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Chapter 406: Walking Freely on The Brink of Life and Death

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Xin Gugu stopped in his movement.

The Red Coat Night Guardian looked back with interest.

Fu Xing turned around in surprise.

“Big Brother Shou Why are you here”

Xu Xiaoshou had come alone.

Using his Weaving Technique to deploy a spiritual array was a task that he could complete quickly, and it did not take much time.

After that, he led Mu Zixi back to the banquet room.

Only then did he realize that the main event of the banquet dinner had not even started.

After asking around, he found out that Fu Xing left temporarily and went to the entrance of the City Lord Mansion to pick up someone.

He discovered the figure of the old man in red robes along his way.

Obviously, Fu Xing was waiting for him.

He had never expected that the last guy to attend the banquet would be a Red Coat.

With his flowing red robes and terrifying murderous aura—plus his words, “I just came from the White Cave”—Xu Xiaoshou instantly knew that Xin Gugu was in danger.

When they set out, Xin Gugu refused to come because he was afraid of meeting the Red Coat.

Xu Xiaoshou also vowed to him that the Red Coat would not be there.

In the end, he had to eat his words.

Did the dignified Red Coat come to attend the banquet

Fu Xing and his family were definitely no ordinary folks.

Although anxious, Xu Xiaoshou did not act on impulse.

Instead, he slowed down his footsteps and watched the events.

Sure enough, things had escalated quickly toward the worst direction.

The one named Night Guardian discovered the existence of Xin Gugu and seemed to have sniffed something out.

Xu Xiaoshou had to stand up.

He could not witness Xin Gugu die like that.

It was simply ridiculous.

Inferring from the words and deeds of the old man as soon as he appeared, he was a guy with a temper and a direct, no-frills character.

This kind of person was unlikely to be someone who would beat around the bush.

Since he found Xin Gugu but did not make the first move, he must have had some doubts.

It was the first lifeline he had to cling onto.

Xu Xiaoshou kept silent and smiled as he walked forward and stopped by Fu Xings side.

“You are waiting for your guest.

Similarly, I am here to pick up my friend.”

Fu Xing froze for a moment.

He glanced at Xin Gugu.

“Is he your friend”

“Thats right.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and nodded.

The Night Guardian suddenly laughed.

On this trip tonight, had he landed on two big preys

The one before him was still okay, as he could not smell anything.

After slaughtering so many ghost beasts, his instinct told him that this Golden Staff was not ordinary.

However, this kid who had just arrived…

The stench on his body was even fouler than that of the sewer and was totally unconcealed.

That was a massive lead.

This person had definitely been in contact with ghost beasts, and not just one.

Perhaps he was already developing a ghost beast host body.

Was this guy courting death

Did he dare to appear in front of him

“You kid, who are you” the Night Guardian asked from the corner of his mouth.

“I am Xu Xiaoshou.

Are you the legendary Red Coat”

Xu Xiaoshou showed a trace of reverence in his eyes.

His knowledge of the Red Coat was all from hearsay.

The words of Elder Qiao and Elder Sang gave him the impression that the Red Coat was one of the most influential organizations in the world.

It was an existence that wandered in extradimensional spaces all year and maintained world peace.

The admiration Xu Xiaoshou had in his mind did indeed exist that little bit.

The Night Guardian did not hide the disgust in his eyes.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

“You are too smelly.”


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He did not understand what that meant.

Fu Xing was instantly shocked.

He knew the internal jargon of Red Coat.

When they said “rat,” it meant “ghost beast,” and “smelly” referred to the breath of ghost beasts.

‘Xu Xiaoshou, how could you have connections with ghost beasts

“Elder Night Guardian, are you wrong Big Brother Shou is from a clean background.

He cannot possibly be contaminated by ghosts… That thing.” Fu Xing was anxious.

“Am I wrong”

The Night Guardian glanced at Fu Xing.

“Do you think I might be wrong”


Fu Xing hesitated and said after a long pause, “Elder Night Guardian cannot be wrong.

However, Big Brother Shou… Xu Xiaoshou really cant be that thing.

He is from Tiansang Spirit Palace!”

“Tiansang Spirit Palace”

The Night Guardian raised his brows and then lowered his eyelids again.

“So what if he is from the Tiansang Spirit Palace I only trust my nose and eyes.”

Despair flashed in Fu Xings eyes.

Even though he resisted in his heart, he did not believe it anymore.

Reason told him that the old man in front of him could not be wrong.

That was to say, Xu Xiaoshou, really…

‘Oh, it turns out that Elder Night Guardianssmelly refers to the smell of ghost beasts!

Xu Xiaoshou showed an expression that he finally understood, spreading his hands.

‘Then I must have it.

At that moment, not only Fu Xing froze, but Xin Gugu also froze on the spot.

Had he revealed himself


He had not even reacted yet, so how could he blow his cover

Xin Gugus face turned puce.

It did not matter if he died, but he could not sacrifice Greedy the Cat Spirit.


He looked at Xu Xiaoshou with a calm face.

Suddenly, hot tears filled his eyes.

Obviously, this guy was not a pure ghost beast host body and had not gone through the ceremonial rites.

Why would he sacrifice so much for him

It was not worth it.

The Night Guardian was surprised by the young mans calmness.

Since when could the ghost beast host body be so calm in the face of the Red Coat

When a mouse met a cat, could it flirt with its predator

It was as though…


There was something amiss.

Although this guy had a strong smell, it did not reach the heights of a ghost beast host body.

“What do you want to say”

The killing intent flashed across the Night Guardians eyes.

No matter what, these dregs that caused instability and trouble in the world would die as long as they dared to appear in front of him.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that his following words would determine whether he would live or die, but he did not panic and maintained his calm.

First of all, he was not a ghost beast host body.

Second, fortunately, he had the foresight to throw the little white cat, Greedy the Cat Spirit, into the Yuan Mansion.

At this moment, it was likely still catching fish in the spiritual pond.

If the old man in front of him could smell the stench between two realms, then this guy could not show up in front of him.

How could one with the strength that could cross two realms only be the guardian of the White Cave

What this guy had smelled was only the ghost beast odor left on his body.

Why did he have it

The only explanation was that he had been in contact with ghost beasts.

If he had been in contact, should he be punishable for the crime

Xu Xiaoshou gave a half-smile and said calmly, “I actually caught a stinky smell from you too.

How can this be good”

The Night Guardian froze for a moment and suddenly laughed.

After a long time, he composed himself and said sharply, “You are looking for death!”

This trifling Innate Stage had dared to tease him, who was a Red Coat.

He had no regard for respect and seniority.

If this guy was outside the White Cave, he could easily slash him to death.

“How can I be looking for death…”

Xu Xiaoshou shrank his neck back.

He then mollified the old man and said gently, “Senior, your meaning is that it is just the breath of a ghost beast.

If you encounter this stuff, it will happen naturally.”

“If you could smell mine, I can smell yours too.

Isnt that right”

“My nose is good, but is it a warrant to die”

The Night Guardian was startled.

He finally realized that the guy in front of him might not be lying.

“Do you mean that you have been in contact with ghost beasts, but you are not a ghost beast host body”

He scrutinized Xu Xiaoshou and looked him up and down.

This trifling Innate Stage, was he not embarrassed to say this aloud

For ghost beasts, except for the firstborn from the extradimensional space, the first step was the Sovereign Stage when they headed out.

Was this lad capable of stopping this kind of existence

Xu Xiaoshou gave an indifferent smile when he heard those words.

“Not only did I encounter him, but I also fought and battled with him and finally sealed him.”


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