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Chapter 420: The New World of Sword Principle, Exploded Into a Showdown!

“Xu Xiaobei, youre too conceited.”

“Sword Principle, its not as simple as you think!”

Gu Qingsan roared angrily.

He pressed his palms together.

In an instant, his body faded away.

It was as if he was being erased from his location.

When everyone looked at where he stood, they could vaguely perceive what was behind Gu Qingsans body.

“No Sword Arts, no Sword Flow, it is the true eye of the Sword Principle!”

Once the last word had been expressed, the bleak atmosphere became darker.

A gust of cold wind arose and the night suddenly brightened.

It was as if a swords light tore up the sky like a lightning bolt.

Everyone raised their heads in astonishment.

Unsettling enough, they saw an enormous eye peeking out from the crack in the sky.

Thats right!

It was an eye!

It resembled the eye of a giant prehistoric beast.

The eyeball was the size of a half-high platform.

Its centre was a heavenly suppressing aura that was split open in the middle, revealing the void within.

When the eye made its apparition, the swords resolve resting on Gu Qingsans body soared into the sky once more.

It was a completely different feeling than the one before.

This swords resolve seemed to have momentarily been condensed into a tangible form before it transformed back into its invisible one.

The enchanted barrier transformed into a solid wall couldnt in the least resist this aura.

The terrifying swords resolve split open and pierced through the barrier as if nothing had happened.

It even advanced to the entire banquet hall.

The whistling of the wind resounded loudly in the arena.

Everyone couldnt stand still.

“What sword technique is this My God, this eyeball…”

Even if they didnt sense Gu Qingsans well-restrained killing intent, the terrifying power that leaked out from this eyeball had already caused everyone to retreat in dismay.

Not to mention near the high platform.

Under the watchful gaze of the terrifying eyeball lingering over the horizon, everyone couldnt bare to stay in the arena.

They all hurried to the front of the banquet.

“Whats This”

Fu Xing was also shocked.

This swordsman from theBurial Sword Mound of the Eastern territory was indeed extraordinary.

Was the enchantment of the Lords residence really unable to block his aura

“Elder Feng!”

He unconsciously leaned back.

He wanted to summon Elder Feng.

Under such circumstances, if he wished to protect the banquet hall, he would have no choice but to summon the realm of the Throne.

However, when he stretched out his hand, there was nothing.

Fu Xing turned around in stupefaction.

He opened his minds insight and realized that Elder Feng, who was usually translucent but always present, had disappeared at the critical moment!


An ominous feeling suddenly arose in Fu Xings heart.

One Xu Xiaojie was already enough, and now Gu Qingsan was here.

At this critical moment, where the hell did you go

Im going to explode!


Its here, Im going to explode!


“Bang Bang Bang!”

The blue stone slab didnt last long before the sword marks on its surface exploded.

The entire high platform within the barrier was shattered by Gu Qingsans “Swords True Eye”.

Its pieces rose into the air.

In the next moment, these tiny stone fragments revealed surging sword intent.

“What a powerful move!”

Xu Xiaobei raised his head and looked at the sky in astoundment.

Even though he was a Zongshi realm expert, his entire body began to feel pain under the illumination of the enormous eye.

It was as if countless knives were slashing his skin repeatedly, but under the effect ofEndless Growth, his body was able to recover quickly.

“Attack Received, Passive Value, 1.”

“Attack Received, Passive Value, 1.”

“Attack Received, Passive Value, 1.”


The message window quickly faded.

Each second, Xu Xiaohe could clearly see hundreds of damage values.

The frequency of this attack made him think of Red DogsSpirit Skill before it died.

This kind of swift damage was becoming increasingly difficult to see after he became stronger.

And looking at this attack…

If it was an ordinary person standing in the barrier, even a grandmaster would be sliced into pieces by thisSwords True Eye if he didnt activate the barrier in advance!


Xu Xiaos blood surged.

This was a true battle of pure sword intent, and there wasnt the slightest hint of anything else.

He really liked this kind of battle!

And the newly generated ocular giant in the sky didnt have the slightest bit of spiritual essence fluctuation.

The structure inside couldnt be seen by others, but under thePerceptions Clear Gaze, Xu Xiaobei could see it clearly!

“This eye is actually completely drawn out by the high-speed cutting sword Qi!”

Xu Xiaobei exclaimed in abashment, not daring to believe it.

Even he couldnt do this at this moment.

He could cut the eye at a high speed, but this eye was too lifelike!

“Not bad.”

Gu Qingsan was far away, but his momentum didnt stop.

“This true eye of Sword Principle is not only the reflection of the non-existent sword flow, but also the technique of the illusory sword technique.

“The eyes you see are the real eyes of the sword.

This is purely the profundity of the Sword Dao!”

Xu Xiaobei smiled when he heard those completely unfamiliar words.

“Profundity of the Sword Dao”

“I can see that this is your sword Dao, but if you want to say that this broken eye can reach this level of profundity…”

“Youre overestimating yourself too much!”

After saying this, Xu Xiaobei moved as fast as lightning.

He bent his body and grabbed the hilt of theHidden Bitterness sword.

“Sword drawing stance.”


A loud and clear sword light followed the melodious sound and instantly cut through the sky.

It was not until this stance attacked, until the white ring-shaped sword Qi approached the Void Giant Eye, that the airwaves barely spread out from the opening of Xu Xiaobeis sword sheath and then exploded like a tsunami.

“So Fast!”

There were many sword cultivators present, but only a few of them could see Xu Xiaobeis sword drawing.

Gu Qing straightened his body.

After seeing his junior brothers true eye ofSword Principle, he had the thought of saving him before the arbitrator.

However, Xu Xiaobeis sword drawing…

Was too fast!

With this move alone, this guysSword Principle attainment wasnt inferior to Gu Qingsan at all!

“What a powerful sword skill.”

Gu Qingsans eyes were filled with regret.

“This fellow, what a pity…”

“If hes able to learn a true ancient sword skill, perhaps this move will evolve and hell be able to cultivate thePenetration Dao of the 3,000 Sword Dao.

Only then will it be truly terrifying.”

Under everyones gaze, Xu Xiaos sword Qi that could attack at the speed of light slashed out without the slightest bit of hesitation when it came near the gigantic eye.

It was as if the sword Qi when it came in contact with the giant pupil would be split into two, no matter how its energy was released.

However, something unexpected happened.

The sword Qi in itsSword Drawing Stance mode directly passed through the giant pupils body and whistled up the barrier that enveloped the two of them.


A soft sound was emitted.

The barrier was actually like tofu.

After the sound was heard, one could only watch as the sword Qi lacerated its way to the sky.


The terrifying sword Qi finally exploded at the extreme point of its course.

The white sword Qi that had surged and radiated was like a beautiful Epiphyllum flower that appeared under the night sky only once in a blue moon.

It was resplendent, but it disappeared in an instant.

Everyone was stunned.

“One sword, the barrier is gone”

“This Xu Xiaojie, isnt he too terrifying!”


On the high platform, as the crystal barrier shattered, everyone swallowed their saliva.

“But Xu Xiaojie is already so strong, and that eye is actually unharmed”

“Gu Qingsan, how strong is he”

Gu Qingsan smiled as he watched Xu Xiaojies sword pierce through the giant pupil.

His face started to become numb.

He had already expected this.

“Ive said it before.

No sword technique.

No means yes and yes means no.”

“When you can comprehend this level, you might be able to break my true eye of Sword Dao.”

“But now, its my turn.”

As he spoke, he snapped his finger.

It was as if he had gently thrown a stone into the vast ocean.

In the space now filled with the violence of sword Qi, Gu Qingsan snapped his finger.

A wave was propelled out of his white sword and into the void.

This swords wave was extremely gentle, like the gentle hand of Mother Earth, directly calming down all the restlessness under the night sky.

The entire place fell silent.

“What kind of sword technique is this”

Clearly, as the barrier exploded, everyone was already on the verge of being unable to resist the Sword Dao dust in the area.

And as the swords wave brushed past it, the void actually became quiet.

Gu Qingsan, was he going to abandon all his attacks


Xu Xiao was extremely vigilant and realized that something was wrong.

However, no matter how clear his mind was, he was still unable to see through Gu Qingsans move.

This fellow was too skilled in the use of pure sword intent.

Before an attack, no one was able to determine how his attack would be displayed.

The swords wave brushed past him indiscriminately, and Xu Xiaoyou was unable to dodge it.

He immediately crouched down and watched as the white ripple spread over his head.

“Three Dimensional Attack!”

The moment the ripples crossed his mind, Xu Xiaobei immediately felt that something was wrong.

This ripple was merely a cover on the surface.

This swords wave was a three-dimensional attack without any difference.

As long as he was in the banquet hall, even if he hid underground, he would still be swept by this sword wave!

Suddenly, a strand of Sword Qi appeared in his body.

Even though the sword Qi was extremely small, Xu Xiaohes body had already become extremely sensitive under the modification of the breathing technique.

He subconsciously noticed the abnormality in his body.

“Restricted, Passive Value, 1.”

All of a sudden, a message popped up on the message board that read “Attacked.”.

Xu Xiaobei realized that it was going to be cold.

However, there was no way for him to react at all.

Even if he wanted to move in an instant, he still felt that his body was completely under control.

The Sword Qi exploded gently.

It clearly did not cause any damage, but it still blocked Xu Xiaobeis tiny bit of time that was usually insignificant.

“No sword, bestow!”

Seizing this opportunity to freeze his body, Gu Qingsan shouted softly.

The giant eye in the void suddenly opened, and the sword Qi as thick as a bucket pierced through Xu Xiaohe like a lightning bolt.


The white sword Qis beam suppressed Xu Xiaohe like a great sword that fell out of thin air.

Xu Xiaohe was instantly struck to the ground.

Even if it was a “rebound”, it could not withstand the current strength!


Another loud explosion resounded as blood blossomed on the ground.

The sword Qi finally pierced through Xu Xiaohes body and directly blew out his flesh and blood.


He spat out a mouthful of blood.

“What a fellow!”

This was the first time Xu Xiaohe had suffered such a serious injury in a battle between his peers.

With just this attack, he felt his vision darken.

After the density of the sword Qi reached a certain level, it could even penetrate the body of a grandmaster

He suddenly looked at Gu Qingsan.

This fellow was full of joy.

It seemed that he had the clear judgement that he could not kill Xu Xiaobei with just one attack.

“Dont worry, I know that your physical body is very strong.

I didnt think that I would use this move to end you.”

“Thinking about it, its also impossible.”

As he said that, he slowly extended a finger.

“Point Dao.”

Point Dao

Everyone watched as Gu Qingsan completely extended his finger and said his words.

Then, he stood still and stopped moving.

They were all astonished.

What did he mean

Point to the end

In the next second, a deafening explosion erupted in Xu Xiaohes direction.


The floor of the high platform had long been shattered.

At this moment, under Gu Qingsans location, under the place where the sword had went through, was a place that no one had seen before.

All floors under, including the most realistic floor of the Lords mansion in the city, the arena, and under the mansions ground, were all blown away!

The air current surged in reverse, turning into a dust coloured mushroom cloud.

Everyone looked at the deep pit on the ground, which was dozens of feet deep but less than three feet wide, and turned pale with fright.


“Is this a freaking joke Was this Gu Qingsans finger just now”

“This hole… is this a bottomless pit Could it have been secretly dug out earlier This is impossible!”

“Oh my God!”

Even the old man at the back of the banquet couldnt help but swallow his saliva when he saw the deep pit looking like it was going to ooze water in the next second.

One finger.

It sent Xu Xiaojie straight into the abyss.

How was this just enough

This was clearly theKing of Hells Ring Finger!

Mu Zixi was at the back, her little face scrunched up into a ball.

She looked at the silly swordsman in the sky.

Her eyes were also filled with confusion.

This seemed to be the first time she had seen someone from the same generation beat Xu Xiao up so badly

How terrifying was this Gu Qingsan!

“Dao, Dao, Dao”

Fu Xing, standing at the side of the banquet, was also extremely shocked.

He looked at the night watchman.

“Senior, this Dao, could it be…”

“Not bad.”

The night watchman nodded lightly, his eyes filled with deep admiration.

“It is indeed theLittle Dao of the 3,000 Sword Dao.

This Gu Qingsan is very powerful.”

“This sort of terrifying sword Dao that combines all of the sword Daos attacks into one point has the strongest single-target output.

It was actually comprehended by this kid at such a young age.”

“Just based on this point alone, he was able to crush 99% of the sword cultivators in the Eastern region!”

“Hiss!”Fu Xing sucked in a breath of cold air.

After receiving the confirmation, he looked at that brat in the sky, his eyes already filled with inconceivable shock.

“A genius even more talented than Xu Xiaohe”

“Is this the powerhouse from a truly powerful faction”

“One finger to end the opponent”

“Xu Xiaohe, can you still stand up…”



Xu Xiaohes eyes went black.

After a muffled groan, blood began to flow from the corner of his mouth.

Biting the tip of his tongue, he stimulated the spirit form to become visible for a moment.

Then, he lowered his head to take a look.

There was an empty tainted hole in his chest.

It was as if he had been pierced through by an icicle.

Even his flesh and blood were gone.

If it had gone a little further, he was afraid that his heart would have disappeared at this moment…

“I was careless.”

Xu Xiaohe bitterly smiled.

He did indeed have the intention to experience a true ancient sword cultivator.

He even wanted to rely on his most solid basic knowledge ofSword Mastery to copy Gu Qingsans moves.

After all, it was not like there were no successful examples in the past.

But this time, he was really careless.

This fellow was too strong!

So strong that Xu Xiaohe only had to wait for a moment before he was controlled.

And if he was controlled, this fellow wouldnt be like the opponents he had met before.

He wouldnt be able to seize the opportunity at all…

Or rather, he had the ability to seize this fleeting opportunity when he was being controlled.

And then, with a finger…

“TheExploding Stance Qi bead is only so-so, right”

Xu Xiaojie struggled to get up.

Looking at the blood stains on his chest, he saw his rapid recovering.

His eyes sparkled with determination.

He couldnt hold back at all when he faced this fellow.

He had abused noobs too much.

If he really faced a fellow of his level, he wouldnt be able to disregard him for the time being.


One word.

Suddenly, more than a hundred feet underground, the soil exploded.

Standing in front of the banquet, everyone was still worried that Xu Xiaohe would be crushed into dust by this finger power.

However, after a few seconds of pure silence, the ground beneath the entire stage exploded as well.

Half of the banquet halls floor was overturned as if a giant beast had risen from the ground.

Then, the stone slab that was carrying the terrifying sword Qi fell and flew toward the sky.

Xu Xiaohe leaped out.

“No sword, bestow!”

Gu Qingsan had already expected this.

He even knew like the back of his hand where Xu Xiaohe had flown from.

The ocular void opened its eye again and the sword Qi as thick as a bucket whistled down again, heading straight for Xu Xiaobei.

“Be careful!”

Some people in the crowd shouted out in distress.

However, how could Xu Xiaobei fall twice in the same place

He took outHidden Bitterness and stabbed it lightly into the Shura sword Qi.

Then, he turned around and slowly pushed it away.

“White Cloud Leisure: Sword Pulling Form.”

Using the power of Tai Chi, he divided the Yin and Yang into dusk and dawn.

He passed the Shura Sword Qi and sent it back to Gu Qingsan!

“Good sword!”

This swords abilities, which had a profound understanding of the way of the sword, made Gu Qingyi, who had been sitting at the banquet for a long time, stand up immediately.

Gu Qingyis eyes instantly burst with a bright light.

Only those who had truly practiced the ancient sword art could see how exquisite Xu Xiao was after receiving this swords attack.

He clearly didnt have the time to react in such a short period of time, but this casual touch still managed to touch the root of the sword Qi that was as thick as a bucket.

Four taels of silver against a thousand catties, and all of it rebounded!

“Good sword!”

As expected, even Xu Xiaobei thought that he had mastered the only sword technique of “Sword Arts Mastery”, which also caused Gu Qingsan to gasp in admiration.

This fellow seemed to have gone mad, and he directly ignored the sword Qi that was whistling over.

He immediately closed his eyes, wanting to touch the true essence of sword Dao.


The Sword Qi directly smashed onto his body.

Gu Qingsans body was blasted away, and his wounded body was sent flying a bit further.

However, in the next second, his eyes opened, and a fiery heat surged out.

“Good sword, Xu Xiaobei, this really is a good sword!”

“Freaking madman!”

“This fellows head is too hard, isnt it Envisioning Dao on the spot”

The surrounding crowd transformed into flowers.

They suddenly realized that perhaps the person who could achieve such a level on the path of ancient sword cultivation was not entirely the work of the powerful faction behind him.

Gu Qingsans body had not even bounced back when he softly gave another word of order.


In the blink of an eye, another Shura sword Qi descended from the sky!

Xu Xiao received another wave of sword Qi and the sword Qi once again whistled toward Gu Qingsan.

This time, even Gu Qingyi and Gu Qinger, who were outside the arena, began to carefully observe it.

Xu Xiaobeis sword was too exquisite and unequaled.

ASpirit Sword of the eighth grade should have been shattered by this level of sword Qi, yet it was still able to maintain its sword form, and even successfully used the “Sword Pulling Form”.

What kind of control was this



Gu Qingsan seemed to have gone mad.

He completely disregarded his own injuries, wanting to figure out the path of Xu Xiaobeis sword.

After plucking one sword Qi, he went onto the other three.

Xu Xiaobei was also annoyed.

He looked at Gu Qingsan and instantly understood what he was thinking.

“I havent stolen myNo Sword Technique, and thatDot Dao hasnt been fully comprehended yet.

You actually want to secretly learn from me”

He instantly sheathed his hidden bitterness.

“White Cloud Leisure One: Net Sword Form!”

With a slash, the densely packed white sword Qi formed a sword net.

Using the method of the torrent of Sword Dao, it slashed straight to the sky, instantly cancelling out the Shura Sword Qi.

Bang, Bang, Bang!

The Void was constantly blasted apart, and the sword Qi exploded layer by layer.

Everyone couldnt dare to blink at all.

The battle between the two sides had entered a white hot stage.

In the blink of an eye, the battle might end!

As expected, under everyones look, Xu Xiaobei struck again with only one strike.

This fellows hand movements and sword accuracy were so fast that even the night watchmen were stunned.

After a clicking sound, another sword was pulled out.

However, the shadow of the black swords path flashed past, but no one could see the slightest movement.

“Did I lose my move”

Those who had this thought in their hearts were probably really foolish.

In an instant, everyone thought of Xu Xiaobeis “Sword Drawing Stance” from before.

Even if they didnt see the movements, it didnt mean that Xu Xiaobei had stopped drawing his sword!


Almost at the same time, everyone turned their heads in unison, a quiet but perceptible sound reach everyones ears at the banquet.

As expected, before Gu Qingsans crescent red clothes, that white sword Qi appeared.

This time, against everyones expectation, Xu Xiaobei pulled out theDense Sword instead of the sword Qi.

“Thousand Leaves Stream, Sword Drawing Stance, Black Falling Slash!”

Thats right.

This stance was equivalent to more than ten thousands sword Qi.

It came with the black falling sword sheath.

And at this moment, every sword Qi that came out of the sheath was amplified by Xu Xiaobei.

A single sword draw.

A sword draw stance that was ten thousand times stronger!


Gu Qingsan had endured Xu Xiaobeis previous sword draw stance.

He was mentally prepared when he saw Xu Xiaobeis actions.

He had never thought that his mental preparation could not keep up with the speed at which Xu Xiaobeis sword skills were being upgraded.

What kind of freaking hatred was this

Were these the 10,000 swords lights

Damn it!

He shouldnt have comprehended the Dao just now!

“I cant block any of these anymore…”

Gu Qingsan knew it was too late for regret, he did not use his magicalBody-Twisting and Disappearing Technique.

Instead, he leaped and crossed the tens of thousands swords lights.

Like a fish who entered the sea, Gu Qingsan adopted the great posture of a young man with ease.

He completely displayed countless skills in front of everyone in just one breath.

Everyone was completely stunned.

“This is impossible!”

“How can someone dodge theDense Swords Lights with a movement technique”

Some people screamed, while others retorted.


“This doesnt seem to be a movement technique.

Gu Qingsans control over his sword intent has reached its peak.

He can completely smell the existence of all the swords lights!”

“Even if he knows, it doesnt mean that he can avoid them.”

Immediately, someone refuted his point, “I also know that there are so many swords lights in front of me.

Who didnt see it and still avoided it”

“This is already beyond the scope of humans…”

Everyone fell silent.

Even sword cultivators were shocked by Gu Qingsans series of flamboyant moves.

It was obviously impossible to accomplish, how could he be dodging the movements with such ease


Gu Qingsan, who had been dodging the sword light, was already sweating profusely.

On the other hand, Xu Xiaohe seemed to have fallen into Gu Qingsans previous state of bedevilment.

He was completely dumbfounded and had even forgotten to follow up with his attacks.


Gu Qingsans heart skipped a beat when he saw Xu Xiaohes familiar state.

It cant be!

Has this fellow also comprehended it

Xu Xiaobei had indeed comprehended it.

Unlike the others, he had thePerception, so he could clearly see the series of actions that Gu Qingsan had performed just now.

He should have been able to transform intoNothing, so why did he have to make such an unnecessary move to dodge it

“No Sword Art…”

“No Sword Flow…”

The words that Gu Qingsan had unintentionally shouted moments ago invaded Xu Xiaobeis mind.

At this moment, his eyes suddenly lit up.

“The Sword-less Art is not nothing, but the ultimate existence!”

“Your disappearance also isnt something that doesnt exist, but it is assimilation!”

“Assimilation with sword Qi and sword intent!”


The people below the stage were all stunned and somewhat confused.

Gu Qingyi and Gu Qinger, who were in front of the banquet, looked at each other and saw the perplexity in each others eyes.

This Xu Xiaohe…

Didnt he say that he had never come into contact with theSword-less Art before

Could it be that this fellow was able to comprehend such a realm, just by listening to its name

“Suspected, Passive Value, 2.”


Gu Qingsan stammered.

His mouth was speechless, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Seeing his expression, Xu Xiaohe understood everything.

He bumped his fists together.

“In other words, your lack of a sword is not the true lack of a sword, but… you have still grown into a true swordsman.

A man is a sword, and a sword is a man!” Xu Xiaobei firmly exclaimed.

“So what if I am”

Gu Qingsan surprisingly did not refute, “If I see through it, can you break through”

“Heh heh.”

Xu Xiaobei burst into laughter.

He slowly put away his hidden bitterness.

“The competition is over.”


Everyone was stunned, including Gu Qingsan.

“Xu Xiaobei, are you going to admit defeat”


Xu Xiaobei laughed as he brushed the dust off his body.

Then, he placed his hands behind his back and said with a low bow, “If you could be treated as a sword, I shouldnt have used my sword in this battle.”

“I could kill you with my eyes.”


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