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Chapter 418: There May Be Plenty of Fish in The Sea, But I Will Only Take Half

Watched, Passive Points 3.

Xu Xiaoshou stretched and was suddenly startled when he felt three hot gazes not far away.

Without looking back, many young people standing under the platform were also looking sideways.

Watched, Passive Points 686.

Watched, Passive Points 433.

Xu Xiaoshou was the only person who had shown that he was of the Master Swordsman level, and he had demonstrated his power in the last battle.

In the competition between Way of Spiritual Cultivation and Way of the Sword, no rule said that one could only participate in one of them.

As a result, the focus of everyones attention naturally fell on Xu Xiaoshou.

That big devil…

Did he want to compete or not

If he wanted to compete, how many blows could he resist

According to the attack intensity of the previous move, All Things are Swords, the situation would still change, and even the referee might not be able to stop it.

In the entire arena, only a handful of people were capable of blocking it.

Should they surrender directly or let this guy continue to stand on the high platform for 15 more minutes

But 15 minutes…

Those were five White Cave places.

After they understood this point, everyone detested Xu Xiaoshou and almost tore him apart with their heated glares.

It was ridiculous.

How could anyone be so all-powerful that even if the City Lord Mansion made a separate rule for him It seemed that it could not stop this guy from progressing forward.

Cursed, Passive Points 499.

In Awe, Passive Points 676.

Detested, Passive Points 1,420.


The Information Bar refreshed its screen quickly, and the points were increasing faster each time than before.

Xu Xiaoshou was a little surprised and immediately laughed after he saw the hatred in the eyes of those guys.

The Passive System sometimes behaved like that.

As long as he had achieved his previous prestige, even if he stretched at that moment, he could earn a large number of passive points madly.

After he stretched his waist, he paused when he saw the hesitation in everyones eyes.

They seemed to be waiting for him to make a move.

He began to rotate his waist.

Cursed, Passive Points 1,121.

Criticized, Passive Points 686.

“Xu Xiaoshou, they are all waiting for you.” Mu Zixi could not bear to see the looks of the audience.

Even if she got only a tiny amount of splash damage from the side due to him, she still could not resist it.

She did not know how thick-skinned Xu Xiaoshou was to rotate and stretch his buttocks under everyones nose.

Anyway, Mu Zixi could not stand it, so she urged him.

“What is the hurry”

Xu Xiaoshou whispered, “Heroes are the last to come on stage, so how could I be on the stage so soon”

Mu Zixi said speechlessly, “But if you dont compete, they would worry…”

“That is their business.

What has it got to do with me”

“As a Spiritual Cultivator and swordsman, if they are scared of me to this extent, then they will be like this for the rest of their lives.”

Xu Xiaoshou spread his hands out.

This statement caused a tremendous wave of harm and incited a massive uproar among the crowd.

Angered, Passive Points 323.

Almost at the same time, dozens of clanging sword sounds resounded in the scene.

Some swordsmen could not help themselves at all and drew their swords on the spot.

Unlike the Spiritual Cultivators, they were swordsmen.

They firmly believed that they were unyielding and undaunted.

So, how could they withstand this kind of ridicule

Furthermore, when they saw Xu Xiaoshous gaze, which became excited when he heard swords being unsheathed, all the swordsmen who drew out their swords unconsciously obeyed the sword power.

Their hands holding the sword shivered and trembled.

After that brief incident, they collectively returned their swords to their sheaths.

“After sitting for a long time, this sword also needs to come out and breathe in some fresh air.”

“Yes, thats it.

My sword also needs some ventilation.

If I keep it hidden, Im afraid it will rust.”

“Thats right.

If you dont come out and wander around, Im afraid you will be unfamiliar with killing people later!”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

Were these guys serious

Where was the momentum that was there seconds ago when they drew their swords

Why did they all shrink back after he spoke

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned in place, and the field also became still.

There was a lot of embarrassment in the air, and it was not even a slight trace.

On the contrary, it was overpowering.

Fu Xings face turned dark.

Xu Xiaoshou was indeed toxic.

Why did these strange events always follow him where he appeared

This kind of thing would have never happened in previous years.

Xu Xiaoshou only stood up and stretched, and it had terrified everyone so much that they did not dare to go on the stage.


Fu Xing sighed wearily and suddenly said, “Xu Xiaoshou.”


Xu Xiaoshou looked back, wondering what new instructions his younger brother had for him.

“Go on the stage.

Go up first and let others challenge.” Fu Xing waved his hands helplessly.

“Why should I do that”

Xu Xiaoshou was angry.

There was a reason why he was not on stage.

From the beginning, the scorching gazes of the three swordsmen had insinuated to him that nothing good would come from him going on stage.

Others did not know, but he understood very clearly.

That guy without a sword had a Master Sword Intent.

He had two senior brothers and a famed sword.

How could his strength be poor

If he went up now, he was definitely going to be attacked to death over many rounds.

It was imminent death.

Since the rules had restricted him to only five places, why would he want to do such a thankless thing

Would it not be better if he waited for the three swordsmen to get their spots and be restricted to compete before he went up to the stage That should be the best strategy for him.

He needed to spare some energy to beat up Zhang Taiying later, so he could not waste it.

With a thump, Xu Xiaoshou sat down.

“I dont think it will work.”

Fu Xing widened his eyes and stared at him.

“I think it will work.

Quickly, get yourself up there.

Otherwise, everyone will be waiting!”

“I already said that this is their business.

Only the weak are waiting.

The strong are out early!”

Xu Xiaoshou did not panic at all.

Fu Xing trembled with anger.

This guy really did not give him any face and did not cooperate at all.

However, fortunately, he was already prepared.

He chuckled softly and said slowly, “Now, its no longer up to you to tolerate.

Take a look at the rules and regulations sheet in your hand.

The last item was set for you.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt taken aback.

He seized the rules and regulations sheet on the table and glanced at it.

“The City Lord Mansion has customized the rules and regulations.

All interpretation rights belong to Fu Xing.

What Fu Xing says is the law.

If you disagree, you will lose your White Cave quota!”

Xu Xiaoshou was suddenly so pissed off that he laughed.

“Good for you, Fu Xing!”

He almost took a pair of gloves from his spatial ring and swatted Fu Xing with them.

After forcing down this impulse, Xu Xiaoshou shook his hand.

The paper suddenly fluttered.

In the next second, it turned into ashes.

“Oh, Im so sorry, I forgot that I am a Spiritual Cultivator of fire attribute.”

“Recently, I cant control my killing intent.”

Fu Xing was speechless.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

Everyone watching from the sidelines was shocked.

The Single Combat Rules and Regulations were announced by Fu Xing just now when Xu Xiaoshou went to the bathroom.

Therefore, everyone knew that there was this rule.

Now, Xu Xiaoshou had the nerve to burn it in front of Fu Xing.

“This guy is too stubborn.

He said killing intent.

Did he mean that he would kill Fu Xing”

“Hehe, I look forward to the final challenge.

If Fu Xing can have a big fight with Xu Xiaoshou, it would be absolutely wonderful.”

“The face-off of the almighty son of the City Lord Mansion against the new and incomprehensible dark horse…”

“Tsk, tsk, terrific! If it were me, I would definitely not provoke the City Lord Mansion so much.”

Impressed, Passive Points 865.

Received Concern, Passive Points 56.

Revered, Passive Points 2.


Fu Xing watched Xu Xiaoshou burn the rules and regulations sheet and was silent for a while.

When the triumph in the lads eyes was about to emerge, he finally reached his arms into his robes.

“Xu Xiaoshou, I knew it…”

As he spoke, his hand drew out a new rules and regulations sheet.

“This form is a duplicate.

There is one for you and one for me, both of which have been declared effective.”

“If you still want to…”


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly glared at him.

Everyone felt that the air was tense for a moment.

In the next second, the paper in Fu Xings hand turned into ashes.

There was not even a bit of ash left.


“Damn it, what spiritual technique is that”

“What happened just now”

Everyone who witnessed it was shocked.

It just lit up with a flash and disappeared, but that brief action had filled the entire space with anxiousness.

Everyone sensed an overbearing feeling from it.

Could these kinds of overpowering flames be directly transmitted to the human body through the eyes

Everyone thought of Xu Xiaoshous Seeds on All Five Fingers…

That thing did not require him to be close by, and it could instantly ignite people on fire.

“Xu Xiaoshou, how many more tricks do you have up your sleeves”

“When he took the written test just now, how much had he thrown the game…”

It was the prelude to the Way of the Sword Competition, but everyone was suddenly surprised by Xu Xiaoshous Way of Spiritual Cultivation.

Fu Xing was trembling in anger.

He suppressed the frantic corners of his mouth and suddenly sneered again.

“Sure enough…”

After that, he clapped his hands, and there was a guard behind him carrying a box.

Everyone could see densely packed rules and regulations sheets that were inside once he opened the box.

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

He was surprised.

What was Fu Xing up to Did he need to target him like that

Fu Xing chuckled and continued speaking as if he had not been interrupted.

“If you still want to burn, feel free to do it.

The City Lord Mansion still has stock.”

“Well, good for you, Fu Xing.

I will remember this!”

Xu Xiaoshou stretched out two fingers and knocked in the air.

Sword Will suddenly rose from it.

Fu Xing suddenly felt weak.

“Big Brother Shou, Big Brother, dont do that.”

He immediately said using telepathic communication, “For the sake of saving me face, if you dont play along now, it will be difficult for me to handle it.

If everyone keeps dragging on, this banquet dinner is probably going to be eaten until tomorrow.”

Xu Xiaoshou hmphed and stopped.

He rolled his eyes around and flew up.

He stood high in the sky again, overlooking the crowd.

Cursed, Passive Points 565.

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

He had not spoken yet, so why were they cursing him again

Ignoring the crowd, he said, “Its okay to ask me to be the first to go on stage and fight since you are all waiting anyway.”

“However, participating in the Way of the Sword is nothing more than discussing Sword Will.

Although the words that I spoke before contained an element of challenge, one thing I mentioned is not false.”

“If no swordsman dares to launch a sword, then what is the meaning of the Way of the Sword”

Everyone was quiet.

Xu Xiaoshous statement made sense.

Even the Night Guardian nodded his head.

The swordsman should go forward bravely and not be lazy.


Xu Xiaoshou saw that everyone agreed with his point of view, and he sincerely continued.

“To encourage everyone to challenge bravely, I suggest that if you fight for 10 rounds later and still cant take me down, then give me 10 White Cave places!”

“As the saying goes, there may be plenty of fish in the sea, but I will only take half.”

“I am not greedy.

Everything I do is for the heroes of Tiansang Prefecture, and it is for everyones benefit.”

Everyone was shocked.

A moment ago, everyone present was still immersed in the sentiments introduced by Xu Xiaoshou.

They thought that he was being very reasonable.

When this guy finally revealed his wolfish ambition, everyone was shocked.

They were really stupid.

Even if their brains had been flooded, Xu Xiaoshou could not possibly be acting on behalf of everyone.

“What did he mean byThere may be plenty of fish in the sea, but I will only take half Doesnt the saying end withbut there is only one for me My goodness, this Xu Xiaoshou also dares to speak loudly!”

“If Xu Xiaoshou were never born, the ways of greed would be forever gone.”

Cursed, Passive Points 565.

Disliked, Passive Points 1,323.

Revered, Passive Points 2.


Xu Xiaoshou looked at Fu Xing with a smile.

The guys face was so dark that it was almost ready to drip ink.

“What do you think” he asked.

Everyone on the scene was still in a stupor.

Some people suddenly laughed.

“Xu Xiaoshou is crazy.

Fu Xing called him Big Brother Shou because he has the education and attitude.

However, did this guy really take himself seriously”

“It is impossible for Fu Xing to agree to this ridiculous demand.

Thats even if his brain was kicked by a donkey.”

“Thats right.

Xu Xiaoshou, get out of the City Lord Mansion!”

Someone took advantage of the chaos and shouted at the top of his lungs.

It was a thought that resonated with everyone, but the person thought that Xu Xiaoshou could not discover him in the chaos.

Unexpectedly, Xu Xiaoshou locked him in with a single glance.

Under Perception, how could anyone hide from Xu Xiaoshous sight

With only a tiny glance, the man collapsed to the ground with a thud.

“Tsk, tsk.”

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head and sighed without being harsh.

He turned his head to look at Fu Xing.

When this guy was about to refuse, he stretched out his two fingers and knocked on the void again.

“You think about it.”

Fu Xing was speechless.

Xu Xiaoshou…

Was he taking revenge on him

Looking at the Finger Sword of this guy, Fu Xing suddenly felt like dying.

“Well said.

The heroes of Tiansang Prefecture need to stand up.

Swordsmen cannot be so weak!”

Fu Xing suddenly lifted his spirits and said, “Everyone, whoever challenges Xu Xiaoshou and emerges victorious can also win 10 places!”

The people present were suddenly shocked.


“Damn it, was Fu Xings brain really kicked by a donkey How could he agree to these conditions”

“It is 10 places!”

“Who could defeat Xu Xiaoshou”

Even the Night Guardian looked at Fu Xing in amazement, but his focus was different from others.

What the Night Guardian had cared about was how Fu Xing would react under the gaze of everyones expectations.

It was important in front of the seniors who were present.

It was clear that as a young man, Fu Xing could not possibly agree to this condition.

It turned out to be the opposite.

Fu Xing had actually challenged the rules.

‘Good lad…

‘This lad is also full of promise! The Night Guardian suddenly viewed him at a higher position.

“It cannot do!”

Where there was oppression, there was resistance.

Originally, there were not many White Cave spaces, and the Way of the Sword could only offer 20 places.

If Xu Xiaoshou wanted half of them, what else would the guys behind him fight over

“Xu Xiaoshou, why can you take 10 places I am not convinced.”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at him immediately.

“Everyone is not convinced!”

The man added on immediately.


Xu Xiaoshou did not use force to overpower people.

He always thought it best to convince people using reason.

“You seem to have heard it wrong.

What Fu Xing said is that whoever can beat Xu Xiaoshou will also win 10 places.”

“Like you, I also want to beat him.

To do that, I still need to win 10 fights in a row.”

“This is a very fair game, so why you cannot accept it”

He paused and continued.

“Furthermore, its fine if you are unconvinced!”

“If you refuse to be convinced, didnt it achieved my attempt to encourage the rise of Tiansang Prefecture swordsmen”

“The Way of the Sword needs this kind of disobedience, dont you think”

His last sentence was rhetoric.

Xu Xiaoshou was not really asking other people for their opinions, but he drew a black sword out of his arms.

It was a spiritual sword that was the peak of the ninth grade.

It had a quaint Black Scabbard.

As if it had not smelled the air outside the Yuan Mansion for a long time, Hidden Bitter groaned with excitement as soon as it came out.

A loud sword cry overwhelmed all the sounds of chatter.

All the swordsmen present were amazed.

“Is that…”

“Is it a ninth-grade spiritual sword”

“If its a ninth-grade spiritual sword, how could there be such a clear spiritual quality It is simply comparable to…”

Many swordsmen had simultaneously shifted their eyes to the three swordsmen at the banquet table not far away.

Such a spiritual quality was beyond the grasp of an ordinary spiritual sword.

In fact, it was almost comparable to a famed sword.

The swordless swordsman, Gu Qingsan, was also shocked.

He was stunned for a moment, but there was an enthusiasm that lit his eyes.

“That is a good sword!”

“Xu Xiaoshou, your sword is a good sword!”

“Eldest Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother, this sword is worthy of becoming a famed sword!”

Gu Qingsans words were no longer questioning but full of affirmation when he looked back this time.

Gu Qinger was also shocked by Xu Xiaoshous sword.

It was of such a humble level, but it had such a spiritual quality.

It was conceivable that the guy in front of him had spent significant time on sword cultivation.

“I have the same opinion of Junior Brother.

This sword is certainly extraordinary.

If it also had good sword cultivation…”


“That isnt right!”

“Outside, how could there be people who could do sword cultivation”

Anyone who was a swordsman knew the legend of the famed sword.

They would naturally also know that many famed swords were also formed over time by following the past legends.

They grew step by step before finally being nurtured.

In the Sword Cultivation Method, there were basically no shortcuts to the outside world except for the daily companionship that ordinary people understood.

If it was accompanied by the regular times and not in the past, it was impossible to raise a sword with such spiritual quality at Xu Xiaoshous age.

Gu Qingyi touched the ancient sword that trembled in his arms.

He felt the joy of seeing such a spiritual quality sword as the Head of the Famed Sword, and he also felt the enthusiasm of trying to fight.

Gently shaking his head, Gu Qingyi denied his two junior brothers notions.

“The sword is a good sword, but there are more swords that are worthy of being a famed sword on the continent.”

“However, there are only 21 famed swords.”

Gu Qingyi did not continue, but everyone heard his point of view.

The Night Guardian was a little surprised.

These three guys were also the existence he had focused his sights on.

But what the leading senior brother said revealed the gap with his two junior brothers.

‘This kid has a very high vision…

The Night Guardians gaze fell on the gray sword.

He could clearly feel the awe-inspiring evil spirit sealed inside that was indiscernible to outsiders.

‘Yuelian The Lonesome…

He narrowed his eyes and fell behind the swordsman with nine swords again.

The sword wheel behind his back had nine swords inserted in it.

The one in the middle, which was as red as blood, was forbidding and ominous.

‘The Bewitching Demon…

The Night Guardian tapped the table, thinking for a moment.

‘Is the Burial Sword Tomb here

‘This is too much!

“But if its the Fourth Sword, its really worth it…”

Thousands of people were shocked by a sword.

It cast the surroundings into an icy cold silence.

Xu Xiaoshou paid no attention to Hidden Bitter for a while.

However, due to his occasional practice of the Sword Observation Manual recently, this sword seemed that it was going to metamorphosis.

It could be because it was too close to him.

After everyone exclaimed at Hidden Bitter, he realized that this sword was absolutely different.

‘Its almost eighth-grade…

‘This Sword Observation Manual is too terrifying.

What is the origin of that scruffy-looking man

‘Its really possible to become a famed sword if I continue nurturing it like this!

Xu Xiaoshou did not think much.

It was also not the time to ponder these matters.

He took out the sword only to earn Passive Points.

“Are you still unconvinced”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the person who had spoken before.

“I am convinced.”

The man gave in.

He was afraid that Xu Xiaoshou would fly again and drag him to the high platform.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes widened.

“No, you are not convinced!”

The previous speaker regretted it now.

He hated why he really could not hide and wanted to be so attention-seeking.

“Yes, Im not convinced.” His mournful tone made people feel pity for him.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded with satisfaction.

“Everyone has seen it too.

It is my sword.

The level is not high, and it is only eighth-grade.”

Everyone twitched.

Cursed, Passive Points 1,111.


Xu Xiaoshou changed the direction of the conversation.

“My Way of the Sword is too strong!”

“Its so strong that I cant control it anymore.

Everyone, do you know what this concept is”

Everyone watched Xu Xiaoshou take the sword into the air.

They could not wait to rush to the sky, pull him down, and stack themselves on him until he suffocated to death.

However, no one dared to move.

They could only listen to Xu Xiaoshou blabber.

“My sword will kill people.”

Xu Xiaoshou flicked the sleeve of his robe, and his expression suddenly became cold.

The killing intent in the field rose suddenly.

The winds rose.

It was as though it was autumn.

This threatening atmosphere of killing did not last long.

Xu Xiaoshou broke it casually.

“To prevent you from being killed, I can only try my best to contain my sword.

It is hard work.”

“Do you feel unconvinced”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the man who had collapsed to the ground, suppressing his voice, and said, “Its right if you refuse.”

“Im also not convinced.”

“Even when fighting, I have to control myself to prevent you from being killed by me.

How hard have I been holding back”

“You asked whether me winning 10 rounds was worth getting 10 White Cave places.”

Xu Xiaoshou patted his thigh with a “slap.”

“Its worth it!”

Mu Zixi lowered her head in silence.

Fu Xings lower lips trembled, and his neck stretched a bit.

Even the Night Guardian was shocked beyond words at Xu Xiaoshous speech.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Who on earth knew that this guy had beat around the bush only to keep these 10 places

Who else would dare to resist

Originally, everyone had already let go of the spaces.

However, now that Xu Xiaoshou brought it up again, everyone looked at his feigned painful expression in the air and could not help themselves anymore.

“This guy is asking for a beating!”

“Dont stop me tonight! I cant hold back the majestic power in my body.

Lets get on together and beat this guy down and kill him!”

“Ten rounds What about 10 rounds If 10 rounds fail, then lets do 20 rounds!”

“Isnt it 20 White Cave places I dont believe that Xu Xiaoshou could give them all!”

“I challenge you!”


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