay them a few more visits later.

‘I dont have to do anything.

The other two Sovereign Stages are unlikely to accompany Zhang Taiying out.

It was only human nature to be afraid.

After this hardship, the Zhang family had to be panicked and worried.

If it were not for the need to attend the City Lord Mansion banquet dinner, it was unlikely that Zhang Taiying would leave the Zhang Mansion anytime soon.

‘Since the number of people is now limited, Zhang Taiying is the only one left to attend the event…

‘How can I kill a Sovereign Stage in a place as heavily guarded as the City Lord Mansion

Xu Xiaoshou assessed his current combat power.

He had Xin Gugu and Aje on his side.

However, this combination was probably not enough to kill this guy without drawing any attention.

‘No, its far from enough!

Despite that, it was the only chance that Zhang Taiying would go out.

Even though he could not be sure, that was an opportunity he could not miss.

‘I need to do something…

Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head and frowned.

Finally, he concluded his thoughts and focused his gaze on the Yuan Mansion.

He glanced at the Red Interface on one end.

‘The Sovereign Stage is too hard to kill.

I need support!

Xu Xiaoshou looked toward the bottom of the Information Bar.

Passive Points: 86,944.


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