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Chapter 407: He Was an Unpolished Gem

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“Ha-ha, are you kidding me”

The Night Guardian was so angry that his beard flew up.

It was the first time he had encountered a young man who uttered such wild words.

Even young talents like Fu Xing dared not breathe a word about ghost beasts.

This Xu Xiaoshou told him that he had fought, battled, and even sealed ghost beasts.

Was this a trick of his

“It is true.”

Xu Xiaoshous expression turned strange.

“Senior, does this mean you dont believe me”

Night Guardian widened his eyes angrily.

“Do you think Im a fool”

“If you dont believe me, then I cant help it.”

Xu Xiaoshou shrugged indifferently.

“But you shouldnt assume that my friend and I are ghost beast host bodies!”

“This is not just a deviation in the awareness of things.

It also affects your subjective awareness.”

Fu Xing was dumbfounded.

He was stunned for a while before he understood that Xu Xiaoshou was tacitly saying that Night Guardian was a fool…

‘This, this, this courage…

‘Big Brother Shou, you are really my big brother!

Impressed, Passive Points 1.

The Night Guardian had become more sluggish and did not catch on yet.

He had executed a lot of fighting and killing in his lifetime, and he was unfamiliar with the roundabout ways and tricks of the mind.

Even so, he could see that the young man in front of him had a temper.

He was too confident.

Did he dare to choke him

The Night Guardian sneered.

“Did you say you fought a ghost beast What kind of cultivation level were you, and how did you fight him”

“Was it a mind fight” he sneered.

Xin Gugu was very worried when he heard their exchange from the sidelines.

Xu Xiaoshou…

He was going all in.

The old man in front of him was not just any regular person, so how could he fool around at will

‘Dont talk about war, kid.

You dont even know what my ability is and dare to say this kind of thing.

Are you addicted to spewing nonsense

Xu Xiaoshous eyes flickered across Xin Gugu.

He was very calm and seemed to be able to calm the mind and soul.

He spoke slowly, “The grey mist figure and Sealing Power.”

Xin Gugu was shocked.

His eyes almost popped out.

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

Even if he had to spew nonsense, could he use an actual event that had happened to Xin Gugu

At least at Zhang Mansion that day, he could see some of Xin Gugus abilities when he was fighting with the old man.

If he continued to make up the story, he could potentially pull this off.

Now, it was over.

Xin Gugu looked away in despair.

He glanced at the Night Guardian and was surprised to find that his eyes were no less shocked than his own.

What did this mean

Did Xu Xiaoshous bullsh*t work

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

The Night Guardian was indeed horrified.

The two words Xu Xiaoshou had uttered might not have been exciting to others.

For their group of White Cave Guardians, this meant ghost beast.

Furthermore, it was the most terrifying on the spectrum.

As a Night Guardian, he had wandered in extradimensional space all his life and never had a miss but was solely defeated in White Cave a few years ago.

The thing that came out of it was very weird.

That cloud of grey mist had no substance at all, and the energy that it had was terrifying enough to seal the entire extradimensional space.

The picture resembled a nightmare that came to his heart again after a long absence.

The Night Guardian was no longer willing to think about the process.

But the result…

He vaguely remembered that three waves of backup had arrived during the land warfare that lasted for more than half a month.

In the end, there were only slightly more than 20 Red Coats lying down at the door of White Cave like soft-footed shrimp.

That Sealing Power was terrible.

Unless they could execute one-hit kills, as the battle progressed, the higher void level would be reduced to Cutting Path, and the Sovereign Stage would be sealed as the Master Stage.

If it were not for the restrictions of the newly emerged small world or the sword of the Moonless Sword Deity…

Perhaps he as a Night Guardian would no longer be qualified to set foot in the world again.

Such an existence was a secret from the entire Holy Divine Palace.

Even if many Red Coats set out again, news about that particular ghost beast at White Cave would not leak into the outside world.

How did this kid know all of this

Could it be that he really fought that sealed ghost beast

On the side, Xin Gugu and Fu Xing looked at the shocked faces of the Night Guardian.

They had already anticipated something.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and did not speak.

He waited for the old man to continue asking questions.

He Xu Xiaoshou never lied.

To say that he had fought it meant that he had fought it.

If he said that he sealed it, it meant that he had sealed it.

Indeed, at the last moment, he had used the Sealing Stone to make a bracelet.

He had even helped Mo Mo wear it.

“How did you hear about the news” The Night Guardian maintained his composure.

“Do you still not believe it”

Xu Xiaoshou happily said, “I really sealed it.

Isnt it unbelievable”

“No matter how unbelievable it is, the ghost beast breath you smelled on my body should have originated from that event.”

The Night Guardian was silent.

He was right.

As long as he had fought with ghost beasts, remnants of their breath would inevitably taint him.

Ordinary people could not smell these smells…

But the Red Coat could.

It was a special spiritual technique that could only be achieved through special training.

The Night Guardian clearly knew that Xu Xiaoshou was joking.

It was impossible for him to smell it on himself.

But this guy could not possibly fake the smell.

It was not strong enough to reach the height of the ghost beast host body, but it had such a strong smell.

Was it possible that this kid was speaking the truth from beginning to end

“Kid, tell me the details.” The Night Guardian was immediately intrigued.

He suddenly felt that the kid in front of him was pleasing to the eye since he was young and had such accomplishments.

Facing this irritable Red Coat, he could still be so calm.

He was an unpolished gem.

If what he said was true, perhaps he would be a great successor with some training.

There was no shortage of geniuses in the world, but that rare probability made it extremely difficult to encounter one.

It was especially true for special people like Night Guardians.

Nevertheless, the old man discovered that he seemed to have chanced upon a good seedling tonight.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at Fu Xing and waved his hand.

“If I were to tell you the story now, it would take until tomorrow morning.

Is the banquet dinner still happening”

Seeing that the old mans temper was flaring up, Xu Xiaoshou reduced the tone of respect in his words promptly.

For these guys, acting submissive in front of them would only exchange distance, not trust.

However, it was fine for him to adopt a similar temperament.

“You can cut the story short!”

Sure enough, the Night Guardian laughed loudly.

He slapped Xu Xiaoshou on the shoulder, but he felt a strong force coming.


At this moment, even Fu Xing had burst into a smile.

“Master Physique”

The Night Guardians face was shocked again.

How could this little Tiansang Prefecture produce such a prodigy

Master Physiques were far and few within the entire continent.

Was there one hidden here

Moreover, he was so young.

This slap had settled in the heart of Night Guardian, and he was surer now.

Maybe this guy had sealed the grey mist figure.

Xu Xiaoshou pulled the corners of his mouth and tried to push the old mans hand away.

This guy was starting to test his abilities by gradually exerting force.

He was about to crush his shoulder in the next second.

Xu Xiaoshou was just a Master Physique and not a Sovereign Physique.

What on earth

“Dont touch me.

Im not interested in men!”

Seeing the pain getting worse and worse, Xu Xiaoshou finally could not help but say out a disturbing sentence.

At this moment, the scene froze again.

Doubted, Passive Points 3.


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