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Chapter 398: The Interrogation Went Too Smoothly

Apologetic, Passive Points 1.

Feared, Passive Points 1.

Pleaded, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou was keeping count.

Xu Xiaoji had repeated “Sorry” and “Apologies” many times.

The guy was going crazy.

“Calm down.”

Xu Xiaoshou handed over a magic pill, but he hesitated and put it away as he saw the rapidly recovering injuries on Xu Xiaojis body.

His speed of recovery was highly unusual.

“You dont seem to be an ordinary person.”

“Yes, Im not ordinary!”

Xu Xiaoji nodded his head.

“My body is quite strange.

Although I dont understand it very well, if I get injured, I can recover quickly.”

Xu Xiaoshou was taken aback for a moment.

This guy answered so quickly that it surprised him a bit.

“Does this mean that as long as I dont kill you, you wont die”

Xu Xiaoji was so frightened that he trembled and said in terror, “I will die, I will die.

I can quickly recover from my injuries, but the pain I endure when I am injured is several times more excruciating than what ordinary people go through.”

“If this goes on, I will die!”

“Big Brother, please let me go…”

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath before speaking again.

“We can speak at a distance.

You dont have to hug my–”

Before he could finish speaking, Xu Xiaoji had bounded away.

He stole a glance at Xu Xiaoshous trousers and suddenly jumped up and lunged forward again, using his blood-stained sleeve to wipe it before withdrawing himself.

He raised his head to look at Xu Xiaoshou and pointed with his hand, explaining his actions, “There was snot there.”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

What on earth had he experienced during his absence

At the door of the City Lord Mansion, he was still a hardheaded and haughty young man.

Xu Xiaoji did not have any air or a temper in front of him, but he also was not humble to the point of being subservient.


Xu Xiaoshou spoke gently.

He squatted down and faced Xu Xiaoji levelly, trying to make his voice gentle so as not to frighten the terrified lad who had still not recovered from his ordeal.

“I will ask you questions, and you will answer each of them.

Can you do this”


Xu Xiaoji nodded blankly.

“Are you a killer” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“Yes, I have been a killer for a while.

However, I can only kill people with some small tricks, and I dont make much money from it.”

“Small tricks Does it mean you can morph forms”

“Yes, I can morph forms and transform into anything.

It is a special ability that is similar to the Innate Elemental Power.”


Xu Xiaoshou pondered for a while.

That ability was extraordinary.

The Innate Elemental Power was also an evolution of the Way of the Heavens.

Such a strange ability was indeed rare.

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, Xu Xiaoshou would not believe that anyone could possess this ability.

No wonder when Xu Xiaoji turned into a stone that even Fu Zhi did not notice his presence.

“Are you not a human” he asked again.

Now, Xu Xiaoji hesitated.

However, when he lifted his eyes slightly, his gaze inadvertently hovered to Aje.

With that glance, he suddenly shrank back as though he had seen a ghost.

“Actually, I dont know.”

“I also dont think that I am a human being because my ability is too strange, but, honestly, I am not sure about it.”

“I can change into a stone, a knife, or a sword.

Anything is possible.”

“Sometimes, when the time is up, a special force will emerge from my body.”

“With this power, I can kill a lot of people.

Thats why I am a killer.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded slowly.

“So, you have no power now and can only be killed, right”


The Information Bar was not triggered, which meant that this guy was not lying.

Well, it was not surprising.

If Xu Xiaoji had dared to lie to him, he would not have revealed so many things from a single question.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at Aje.

In his heart, he once again thought that he had underestimated its abilities.

He daresay this was a walking interrogation tool.

If he caught anyone in the future, and they refused to divulge any information, would they become a second Xu Xiaoji when he tossed them into Yuan Mansion

Xu Xiaoshou contemplated the possibility, and the Information Bar flashed Feared vigorously.

He laughed suddenly.

He thought that the interrogation process would be difficult, but it went so smoothly that he was stunned.

“How often does your power appear”

Xu Xiaoshou inquired curiously.

“I am not sure.

I dont know when the next time will come.”

Xu Xiaoji shook his head, his eyes brimming with confusion.

“After your power appears, will you assassinate me”

Xu Xiaoji almost jumped up when he heard that question.

He immediately replied in horror, “No, its impossible! Even if my power appears, I am no match for Big Brother…”

He glanced at Aje with deep apprehension in his eyes.

“It is even more unlikely that I would be its opponent.”

“What level is your strength”

“Sovereign Stage.”

It caught Xu Xiaoshou by surprise.

Sovereign Stage

Did that guy have the power of the Sovereign Stage level No wonder he dared to steal the Cardinal Wheel.

“You are lying to me!”

He suddenly thought of something and asked solemnly, “If you cant control your power, how dare you attack the City Lord Mansion tonight and steal the Cardinal Wheel”

“Im not lying!”

Xu Xiaoji whispered in a trembling voice, “I have no choice but to attend the City Lord Mansion banquet dinner.

I only had this one chance.”

“In terms of power, I cant fully grasp it now.

But every time before it appears, I can still sense it faintly.”

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes.

“Is it appearing soon”

Xu Xiaoji hesitated and nodded.


If I am not mistaken, it should be by today or tomorrow.”

“This mysterious power will appear every month, but when it appears is unknown.

It only lasts for a while when it does.

I can only predict it a little bit…”

The more Xu Xiaoshou heard, the stranger he felt.

It was a mysterious power that appeared at a fixed time every month, yet he still could not grasp it.

What kind of creature was this guy

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something.

He eyed Xu Xiaoji curiously, looking at him from head to toe, and asked, “Will you bleed”

“Huh” Xu Xiaoji was startled.

“When the power appears.”


“In this case…”

With that, Xu Xiaoshou could only let go of this doubt for a while and no longer think about it.

He turned around and said, “The Cardinal Wheel.”

“Here you go, here you go.”

Xu Xiaoji retched a little and retrieved a square white jade spirit case from his mouth.

He handed it over to Xu Xiaoshou.

This spirit case was glowing radiantly.

It had translucent spiritual veins inlaid and a mysterious Way of the Heavens aura infused it.

The aura was probably due to the inscription feature of Divine Secret.

Xu Xiaoshou had seen such traces in Fu Zhis Nested Spiritual Array, but it was not as strong as this.

There was an indentation on the spirit case, which seemed to be the key element.

The indentation was extremely deep with an air of mystery that seemed like it could swallow everything.

It only took one look, and Xu Xiaoshou felt like his soul was about to be pulled in.

Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly looked away from it, but some doubts surfaced at the back of his mind.

The indentation did not seem to be deliberately created by the manufacturer.

It looked like it was added on at a later time.

Glancing again at the deep indentation, Xu Xiaoshou inexplicably sensed the insignificant sword energy almost concealed by the overbearing Way of the Heavens aura.

At that moment, his pupils dilated.


“Sword indentation”


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