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Chapter 416: Has He Become Addicted To Killing Demon King Xu Provokes Zhang Taiying!

Who else

Who in the audience would dare to move

Everyone looked as Xu Xiaoshou floated in the air.

The evening breeze caressed his hair and made it flow with the wind as his robes made swishing sounds.

He had outstanding style and extraordinary bearing.

With such a demeanor, who dared to oppose him

“This guy is such an all-rounder!”

“Physique, the Way of the Sword, and spiritual cultivation, are all his specialties.

He could easily outperform anyone in each of those fields.”

“Is there still a need for this competition”

“Will you let Xu Xiaoshou abuse you in multiple different ways”


“He wont even mind those restrictions or limitations.

With a simple technique, he will be able to defeat you easily!”

Everyone gritted their teeth angrily as they saw Xu Xiaoshous face in the sky.

They might have been angry, but when they had to yield, they still chose to lower their heads.

Cursed, Passive Points 1,222.

Detested, Passive Points 643.

Lauded, Passive Points 865.

Revered, Passive Points 211.


With just the words, the Information Bar almost updated until it was hot.

After the battle ended, he had finally surpassed 100,000 Passive Points.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes welled up.

Passive Points: 101,405.

It had been quite a while when he had been seen six figures worth of Passive Points.

The last time that he saw such a joyous number was when he was earning them in Tianxuan Gate.

He was not sure if he could ever break this record again after leaving tonight.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that it was worth it.

Even if he could never break todays record, he had definitely earned his worth.

He stood in the center of the stage as his eye line was completely on the Information Bar in his Yuan Mansion.

What the onlookers saw was that after this guy had defeated his opponents with various methods, his whole body was filled with a strong aura that was rising.

At this time, if anyone were to touch it, they would definitely hurt themselves.

“Is there no one else”

Fu Xing was similarly subdued by Xu Xiaoshous stellar performance.

He still remembered his duties.

After waiting for a while and seeing that no one else stood out, he asked that question.

Xu Xiaoshou was shaken back to reality by that question.

He looked at the overwhelmed crowd below.

The crowd had more potential to provide him with more Passive Points, but they were all controlling themselves and did not sparingly express their emotions.

“What a waste…”

With a deep sigh, Xu Xiaoshou scanned the surroundings with his eyes.

Everyone started to look down.

This made the young man floating in mid-air looked a bit like a show-off.

His sight fixated on a slightly familiar figure.

It was a man wearing long, blue robes with hair like a crown.

He had an air of elegance around him.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt notice him because his appearance was outstanding.

It was because this fella had stood beside Old Man Wen Song in the banquet.

Obviously, he was someone from the Wen family.

“Hey fella, dont you intend to come up here for a challenge If I remember correctly, you were the one shouting the loudest just now!”

Earlier on, before the battle even started, this guy was amongst those who had wanted to challenge Xu Xiaoshou.

The guy had planned to stand up for Wen family earlier.

After all, after Old Man Wen Song was sent out of the banquet hall by Fu Xing, this fella was all by himself and seemed a little miserable.

After witnessing Xu Xiaoshous prowess and being stared at by him, this high-crowned guy from the Wen family started to bow his head.

“Dont look down.

Your crown will fall off.” Xu Xiaoshou laughed.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

The young man from the Wen family did not dare to retort.

He did not even have the courage to say a word.

Having seen what happened to Xi Yusheng earlier, he did not dare to argue with Xu Xiaoshou.

He could not even win the argument with Xu Xiaoshou.

The worst part was that after arguing, he might even be brought up on stage for a beating.

Who would be able to stand it

Xu Xiaoshou looked at this young man, who had already lost his will to fight, and felt that it was boring.

He looked again at the other side.

There was a young man from the Zhao family.

His abilities were not that bad.

He was estimated to be just half a step away from the Master Stage.

With that one look, the fellas eyes suddenly lost their focus as if he had become blind and started to exit the crowd while scratching his head.

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

“Never mind.”

He looked at Fu Xing, shrugged his shoulders, and said, “I am undefeatable.”

In Awe, Passive Points 844.

The edges of Fu Xings mouth twitched.

‘This guys face of innocence looks more and more unbearable.

He almost could not stop himself from attacking.

“Fifteen minutes!”

He tilted his head to look at the audience and shouted, “Another 15 minutes! If there is still no one who dares to challenge, then Xu Xiaoshou will be able to take five quotas for White Cave!”

Once that number was heard, the crowd started to become restless.

However, after everyone saw how excited Xu Xiaoshou was because of the restlessness, they immediately turned quiet again.

“F*ck, what a demon!”

“What the f*ck How is it possible for such a person to exist Even after fighting three battles, he looks as if he has not battled yet.

Tonights five quotas are bound to be his…”

No one dared to move.

Within the crowd, there were suspicions and encouragements between people.

After the collective silence, 15 minutes passed.

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head with a face of helplessness as he flew down from mid-air.

“I didnt want to be undefeatable, but I guess theres no choice.

Everyone here is too weak.”

With his hands behind his back, he did not fly overhead.

Instead, he chose to land right below the stage in front of the audience.


While everyone was still secretly condemning Xu Xiaoshous ways, he landed in front of them, causing the crowd to hurriedly disperse.

It was as if wherever Xu Xiaoshou was, there was a foot radius worth of a repulsion field.

No one could freely move within this field.

“Couldnt this fella just fly away since he is leaving”

“What is he trying to do Is he trying to walk out from here”

Cursed, Passive Points 422.

Cursed, Passive Points 221.

Xu Xiaoshou naturally thought this way as he laughed and took a step forward, causing the people in the crowd to be forced to retreat.

Even if they stepped on a strangers feet, no one apologized or complained.

With Big Demon Xu walking forward, who dared to make a sound

What if they were to become a target after saying a word

Swish! Swish! Swish!

A funny sight could be seen as Xu Xiaoshou moved among the crowd.

The hundreds of people had expressions of unhappiness.

When the man walked toward them, they immediately retreated.


“I cant stand this.

How could this guy be so irritating”

When everyone saw that Xu Xiaoshou had finally walked out of the crowd, they all felt a sense of relief.

However, they did not expect for this fella to look back at the banquet, suddenly stop, and make a turn.

“Hmm I seemed to have dropped something…”

The crowd was confused.

‘This fella…”

‘What is he trying to do

Suspected, Passive Points 1,420.

Under the disbelieving eyes of the crowd, Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have lost something and slowly started making his way back.

He walked an S-shaped route through the crowd and continued up the stage.

He tilted his head in thought.

Shortly after, he let out an expression of realization.

“Oh, nothings lost.”

‘F*ck! With this, everyones hearts felt as if they had been stepped on by a beast.

All the hair on their bodies stood in anger as if they were going to erupt in flames.

‘He is too hateful! This fella definitely did this on purpose.

‘F*ck this Xu Xiaoshou.

I must really give it to him.

You really have a lot of time to spare!


The scene was very quiet.

When Xu Xiaoshou saw his Information Bar being updated again, he understood what had happened.

Resented, Passive Points 464.

Criticized, Passive Points 1,089.

Hated, Passive Points 1,222.


“He-he, sorry about that.

I didnt mean to waste everyones time.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand.

Under the eyes of the audience, he started to embark on the S-shaped route that he took to return to the stage.

Finally, after walking a big circle, he returned back to his seat in the banquet.

“What a closure.”

“I have affected everyone.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled so widely that he could not keep his mouth closed.

The curls of his lips seemed to show no signs of disappearing.

Passive Points: 111,820.

Just by walking around, he had obtained more than 10,000 Passive Points.

‘Oh my god.

‘All the battles were considered nothing compared to this.

With just one round, the Passive Points increased by a tenth!

‘If I didnt use all of your anger and shock to earn some points, how could I face myself

Xu Xiaoshou smiled as he walked past Fu Xing and gave a pat on his stiff shoulders.

He looked at Ye Xiaotians face of disbelief and gave a nod while smiling.

After which, he saw Su Qianqian, who had regained her smile, and lightly patted her head with his palm.

Lastly, he walked in front of Zhang Taiying.

“Hi there.”

“Nice to meet you.

I am Xu Xiaoshou.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled lightly as he spoke.

Without offering his hand, he added, “I killed your son.”

Zhang Taiying felt his anger rise so much that it almost exploded from his head.

With a “pong,” the dining table, which had did not break from his fist from earlier, exploded immediately under the influence of his Sovereign aura.

When this imposing aura landed on Xu Xiaoshou, it was as if it hit a bunch of cotton and was totally unaffecting it.

“Is it your first time meeting me”

Zhang Taiying gritted his teeth.

“Are you sure”


Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head and smiled.

“Maybe in your dreams.

It could be possible that I have already died countless times.”

Regarding the night invasion of Zhang Mansion, even if both of them knew the truth, they would not admit it now.

In Tiansang City, it was something not to be spoken of.

Xu Xiaoshous life motto was to never admit that he had done things that broke the rules.


Zhang Taiying stood up.

The seat beneath him immediately exploded.

Fu Xing could not stand there and do nothing anymore.

“Master Zhang, I know that everyone has grudges between them, but tonight is about the battle for White Caves quota.

Please know the limits.”

Even if he was facing a Sovereign, Fu Xing did not look weak at all.

The whereabouts of his father were still unknown.

Thus, at the moment, he was the stand-in mayor.

As a mayor of a city, how could he look weak in front of the head of a family

Zhang Taiying turned to look coldly at Fu Xing but did not retort.

After which, he took a deep breath of air.

“Get lost!”

Those words were said forcefully with air currents rolling about.

There was some connection with the Way of the Heavens as the air shook and everyones clothes started moving.

Xu Xiaoshou was unmoved by it and raised a hand.


Everyone was stunned.

Everyone knew that Zhang Taiyings abilities were not ordinary.

Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have some things to settle with Zhang Taiying.

Even after challenging the younger generation, he still dared to challenge one of the strongest within the older generation.

With this, everyone was shocked to the point of no return.

“Is Xu Xiaoshou really not afraid of death”

“Did he really think that after defeating a few Innate Stage cultivators he would be able to skip the three levels within the Master Stage and challenge a Sovereign”

“He must be crazy!”

The difference in their cultivation stages, as well as status, led everyone to be dumbfounded.

Even in their dreams, they would not dare to imagine such a scenario.

Now, it was happening right in front of their faces.

An Origin Court Stage youth offending a Sovereign…

“What kind of a joke is this F*ck, I must have been dreaming for the whole of tonight!”

Someone spoke out in shock.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

No one dared to slap their own face, and no one dared to pinch their thighs.

They were afraid that if these were all true…

How far ahead was Xu Xiaoshou in front of them

They were afraid that it would be impossible to catch up to him.

The Red Coat Night Guardian looked at Xu Xiaoshous back view and smiled without saying a word.

He was deep in his thoughts.

‘This fella is too contradicting.

‘He was obviously showing off a lot.

Even a small fight between his generation would be used by this guy to his greatest advantage to show off his cockiness without being ashamed.”

‘But if he is such a cocky person, how would he, with his Origin Court cultivation, have such demeanor in front of a Sovereign


His thoughts entered a confusing situation.

The Red Coat Night Guardian had not given much thought to Xu Xiaoshou initially.

After hearing that he had intel regarding the grey mist figure, he wanted to make use of him.

After witnessing this display of abilities, he had the thought to take him in as an apprentice.

But this fellas personality was not that optimal.

He was very cocky and conceited.

It could be said that the Red Coat Night Guardian had lived for a long time, and this was the person who had left him the most speechless.

He exhibited grandstanding and was not ashamed about it at all.

Being this type of person, how could he have suddenly stopped such behaviors to bow down to someone and give up even before fighting

‘Is this still the same person

‘Could he have been possessed

‘Which of his personalities is the real Xu Xiaoshou

The Red Coat Night Guardian almost broke down under his own train of thoughts.

He grabbed his head, sat down, and started to consume wine.

‘What the f*ck.

Tonight is really a weird night!

“Xu Xiaoshou.”

Mu Zixi watched as Xu Xiaoshou sat down.

Uncontrollable happiness was written on her small face.

After all, her senior with the same teacher had emerged victorious, no, undefeatable among all the young talents from Tiansang Prefecture and obtained three consecutive wins.

He had also gotten hold of five White Cave quotas.

Who would not be happy with these results

Mu Zixi almost jumped up.

She knew that the entire Tiansang Spiritual Palace was only allocated 10 White Cave quotas.

Xu Xiaoshou managed to obtain half the amount with his individual efforts.

That was quite unbelievable.

“Hold on.

Dont be happy too early.”

Xu Xiaoshou pulled the excited little girl back to her seat.

He sat down and was silent for quite a while.

Meanwhile, the audience had all stopped putting their attention on him and continued their own battles.

The battles for the White Caves quotas couldnt be stopped just because of Xu Xiaoshous actions.

On the contrary, the appearance of this big demon king caused those in the audience to become even more hot-blooded and competitive.

Even though he might have been distasteful and irritating, with those abilities, who wouldnt want to become like Big Demon Xu Who didnt want to be able to suppress challengers

When Xu Xiaoshou left the battle stage, everyone felt as if the huge rock weighing down on them had disappeared and were able to feel their energy released.

They did not care if the stage was damaged or wrecked.

They started to fight seriously.

“What a grand sight.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the rubble on stage and was a little envious as he saw the fight become intense.

He knew that he would not be able to engage in such long battles and use stunning and impressive moves.

After all, once he started a battle, it was finished within seconds.

Sometimes, Xu Xiaoshou lamented and wondered why he was so strong.

He finally understood something.

It was not because his every move could defend against the strongest moves of his opponents.

It was just that…

He was already unbeatable.

‘Ah, how lonely…

Xu Xiaoshou looked up and sighed lightly as he leaned on the backrest of his seat.

After sighing, he looked to the side to glance at Mu Zixi, who had rolled her eyes to the limits of the sky.

“Arent you going up for a battle”

Mu Zixi was stunned for a moment.

She had not thought about that idea.

After all, she was just of the Voidness Stage.

Even if she was at the peak of the Voidness Stage, after witnessing Xu Xiaoshous battles, she was afraid that she would just be defeated within seconds.

Xu Xiaoshou knew what she was worried about.

“Dont look down on yourself.

The peak of Voidness Stage is already very strong.

Plus, you have that special explosive wood attribute and the vampire teeth…”

Looking at Mu Zixis darkening eyes, Xu Xiaoshou decided to change his words.

“Anyway, you are already very strong.”

“Not everyone is like me.

You can do it!”

“Your light was only covered under the moonlit brilliance of my performance.

If you were to be placed elsewhere, you could also become a star.”

Looking at the never-ending Xu Xiaoshou, Mu Zixi became exasperated.

He just wanted to advise her to battle but ended up saying more and more unnecessary things.

‘Would it kill you for you to not be such a narcissist

“Hold it right there.”

Mu Zixi stopped Xu Xiaoshou from talking by covering his mouth.

“I actually wanted to battle initially, but it seems that the current situation is not that good.”


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for a while before suddenly realizing something.

Mu Zixi had just swallowed the Source of the World.

Even if her strange body constitution had absorbed the energy from it, it would take a very long time for her to truly refine it.

Within this short time, she could not fight unnecessarily.

If the spiritual source within her body started to go haywire, then her ending would be devastating.

“If that is the case, I guess you should control your urges.”

Xu Xiaoshou thought for a while and suddenly said, “If you managed to absorb and refine that thing, then wont you become the new…”

He raised a brow.

“Source of the World”

“Master of the World”

Mu Zixi was immediately shocked.

“Do you want to die”

“Even covering your mouth cant stop you from talking.

Cant you communicate through telepathy” She transmitted that thought to him furiously.

Xu Xiaoshou shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, I have been learning it recently.”

Previously, when he was communicating with Luo Leilei in the pavilion, he had obtained the Telepathy spiritual technique.

Since it was not related to the Way of the Sword, Cooking Expertise, or Weaving, he could only learn it slowly.

Without continuing this topic, Xu Xiaoshou saw everyones attention being placed back on the stage and stood up.

“I need to leave for a while.”

“Where are you going” Mu Zixi started to get nervous.


Xu Xiaoshou pointed outside the windows.

The young ladys brows furrowed.

She hesitated before saying, “Now… Its not the time yet, right Do you already want to blow up the City Lord Mansion”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for a while before flicking Mu Zixis pale forehead with a finger.

“What are you thinking I was only about to head out for some preparations.”

“What preparations”

“Didnt I say it before To harvest carrots, you naturally need people to harvest the carrots.”


“My dear child, you dont have to know so much.

Just wait here and dont let anyone follow me.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled as he turned, hid from the audiences view, and left the banquet hall.

Fu Xing was the first one to notice Xu Xiaoshous actions.

At this point, he was already not gullible enough to think that Xu Xiaoshou would be leaving the place to head to the bathroom or anything along those lines.

This fella could even blow up two battle stages as well as set off fireworks right in front of him.

If he were left unsupervised, it might be possible that the explosion in the sea of flowers earlier would happen to the City Lord Mansion.

“Follow him.”

Fu Xing gave the order with his head down.

An elder with a low sense of presence left after going incognito.

The Red Coat Night Guardian saw the behavior of the two people and was slightly shocked.

‘If they are friends, why would he send a Sovereign to follow him when he was just going to the bathroom

‘What kind of a friend is this

Since he did not really understand Xu Xiaoshou, he did not have any follow-up actions.

Zhang Taiying wanted to make a move as well.

He was one of the only three people who had noticed Xu Xiaoshous actions.

Regarding this fella, he could not wait to shred him into pieces.

For now, the White Caves quotas were more important.

‘I shall end him after the last battle of the competition.

He decided that in his heart.

‘I shall tolerate it for now.

Tonight, Xu Xiaoshou shall not leave the City Lord Mansion!

Those who could sense tiny movements in the crowd were all attracted by Xu Xiaoshous actions.

No one noticed that shortly after he had left the banquet hall, a guy of low presence also exited from the audience filled with the younger generation.

Xin Gugu followed the scents and found Xu Xiaoshous figure at the foot of a wall hidden in shadows.

The two then disappeared.

Right after that, an unremarkable cobblestone also faded away into thin air.

“Where is he”

Not long after, an old man landed from the sky with a look of shock on his face.

Because Fu Xing had mentioned that this fella was strange, he did not dare to follow too closely.

He did not even dare to fully lock on to him with his spiritual senses.

Right after turning the corner, the fella disappeared.

“This is bad.

There really seems to be something strange going on here.”

“This Xu Xiaoshou…”

“I have to let Young Mayor Fu know about this immediately!”

He left a bit of spiritual sense behind and returned to where he came from.

In Yuan Mansion…

Xin Gugu looked at Xu Xiaoshou, who was feeding his pet fishes with seeds, and asked, “What now Have you decided to make your move”

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.


“Zhang Taiying already recognized me, and you probably did not escape his eyes either.”

“This fella is definitely not an ordinary person.

Im pretty sure he has the mind to chop me up into pieces, but he still managed to restrain himself.”

“Without securing any White Cave quotas, even if I give him the chance, he would not choose to follow me out.”

Xin Gugu held his breath.

Only after following Xu Xiaoshou did he realize that this fellas life journey was filled with so much excitement and intense events.

With just an Origin Court cultivation level, he dared to secretly plot against a Sovereign.

Even if Xin Gugu played an active participating role in this, he still did not dare to believe it.

Would Zhang Taiying possibly think of this

He would definitely not.

“How do you intend to do it” he asked in doubt.

“What needs to be done is actually all almost completed.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Aje, who was squatting on the ground curiously examining Xu Xiaojis body, and said, “I will draw a map of the sea of flowers for you.

You bring Aje and hide yourselves well for me.”

“After I successfully lure Zhang Taiying there, once I give the signal, you immediately pull him into your bounded domain without letting him notice.

Can you do that”

Xin Gugu shook his head in disagreement.

“He will definitely notice something.

Just now, there was already an unfamiliar Sovereign who followed us here.

We are not sure just how many strong cultivators are here in the City Lord Mansion!”

“At the very most, I can only sustain for a short period of time.”

“Roughly how long would it be” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“An eighth of an hour.”

When Xin Gugu said it, he felt his scalp go numb.

They planned to assassinate a Sovereign, but they only had an eighth of an hour…

It would be as difficult as reaching the heavens.

“You only have an eighth of an hour or probably even less.

If you exceed that period, we will be bound to be noticed by others!”

“An eighth of an hour…”

Xu Xiaoshou mumbled.

He knew that it would be difficult to kill a Sovereign.

Based on Reg Dog form earlier, just his simple few spiritual techniques were already sufficient to almost kill him, and he was only killed by that scruffy man.

Not to mention Zhang Taiying…

From battling to capturing to killing, the difficulty of each of these increased exponentially.

To complete this mission within the City Lord Mansion added to the difficulty by many times.

“There is only one such chance.”

“Once we leave the City Lord Mansion, we might not be facing just one Sovereign anymore but the whole Zhang Mansion.”

“If I were to drag this on any further, I am bound to be a dead man in the hands of Zhang Taiying!”

Xu Xiaoshou gritted his teeth and called out, “Aje.”

“Ma Ma” Aje turned its head over curiously.

“Time to start work…”


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly noticed Xu Xiaoji, who was playing dead on the ground.

He had not only recovered but also within his body there seemed to be a bout of surging energy.

Even after possessing this bout of power, Xu Xiaoji still did not dare to resist.

He only dared to stay still like a fossil on display in a museum and let Aje examine him freely.

‘Based on what this guy said earlier, he seems to be a Sovereign as well.

‘A cowardly Sovereign…

‘He-he, what a joke.

How could a Sovereign be weak

‘In Yuan Mansion, no one is allowed to not work and pretend to be a dead body!

Xu Xiaoshou jokingly said, “Aje, make this fella in front of you stand up.

Its time to start working.”

Xu Xiaoji was shocked.

His tightly closed eyelids opened immediately.

Before his pupils could dilate, there were already two red lights in front of him.

With this, his legs turned cold.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

Resented, Passive Points 1.

Missed, Passive Points 1.


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