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Fu Zhis eyes glittered in excitement.


He could not understand the sky, earth, moon, and knot that Xu Xiaoshou had introduced.


Now, everything was presented to him in such a straightforward manner.

If he still could not understand it, then it really could not be justified.


“Spiritual veins”


“Is this a spiritual array”


Fu Zhi was horrified in his heart, and he was too shocked.


The lesson that Xu Xiaoshou had delivered to him was too much.


Even if he looked at it, it was something unattainable and completely out of his reach.


“The world is a world, the Path is the Path, and the spiritual array is a spiritual array.”


“Between the three, it borrows the path of the spiritual array, inherits the order of the Great Path, and completes the cycle to revert to its original form.”


That was the philosophy of Spiritual Cultivators.


The process of completing self-realization was through the means of the heavens and earth.


The Divine Secret was entirely different.


In the concept of Divine Secret, the world was the Path, the Path was the array, the array was the person, and the person was the world.


All of this was connected in the same continuous line.


In other words, they were the same thing in different forms.


There was no difference at all, and there was no need to distinguish them.


All things, living and dead, were made up from the Path.


The Path had created the world and the people who were born into it.

It was the source of all things and had remained the same since day one.


Fu Zhi could not believe that Xu Xiaoshous presentation would impart this concept.


Fu Zhi caught the smile and look of approval in Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

He realized that he was not overthinking things.

The other party wanted to share this lesson with him.


“So, what you wanted to express was… Divine Secret”


Xu Xiaoshou was taken aback for a moment.




“What I wanted to express is Weaving Technique!”


Fu Zhi felt a headache developing.

He wanted to explode whenever he heard the word “weaving.”


Xu Xiaoshou was not an airhead and had some substance.


However, he felt that he could not connect with Fu Zhi on the same channel, and that feeling was very uncomfortable.


Fu Zhi felt that he was on the verge of a breakthrough, but he was only half a step away.


He was so close…


He was anxious that he began to scrape the toes of his feet on the ground and scratch his head.

Even the blue veins on his neck had surfaced.


Xu Xiaoshou looked at his struggle and suddenly thought of how he entered the Weaving Expertise fantasy realm back then.


At that time, no one had enlightened him.


He had only relied on the Vitality Diagram of the Body until the process of understanding the World Diagram, and he did not know how many years he had spent to figure them out.


Although the perception in the fantasy realm was under his control, Xu Xiaoshou knew that he had spent a lot of time there.


It was just that the power of the special rules of the fantasy realm had wiped out those processes.


In other words, the fantasy realm itself was a presentation of knowledge, and it only took a moment for Xu Xiaoshou to grasp it fully.


At that moment, he was transported to a time and space with a different set of rules.

It was during then that he renewed his realization of the world.


“What is it…” Fu Zhi murmured anxiously.


Xu Xiaoshou could sense his desperation and felt somewhat amused by him.

He said softly, “You are too obsessed with the way the Path presents itself.”


Fu Zhi froze in the spot.


That lingering comment by Xu Xiaoshou struck him like lightning, and he was instantly empowered.


Without waiting for him to think further, Xu Xiaoshous words continued to haunt him.


“Does it make a difference if it is the Divine Secret or the Weaving Technique”


“Ultimately, each way of using power relies on the Great Path.

Is that not the Order”


“I have shown you two worlds, two entirely different worlds.

The ordinary person sees one world while the Spiritual Cultivator sees another.”


“Or rather, you can only see the Divine Secret that you spoke of.”


“But… So what”


Xu Xiaoshou walked to Fu Zhi, who had completely frozen in shock.

He looked at him steadily.


“Since you have chosen to look at the world in the way of spiritual veins, are the kind of tools used to understand the Path still important to you”




Was the Divine Secret just a tool


Fu Zhi only realized that enlightenment was bursting out from his heart, flying out of his head straight to the sky.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou had kicked open the door of a new world for him.


“Its not important!”


He was so worked up that he was shouting at the top of his lungs.


“The Path is the spiritual veins, and the spiritual veins are the Path.

All things can be inscribed, and all things form the Path.”


“Yes, thats it!”


“You are absolutely right! We can view the world in a state of emptiness, but if it is truly empty, how can everything behave in such an orderly manner”


“Is the existence of spiritual veins, or rather, the existence of invisible spiritual veins, the Great Path”


Xu Xiaoshou showed an expression that it was possible to teach a child new things.

If he could realize this, it would be immensely helpful for this guy, who was obsessed with the spiritual array.


No one could understand the level of Xu Xiaoshous shock when seeing that new world in the fantasy realm.


What was given or presented in the fantasy realm might have been the highest form of Expertise Passive Skills.


Even his current Weaving Technique could only create Chinese knots and basketball nets.


That theory alone could make all people who studied spiritual arrays in this world obsessed and crazy.


Yet, that was only related to the Weaving Art of Weaving Expertise, which to him was a little bit superficial.


Xu Xiaoshou watched Fu Zhi hugging his head and jumping wildly.

Fu Zhi was crying tears of joy on the spot, and Xu Xiaoshou chuckled at that sight.


“I get it!” Fu Zhi clutched his head, gesturing madly as though he was pronounced as the top scholar.

He was uttering words in his mouth like he was possessed.


“It turns out that this is the Divine Secret, and this is the Weaving Technique…”


“I get it now!”


“It turns out that the Cardinal Wheel was trying to express this!”


“I was wrong…”


He wailed, “The Nested Spiritual Array is certainly a direction, but in the end, it still uses the inherent form of the spiritual array!”


“Things that can be incarcerated by Form, no matter how Nested, no matter how powerful, it would not attain the Intangible Path!”


“I was stupid!”


A few slapping sounds resonated loudly.

Xu Xiaoshou watched in a stupor as Fu Zhi slapped himself in the face wildly.


Was it worth being so worked out over


He looked at this crazy guy and realized that if he did not calm himself down, Fu Xing was about to lose a father.


Xu Xiaoshou hesitated for a while, thinking of the big hand manipulating World Order that he saw at the end of the Weaving Expertise fantasy realm.


“There is one more sentence.

I dont know whether I should say it to you…”


Fu Zhi stopped his madness instantly and rushed to Xu Xiaoshou, almost falling to his knees.


“Brother Shou!”


“Say it quickly!”


“Im listening! I was wrong… I was so very wrong.

I shouldnt have doubted you just now.

I was wrong to misunderstand you and misread your intentions.

I feel so ashamed now!”


Xu Xiaoshou was so shocked that he almost wet his pants.

This guy had an expression that was too exaggerated.

It was like a carnivorous flower that was about to bloom.

It was too much to bear.


“Calm down.”


He held Fu Zhi until this guy was trembling less violently and regaining his senses.

He finally asked, “How did the spiritual veins come about”


“They are inscribed!”


Fu Zhi answered immediately with a look of excitement.


He knew that the questions Xu Xiaoshou asked about were the simplicity of the Great Path and returning to the basics.

He immediately added, “They are inscribed by hand!”


Xu Xiaoshou nodded in satisfaction.

This guy caught on quickly.


He continued, “So, if the spiritual veins are the Path, how does the Path appear”


“What do you mean…”


Fu Zhi was taken aback.


How did it appear Of course, humans had inscribed it.






Drawing the Path




At that moment, Fu Zhi felt that the Great Desolate Ancient Bell had slapped his head, and it went blank.


The excitement in his eyes dulled.

His pupils suddenly dilated as a look of panic quickly took over his face.


Finally, there was only blankness and spine-chilling fear in his eyes.


Xu Xiaoshou looked at Fu Zhi with astonishment.

His original intention was to calm this guy down.


But Fu Zhi…


That middle-aged man behaved as though he had solved a terrifying mystery.

He suddenly covered his head and roared in disbelief.


“No, it is impossible!”


Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.


Had he gone mad


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