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Chapter 385: The Monstrous Godly Weaving Technique

Passive Points: 24,125

Xu Xiaoshou deeply regretted not staying another minute or two longer in the guest hall.

He was a thousand Passive Points from reaching 25,000 total Passive Points.

Twenty-five thousand points would translate into five Level Two Skill Points, which would be the Master stage of Weaving Expertise.

Weaving Expertise (Innate Level 6)

Weaving Expertise (Innate Level 10)

He was only one level away from reaching the Master Stage with the current number of points he had.

He swore in his mind, but Xu Xiaoshou had expected the sudden turn in events.

He held his head as a large amount of knowledge started to stream in.

Xu Xiaoshou chewed and digested each piece of information thoroughly.

Even if he had not reached the Master Stage of Weaving Expertise, he had gained a measurable sense of confidence.

The internalized knowledge unfurled itself into a field of flowers of Nested Spiritual Array.

Although they were Weaving Technique, Xu Xiaoshou was determined to seek his own answer with the mass of knowledge and information.


He was able to pull his own weave map to the top with the weave reconstruct technique.

He added a new layer on the map and realized the Nested Spiritual Array function.

Xu Xiaoshou was beyond excited.

This Passive Skill was useful in battle after all.

His spiritual senses would differ from each enemy.

If it was a standard type of skill technique, Xu Xiaoshou would have never combined the insignificant aspects, such as reconstruct and Nested Spiritual Array, together.

He was at the 10th level of Weaving Expertise.

In other words, he was only one level away from reaching the top.

As Xu Xiaoshou internalized the current wave of knowledge, he was confident that he had enough knowledge to use it.

After all, the spiritual array where he stood was unique.

It was capable of immense power, yet it was only at the Master Stage.

If he was about to combine the highest level of Innate Stage Weaving Technique with the Nested Spiritual Array of the Master Stage…

As the wind blew, the hundreds of spirit needles behind Xu Xiaoshou instantly split and formed into a thousand more.

The thick bundle of spirit needles moved rhythmically in the void.

Rows and rows of them intertwined with one another.

It made the illusion of a moving three-dimensional object.

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

The other man may have been aware that he was capable of the Way of Spirit Array, but he would have been completely clueless about the spirit needles.

Xu Xiaoshou laughed mockingly.

It would have been abnormal if the other man had seen through his Weaving Technique.

Outwitted, Passive Points 1.

The moment he read the notification, Xu Xiaoshou jumped and lifted from the ground.

He flew into the air above him.

A circle of light had manifested where he had been standing.

It was a teleportation portal.

The other man had the ability to place a teleportation portal freely, and he was able to activate his ability with the power of a Master Stage spiritual array.

This was indeed a terrifying power.

Xu Xiaoshou thought about the spirit needles behind him and instantly used them to strike at the newly emerged light ring on the ground.

With a loud rustle, the spirit needles swarmed toward the unprotected teleportation light ring like a herd of dragons and pierced into the circle.

The light circle was pierced into pieces with a “pong” sound almost effortlessly.

Under the crazy attacks of the spirit needles, even the shards had transformed into luminescent light spots.

The light spots were pierced into the nothingness by the aggressive attack of the spirit needles.

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

The other man seemed to be dumbfounded.

It seemed to be the individuals first encounter with someone who used the Way of Spiritual Array in this manner.

It made sense why the individual was frozen with shock.

The array pattern of the void was understandable, but the offensive type of spirit needles was new ground to cover for the individual.

A spiritual array was commonly used as a setup, one to lure the enemies into the battle like a mouse to a trap.

Previously, he had wanted to lure the mouse, which was Xu Xiaoshou, into the trap.

However, it came as a shock to him that Xu Xiaoshou not only knew the spiritual array, but he also knew about the spirit needles too.

The spirit needles had not only remade a new array pattern that covered his cover of a teleportation light circle, but the reconstruction also had completely replaced the original structure of his spiritual array.

The man cursed and decided to play along with him.

In the face of the multiple Suspected notifications from the other, Xu Xiaoshou knew he had successfully tested his idea.

Every cell in his body was shaking from excitement.

‘Is it really possible

As it turned out, it was true that his spirit needles of the Way of Spiritual Array could be used to dissolve an ordinary spiritual array.

With him using the Weaving Technique, the spiritual array could be compared to a piece of clothing.

Regardless of how fancy, appealing, and luxurious the item may be, it would be destroyed with a needle.

‘This is too overpowering!

‘Is the Weaving Technique really so useful

Xu Xiaoshou was puzzled.

He felt like he had strayed from his path, but the path he had gone on was greatly beneficial for himself.

As for his enemies, he doubted they would enjoy any bit of his growth.

This technique might even drive them to tears.

Xu Xiaoshou was in high spirits.

With a wave of his hand, the thousands of spirit needles moved as if they were creatures that had consumed an aphrodisiac.

They moved up and down haphazardly and pierced between the void and the field of flowers without mercy or fatigue.

The situation was getting slightly out of hand.

The needles were like wolves that had filled their stomachs with ink and splattered the ink all over a beautiful art scroll.

The painting on the art scroll was overwhelmed but could only retaliate with scoffs.

That was no big deal for the painting.

It was arguable that what made a famous painting more precious and unique was the unique stains that came with it.

However, if the scale of stain that carried with each stroke was multiplied by countless times by the thousands of needles…

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The spiritual array exploded.

Suspected, Passive Points, 1.

Suspected, Passive Points, 1.

Suspected, Passive Points, 1.

The three new notifications that flew by his eyes made the change in attitude from the other man clear as day.

Anyone who had witnessed their spiritual array, which they drew with their blood, sweat, and tears, being destroyed would feel an immense sense of defeat.

Xu Xiaoshou laughed.

He took out an elixir and started absorbing its contents intently.

His body started to shake and spasm uncontrollably as his spiritual source in his energy reserve was slowly restored.

The speed of the dance of the spiritual array had also increased.

It started moving more crazily.

‘No, I must find time to fulfill High Spirits right now.

‘If I was to use Weaving Technique under these circumstances, I would not be able to sustain the spirit array.

My body would fall apart as well!

Shaking, Xu Xiaoshou took out one more Origin Court Pill.

However, the recovery from the Spiritual Cultivation Pill was not faster enough to keep up with the rhythm of the attack.


Xu Xiaoshou sucked on the pill more intently.


His body shivered

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The void exploded.

Suspected, Passive Points 1, 1, 1…

Flames and lightning filled the sky.

There were a few inactivated offensive spiritual arrays that were caught in the impact as well.

Alongside the glorious flower field, a beautiful spirit vein art scroll had emerged in the void.

It had looked completely different after the merciless attack from Xu Xiaoshous spirit needles.

The impact of the explosion had grown from the small area it was

The sounds of the explosion filled the air loud enough to startle anyone.

After a short while, the shredded spiritual array became puffs of mushroom clouds amongst the deafening sounds of the explosion.

The major flaw of Nested Spiritual Array had emerged with the explosion as well.

If there were no internal structure problems that were identified on a normal day, a Nested Spiritual Array was much more durable than other spiritual arrays.

However, once it exceeded its load, the explosion would have failed.

Xu Xiaoshous weave reconstruct did not care for the internal structural problems, and he was going to show the technique off first before considering anything else.

The ones that he not exploded were due to pure luck.

If one needle was not enough, he could always summon one more to do the trick.

As the explosion was pushed toward its highest stage, the red pulse of the spiritual vein had extended to over half of the flower field.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that things were not right.

His Master Stage body could handle an ordinary explosion.

However, this explosion was an exception.


‘No, it cant be.

Xu Xiaoshou halted his hand.

The spirit needle was left suspended in the void.

A blurry figure emerged out of the blue from somewhere far.

A scratchy and raspy voice that sounded as if the individual had not spoken in years could be heard.


However, it was too late.

The blue spiritual veins of the flower field had been engulfed by red, turning the sky into a sea of blood along with it.

The strongmen within the City Lord Mansion had their sixth senses prompt them in alarm.

They turned in the same direction.

The field of flowers accompanied Xu Xiaoshou as he dove into the floor headfirst.

It was as if the burning sun had been thrown onto the realm of the world.

The night suddenly lit up and was followed by a deafening explosion.


Suspected, Passive Points 1.


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