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Chapter 374: I, Xu Xiaoshou, Want To Do Something Big

“Ma Ma”

Aje seemed to be scared by Xu Xiaoshous craziness and looked at him with its head tilted as he rolled and slapped the ground.

After being crazy for a while, Xu Xiaoshou used his hand to pull down from his forehead.


He calmed all his emotions.

Looking at Ajes silly face, Xu Xiaoshou straightened his robes and said, “Never mind.

You can continue to be in a daze!”

He had finally settled the Way of Spirit Array.

Xu Xiaoshou felt the huge rock in his heart soften.

He felt great.

‘The next step is to level up this Weaving Expertise so I can create spirit arrays with a simple movement.

‘If thats the case, I can use Big Fire Ball and nest it within the array.

When I encounter enemies, I can throw it at their faces.

As he thought that, Xu Xiaoshou started drooling uncontrollably.

He had long wanted to be able to command this type of fighting style like a wealthy man throwing money at his enemies.

Previously, Lei Shuangxings uncountable treasures, as well as Fu Xings defense spiritual weapon, had left him speechless.

Now, he finally had a chance to become the type of person that he hated and found the most annoying.


He called out with a trembling hand over his mouth.

Xu Xiaoshou finally calmed down.

He looked at Yuan Mansion again.

He had exchanged 10 keys to get 10 consecutive draws.

The first key had already gotten him Weaving Expertise.

Would the remaining keys give him something extra

Did he lose out by exchanging so many keys

That was not possible.

Perhaps with the nine keys, he could draw nine more skills.

‘Could it be possible that today is my lucky day

Xu Xiaoshou was very happy.

He used up the remaining keys at once and looked at the notification board.

‘Nine Nine thank yous

He took a step back.

‘Did I not even get a notification for one key

Feeling a big pouty, Xu Xiaoshou sucked in some air and was speechless.

Even though he knew this time he had already gotten more than its worth, the nine keys were still quite disappointing.

Passive Points: 26,944

It required 50,000 for the lucky draw and 10,000 to level up.

Now, he was left with this little amount of Passive Points.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at High Spirits.

He had not paid much attention to this skill for a long time.

For this skill to not have been his focus of leveling up meant that it had been functioning well for him.

This times drawing of spiritual arrays using Weaving Expertise had completely used up his spiritual source.

This exposed two problems.

His cultivation level was not high enough, and its growth was not keeping up well.

‘Should I level up


Without much hesitation, Xu Xiaoshou put all of his skill points on Weaving Expertise.

He did not have to consider it at all.

As long as he could create array wheels, he could prepare lots of spiritual arrays beforehand.

As for High Spirits, he decided to temporarily use elixirs to get him through for now.

Under certain current circumstances, spiritual arrays were more important.

Weaving Expertise (Innate Level 1)

Weaving Expertise (Innate Level 6)

Following this change, a large amount of knowledge entered Xu Xiaoshous mind.

This time, not only did the simple Weaving Technique appear, but there was also more information on how to cultivate inner peace and resolve.

‘Multitask control, multiple needles weaving, controlling spirit finger, puppeteering…

The more he looked, the more shocked he was.

Weaving Expertise encompassed many things.

To simply define it as the Way of Spirit Array was honestly degrading it.

Weaving seemed to be unimpressive and not comparable to a spiritual array at all.

But Weaving Expertise contained really strong and powerful attention cultivation.

The newly appeared multitask control, as well as multiple needles weaving skills, helped Xu Xiaoshou learn how to multitask efficiently.

Based on his memories, Xu Xiaoshou used his spiritual senses to summon hundreds of spirit needles in thin air.


With a simple command, the hundreds of spirit needles started to move.

They all had their own designated paths.

They instantly weaved a shape that resembled Aje.

“Ma Ma!”

Seeing itself being flashed across in the air, Aje was feeling a little excited and called out agitatedly.

Xu Xiaoshou was even more agitated as he pat Aje on the shoulder.


“My hundreds of weaving needles… Ha-ha, it was still 10 needles a while ago!”

“This method of multitask control not only increased my efficiency by tenfold, but it also means that during battles, I could possibly create spiritual arrays in an instant!”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes widened so much that they almost fell out of his head.

He was so excited that his lips trembled.

Aje retracted its line of sight from the sky.

Its eyes were red with excitement.

It looked at the hand Xu Xiaoshou had put on its shoulder.

It seemed to understand the feeling of excitement and was about to release its own excitement.


Even with his Recoil and Toughness, Xu Xiaoshou was slapped and thrown deep into the ground by Aje.

The air was silent.

The young man crawled out from the pit.

He coughed a little and took a deep breath of air.


He brushed the dirt off his butt.

Without saying a word, light flashed as he retreated from Yuan Mansion.

‘Stupid Aje.

I shall confine him in there for a few hours!

‘Did you dare to slap your Ma Ma

Xu Xiaoshou was angry as he looked at his shattered shoulder bones, which had started to heal under his Eternal Vitality.

He got on his bed to calm himself.

‘Weaving Expertise was too strong!

‘It was so strong that using just spiritual arrays to define it is totally not appropriate!

“If this Passive Skill were to be leveled up to the Master Level, the controlling spirit finger and puppeteering techniques might be able to shine and perform as well!

Xu Xiaoshou thought about the last scene he saw of that bright hand in the illusion.

If he was not wrong, that was the controlling fingers final form.

As for puppeteering…

‘Thats a little terrifying.

Could it really be like what I saw that time

In the illusion, Xu Xiaoshou remembered that he had seen the Vitality Diagram of some giant race.

Based on the design of the giants diagram, he could predict the giants movement whenever he wanted to.

‘If I drew this design, would that mean I could control that giants actions like I was controlling a puppet


Xu Xiaoshou took in a breath of cold air.

It was too terrifying.

If he took into consideration the previous multiple needles weaving…

‘This means that once the battle starts, I just need to instantly perform weaving on the enemy, and the enemy will bound to become my puppet!

‘With the way of weaving being able to control living things, wont every being just be an ant

Xu Xiaoshou was deep in shock and could not recover for a long time.

Was he interested

He was extremely interested.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he was very eager and hungry for it.

However, the Passive Points that he had now were not sufficient for his Weaving Expertise to attain that level.

‘Ive got to get to work!

Coming back to the starting point, Xu Xiaoshous head started to hurt.

Earning small amounts of Passive Points was easy, but to earn a large number of Passive Points within a short amount of time was definitely not an easy task at all.

Other than harming oneself like when he was at Black Cliff, he could only cause trouble in a large crowd of people to get their attention and judgment.

‘Is there another black cliff

The answer to this question was bound to be negative.

Xu Xiaoshou thought about it as he took out a golden invitation, which was the City Lord Mansions banquet invitation letter.

As he looked at the invitation letter, the young man made sly laughing noises.

‘I cant… I cant remain low profile anymore!

‘I want to do something big!

‘I want to earn money!


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