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Chapter 415: I Am A Peace-Loving Person Who Doesnt Like To Kill

“Its so unbearable!”

Xu Xiaoshou easily aroused the crowds anger.

It could also be said that it was the first time that most of the younger generation present had seen such a bare and bold showing off and provocation.

Everyone who was their familys elite had all undergone strict training.

Even if there were no specific rules on it, they were still not allowed to draw attention in such a manner at occasions such as this.

If they were to do something like this, they would be scolded by their elders when they left the ring.

But Xu Xiaoshou…

Was there no one to discipline him

Was it the case that such circumstances were something ordinary to him

Looking at his meaningful glance…

What was that


What the f*ck.

It was the first time for many people in the crowd to see such an encouraging look that would usually come from elders.

Instead, it was coming from a mere Origin Court Stage cultivator.

“What the f*ck I cant stand this anymore!”

Voices could be heard in agreement as someone shouted out.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up.

Rays of gratification could be seen from his eyes.


“You are very courageous.

What is your name I foresee that your future is bright!”

Xu Xiaoshou did not try to withhold his compliments at all.

He was afraid that if he spoke any slower, this guys courage would fade away and fall from the sky again.

“I am called Meng Xin!”

This was a man with a buff physique.

He had a squarish face, and his eyes were filled with anger.

He was wearing a green swordsmans robe and carrying a huge sword on his back.

Anyone could tell that he was someone who specialized in physical strength.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at him for a moment and instantly made his judgement.

Peak Upper Spiritual Level.

Innate Sword Intent.

His physique was not ordinary either.

Even though he had not reached Innate Level Physique, in this situation, he was already quite an outstanding individual.

“What a man… Your abilities should be some of the best here.”

“Its just that your temper is a little bit bad.

Using your mouth like this against others might be good for you sometimes, but it might not be in this case.”

Even though he said it in this manner, Xu Xiaoshou was not stingy with his compliments.

Suddenly, his eyeline shifted away and toward somewhere else.

“How about the rest of you Is there anyone else who wants to challenge”

“You!” Meng Xin was stunned for a moment.

This fella was obviously looking down on him.

The fact that he dared to come up to this battle ring meant that he had skills to fall back on.

“Xu Xiaoshou, this is a Spiritual Cultivators battle.

Previously, you purely used your Sword Will to hurt others.

That was already against the rules.

I dont understand why you are still able to stand here so calmly.”

Meng Xin shook his head as he spoke.

He looked at Fu Xing, who was standing on the high stage.

“Young Mayor Fu, you said earlier that battles of pure Sword Wills should be conducted during the second round of battles.”

“Xu Xiaoshou made use of the fact that he was both a Physique and Spiritual Cultivator to change the concept of the battle.

Did I say that right”

Before Fu Xing could speak, Xu Xiaoshou let out a laugh.

“What you meant to say is that you want to fight me, but you dont want to let me use my Sword Will.”

“He-he, I am not that shameless.”

Meng Xin scratched his head and smiled.

“If you can use any sword techniques, feel free to use them.”

“Do you know me”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for a moment.

“I dont know you.”

Meng Xin shook his head.

“Do you know me or not”


Deceived, Passive Points 1.

“Ah, I see.”

With this answer, Xu Xiaoshou realized straightaway what was happening.

The fact that this fella dared to say such things meant that he had a certain level of understanding about him.

Amongst the people seated, no one else would know so much about his techniques other than those few enemies he had.

How else would he know that he did not know any spiritual techniques

The only possibility would be that within this period of time, they had already met up with the other people from their own families and gotten hold of the information.

‘Good for them!

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

The fact that they could do this within such a short amount of time showed that they could not be underestimated.


“The intel that you obtained… How many days ago was that”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed.

“Three days One week Half a month”

“What do you mean”

Meng Xin was puzzled.

What difference would that make

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

He knew that the intel this young man got was definitely outdated.

For ordinary people, their abilities would not have changed much in half a month, or even half a year or one year.

Xu Xiaoshou was different.

To be his opponent, three days without any new intel meant being defeated by his new techniques and skills.

“You seem to have lots of confidence.

I like confident guys like you.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand.

“Come up here.”

“Come up to this battle ring.”

“Tell me, other than restricting me from using my Sword Will, what other abilities of mine do you wish for me to restrict”

Meng Xin was startled and paused his steps.

‘What does this guy mean

‘Hearing what he just said, this guy seemed to have understood that I knew his abilities like the back of my hands.

‘Why did he still dare to say such cocky words

Meng Xins first reaction was that this man was bluffing him.

Combining Xu Xiaoshous extraordinary performance from earlier, he realized that Xu Xiaoshou might be a little cocky.

Regarding his abilities, he did not exaggerate.

When he said one punch, he settled his opponent with one punch.

When he said one sword, he used his Master Sword Intent.

Under such a situation, Meng Xin had to be very careful.

Based on the intel that he got, this fella was merely an Innate Stage Physique.

Even his Master Sword Intent was only recently achieved.

No one knew how he managed to breakthrough to attain Master Sword Intent in such a short time.

Come to think of it, it was probably to obtain the quota for White Cave.

Techniques with a last-minute breakthrough could only allow for a short period of showing off.

‘This time, he should be bluffing me…

Meng Xin thought as he said, “No need.

As long as you dont break the rules of this pure Spiritual Cultivation battle, you are free to use whatever techniques you have!”

He purposefully emphasized on the word “pure” with the intent of warning him.

If Xu Xiaoshou really broke the rules again, according to the rules, he would be eliminated early.

Xu Xiaoshou did not seem to mind as he was indeed a Spiritual Cultivator and did not break the rules.

Even if he had to be restricted from using his Sword Will, he was still capable of defeating this guy in front of him.

“Are you sure you dont want to consider any other restrictions” He raised his brow.

Meng Xin lifted his head in pride.

“No need.”

The judge walked over.

He had already asked Fu Xing for advice.

If Xu Xiaoshou used his Sword Will in battle, then he had the right to escort him off the battle ring.

“If thats the case, let the battle begin!” he announced.

Upon hearing his voice, Xu Xiaoshou spread his hands.

With a swift motion of his fingers, five condensed fire balls started forming on his fingertips.

Elder Sang had not lied to him.

For practitioners of the Infernal Heavens alchemy technique, alchemy served well in battles.

After this period of training, even if Xu Xiaoshou did not raise the level of his Cooking Expertise, his control over flames was still of another level compared to before.

The condensed fire balls were rotating silently on his fingertips without any interactions between them.

They werent even giving off any signs of explosiveness.

Infernal Heavenly Flames were flames were usually absolutely tyrannical.

Condensing them made them even more explosive.

At this point, what was rotating on Xu Xiaoshous fingertips looked like a few candies, even if observed with the spiritual senses.

“This is…”

Few people in the audience could notice something different about this.

Even Shou Ye only slightly furrowed his brows.

He could feel that Xu Xiaoshous spiritual technique was not ordinary.

Using spiritual sense to examine this was too confusing.

They looked similar to ordinary Lesser Fireballs and seemed to be completely harmless.

What led him to realize something was amiss was Xu Xiaoshous level of control over the flames.

Such skillfulness, as if he was the original master of flames, had already led many to forget the effort required to exquisitely manipulate flames.

It was just like a cup of old wine.

It might look turbid, but a real master would be able to smell its goodness from its scent.

Even real masters might not think about how such aged wine might have been brewed at the first glance.

Shou Ye saw the subtlety within the subtlety.

Even if the other elders realized something different, they would only be able to see the surface of what was hidden within.

As for the youths in the audience, they could not even see anything.

“Just this”

Meng Xin almost laughed at the five candies on Xu Xiaoshous fingers.

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

The audience below all understood immediately.

“Could it be that after restrictions, Xu Xiaoshou doesnt know anything else”

“Hearing what Meng Xin just said, it seems that he doesnt know how to use any spiritual techniques.”

“That should be the case.

I just got intel from my family as well.

Xu Xiaoshou seems to have only learned Sword Will recently… This fella has been learning the White Cloud Sword Technique for two years but only managed to learn the first part of it!”

“Can you believe it”

“He must have consumed drugs just for tonight.”

“Meng Xins going to do well!”


Suspected, Passive Points 1,100.

Ridiculed, Passive Points 654.

Xu Xiaoshou kept his silence.

He knew that some of the audience had also grasped some intel about him.

Even if they had received updated intel, it was still insufficient.

After all, those who had seen his true abilities were already ashes.

Using Seeds on All Five Fingers, Xu Xiaoshou felt a strange sense of closeness.

He suppressed his urge to layer the Fire Seeds together and looked at the judge.

“Save him.”

The judge was stunned and could not react in time as Xu Xiaoshou disappeared in front of his eyes.

The battle had begun.

This time, Xu Xiaoshou did not let his opponent attack first.

He used Agility to its maximum.

With one swift motion, his body was close to his opponent.

Meng Xin was shocked.

He did not expect the cocky Xu Xiaoshou to become so serious at the beginning of the battle.

This type of person was scary.

Were all of his antiques earlier all a guise

Thinking about this, Meng Xins face turned pale, but his reaction was very sensitive.

The moment he realized Xu Xiaoshous disappearance, he had already turned around.

As expected, Xu Xiaoshou was already behind him.

“Heavenly Sword Cut!”

With a lean of his body, even without touching the sword hilt of the huge sword on his back, the sword sliced in a circular ring fashion with Meng Xin at its axis.

It was as if it was swung out by someone abruptly.

With a simple movement, an Innate Stage spiritual technique was activated.


The air was blasted in that slice as the white sword aura went through Xu Xiaoshous body.

“What the f*ck”

“Is he dead”

Even though the crowd knew that the sword aura would not reach them, they still cowered subconsciously under the intensity of the attack.

Upon regaining their senses, they saw Xu Xiaoshous sliced body dissipating.

The moment Meng Xin bent his knees, Xu Xiaoshous figure could be seen again.

“Such a quick speed!”

At this moment, everyone knew that the figure behind Meng Xin was just Xu Xiaoshous afterimage.

At the same time, after witnessing such quick speeds with their own eyes, everyone felt the unmoving image of Xu Xiaoshou in the previous battle with Xi Yusheng leaving a greater impression in their minds.

“This fella is too scary.”

“His speed is totally off the charts compared to us!”

“Even masters would not have that kind of speed.”

“How could such a spiritual technique not leave any hints of spiritual sources when it was being used It was as if it was something that was built within him, perhaps a naturally born technique.”

Similarly, Meng Xin noticed something amiss.

Right after that slice, his hand grabbed the hilt of the sword that had just made its round.

Holding the sword, he sliced downward, causing thunder to rumble in the skies.

“Frightening Thunderclap!”

The roaring of thunder was heard even before the sword completed its slice.

As if it obtained some sort of instruction, the thunder in the skies landed on the stage before the audience could react.


Rubble exploded in a haphazardly manner.

Everyone was shocked.

“What a man.

That Frightening Thunderclap should be the Meng familys strongest spiritual technique.

It was said that the technique was adapted from a Sovereign technique called Thunder Dragon Dance.

Even amongst master cultivators, its prowess was not to be underestimated.”

“Will Xu Xiaoshou really die this time”

Different from what the audience was thinking, Meng Xins heart fell to the bottom of the pit.

Only someone who was fighting Xu Xiaoshou would realize that the explosion on stage was not only because of the Frightening Thunderclap.

Before the attack exploded, there was already an explosion.

Meng Xin could barely make out what he had seen.

Within the scene, Xu Xiaoshou had stomped with one foot, and the stage exploded.

What the f*ck was that ability

That was impossible.

Even if for a split second, using the rebound of that step, Xu Xiaoshou had already avoided his attack.

‘What kind of reaction speed is this Faster than lightning

Meng Xin was frightened.

From the moment the battle started, he had not touched Xu Xiaoshou at all, not even his sleeves.

Strictly speaking, he had not even seen this mans real body, not even once.

‘Where is he

Meng Xin used his spiritual senses to his maximum and saw something in the air.

Was it a bathtub

Why would there be something like that here

‘No, thats not right!

He suddenly realized that it must have been summoned by Xu Xiaoshou.

Using the rebound from the ground, he had avoided the thunder and went up into the air.

He then summoned a defensive weapon that looked like a bathtub and planned to attack from above.

Meng Xin laughed coldly as he deduced what had happened.

“Xu Xiaoshou.

My swords attack range is not so little.”

“You are still within range of my attacks!”

He roared as his face turned fierce.

At this moment, spiritual energy entered his body as the Innate Sword Will appeared on his sword and turned into a flash of golden light.

“Bright Sun – Frightening Thunder Drop!”

Meng Xin swung his sword out.

The golden light on the swords body shot out like an escaped wild horse.

A ball of bright sun was behind the wild horse.

At the same time, purple sparks danced around in the air, and strikes of purple thunderbolts were seen.

Under such collision of attacks, and using the prowess of a sword attack close to that of a Sovereign spiritual technique, even if Xu Xiaoshou had defensive spiritual weapons and an Innate Physique…

He would not be able to escape death.

A cheerful smile could be seen on Meng Xins face.

He knew that he would be the one to end this big demonic king of the night.



Everyone was looking at the skies.

Before there was an explosion, a voice could be heard coming from below.

Just as Men Xin swung his sword, he suddenly heard this voice from behind him.

“Xu… Xu Xiaoshou”

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

Meng Xins pupils dilated as he turned around.

He could not believe that the Xu Xiaoshou that should have been hiding within his defensive spiritual weapon would appear behind himself.

When did that happen

‘Thats impossible!

Not only was Meng Xin screaming in his heart, but the audience below was also all stunned as well.

When was such a swapping technique executed

Why did no one notice that

“You seem to have made a wrong deduction.”

“That alchemy cauldron was also something that I used to rebound off.

Its not a defensive spiritual weapon.”

Xu Xiaoshou explained as he looked at Meng Xin, who had still not lost his momentum.

After which, he mercilessly planted the five condensed fire balls rotating on his fingertips onto Meng Xins chest.


Even when the burned air entered his lungs, Meng Xin still could not believe his eyes.

He could not accept that this would be the outcome since he gave it his all and did not withhold anything.

All his attacks missed…

At this point, the world in Meng Xins eyes seemed to slow down.

‘This fella… His candies were so warm…

‘That huge bathtub in the air… It was actually an alchemy cauldron.

‘What was this fella saying

Xu Xiaoshous five fingers stabbed into Meng Xins chest.

His body within earshot, but his eyes were looking at the judge who had not reacted yet.

“You are still a little too slow.”

“Never mind.

Since you cant save him, at least catch him.”

With a push, Meng Xins body flew toward the judge.


The judge hurriedly used gentle force to catch Meng Xins miserable-looking body.

The condensed fire balls had only gotten interrupted when Xu Xiaoshou stabbed his fingers into this guys chest.

Everyone around had barely just realized that the five candies had prowess and destructive capabilities comparable to Meng Xins Bright Sun – Frightening Thunder Drop.

What was more terrifying was that such a highly condensed energy was all condensed at a point.

The damage that such a highly focused explosion could bring to the body was much greater than that of five attacks with Bright Sun – Frightening Thunder Drop.

The judges face turned green the instant he caught the body.

He had wanted to escape, but he had his responsibilities.

He still chose to examine silently and tried to dig out the five terrifying balls of explosive energy.

With this glance, other than the five burned holes on Meng Xins chest, nothing else could be seen.

“This is…”

“A mistake”

“Did the attack not land directly”

Feeling a similar sense of relief was Meng Xin.

After the threat of death had been dissipated, his mind immediately raised the thought of,I still have a chance.

After all, the judge had not yet announced the end of the battle.

Since Xu Xiaoshous attacked missed, he still had one more fighting chance.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

He clenched his teeth as he released himself from the judges embrace.

He wanted to go back to the battle.

After he focused his sight again, he saw a solo and proud figure raising a right hand in the distance.

He did not speak, but that raised hand looked as if he was holding up his trophy of victory.

Those calm eyes made Meng Xin feel like he was being ridiculed.

“Xu Xiaoshou, I have not lost yet!”

Meng Xin roared.


The bright sun and frightening thunder collided in the air, exploding into a display of fireworks.

At this moment, mountains shook, the earth moved, and the air seemed to be trembling.

Xu Xiaoshou was still silent.

With a slight motion, he sent the five condensed fire balls on his bloodied hand into the point of explosion.

In the next second, an even louder explosion was heard.

That bright and blinding white light covered the purple and golden light and exploded in a tyrannical manner.


Layers of mushroom clouds stacked up.

The entire place was dead silent.

Meng Xin swallowed his saliva in astonishment.

He could not imagine what would happen if Xu Xiaoshou had really sent the five fire balls into his body.

Would he still be able to say the bold words that he said earlier

‘I see.

It was not a mistake but an act of mercy…

Meng Xin felt like he lost his motivation as his lips turned dry.

With a bend of his knees, he landed on the ground.

It was at this point that he realized his back was drenched.

“A loss is a loss.

Young man, you have to learn to accept reality.”

Xu Xiaoshou clapped his hands, evaporating the blood stains on his hand, and said, “Remember, you owe me a life.

If you are not convinced, feel free to try again.”


The place was so quiet that it was frightening, causing that one gulp to be extremely loud.

At this point in time, no one would think that being afraid was anything to be ashamed of.

“Xu Xiaoshou… This Xu Xiaoshou… How could it be that even his spiritual techniques are so scary”

“He really used the way of spiritual cultivation and Origin Court cultivation level to dominate and almost killed Meng Xin.”


“Its too scary! How could it be that there is someone who not only has Innate Physique and Master Sword Intent but also can attain such levels in spiritual cultivation”

“How old is he Even if he started training in his mothers womb, he would not have time for such accomplishments!”

“I am speechless.

If there are so many gifted youths in this world, why cant it be me”


At the dinner table, Zhang Taiyings eyes were filled with a little bit of doubt after feeling the familiar heat in the sky.

Ever since he saw Xu Xiaoshou, he had a strange feeling of familiarity and was trouble by that.

After which, all the abilities that he had exhibited, without a doubt, answered the doubts in his mind.

‘That level of Physique, extraordinary sword skills, and the ability to control fire…

Zhang Taiying clenched his fists.

This was obviously the guy who had invaded the Zhang Mansion that day and dominated everything with his unreasonable ways.

Was he Xu Xiaoshou

Xu Xiaoshou was him

At this moment, Zhang Taiying felt like he had been deceived.

But he did not believe it.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou was cocky all this time, he still did not believe that this guy would have bluffed himself, Zhang Zhongmou, and Zhang Duoyu with his Origin Court Stage cultivation level…

And finally be able to suppress all three of them.

‘Its not possible!

Zhang Taiyings eyes turned a little bloodshot.

He tried to think that it was two separate people who had the same abilities.

But on that day, that figure…

If he ignored the dirt on his face at that time, then it would be like the young man in front of his eyes.

It was a perfect match.

‘Its not possible!

Zhang Taiying almost went crazy.

With a loud thud, a fist landed on the table, causing people around to look.

“Xu, Xiao, Shou!”

“Xu Xiaoshou, you dared to lie to me…”

Suspected, Passive Points 232.

Feared, Passive Points 1,233.

Impressed, Passive Points 1410.

Worshipped, Passive Points 646.


Xu Xiaoshou naturally noticed Zhang Taiyings outburst of anger.

He did not panic and was calm as an old dog.

With his skillful foresight, would he have forgotten that Zhang Taiying was in the audience

It was not possible.

The heavily nested weaving spiritual veins were still waiting silently in the sea of flowers.

They were waiting for the fish to be hooked.

Regaining his focus, Xu Xiaoshou put his attention on the Information Bar.

With a scroll of the screen, he could already see the suspicions decreasing.

It was a relief, but at the same time a distress.

It meant that his abilities were recognized by a majority of the audience.

At the same time…

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head and did not think any further.

Instead, he continued with his arms behind his back and spoke in an indifferent tone.

“Even though I know that you guys would not have the guts, but to those who wish to challenge me, I would like to say a word.”

“I will give you guys another chance!”

“I am a peace-loving person who does not like to kill.

I assure that you will not die.”

“Now, is there still anyone who have the guts and courage to challenge me…”

“Present in the audience”


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