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Chapter 389: What Magic Is This

‘No response

Fu Zhi looked at Xu Xiaoshou, whose cheeks were quivering, but he could not say a word.

He was a little bewildered.

Why would he not give him a response

Where did Divine Secret originate from Xu Xiaoshou did not speak at all and only smiled mysteriously.

Did he think that he could read his mind

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou quickly returned to his senses and removed Fu Zhis hand.

“Keep your distance.”

That solemn sentence fully expressed Xu Xiaoshous current mood.

Even if he did not want to, he had to draw a clear line with this person.

Fu Zhi had laid the sea of flowers, but would he imprison himself back in

That was impossible.

Considering how close their relationship was at this time, how embarrassing it would be if he also attended the banquet dinner later

Fu Zhi showed Xu Xiaoshou warm feelings, but he did not reciprocate them.

However, he was not at all unhappy.

On the contrary, a person who had such a personality and cherished his words like gold was definitely someone noteworthy.

Could he possibly find a breakthrough for his Divine Secret through this guy

“Big Brother Shou, I wont say much about other things.

If you can shatter this spiritual array today, you must have extraordinary accomplishments on Divine Secret.”

“Dare I ask, who was your teacher”

Fu Zhi went straight to the point.

“Divine Secret”

Xu Xiaoshou chewed as he mulled over this term.

That was the second time he had heard this professional term from this man.


What was this thing

Divine Secret

His skill was called Weaving Technique.

There was a tremendous difference between that and Divine Secret.

He did not ask further, but Fu Zhi nodded at him.

“Yes, Big Brother Shou cannot conceal from me that it is Divine Secret.

The ordinary Way of Spirit Array certainly cant shatter my Divine Array.”

“Were you taught by that person”

Xu Xiaoshou had a headache.

He got a headache each time he heard “Big Brother Shou.”

However, Fu Zhi had revealed a lot of information.

Could the Divine Secret create so many levels of the Nested Spiritual Array with only the Master Stage

Was this an upgraded version of the Way of Spirit Array

Also, who was that person

Xu Xiaoshou felt annoyed by the roundabout manner this man was talking in and asked directly, “Who is it”

Fu Zhi was taken aback.


“If you do not tell me, how would I know who it is”

Now, Fu Zhi was a little bewildered.

“There is only one family from which the Divine Secret of the Continents originated.

Apart from Dao Qiongcang, who else could it be”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

“Dao Qiongcang”

Who was this again

He faintly felt it was a little familiar as if someone had mentioned it to him, but he just could not remember it.

Fu Zhi was startled again.

“Its Hallmaster Dao!”

“Kui Leihan, Bazhunan… The unpredictable and mysterious Dao Qiongcang!”

“Hallmaster Dao of the Holy Divine Palace!”

It was not until he mentioned Hallmaster Dao that Xu Xiaoshou became startled.

What Fu Zhi said turned out to be the first person of Shengshen Continent.

He was the current Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace, Dao Qiongcang.

Was the Divine Secret related to Dao Qiongcang

Could it have descended from the only origin in the continent

Xu Xiaoshou could not place a finger on it.

When he looked at Fu Zhi, who was eyeing him with suspicion, he realized that he was acting a little too ignorant.

He could not help it.

The interpretations and level of comprehension of the two parties were not on the same level.

Xu Xiaoshou had only been in Tiansang Prefecture, so his thinking could not keep up with this person.

Similar situations often happened during conversations between him and Elder Sang.

After all, the old guy always liked to namedrop some strong cultivators to quash his spirit.

Xu Xiaoshou was already used to it.

With a fling of his hands, he replaced the astonishment on his face with a solemn look.

He closed his hand lightly as if the name of an insignificant person he could not recall had been brought up, and it took a while for him to remember.

“Oh, him.”

“No, what I used was not Divine Secret.”

Fu Zhi was flabbergasted.

‘Did he really respond that way

Using such a casual tone, this fellow was patronizing Dao Qiongcang.

Was it possible that he was not practicing Divine Secret but a terrible United Path Legacy comparable to Divine Secret

If he were to draw a comparison between the two, were they on par with each other

Fu Zhi took it seriously and said, “I am not well-learned.

May I ask Big Brother Shou what was the legacy skill that you performed”

“Weaving Technique.”

Xu Xiaoshou answered as soon as he thought of it.

He did not know anything about Divine Secret at all, but this person did.

In this case, he would be destined to die a miserable death if he pretended not to know and did not tell the truth.

Deep down, he was betting that this guy might not know about it either.

Sure enough…

“Weaving Technique…” Indeed, Fu Zhi did not relate it to the conventional weaving technique at first thought.

On the contrary, a scene of Xu Xiaoshou with thousands of needles dancing wildly behind him and wreaking havoc on the sea of flowers reappeared in his mind.

“What magic is this”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled to himself.

He stretched out his hand, cracked his knuckles, and pressed his thumb to his pointer to draw out a spirit needle.

“What is this” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

Fu Zhi looked at this spirit needle and fell into deep thought.

Was this a manifestation of the Great Path

It did not look like it.

Was this a profound meaning of his realm

That was not the case either.

After rifling through all the strange abilities in his memory, Fu Zhi suddenly felt that there was only one explanation for it, and it was an exceedingly ordinary ability.

“This is…”

“A needle”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at him, nodding approvingly.

“Yes, you have excellent realization quality.”

Even if most people had guessed it, they would not dare to say it out loud.

Fu Zhi was confused.

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou did not speak.

When his hands interlaced, he compressed his spiritual source into a line.

With the movement of the spirit needle, there was a floating spirit thread at the needles eye.

“Now, what is this” Xu Xiaoshou asked again.

A strange color appeared on Fu Zhis face.

Even if he wanted to connect this action with any grandiose abilities, his reasoning and recollection told him honestly that he could not do it.

“Thread” he whispered uncertainly in a slightly trembling voice.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled, pursing his lips as he nodded.


Fu Zhi was speechless.

He did not know what else to say.

When he thought of this guy suspended in the air and not moving, controlling thousands of spirit needles to shatter the sea of flowers, he could not help feeling a little eager.

Could this simple thing be transformed into a terrifying killing machine

He looked down at Xu Xiaoshou expectantly.

Xu Xiaoshou felt his gaze and started his actions.

He quickly threaded the spirit needle between his hands, interlacing it in the void.

The wind that came as he worked made him a dazzling sight for the eyes.

Fu Zhi swallowed his saliva.

He stared at Xu Xiaoshous movements, trying to uncover the mystery within.

This was the legendary Weaving Technique that could break his Divine Array.

Perhaps this was his one chance in this life, and he could get in touch with it so closely.

He had to grasp it tightly.

Xu Xiaoshous hands were flying in the air.

These random weaving movements had no basis or order to them.

After accidentally glancing at Fu Zhi beside him, he seemed to see a familiar figure in his eyes…

Someone who also had such a thirsty look.

‘Yun He Is that you, Yun He

Xu Xiaoshou noticed that something was wrong.

This guy seemed to have too high expectations of him.

But the demo that he was performing…

Fu Zhis eyes grew wider and wider, but Xu Xiaoshous expression became more and more sheepish.

Finally, they both stopped abruptly at a climax.


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