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Chapter 425: Fu Xing, Two Slices of Meat!

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Long Dan choked so hard that his chest felt stuffy.

“Should I open the protective shield”

He did think of doing so.

However, with Xu Xiaoshous earlier provocations and mockeries from Chen Qi and Li Mingji, he really couldnt bring himself to open the protective shield today.

The crowd below also had looks of anticipation.

Although it wasnt stated explicitly, it was clear that this group of onlookers was the silent referee when the three Great Sixth Grade were sparring on the spot.

Long Dan felt that if he was the first to falter and pulled up the protective shield in advance, wouldnt he be one level lower than Chen Qi and Li Mingji from now on

“That damn pride of yours….”

Xu Xiaoshou shouted, in an extremely low voice, instantly causing Long Dans face to flush red.


“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Hehe, what is it about me”

Xu Xiaoshou looked over happily.

When he detonated the liquified pill in the alchemy cauldron, he already knew that the performance of these three people had ended.


Even if his brain wasnt working properly earlier, the three Sixth Grade alchemists badges had already gone from refining spiritual herbs one by one to refining elixirs.

Did Xu Xiaoshou need the following steps


After memorizing everything that needed to be memorized, he held an absolute understanding of spiritual herbs.

If Xu Xiaoshou followed the various refining methods of these three Sixth Grade alchemists, even if he didnt know how to do it, he disdained to learn those seemingly flawed methods secretly.

As long as he has spiritual herbs, coupled with the perfect “Culinary Proficiency” in his mind, he would be able to refine a pot of truly good elixirs!

“Damn it!”

On the other side, Long Dan flung his sleeves and walked away from Xu Xiaoshou with his elixir cauldron.

He did not want to be near this fellow anymore.

Despite being an old senior, Long Dan couldnt win against Xu Xiaoshou both verbally and physically.

He couldnt even rely on his seniority theory as it would be completely ignored.

Long Dan felt that the best connection between him and Xu Xiaoshou is that there is no connection.

The best distance is the distance between the ends of the Earth.

“Dont go!”

Seeing that the old fellow was about to move the elixir cauldron to the opposite corner, Xu Xiaoshou shouted, “Senior, what kind of elixirs did you refine just now Its not too late to give this kid some pointers before leaving!”

Long Dan did not even turn his head.

“If you dont say anything, then Ill go over to you”

Long Dan staggered.

“Grade Six, Great Clarity and Spirit Meditation Pill!”

He shouted angrily and continued to move the cauldron.

“Dont come over!”


“Great Clarity and Spirit Meditation Pill”

Xu Xiaoyu had heard of this kind of elixir before.

Even if he didnt know the name, he could roughly deduce it based on the combination of the medicinal properties of the spiritual herbs refined by the Long Dan earlier on.

This is an incredibly top-grade six elixir.

Even among the different types of grade six elixirs, it is extremely rare.

Not only does it have the ability to calm ones heart and prevent the growth of inner demons, but it is also suitable for one to enter seclusion to break through to the Sovereign level.

It could also shield one from almost all sorts of poison in the world.

Without this Great Clarity and Spirit Meditation Pill, exploration in various realms that have poisonous insects and flowers is impossible.

Apart from this, Xu Xiaobei managed to deduce the medicinal properties that ordinary people do not know about.

During the refining process of this elixir, it used a lot of soul-type spiritual ingredients.

If it is taken frequently, it could stimulate ones mental strength and advance their spiritual power.

This is incredible.

One has to know that for things such as mental strength, except for those who have top-notch legacy forces, no one could cultivate it by training day after day.

Of course, the prerequisite of “Taking it frequently” also explains why the world did not know that the “Great Clarity and Spirit Meditation Pill” has such an effect.

Who would eat a Grade Six elixir like it is a candy

“What about the other two seniors”

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head to look at Chen Qi and Li Mingji.

The two old men also looked gloomy.

Obviously, the explosion of the furnace made them very agitated.

Especially since the explosion was caused by external interference, namely Xu Xiaoshou, this made them feel like their state of mind was exploding.

However, when they noticed that Xu Xiaoshou was about to take a step towards them, both of them shuddered at the same time and hurriedly said,

“Grandmaster elixir!”

“Extreme Path elixir!”


Xu Xiaohes brows twitched.

He knew very well that theGrandmaster elixir is similar to theinnate pill.

It is used to break through to a higher realm.

In terms of refining techniques, it might lose to theGreat Clarity and Spirit Meditation Pill.

However, its supporting effects are very good and it is practical.

If the final elixirs are of higher quality, they might win against the Dragon Pill.

But theExtreme Path elixir…

This elixir is equivalent to the Origin Court pill, and it is used by Grandmasters to aid in comprehending the way of the Heavens.

It is extremely difficult to refine.

According to the ranks, it should have been ranked as a grade five pill, however, there was another pill of even higher quality, thestar sacrificial pill, which was cultivated by the grandmasters,Extreme Path elixir was pushed to the level of a grade six pill.

Even so, thisExtreme Path elixir is the best type of grade six medicinal pill.

This Li Mingji dared to choose such an elixir to refine.

He was bold!

The faces of Long Dan and Chen Qi nearby sank when they heard this.

They all knew that if Li Mingji chose the Extreme Path elixir, even if the quality of his final pill was lower by a notch, as long as the difference wasnt too big, the Extreme Path elixir would surely win.

“Old Li, when did you master the Extreme Path elixir So you have such a trick up your sleeve” Chen Qi said in a muffled voice.

The corners of Li Mingjis mouth curled up, and there was an uncontrollable smile on his face.

“Not at all, not at all.

I still dont have a good grasp of it.

Whether or not I can master the pill is another matter.

Who knows, I might end up exactly like how I am now, and all my efforts will be for naught.”

Although he said that, Chen Qi and Long Dan were already on high alert.

Without any skill, he dared to choose this kind of elixir on this kind of occasion

If this was the case, unless they change their choice of elixir, it is likely that they would not be able to compete with him.



When they thought of changing their chosen elixir, their expressions turned bitter.

The elixir that they had taken out from the beginning was naturally their current pinnacle work.

And if they could not change the type of elixir, then there is only one method.

To surpass in terms of quality!

The two of them calmed themselves.

They are both old alchemists, so naturally, they would not be easily affected by the emotions of the outside world.

With just a gentle nurturing of the elixir cauldron, they opened the cauldron furnace once again.

“Extreme Path elixir…”

There were many knowledgeable figures in the crowd below.

However, when the name of the “Extreme Path elixir” was mentioned, everyone was speechless.

“If Senior Li really formed the pill, even if it was a low-grade pill, he would still be able to crush the competition!”

“‘Extreme Path elixir is an opportunity for a grandmaster-level expert to have an epiphany.

If he is prepared and has managed to grasp the refinement properly, it is possible for him to break through one small realm at a time.”

“Thats right.

If Senior Li shows his hand this time, I think the champion is certain.”

“Certain Isnt there a Xu Xiaoshou besides him” Someone retorted.

“Hehe, Xu Xiaoshou Hes a tenth grade.

Do you really think he can cause a turnaround event”

“No, thats not what I meant.”

That person waved his hand and explained, “What I meant to say is that although Xu Xiaoshou cant surpass him, if hes on the field, its possible that everyone will end up in mutual destruction!”


“What you said…”

“Seems to make a lot of sense!”

Even if Xu Xiaoshou didnt listen to the crowds discussions, he knew exactly what elixir he should choose.

But the spiritual ingredients for theExtreme Path elixir…

He looked at Fu Xing.

“Fu Xing, give me a portion of the spiritual ingredients for theExtreme Path elixir… No, three portions!”


This time, not only Fu Xing was stunned, but the crowd below was stunned as well.

“What does this mean Based on what Xu Xiaoshou has said, he also wants a portion of the Extreme Path elixir”

“Hes a grade ten, what kind of joke is this”

Fu Xings face stiffened.

“Xu Xiaoshou, what do you mean”

“Big brother Shou!”

He transmitted his voice with a slightly sobbing tone.

“Stop fooling around.

If you dont want to refine anymore, you can come down first.

You must not kill these three old fellows.

Their lives are very precious!”

“You might not be able to tell, nor do you value them, but these fellows are the treasures of the major alchemist associations.

You cant kill them!”

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

“I am not planning to kill them.”

With this, the entire area was petrified.


Passive points, 955.”

Everyone immediately realized that Fu Xing was transmitting his voice, and Xu Xiaobei accidentally replied to it out loud.

The three old mens faces turned white at the same time.

Even without using their brain to think, they all knew who Xu Xiaobei was referring to when he said “Kill them”


The three of them looked at one other and saw the panic in each others eyes.

It couldnt be that serious!

They are just here to refine some elixir.

They werent that harsh on Xu Xiaoshou too.

How could he have the intention to kill

At this moment, the three old men felt a chill down their spines.

Suddenly they had the thought of stopping the elixir refinement and come forward to apologize to Xu Xiaoshou.

This fellow…

Others might be joking, but he had always been able to carry out his joke into action.

“Xu Xiaoshou, shut up!”

Shi Ti was so angry that his face flushed red.

He jumped up from his seat.

Xu Xiaojie paused for a moment, and his voice turned weak.

“I really wasnt thinking of killing anyone.

I just want three portions of the spiritual ingredients for theExtreme Path elixir.

I want to study it, and Ill pay for it.” He added on to the main point.

“Also, are alchemists not allowed to break through the spiritual array When I was watching the three seniors refine pills earlier, I felt enlightened!”

The three seniors felt their legs turn weak at the same time.

It was only now that they realized that Xu Xiaoshou had been watching them concoct pills in the manner of a death god.

The sense of danger in Long Dans heart was the greatest.

He was really frightened.

Earlier on, he seemed to have used his seniority to reprimand Xu Xiaoshou

It shouldnt even be considered reprimanding, right Perhaps, maybe, he might have spoken a little louder than usual

The Long Dans hands trembled, and his flames became unstable.

He immediately stopped refining the elixir.

At this state, even if Xu Xiaoshou didnt make a move, Long Dan would undoubtedly explode his furnace.

“You guys can continue.”

Shi Ti said to the three of them.

He then looked at Xu Xiaoshou and said coldly, “Spiritual ingredients, Ill give them to you.

You can experiment however you want, but on one condition!”

“What is the condition” Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up.

“You, come here.

You have to refine the elixir beside me,” Shi Ti said.

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

Is he serious

Shi Ti looked at Xu Xiaoshous expression and his expression froze.

He didnt really have a choice even if he didnt want to.

At this moment, to let the three great sixth grade feel at ease, he has to restrain Xu Xiaoshou.


Xu Xiaoshou didnt want to go over.

If he do so, he would feel as if he was being punished.

“Because you have a grade-10 emblem!”

Shi Ti said angrily, “You, little brat, are a tenth grade.

Is it not enough for you that I gave you sixth grade spiritual herb to study What else do you want”

If it werent for Elder Sang…

“Isnt the reason why I am still at tenth grade because you disallowed me to continue the examination”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered.

At this moment, everyone in the venue became clear-headed.

“Oh Examination”

Everyone immediately recalled Xu Xiaoshous previous visit to Pill Pagoda and why Shi Ti seemed to have changed into another person when he saw Xu Xiaoshou.

It wasnt hard to imagine…

“Could it be that the explosion at Pill Pagoda that day was really caused by Xu Xiaoshou”


Passive points 944.”

Everyone was shocked.

After all, there werent many people on the upper floors of Pill Pagoda back then.

Those who knew the truth were ordered to keep quiet.

The dignified Pill Pagoda of Tiansang City was blown up due to a tenth grade alchemists examination.

If this were to spread around, what would happen

This legend had spread around the alchemy circle.

However, the ones who knew the inside story are basically on the stage.

Precisely because they knew what really happened, they used protective shields to protect themselves securely.

Perhaps they didnt even know what was happening in the outside world.

They didnt want to know nor do they dare to find out.

As a result, the crowd below had always been suspicious of the explosion of Pill Pagoda.

From the looks of it today, their queries had been solved.

Was it really Xu Xiaoshou who did it

Shi Tis face darkened as he listened to the discussions below.

At this moment, he had the urge to throw Xu Xiaoshou out of the City Lords residence.

The matter had already passed on.

Yet this fellow inadvertently mentioned it…

The reputation of Pill Pagoda is gone!

However, he knew that Xu Xiaoshou did not say it on purpose, hence Shi Ti didnt know where he should vent his anger on.

He wanted to vent his anger, but he could not.

This feeling made him feel as if his lungs were about to explode.

Shi Ti had felt this for the second time in his life.

“Tolerance is a virtue.”

“Generosity is a persons cultivation.”

Suddenly, Elder Sangs letter floated in front of him again.

Shi Ti seemed as if he had just unleashed all the anger in him and collapsed on the chair.

He was really tired.

“Damn it, Elderly Sang, what exactly did this kid do to you for you write such incisive and profound letter for him.”

Shi Ti felt the most painful regret for the disdain and ridicule he felt when he first saw the letter.

He understood.

He understood everything.

“Come over here and refine your elixir beside me.

If theres anything you dont understand, Ill give you some pointers.”

Shi Ti smiled as he gestured for him to come over.

His smile was as refreshing as the spring breeze.

Xu Xiaoshou felt an inexplicable killing intent from him.

His hair stood on ends.

“Threatened, passive points 1.”



Did something happen

The good old Shi Ti was actually threatening him

If he was to refuse again…


Xu Xiaoshou stepped forward with a forced smile.

He felt that if he was to refuse again, his life might be in danger.

Therefore, the two boys with fake smiles looked at each other and made peace harmoniously.

“Youre standing too close.”

Xu Xiaojie moved to the side and looked at the people around him.

Fu Xing, Night Guardian, Zhang Taiying, Su Qianqian…

And a group of old men he didnt know.

Only Su Qianqian was smiling at him with the most sincere concern.

When the others saw him walking over, the corners of their mouths twitched.

They wanted to say something, but they hesitated.

Was it that necessary

Waving at Su Qian Qian, Xu Xiaoshou turned around and said, “I will not take the spiritual ingredients for free.

I have my principles.

I will pay you…”

“No need.”

Shi Ti waved his hand and threw a ring at him.

“Just stay here obediently and if the furnace is going to explode, just let me know in advance.”


With his freedom restricted, Xu Xiaohe was like a bird in a cage.

However, he didnt panic.

Instead, he took the ring, looked at the crowd, and said with a smile,

“By the way, Im also the first person to refine elixir in this place, right”

“With so many people protecting me, I feel very safe.”

Everyone: “…”

“Cursed, passive points, 966.”

All of them subconsciously shifted their body.

Even though the opposite side was a ruin, there were still many people who began to walk towards it.

The saying, “the most dangerous place is the safest place” was well phrased.

However, as long as Xu Xiaoshou is around, any feeling of safety and security is false.

This fellow is the spokesperson for danger.

“Shut up and refine the elixir!”

Shi Ti scolded.

His eyes were fixed on Xu Xiaobei without blinking.

He was extremely vigilant.

Xu Xiaoshou zipped his lips and was about to move when he suddenly looked at the first table, which was where Zhang Taiying and the others were.

“Are you sure you want to be this close to me I am experimenting!”

Xu Xiaobei unzipped his lips and purposely emphasized the wordexperiment.

He was very surprised at the confidence of these guys.

If it was just alchemy, he would still have the confidence to control himself a little.

But experimenting…

Grade six pills.

Regardless of how much theoretical knowledge he had, Xu Xiaoshou only experienced the refinement of Origin Court pills at the highest level.

Even he himself was a little afraid of the danger of this experiment.

“Feel free to do it.

It wont pose a big problem.”

Night Guardian said.

He was very curious as to why a dignified Shi Ti would be so afraid of a junior.

Speaking of exploding furnaces, Xu Xiaoshou also exploded one just now.

It wasnt very loud, so why was he so worried

Xu Xiaohe glanced at Night Guardian and silently lowered his head.

Ill leave it to you.

My safety!

“Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh…”

With a flick of his finger, five fire seeds flew out.

They flew under the tub at an extremely balanced high speed using a special transportation method.

Since there were so many sovereigns protecting him, Xu Xiaoshou did not plan to hold back.

He only had two more chances to experiment.

He had to succeed in this grade six test today!

If it did not work out…

Uh, then forget it.

It doesnt matter if it did not work out.

After all, he already has more than ten quotas.


After observing the compressed fire seeds up close, the familiar feeling in the Night Guardians heart became even stronger.

However, what surprised him, even more, was the way Xu Xiaoshous five energy fire seeds worked in an orderly manner.

“Spiritual array”

His eyes lit up.

If there was anything that he looked forward to tonight, it would be those talents who are skilled in spiritual arrays.

This skill would be useful to the white cave.

With Xu Xiaobeis flick, others could only saw his talent in alchemy, but he could clearly sense that this kids spiritual array skill was definitely not simple.


“Is he crazy Is this fellow really an all-rounder”

The Night Guardian found it strange.

He does not believe that there is such a talent in the world.

However, Xu Xiaoshous appearance seemed to be breaking common sense from time to time again.


The void flame burned crazily, raising the surrounding temperature.

Everyone was shocked by the burning energy at such a close distance.

They wanted to retreat, but when they saw Shi Ti, the Night Guardian, Zhang Taiying…

If even these fellows couldnt withstand it, then retreating a step is no different from retreating a hundred steps or even leaving the banquet hall.

Thus, they sat on the spot with a clear conscience, enjoying the warmth of being cared for.

“Tianxuan Flower, Tianshu Teng, Tianji Grass…”

Xu Xiao threw the medicinal herbs into the cauldron one by one without rushing.

Grade six medicinal herbs are very precious, and if he burns them, there is no second chance.

Based on his absolute grasp of the medicinal properties, as well as his exquisite control of the compressed fire seed, he is always able to find the most suitable subtle node for the spiritual herbs to be placed in the cauldron.

“Such amazing eyesight.”

Shi Ti was a little surprised when he saw this.

If it was just one, then it would be fine.

However, Xu Xiaoshou had already placed over a dozen cauldrons in a row, and he was still maintaining the highest level of control.

There was even a time when he thought that the other partys spiritual herb had entered the cauldron too early.

In the end, it was apparently because the spiritual herbs he had given him were too young, hence Xu Xiaoshou had to neutralize the previous dose of the spiritual herbs in advance.

This discovery caused the amazement in Shi Tis eyes to gradually shift toward astonishment.

“Is it a coincidence”

After more than ten consecutive coincidences, even Shi Ti couldnt believe it!

He looked at the focused Xu Xiaoshou.

For the first time, Shi Ti saw an unknown side of this brat, hidden underneath his mischievous personality.


“This talent seems even stronger than the previous time I saw him!”

“He can undergo such a terrifying transformation in just a few days”

It wasnt that Shi Ti had never seen Xu Xiaoshou concoct pills before.

On the contrary, he was able to confirm that Xu Xiaoshou was able to do so after observing him closely.

Xu Xiaoshou had never reached such a realm before.

“Did he really comprehend it”

Recalling what that fellow had said earlier, Shi Tis heart trembled.

It was just as how everyone felt.

Every time Xu Xiaoshou joked around, everyone would think that he was legitimately joking.

But reality proved that this guy was always hiding a seriousness that was not tolerated by the world under his seemingly arrogant words.

The loneliness of surpassing the common understanding of the world and facing many difficulties to be recognized…

Shi Tis heart began to overflow with pity.

He was shocked.

He immediately suppressed this emotion.

“Dont be reckless.

When facing Xu Xiaoshou, you must not have this kind of emotion!”

The audiences attention was also fascinated by Xu Xiaoshous exquisite technique.

They were originally paying attention to the grade six alchemists techniques, but when they suddenly turned around, they were attracted by Xu Xiaoshou.

They couldnt help but be fascinated.

This guys serious look makes him seem as if he was stir-frying vegetables!

“Oh my god, look at Xu Xiaoshou.

Is he really refining elixirs”

Someone cried out in surprise, and everyone turned their heads around.

They saw Xu Xiaoshous serious expression.

His left hand was holding the most subtle timing to put in the herbs, while his right hand was constantly turning and shoveling the outside of the cauldron.

With a single move of his right hand, the temperature of the fire was controlled at his will.

It was either rising or shrinking, warm or fierce, and extremely obedient.

With the medicine in his left hand, each time…

“Somethings wrong, right Is he really refining the herbs Why do I feel like hes cooking instead”


Passive points, 232.”


The spiritual herbs entered the pot and instantly vaporized into dust.

The elixir liquid that was refined in an instant immediately flowed back into the bottom of the pot.


The rich fragrance finally erupted.

Everyone swallowed their saliva.

Smelling this fragrance not only gave them a sudden realization and an impulse to break through, but it also made their stomachs hungry.

“Oh my God, is Xu Xiaoshou crazy He really did make a move on the grade six spiritual herbs and looked like he knew exactly what he is doing.

Do you guys smell this It smells so good, but at the same time, it doesnt feel right!”

“So handsome, the serious look on Xu Xiaoshou as he cooks, that is so handsome, I like this kind of man!” Someone was smitten.

“Wake up, hes refining the elixir!”


The situation was getting more and more strange.

After putting in all the herbs, Xu Xiaoshou freed his left hand and subconsciously touched the big tub.

Then, he suddenly jerked.


The elixir liquid hit the wall of the cauldron, it then directly overturned and dispersed.

It scattered in the air above the cauldron and was burning in all directions.


“Questioned, passive points, 1000.”

This bump caused the crowds eyes to nearly pop out of their head.

Who could have imagined that a noble and elegant alchemist who was refining the elixir would suddenly grab the cauldron to tumbler

“Oh my god, what was Xu Xiaoshous job previously If you said that he was a chef, I would definitely believe it.

Even when it comes to refining pills, he is capable of doing this too”

“This is too f*cking awesome.

You have opened my eyes and Ive had a feast.

Today, I shall admit that you, Xu Xiaoshou, are even more impressive than a sixth grade alchemist!”

“Master chef Xu Xiaoshou, rise!”

The old people below were still fine, but the young people couldnt control their excitement any longer.

This was completely different from the quiet, boring, and old-fashioned way of alchemy art, where one could only move their hands or feet.

Xu Xiaoshous new style of alchemy performance really taught everyone a lesson.

Elixirs could be refined like this.

Cauldrons could also be used like this.

Even the other parts of his body, which were free, could be used in conjunction with his strength, bringing the most dazzling visual impact to the entire Han dynastys elixir refining banquet!

“Ridiculous, this is too ridiculous!”

Shi Tis entire face was red.

He was a veteran elixir refining artist.

He really couldnt imagine how Elder Sang had taught a disciple like Xu Xiaoshou.

This was too rebellious!


He almost wanted to slap Xu Xiaoshou.

Is this something an alchemist could use

With this tumbling action, the medicinal properties were all messed up.

Even the situation of the elixir liquid being separated no longer existed.

With this action, the furnace will definitely explode!


The red-faced master looked at the elixir liquid in the cauldron after the tumbler.

It was actually not as chaotic as he would have thought.

Instead, it was mixed together with a strange balance.

He was shocked.

“Whats going on”

Vaguely, he seemed to see traces of a spiritual array

Shi Ti looked back at Xu Xiaoshou, who was drenched in sweat, and a question mark gradually appeared on his face.

“This fellow… is he for real”


Night guardian is really certained of Xu Xiaoshus talent now!

This fellow actually used the technique of a spirit formation in elixir forging.

Not only did he balance the medicinal liquid well, he could even choose which small portion of the medicinal liquid to blend according to his needs.

“Fascinating beyond reasoning!”

He couldnt help but sing praises.

However, when he met Shi Tis gaze, the two of them looked at each other and smiled awkwardly.

One was “Ridiculous”, and the other was “Fascinating beyond reasoning”

The surrounding crowd had already taken a liking to him.

They didnt care at all about how these old fellows evaluated him.

Xu Xiaoshous technique was too advanced.

Using the posture of frying vegetables to refine elixir, and the insights of the array to distribute the medicinal liquid, how was this refinement This was clearly a pot of chaotic stew with all sorts of techniques!

Every one of them is a human, so what right do you, Xu Xiaoshou, have to lead such a happy and coquettish Life


The medicinal liquid dispersed and flowed back.

That fragrance was mellow and pure!

It wasnt done with the proper method but still managed to find its way, step by step, towards the direction of elixir formation.

“Isnt it too impressive This pot of elixirs.

I am speechless.

If this elixir can succeed, I will go to the kitchen tomorrow, and transfer to the Alchemist Association.”

“Hehe, you seem to have forgotten that cooking has nothing to do with the Alchemist Association.

It seems like you need to find a small tavern”

“But look at Xu Xiaoshou.

Are you sure there is no connection”


Everyone fell silent.


Passive points, 985.”


Passive points, 211.”

“Theres only one Xu Xiaoshou.”

Someone sighed.

Finally, the gap that everyone was unwilling to admit was pierced through and revealed.

Whether it was spiritual refinement, body tempering, sword arts, or alchemy arts…

Just based on the skills that Xu Xiaoshou had displayed, he was definitely not just a grade ten alchemist.

He was a little eccentric but look at him…

“Hes almost done forming the elixir!”

Everyone was looking forward to it, and their bodies subconsciously moved towards Xu Xiaoshous direction.

This fellow was too fast.

Under all kinds of stir-frying and tossing, even if he used the “Soup brewing” method, he will still be able to forcefully accelerate the process of the medicinal properties merging.

Compared to the other three grade six alchemists, he was already a little faster.

“Theres still something missing.”

Under everyones gaze, Xu Xiaoshou was still undistracted.

He was terrifyingly calm.

Suddenly making a move, Xu Xiaoshou threw a few spiritual ingredients that did not belong to the “Extreme Path elixir” into the cauldron.


Shi Ti was shocked.

The pill formula had been meticulously refined and improved by the ancients.

How could a mere grade ten little fellow like you randomly change it

With this change, isnt the furnace going to explode

As he lamented over this cauldron of spiritual ingredients, Shi Ti had already made a move first.

He wants to nip the explosion in the bud.

Who would have thought that after Xu Xiaoshous spiritual ingredient entered the cauldron, the medicinal liquid only shook a little before regaining its stability.

Following that, a spicy fragrance spread out.

“Thats it!”

Xu Xiaobeis eyes lit up, and he nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Thats it”

Shi Ti:


“Suspected, passive points, 1,000.”

“F*ck, this fragrance, if my nose isnt wrong, not only was there the fragrance of the herbs, but theyre also a waft of spicy smell”

“What is Xu Xiaoshou doing Is he adding seasoning To freshen it up”

“Seasoning Thats a spiritual ingredient!”

“Your brain isnt working properly.

Let me tell you, just now, Xu Xiaoshou added a new spiritual herb into the grade six elixir.

He is modifying the pill formula!” Someone slapped his thigh in agitation.

“Oh my god…”

Realizing that something was amiss, everyones expression changed.

Modifying the pill formula

Has Xu Xiaoshou really gone mad


Shi Tis entire body was in a terrible state.

He thought of the experiment that Xu Xiaoshou had mentioned earlier.

Could it be that this experiment was to test the elixir formula

“Dont do anything rash…”

He prayed.

If it was an ordinary explosion, he could withstand it.

But if it was such a violent atomic collision of the medicinal properties of a grade six spirit herbs, in addition to Xu Xiaobeis terrifying pill condensing technique.

If something went wrong, this banquet hall would become a burial ground for everyone!


A soft sound appeared.

The Night Guardian was startled.

He looked at Shi Tis palm and was a little surprised.

Was it necessary

To open up a realm just for this


As Long Dans “Great Clarity and Spirit Meditation Pill” was being refined, he suddenly realized that the situation had gone out of control.

What was going on with everyone today

Why was everyone so noisy apart from Xu Xiaoshou who was being mischievous.

He had already generously displayed the skills of a grade six alchemist and the refining process.

Even those with not many accomplishments should know that alchemists are very afraid of being disturbed when refining pills.

Not opening the protective barrier was already the greatest gift to the audience.

These fellows, not only were they not grateful, they were even making a ruckus instead

Taking advantage of the gap, Long Dan raised his eyes to take a glance and saw that everyone was heading in the direction of the hosting platform.

Just as he thought, it was Xu Xiaoshou pulling some trick again.

As expected, when he focused his gaze over, Long Dan saw that figure with coquettish movements.

The next second, his eyes bulged.


He couldnt hold it in for a moment and directly spat out.

What was that

Xu Xiaoshou… tilted the cauldron and tilted the ladle.

Was he stir-frying

Was this guy refining pills

Or was he performing acrobatics

There was a fragrance lingering around his nose.

Initially, Long Dan didnt know where it came from, but now he knew.

“Did Xu Xiaoshou really give up on refining pills and decided to stir-fry dishes instead”

“But, in a competition of refining pills, why would anyone pay attention to his stir-fry”

Buzz Buzz —

The pill cauldron in front of him suddenly expanded, scaring the absent-minded Long Dan so much that his heart skipped a beat.

He hurriedly stifled the thought of finding out the truth, wanting to stabilize the elixir cauldron.

At this moment, an anxious voice came from the direction of the banquet.

“Fu Xing, quick, pass me two pieces of meat.”

“The tendon meat of the Azure Flame Dragon Yak and the snowflake wings of the space carving beast!”

This time, the entire place went deathly silent.

Long Dan:

The words that he was unable to guard against directly interrupted his thoughts of elixir refinement.

“Isnt the Azure Flame Dragon Yak a Grade Seven Spirit Beast Do you need this material for pill refinement”

“Sky Carving Beast, sixth grade…”

“Not good!”

The Long Dans pupils suddenly constricted, and it immediately returned to its senses to look at the elixir cauldron.

It was too late.

His train of thought was sluggish, and his control of the flames was completely unable to keep up.

After the pill cauldron abruptly shrank…


A terrifying blast of air was pushed out, and the figure of a charred old man was instantly blasted high into the sky.

Blood dripped down.

Everyone was shocked.

Turning back to look at the ruins, they immediately saw the expressions of a group of old men who were holding back as if they were constipated.

“Long Dan, Ill hang you!”

Chen Qis eyes were red as he roared.

The next second, his entire body suddenly burrowed into the ground.


Another blast wave was pushed away horizontally.

This time, it was a big deal.

Stones were flying everywhere, and no one could withstand it anymore.

“Boom Boom Boom Boom –”

No matter how strong Li Mingji was, he could not withstand such an environment.

He flew up into the sky and looked at the explosions below him.

He was in a daze.

“Its the second time.”

“I just want to show everyone how to refine a grade six pill.

I wont charge for it.

Is it so difficult…”

Shi Ti stood stiffly on the spot.

Looking at the many furnaces that had gone out of control, his body was trembling.

He didnt expect that even though he had restrained Xu Xiaoshous movements, he hadnt been able to seal Xu Xiaoshous mouth.

Two pieces of meat

Is this even human language

Was this something that an alchemist should shout out during the process of elixir refining

You brat, you wont stop until you cause everyone to break down, right!

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

He glared and was about to say something when Xu Xiaoshou said without turning his head, “Well talk about it later.

My furnace hasnt exploded yet.”

“Fu Xing, hurry up.

Give me two pieces of meat.

I feel like Im going to succeed.”

Xu Xiaojie turned his head to look at Fu Xing, his eyes shining with excitement.

The art of meat pills was just around the corner!

Fu Xings face turned pale.

“Xu Xiaoshou, are you crazy This is elixir refinement… besides, I dont have these types of meat with me Is it possible for you to refine me instead”

“Doesnt the city lords residence eat meat” Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly said, “These two pieces of meat arent hard to find.

Its quite common.

Hurry up and get someone to send them over.”

Fu Xing:”…”

For a moment, he really didnt know whether to listen to Xu Xiaoshou or not.

Refining pills and sending meat.

Isnt it ridiculous

Even if youre not ashamed, Im ashamed!

“Xu Xiaoshou, stop fooling around!” Shi Ti said angrily.

The matter of changing the pill formula could be tolerated until later, but meat

Were you challenging the skills passed down from your ancestors

Xu Xiaojie turned around.

“What, are we all vegetarians Adding two pieces of meat into the pill and you cant eat them anymore”

Shi Ti was stunned.

What you said was so reasonable!


That was not what he said.

“Xu Xiaoshou, youre messing around!”

“Messing around” Xu Xiaojie asked, “Where”

“Is there a rule that says you cant add meat to the elixir, or do you think that Im messing around just because you cant keep up with my thoughts”

“Do we really have to stick to the exact methods created by the seniors and grandfathers”

“If Shen Nong hadnt tasted a hundred herbs and had roasted a piece of meat to eat, perhaps everyone would be using meat to refine pills right now”

Everyone was stunned.

Xu Xiaoshous idea was too advanced.

It was too unbelievable!

Using meat to refine pills

It was obviously an absurd theory, but after hearing his words, it actually made sense


“Meat Pill”

“Under suspicion, passive points, 998.”

Everyone felt their teeth ache.

This leap in thinking had already exceeded the limits of a human!


How can you mix the meat with the elixir” Shi Ti gritted his teeth and enunciated each word.

He felt that he was about to lose control of his anger.


how can you not mix meat with the elixir” Xu Xiaoshou stared at him calmly.

“Elixir has its medicinal properties, meat has its meat properties, and the combination of meat and vegetables is the highest realm of food!”

“The pill is also food.

Everything can be eaten, and everything is food.”

“The elixir, on what basis can it be special”

“I want the Azure Fire Dragon Yaks tendons and meat.

The meat is fresh and delicious, and with the addition of the Tiancang Jizi and the Dooluo flower, it can neutralize the Unruly Heavenly Path element of the Extreme Path elixir.”

“Do you know how terrifying that Unruly Heavenly Path element is”

“Also, the Condor Air Beasts snowflake wings…”

The more Xu Xiaoshou spoke, the more excited he became.

However, when he saw everyones increasingly confused gaze, he suddenly stopped in time.

“Ignorant!” He sighed softly and shook his head.

He was filled with disappointment.

This was too sorrowful.

No one could understand the sorrow that came from an era that was ahead of its time.

The crowd was unable to understand Xu Xiaoshous disappointment, but upon hearing his reprimand, they were shocked.


Xu Xiaoshou berated President Shi Ti for being ignorant

“Under suspicion, passive points 1,000.”

Shi Ti was also dumbfounded.

He was stunned for a moment, unable to react in time.

After being reprimanded, Xu Xiaohe quickly turned around.

At this moment, it was already too late for him to get the meat slices.

If his idea could be realized, the carving space beasts snow wings could even become a crucial step.

It could be used to replace the pill condensation technique, allowing his dish to take the form of a medicinal pill.

If the pill formation was unstable, then he would skip it!

After all, no dish required a chef to use a “Dish condensation technique” at the last moment.

This was what Xu Xiaobei had thought previously.

However, Fu Xing didnt cooperate, so he was helpless.

Now that time wasnt on his side, he had to use the condensation technique.

Although it was dangerous, he had indeed improved the elixir formula.

If he could succeed, it would be an additional surprise.

If he failed…

“Be careful!”

When Shi Ti saw Xu Xiaoshous condensation technique, he already realized that it wasnt good.

However, this was a formal occasion, and he had no way to stop it.

He could only give a light shout in an attempt to arouse the vigilance of others.

Everyone became even more vigilant.

They stared unblinkingly at Xu Xiaoshous miraculous technique, nearly all of them rushed over.

When Shi Ti saw all of this, his eyes lost their luster.


Time passed, and the elixir fragrance assailed his nostrils.

When the medicinal liquid had reached a balance and the medicinal properties circulated to perfection, Xu Xiaohe could no longer hold it in and shouted.

“Condense it for me!”

He pressed both his hands together and the medicinal effects of a grade six medicinal pill instantly fused into one point under the pressure of thecondensing method of infernal heaven.

Everyones hearts were in their throats.

Shi Ti didnt bother to look at anything, not even the pill cauldron.

Even if he looked, he wouldnt be able to understand it.

He only stared at Xu Xiaoshous face, as though he wanted to see a trace of joy on his face.


In the next second, when he saw the panic in Xu Xiaoshous eyes, his entire body trembled.


Suddenly, Xu Xiaoshous eyes widened, his lips opened and closed, as though he was saying something.

But at this moment, Shi Ti suddenly couldnt hear anything.

“Get out of the way!”

He roared furiously until his voice left his mouth.

Only then did he realize that this place was empty!

He couldnt hear anything at all!

A dazzling white light shot up from the elixir cauldron into the sky, and under everyones expectant gazes, it suddenly spread out.

It had enveloped the entire banquet hall.


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