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Chapter 408: Showtime! Each Step Challenged Xu Xiaoshou

“In short, there were some unknown things that got into the Spirit Palace.

When opening a small secret realm, I discovered the grey mist figure.”

“Fortunately, there was the Force of Rules of the small world, so it did not dare to create trouble.

It was probably afraid that both sides would be injured.

In the end, I took it down.”

“Thats all.”

Xu Xiaoshou helplessly spoke.

The Night Guardian was too persistent.

He really planned not to participate in the banquet dinner so that he could figure out what had happened.

Fu Xing looked distressed, and Xu Xiaoshou was clearly not interested in playing with him.

“What about it”

The Night Guardian pressed on.

“For those specific details, I need to understand what it has become.”

The old mans expression was very urgent, and Xu Xiaoshous heart was full of joy.

Did he want to know

He would not give him that satisfaction.

In the past, Xu Xiaoshou did not know the value of ghost beasts.

As he gradually learned more deeply, he figured out how precious this first-hand information of him fighting against the grey mist figure was.

How could this precious intelligence be revealed in its entirety

What was more, it was in the face of an old man who could be violent and hurt him at any time.

On the contrary, as long as he hid the truth and only spoke about it covertly, the Night Guardian would definitely not do anything to him.

He was pretty sure that the old man would never be able to dig out the connection between himself and the ghost beast.

“We will discuss the specific details later.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and held Fu Xings shoulders, indicating that he did not have to worry.

“Go, lets go to the banquet dinner first.”

The Night Guardian blew his beard and glared at him with anger.

But he really could not intimidate this young man any further.

After so many years, he had no idea what breakthroughs the grey mist figure had achieved in strength, nor did he know what changes in abilities it had experienced.

This intelligence was the most valuable when the White Cave opened.

It was also this area that the Red Coat had to find out.

He only had this channel, so how could he not dig out as much information as he could

However, the young man in front of him refused to listen.

Moreover, he did not seem to be afraid of him at all.


They were bulls with interlocked horns.

The Night Guardian was overjoyed.

Xu Xiaoshou was a temperamental little guy.

He would not bother dealing with him if his strength did not match his character.

Since he was a Master Physique, it made him feel that this guy was not bad at all.

However, he found it strange that the famous Red Coat could not even repress these young people.

For the first time, the Night Guardian felt helpless.

He glanced at the wry smile on Fu Xings face and immediately stopped asking more questions, knowing that his nephew would be difficult.

“We shall go to the banquet dinner now but remember to stay until the end and dont run off!”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and shook his head.

“Lets go.”

Xin Gugu looked at them with astonishment from behind.

He could not believe it.

How could this life-and-death situation be solved in this way

It was a Red Coat.

He was a true ghost beast host body, so how was he qualified to walk beside this guy without being slapped to death

This thing alone was more than sufficient to brag to his sect companions for several years.

Xu Xiaoshou was awesome.

If he could talk a lot of nonsense to the point that even a Red Coat could believe him, Xin Gugu could only say that he was ashamed of himself.

Impressed, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou and Fu Xing walked in front of them with their hands on each others shoulders.

The Night Guardian suddenly turned back to look at Xin Gugu with his gaze fixed on his Golden Staff again.

At the right time, a light voice sounded from the front.

“He is actually half of my bodyguard.

I use him to practice cultivation.

I hope its not a problem!”

The Night Guardian squinted, pondering for a long while.

Using a Sovereign Stage as practice hands, this Xu Xiaoshou…

He was fascinating.

Xin Gugu was frightened but knew that he could not stay still anymore.

He took long strides and walked past the Night Guardian, brushing shoulders as he walked past him.

It was not until he passed the old man that he could finally calm down his nerves.

“Did I pass this level”

“Huh, Xu Xiaoshou, you really are something.”

The banquet room…

It was completely different from the scene when Xu Xiaoshou first arrived, and the place was already overcrowded.

The banquet tables were already full.

The younger people had compromised by squeezing toward the Competition Platform on the other side.

Some redundant waiters and guards did not even have a standing place and had resorted to waiting outside the banquet room.

Everyone was toasting each other and talking spiritedly with each other.

However, their minds were elsewhere, which was evident from the distracted look on their faces.

“Is he still not here”

“Its already this hour.

What kind of person is worthy of letting Fu Xing wait for so long He hasnt even returned yet.”

Thinking about it, some people could not help but glance at the middle-aged man who was as strong as a bear on the main table.

Even Zhang Taiying sat obediently.

Who else was so prominent that Fu Xing had to greet him in person

“Everyone, you have waited for a long time!”

Just when everyone felt impatient, an apologetic laugh came from outside the door.

Fu Xing stepped in.

The banquet room was in complete silence for a moment.

Everyone at the banquet tables turned their heads.

Even the young people sweating on the Competition Platform looked sideways.

“That person… Is he here”

Everyone in the banquet room eagerly looked forward to seeing who was behind Fu Xing.

Sure enough, following his footsteps, another figure appeared.

But this was a young man.

“Huh Isnt this the kid who sent Wen Song away”

“Was Fu Xing going to meet him”

“No, wasnt this guy here earlier Could it be that Fu Xing didnt greet him just now Did he tell him to go out so he could greet him again”

Everyone was stunned.

Suspected, Passive Points 1420.

When Xu Xiaoshou stepped in from the entrance, he was shocked by the notification.

In the next second, a look of ecstasy appeared on his face.

Fu Xing was not lying.

The City Lord Mansion could accommodate a thousand people.

That was not right.

It was only a banquet room.

If people were to fill the City Lord Mansion and watch the battle that was about to start tonight, wouldnt he be brimming full of Passive Points

With a cursory sweep, he saw too many acquaintances.

From the main table banquet, Zhang Taiying was sitting far away.

His eyes seemed to be stunned, but he could not tell what he was thinking.

Fu Yinhong and Qu Qing-er were also not far away from him.

Similarly, they looked surprised.

Mu Zixi sat alone in the corner.

Because of her relationship with Xu Xiaoshou, she could get a seat.

However, the girls face only had a look of impatience.

Sitting around her was a group of young talented men who Xu Xiaoshou did not even know.

On one side, not far away, were the three swordsmen.

Why did they not go to the Competition Platform to show off and instead sit in the middle of these middle-aged men

No… Rather, how were they qualified to sit there

‘They are not ordinary…

Xu Xiaoshou smiled cheerfully as the screen refresh on the Information Bar was not a one-time event, although it gradually decreased.

Just by making an entrance, he had earned more than 3,000 Passive Points.

‘This is terrifying.

Why do people like me so much

‘It makes me shy.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and responded to the astonished looks on everyones faces.

He struggled to move and could not even cover a small distance for a long time.

“Boy, can you go faster”

The door was big.

Fu Xing had already walked to the high platform of the banquet room, yet Xu Xiaoshou was still blocking the door.

It was as though he was occupying the pot but did not sh*t in it.

Even the Night Guardian was angered.

The old man pushed him impatiently with his hand, but Xu Xiaoshou remained motionless.

He pushed him harder, yet Xu Xiaoshou stood still.

The Night Guardian was speechless.


As soon as he used his spiritual source, Xu Xiaoshou was shocked and sent flying into the sky.

When they saw a Red Coat occupying the door, everyone finally came back to their senses.

One by one, their heads tilted sideways.

Their pupils gradually showed unbelievable colors.

Red Coat

Fu Xing greeted a Red Coat.

Then Xu Xiaoshou, who was walking in the front, could not be…

Suspected, Passive Points 1420.

Suspected, Passive Points 811.



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