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Chapter 447: Ajes Secret

“Were here.”

A man and a woman stopped in front of a Spirit Palace filled with spiritual energy.

They rushed to the Tiansang Spirit Palace without stopping because Xu Xiaoshou also felt that the White Cave would be opened soon.

Strictly speaking, Xu Xiaoshou had failed the Elixir Master test in Tiansang City.

He only received one 10 Grade Alchemist Badge.

Even if he wanted to prove his strength at the banquet, he had been banned because of President Shi Tis cowardice and lost this opportunity.

“What a pity.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed softly.

But on another level, he felt that his other goals had indeed been achieved.

Not only did he rely on himself to get a White Cave quota, but he had also even obtained relevant information about the White Cave in advance.

Even the “Cardinal Wheel” and Xu Xiaoji were inexplicably automatically sent to his Yuan Mansion.


“Go in.

Go to the Spiritual Library Division to look for Elder Sang first.”

Xu Xiaoshou was worn out from travel, but he did not dare to go to rest immediately.

Elder Sangs words were still fresh in his memory.

He did not dare to forget the instructions that he had to return before the White Cave opened.

After all, Elder Sang wasnt a kind person.

If anything happened to him, he might even treat him like lard and light him up.

Mu Zixi nodded and followed Xu Xiaoshous footsteps.

Spiritual Library Division.

The familiar bathtub was still there, and the medicine bottles on the pill cabinet were still scattered.

He was the only one who wasnt there.

“Hes not here”

Xu Xiaoshou was slightly surprised.

Since Elder Sang was not here, he did not know where to find him.


Mu Zixi was wandering around with dark circles under her eyes.

Suddenly, she saw a letter on the pill cabinet, her mind could not help but be shaken.

“To Xiaoshou.”

Seeing the words at the bottom, the little girls face stiffened.

Her small hands immediately covered it, and she wanted to pick up the envelope.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was one step faster than her and snatched it away.

“I want to read it too.” Mu Zixis pretty face raised.

“Perhaps that old man had some secret for me.

Ill let you read it after Im done.”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed mischievously.

He knew that Elder Sang would never do meaningless things.

Since he left this letter, it was very likely that he had temporarily left the Spirit Palace.

Otherwise, he could have just said it to his face

Why did he leave a letter

And that darned old man seemed to be hiding something.

Sometimes, some secrets might not be of great benefit to those who knew about them.

It might even be the opposite result.

Little Junior Sister…

Hmm, Ill just be a fool for now!


Mu Zixi stomped her feet in anger.

She immediately perked up and continued to look for the letter that Elder Sang had left for her.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at it and opened the envelope.

The twisted and ugly earthworm-like words were displayed abstractly.

“Ive left.

I wont be back for a while.

It wouldnt matter if you dont know the reason.”

This was the first sentence.

After Xu Xiaoshou finished reading, he clicked his tongue.

It was good to leave!

It would be best if he never came back.

As for the reason, who cared about that!

Goodbye, sir.

He continued reading.

“White Cave has reserved a spot for you.

Remember to go.

TheAdvanced Infernal Fire Seed that you need for cultivation is obtained from there.”

Advanced Infernal Fire Seed

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He then remembered that Elder Sang had indeed given him two jade scrolls before he left for Tiansang City.

They were the “Infernal Heavenly Flames – White Flames” and the “Dragon Melting Realm”.

The prerequisite for cultivating the two was the “Infernal Fire Seed”, which was of a higher level than the “Advanced Infernal Fire Seed”.

“‘White Flames,Dragon Melting Realm…”

Xu Xiaoshou recalled the move that Elder Sang used to trap the Masked Man.

This seemed to be the first time he saw Elder Sang actually fight.

Now that he thought about it, if he succeeded in practicing the “Dragon Melting Realm”, he might even be able to burn the Sovereigns bounded domain.


At that time, he had never fought the Sovereign, so Xu Xiaoshou didnt know the general concept, so he didnt know how precious the spiritual technique in his hand was.

But now, his “Cooking Expert” and “Eternal Vitality” had both reached the Master stage.

In addition, the “Advanced Infernal Fire Seed” might also be able to give him some passive points…

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated.

It hurt, indeed it hurt a little.

But success, how could it be achieved in one go

In addition, after trying the “Berserk Giant”, “Exploding Posture”, and the benefits of ” take the easy way out”.

Xu Xiaoshou wished that he could awaken all of his passive skills.

Right now, after leaving the City Lord Mansion, the only thing that he could obtain a large number of passive points at the moment might still be the same old path…

“Being abused”

Xu Xiaoshou scratched his fingernails and hesitated.

“Its not that I cant…”

“Well see!”

Putting these down, he continued to read.

“If you can take theFourth Sword, just do it.

Dont worry about what happens after you take it out.”

“As for not being able to take it out, thats fine.

But remember, this sword must never fall into the hands of White-clothed!”


Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes.

Why wasnt it Red Coat

Was it written wrongly

Or did Elder Sang have a grudge against White-clothed

Or was it that he didnt get along with the Holy Divine Palace

The letter did not mention the reason, so Xu Xiaoshou could not guess.

However, the sentence “If you can take theFourth Sword, just do it” made Xu Xiaoshous heart flutter.

He had many prerequisites, and with his strong spiritual array foundation, theoretically speaking, the probability of getting the “Fourth Sword” was much higher than the others.

The reason why he did not want to take it earlier was that he did not dare.

But Elder Sangs words…

“Can you believe it”

Xu Xiaoshou was too suspicious.

Very suspicious!

The old man didnt say a word and just left.

What if he entered the White Cave and got out with the “Fourth Sword” and was attacked by dozens of Sovereigns What would he do

No matter how strong the old man was, he couldnt risk his precious life just for Xu Xiaoshou!


Xu Xiaoshou put down the letter once again.

There was not much left in the letter.

He could finish it with a glance.

“There are no rules in the White Cave.

After you enter, just listen to the guidance of your heart.”

“Remember, I once told you that in this world, do not believe anyone!”

Xu Xiaoshou closed the letter.

“This old man…”

“What was he trying to express”

“Cant he just say it directly Does he not want me to not believe… him”

Xu Xiaoshou pressed his forehead.

His brain hurt!

He composed himself and recalled the contents of the letter.

“Its very normal.”

“Theres no special order.

Even if he told me to bringFourth Sword, he only saidyes andno.”

“Is it a trick” Xu Xiaoshou rubbed his chin.

“To prevent me from rebelling”

“Or to retreat in order to advance”

He expressed that he still could not figure out Elder Sangs intention.

Indeed, if he just looked at this letter, Elder Sang was really a good master.

You are responsible for adventuring.

I will take all the consequences when you come out.

But was Elder Sang such a person

“Since he allowed me to enter the White Cave, there must be some special purpose, just like last time when I brought out the Black Scabbard without saying anything

“Although the scabbard is still in my hand, I feel that everything is still under the control of this darned old man.”

“This time, he must have some ulterior motive!”

Xu Xiaoshou was still unable to figure out the reason after half a day.

Other than the “Fourth Sword”, he really could not think of anything that could become Elder Sangs target.

“A bunch of nonsense!”

When he finally concluded, Xu Xiaoshou was so unhappy that he wanted to burn the letter in his hand.

In terms of intelligence, it seemed that the only one who could easily crush him was Elder Sang.

However, the main reason was that he had too little contact with him.

In Mount Lu…

“Hey, wait!”

Mu Zixi pounced on him and snatched the letter that was waiting to be burned.


Xu Xiaoshou could hide, but it was just a bunch of nonsense, so he didnt care.

“He didnt mention me”

Mu Zixi quickly looked through it and immediately pouted.

“Why is Master so biased Its fine if he didnt leave a letter for me, but in the letter he gave you, he didnt even saytake good care of me”

Xu Xiaoshou was immediately amused.

“Perhaps you were never in his heart”

Mu Zixi suddenly fell silent.

What should have been a joke had pierced deep into her heart this time.


In her sixth sense, Elder Sang seemed to care about her and even held a ceremony to acknowledge her as his disciple.

This was a treatment that Xu Xiaoshou had never received.

However, in private, Xu Xiaoshous relationship with him seemed to be more like that of a real master and disciple.

At the very least, she could completely see that kind of intimacy, but she couldnt experience it.


Being stuck between the two of them, Mu Zixi even felt a little out of place.

“Out of place…”

“They were clearly master and disciple…”

Thinking of this, Mu Zixis eyes suddenly turned red.

Since he didnt like her, then why did he accept her as a disciple

“Aiyo, why are you crying”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

This girl wasnt usually like this!

How could she not be able to take a joke this time

Wheres your curse

Give it out!

“Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

As expected, curses would only be late and would never be absent.

“Ill give you a small gift.”

Xu Xiaoshou wiped away his Junior Sisters tears.


Mu Zixis eyes suddenly lit up and her gloomy mood was swept away.

“What gift”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his hand and took out his small bathtub.

“Havent you always wanted this big treasure of mine Ill give it to you now!”


Mu Zixi couldnt believe it.

Was this still Xu Xiaoshou

Was this still the same Xu Xiaoshou who was so stingy that he wouldnt give a single cent

So it turned out that to deal with him, she needed to use tears…


Her tears instantly turned into a smile.

“Youre not going back on your word”


After getting a positive answer, Mu Zixi then carried the small bathtub over.

Only then did she remember that she seemed to only care about herself.

Xu Xiaoshou was the true successor of the Infernal Heavens alchemy technique.

He seemed to need this small bathtub more than she did

“Since you gave me this alchemy cauldron, what are you going to use”

Mu Zixis small face showed reluctance and hesitation.

Xu Xiaoshou laughed heartily.

“Whats the big deal about this Im just giving it to you.

Just take it.

Theres no need to be polite.”

After saying that, he stood up and walked towards the large bathtub that was piled up in the corner and slapped it heavily.

“Ill use this.”

Mu Zixi was stunned.

“That belongs to the Master…”

“Hes gone!”

Xu Xiaoshou said matter-of-factly, “Hes already gone.

I shouldnt let the bathtub accumulate dust.

Im just helping him to clean up regularly.”

“Remember, our sect is such a clean-minded people.”

Mu Zixis face turned pale.

She looked at the smaller bathtub in front of her.

So, this was the reason why Xu Xiaoshou was suddenly generous

It had nothing to do with tears…

Nothing to do with it!

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1, 1, 1, 1…”


Xu Xiaoshou heavily smashed the big bathtub into the guest room of his Spiritual Site.

On the open-air roof, a large amount of sunlight instantly poured down.

After leaving the Spiritual Library Division, he parted ways with his Junior Sister and returned to their respective homes.

At this moment, his eyes were fixed on the bathtub in front of him.

The more Xu Xiaoshou looked at it, the more he liked it.

He had coveted this thing for a long time.

He still remembered the first time he went to the Spiritual Library Division, he had asked Elder Sang about the quality of this alchemy cauldron.

The other party answered that some swords did not need to be measured by rank, and some alchemy cauldrons were the same.

“An alchemy cauldron within a cauldron that is similar to a famous sword within a sword”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled gleefully.

He was just about to light a fire to open the cauldron so that he could concoct a round of Origin Court explosives.

At this moment.

Sou Sou!

The sound of clothes fluttering echoed in the courtyard.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately placed the alchemy cauldron back into his Yuan Mansion before turning his gaze over.

After all, to him, a Spiritual Site was equivalent to an assassin.

However, when he saw the face of the person, Xu Xiaoshou was astonished.


“Elder Qiao”

The person who came was Ye Xiaotian, who was floating in the air, and Elder Qiao, who was standing on the ground.

Yes, they were equally tall.


Qiao Qianzhi walked over with a loud laugh.

“Xiaoshou, I heard that you got 18 White Cave quotas at the City Lord Mansion banquet dinner”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately bowed humbly.

“Not at all.”

“They were all sold out.

After they were distributed, there were only two slots left.”

Sold out…

Qiao Qianzhis smile froze.

Ye Xiaotians face immediately darkened.

He immediately replayed the scene of Xu Xiaoshou coming out from Tianxuan Gate.

In front of him, he was exploring the Treasure of suppressing barrier and taking back the “The ring of seal”.

This guy was ridiculous, did he think that the two of them came to find him for the White Cave quota

“Cursed, Passive Points 2.”

“Youre overthinking it.”

Ye Xiaotian said, “We didnt come to find you for this.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.


“Then what is it”

They wouldnt visit the Three Treasures Palace for no reason.

Xu Xiaoshou had a vague feeling that perhaps the hidden trouble Elder Sang had brought him had not appeared yet, but the two people in front of him would definitely find trouble with him.

“I dont need a reward.”

He immediately refused verbally.

Ye Xiaotians breathing stagnated.

He clenched his fist and then released it.

“Cursed, Passive Points, 2.”

“Theres no reward.”

As he spoke, he took out a letter.

“This is the letter Elder Sang left for you.

I didnt expect you to come back so coincidentally.

You just finished writing…”

“Cough, cough, cough!”

“Okay, take a look.”

Ye Xiaotian was expressionless.

He calmly handed it over.

Xu Xiaoshou had a suspicious look on his face.


Didnt he just read one from the Spiritual Library Division

Could it be that it was fake


He took the envelope.

“Open it now”


Ye Xiaotians eyes did not have a trace of anticipation.

He looked up at the sky.

Xu Xiaoshou tore open the envelope and opened the letter.

“Take it easy”

He raised his head and looked at the two of them.

“What do you mean”

Ye Xiaotian said indifferently, “I dont know what it meant.

After all, Ive never read it before.”

“Take it easy Thats all”

“It might be something likeDont go overboard,be careful when you do it,be careful in everything…”

“Cough cough.”

Qiao Qianzhi coughed again.

Ye Xiaotians expression froze.

He turned around and placed his hands behind his back, then said, “Something like that.”

“You… think about it yourself.

After all, its a letter that Elder Sang left for you.

It means that he values you very much.

Maybe you can figure something out.”

Xu Xiaoshou was smacked in the mouth.

These two people were too…

Were they bored to the point that they had nothing to do

Was there a need to use such a despicable method to forge it

Why dont you just say it directly Do you really think that I, Xu Xiaoshou, dont know your true thoughts

After all, Tianxuan Gate was just an accident!

“I understand.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded his head in a daze.


He did not understand why the two people who had given him the letter had not left yet.


Qiao Qianzhi rubbed his throat.

Ye Xiaotian paused and said, “Oh right, Ive arranged a mission for you.”

“You should have left a spot in the White Cave quota for yourself, so I decided to give the spot that originally belonged to you to Tan Ji.”

“Now that youre back, as compensation, you can become the second leader of the two teams from Tiansang Spirit Palace that are going to the White Cave.”

“When you go to the White Cave, you can directly ask Tan Ji for the command.”

“The White Cave will listen to you.”

Ye Xiaotian didnt give anyone any time to interrupt.

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately pursed his lips and shut his mouth.

Xu Xiaoshou was taken aback.

Listen to him

How could they be so assured

Then who was he trying to show off to just now

Ye Xiaotian looked at him and said firmly, “Of course, as the leader, you have to bear your share of responsibility.

At the very least, if an accident occurs, you have to pay attention to protecting the lives of the members of the team.”

One had to admit that the Deans words were too beautiful.

Even Xu Xiaoshou could not subconsciously realize that this was a way of tying down responsibility.

He had even foolishly thought that being the team leader would be a good job.

However, based on the principle that it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble, the lazy Xu Xiaoshou still refused.

“I dont think I want to be the leader.”

“The people from the Spirit Palace who are fighting in the White Cave should have thirty-three people”

“What right do I have to be the leader…”

Ye Xiaotian sneered and interrupted him, “Am I negotiating with you This is an order!”


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned by the Deans domineering aura for a moment.

After saying that, he directly turned around and left without looking back.

“Was he always this emotional”

“I didnt realize it before…”

“Since when did the Dean changed”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Qiao Qianzhi in confusion.

“So, Elder Qiao is here to play the good cop”

He had a good relationship with Qiao Qianzhi.

Without outsiders around, there wouldnt be so many rules.

Qiao Qianzhi rolled his eyes.

“What do you mean The Dean only gave you the role of a team leader because he thinks highly of you.

Just follow him.”

“Pay attention once you entered the White Cave.

Dont mess around.”

“Follow Rao Yinyin.

Shes the team leader of the first team.

If theres anything you dont understand, just ask her.”

“Then, pay attention to Tan Ji.

This fellow…”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately felt his scalp go numb.

Elder Qiao was good at everything, but this mouth of his would cause a headache for most of the people in the Outer Yard.

He could not stand it.

He immediately interrupted, “Elder Qiao, I have something that I want to ask you.”

“What is it”

Qiao Qianzhis attention was immediately diverted.


Xu Xiaoshou hesitated for a moment.

Thinking that the Yuan Mansion was taken from Elder Qiaos hands, he did not treat him as an outsider.

He immediately disappeared.

The next second, he appeared with an iron ball that glowed with two red lights in his hand.

“Ma Ma…”

The moment he said that.

Qiao Qianzhi subconsciously took half a step back, and his face instantly turned solemn.

“I knew him!”

Xu Xiaoshou thought that he had a chance.

He had never noticed these small details before.

After he realized that Aje was not simple, Qiao Qianzhis subtle movements were simply too eye-catching.

“Whats wrong with you”

Seeing that Xu Xiaoshou was still not speaking, Qiao Qianzhi immediately asked.

“Divine Secret”

Xu Xiaoshou did not beat around the bush and went straight to the point.

He knew that if he did not expose something, Elder Qiao would be even more torturous.

As expected, when Qiao Qianzhi heard these three words, his expression changed.

“How did you know about the Divine Secret”

Before this fellow went out of the Spirit Palace, he knew nothing about the Way of Spirit Array.

He even had to teach him how to start the spiritual array of the Yuan Mansion step by step.

After not seeing each other for half a month, he even knew about “Divine Secret”

“Elder Qiao, you dont have to worry about how I know.”

“Anyway, I have Aje, so I definitely have to know some of its stories.

It seems like its not good for you to keep it from me, right”

Qiao Qianzhi fell silent for a moment.

He did not understand how much Xu Xiaoshou knew.

But from the looks of this guy, he seemed to know quite a bit

He had just come out from Tianxuan Gate a while ago…

“Is Xu Xiaoshous growth rate so fast” Qiao Qianzhi was secretly shocked.

“Are you very close to it” he asked.

“Yes.” Xu Xiaoshou nodded.


Qiao Qianzhi hesitated.

Indeed, the reason why he had advised Ye Xiaotian not to take back Aje was that he could tell that Aje would become close to humans.

However, wasnt the development of the relationship between the two a little too fast

At this moment, he actually did not sense the slightest fighting spirit from Aje

Was this fellow tamed



He sighed and said, “Aje is a Divine Puppet from the Holy Divine Palace.”

“Holy Divine Palace”

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

This was exactly what he was thinking.

He suddenly thought of someone.

“Dao Qiongcang”

Qiao Qianzhis expression changed drastically and he covered his mouth.

“Shut up!”

What was going on

Qiao Qianzhi looked around nervously.

He narrowed his eyes and started to conjure a spiritual spell.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with his surroundings, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Are you courting death How can you call a demi-saint by his name” he scolded.

A demi-saint…

Xu Xiaoshous heart suddenly calmed down.

So the legendary Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace was the kind of demi-saint who had transcended the higher void and touched the power of the Holy Path

He knew that the highest cultivation state in the world was called the “Holy Emperor”.

However, the “Holy Emperor”, who was almost a miracle, had disappeared from the world for many years.

The demi-saint was the only person who was closest to this state.

However, for most people.

A higher void was the strongest fighting force in the human world.

Even the legendary “Seven Sword Deity” was in this realm.

It seemed impossible to transcend.

As for the demi-saint…

As for Dao Qiongcang…

This realm that was rumored to be impossible to reach, an existence that couldnt even be called by name, was directly revealed from the mouth of Qiao Qianzhi in a panic.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that Elder Qiao definitely knew something.

How could he be so sure that the current Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace, whose cultivation level everyone on the continent was confused about, was a demi-saint

Qiao Qianzhi looked at Xu Xiaoshou, whose eyes were sparkling.

He knew how cunning this guy was, he must have guessed something.

He didnt plan to hide it anymore.

He simply opened his heart and dropped an even bigger melon.

“Youre right.”

“Aje is indeed the work of Hallmaster Dao, but its a defective product!”


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