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Chapter 467: Too Powerful!

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The explosion shocked everyone.

Under the impact of the explosion, the rock-solid sword was bent in an arc visible to the naked eye..

It was bent one millimeter!

Bi Kongs entire body seemed to be frozen in the air while blue veins popped up on his face.

The intense pain from the instep was simply not enough to suppress the madness in his heart.

Therefore, he increased his strength and wanted to send the sword flying away from its position in the air.

If this strike landed on the blade of the sword, Bi Kongs legs would probably be destroyed.


But the handle of the sword…

As long as it could move, there was hope!

While everyone was shrouded in despair, they still tried to remain hopeful.

“Will it work”

Xu Xiaoshou was the only one who had completely relaxed at this moment.

“Wel, I guess it will!”

As long as the famous sword was not directly sent flying.

How could an attack like this, which kept weakening, be stronger than the continuous burst of the night watchman

“Two!” he leisurely shouted out.

As expected, Bi Kong had used all his trump cards, even his spirit body had been exposed, but he still could not get a good result under the famous sword.

The situation was in a stalemate, and Xu Xiaoshous count was immediately determined.


“The game is over.

Thank you for your favor, Friend.”

Suddenly, Bi Kong became indignant.

He changed his direction and once again flew into the air.

He turned around and kicked out.

The famous sword bent slightly again, and then in the space where it bounced back, Bi Kong instantly erupted again and gave a whip kick from the other side.


This time, the famous sword bent even more.

It was… two millimeters!

“Friend, your time is up.

Do you want me to make a move again”

Xu Xiaoshous face turned black.

This guy was a habitual offender.

As expected, people like him who didnt keep their promises couldnt let you continue to participate in the competition!

Upset, Bi Kong stopped his attacks.

Among the individual attacks, this move was already his highest damage.

Even so, he could not even use the unknown restriction of the famous sword.

W-What was he playing at!

“You tricked me.”

He turned his head and glared at Xu Xiaoshou angrily.

“You paid the money yourself.

Have I ever forced you”

Xu Xiaoshou was amused by his anger.

“Not only did I not force you, I even let you attack for a few more breaths of time.

I gave you an opportunity.

You cant pull out your sword, and you blame me for it”

“This sword has recognized you as its master!” Bi Kong was indignant.

“Recognized me as its master”

“Have you seen the strange phenomenon of recognizing as its master and you dare to say it”

“If you dont want to be its aster, why did you still pay the money just now Are you an idiot” Xu Xiaoshou was perplexed.


Bi Kong choked.

“I dont believe it.

This sword must have been tampered with by you.


“You really are a fool, arent you”

Upon hearing that, Xu Xiaoshou interrupted him and rolled her eyes, “If I hadnt tampered with this sword, would I be so confident that I would be able to transfer the ownership of it at a price of one million”

“This transaction is based on the principle of voluntariness.

I tampered with it, and well see if you can break my tampering.”

“Someone in front can be my witness.

You participated in the event yourself.

Now that its over, youre making trouble for no reason and starting to blame me”

Xu Xiaoshou turned to look at the long queue behind her.

“Who else among you is so naive to think that I would put a famous sword here for you to pull out for no reason No one has done anything to me yet.”

“Hurry up and retreat, or else Ill clear everyone out by then!”

“Its understandable that your martial arts arent good, but if your brain isnt working, then theres really no hope.”

As Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand, his anger subsided.

“Fear received, passive value, 168.”

Bi Kong was speechless.

He actually had no words to refute.

Thats right, who would think that Xu Xiaoshou hadnt done anything

Initially, everyone thought that if they paid this small amount of money, they could have a chance!

No one in the team made a move.

Some people even mocked him.

“Brother, if you cant do it, hurry up and leave.

Were still waiting.”

“You dont have any money, right”

“Thats probably true.

If you want to pull out the sword again, you have to add another zero.

Thats one billion!”

“One billion.

Against a famous sword, although its not much, who would have one billion in their hands It might even be a lonely person saying…”

Bi Kong was silent, for he really did have one billion.

However, this famous sword was too stubborn.

With his current methods, he could only shake it a little.

The first person to eat crab, did he die the most miserably

“Hey, dont embarrass yourself.”

In an indifferent manner, Xu Xiaoshou waved her sleeves and said, “Next.”

If he went down, wouldnt he have wasted more than 100 million

Bi Kong felt as if he had swallowed feces.

He struggled and said, “Im not convinced.

Draw your sword once for me to see.”

“You want me to draw my sword”

Xu Xiaoshou was once again angered.

“Do you want me to prove to you that this sword is mine Prove Are you sure”

Bi Kong was rendered speechless.

Xu Xiaoshous proof had yet to be broken by anyone.

He had a headache.

Before he could say anything, Xu Xiaoshou continued to bombard him.

“Lets not talk about the sword being pulled out for you, even if it proves that its mine.”

“Just because this sword is mine, I can choose to pull it out, or I cant.”

“If you cant pull it out, then this sword isnt mine.

This proves that Im not lying.

You can continue to pull out the sword.”

“If I pull it out, then this sword is still mine… Since the sword is mine, then why do I need to prove it”

“So, Ill just tell you this.

Whether I pull it out or not, it has nothing to do with me.”

“Your question…”

Xu Xiaoshou clicked her tongue and shook her head.

Her gaze was filled with mockery as she said, “As expected of someone who doesnt even have half a brain.”

Bi Kong was immediately confused because Xu Xiaoshous words were too ridiculous.

However, after thinking about it carefully, he realized…

“Why does it seem to be the same logic again”

Since this guy couldnt prove anything by drawing his sword or not, or he could only prove that the sword was his, then…


“Oh, what did I want him to prove just now”

Bi Kongs eyes widened, and he was speechless for a long time.

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

The people from the other teams were telling the truth, and they also wanted Xu Xiao to draw her sword and try it out.

However, after this fellow said that, no one present could refute him immediately.

Furthermore, this person was the original owner of the famed sword in name.

“D*mn it.”

“I cant argue with him at all…”

“Cursed, passive value, 241.”

“Admired, passive value, 110.”


As expected, Xu Xiashou gave up on Bi Kong.

The latter wanted to struggle again, but when the night watchman gave him a look, he was discouraged.


its all for nothing.”

He took a step back.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got, so he cupped his mouth and shouted, “Everyone, dont be fooled by him.

This sword is very strange.

This Xu Guy is here to cheat us out of money.

Dont be fooled!”

When Xu Xiaoshu turned around, he stared at the man with a smile.

“Do you want to listen to him or play”

The leader respectfully handed over a gold card and exchanged money with Xu Xiaobei.

He smiled obsequiously and said, “Brother, Ill give it a try first.”

Bi Kong:”…”

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

“Thats very ignorant of you!”

He cursed in grief and indignation.

In his heart, he truly admired Xu Xiaoshous business acumen to the extreme.

Even if there was a precedent, even if he had seen the entire process of drawing the sword with the naked eye.

These guys were still blinded by one million.

Indeed, Xu Xiaosho was too vicious.

If he had said ten million, or one hundred million directly, there might really be people who would choose to give up at this moment.

But 1 million…

Compared to the famous sword, compared to a chance to reverse fate, this wasnt considered money at all!

Once they set off, who could guarantee that they wouldnt fall into it

“Awesome, where did this guy come from”

“Well, when I heard him say 1 million, I thought he was an idiot.

Now, it seems that this guy is right.

Im the idiot!”

Bi Kong watched with tears in his eyes as the two of them completed their transaction.

Then, another person flew to the side of the famous sword with the heart of heaven.

His heart was filled with endless admiration.

Xu Xiaoshous move seemed to be on the first floor, but in reality, it was more than three floors!


Passive value, 1.”

“Time starts now.”


“Time ends.”

Without any emotion, Xu Xiaoshou ended the second persons gaming experience.

This fellow was also a grandmaster, but it was clear that his cultivation wasnt even as high as Bi Kongs, and he didnt possess a spirit body like Bi Kongs.

The only objective requirement was that he could be considered as half a swordsman.

Nevertheless, the acquired sword intent was trying to influence a famous sword.

To be honest, it was very funny!

“Shall we continue”

Xu Xiaoshous smiling face was simply driving people crazy.

“Yes, of course!”

That person greedily continued to swipe another wave of cards and walked towards the famous sword once again.

Bi Kong was in despair.

Xu Xiaoshou had succeeded!

This trick was simply too successful.

Even if everyone here only went through two rounds, based on the 200 plus people present, Xu Xiaoshou had earned a net profit of over two billion.

Moreover, as long as there were a few rich kids who were hot-headed, this amount could be multiplied several times.

“Admired, passive value, 1.”

“Admired, passive value, 1.”

“Admired, passive value, 1.”

“The countdown ends.”

“The countdown begins.”

At the moment, Yu Zhiwen looked at Xu Xiaoshou like she was an usher.

Time and time again, she received money and sent the guests away.

For the first time, she felt that even if it was a “Greeter”profession, under the circumstances of different people acting, there would still be different effects.

To a certain degree, Xu Xiaoshou was too scary.

She didnt need to do anything at all.

One million in an instant!

Ten million…

Ten million in an instant!

One hundred million…

There was still one hundred million left!

More than ten people came down one after another.

Just the one hundred million alone was a total of four people.

The purpose started to dawn upon the people.

“Is this the difference between using brains and using force”


Passive value, 1.”

The Night Guardian was also a little stunned as he looked at this strange scene in front of him.

Everyone was clearly facing this sword and knew that they might end up with nothing.

However, in front of Xu Xiaoshou, this act of giving money, which could only appear in a dream, appeared in real life.

And it had appeared in a different dimension!

Who knew how small the probability was for such a dramatic scene to appear in such a life-and-death situation

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

“This fellow seems to be a spirit array master as well, right”

“No, we must not let Lan Ling find out.

Otherwise, we might lose our successor.”

The vigil felt that he had found a piece of jade.

He used to think it was an unpolished gem.

Maybe when hes ready to go to war, he needs to be polished, perfected, embellished.

In this way, in the Red Team, this jade would not be covered by the vast brilliance.

Now he found out he was wrong.

That was a big mistake!

Xu Xiao by this piece of jade, is a piece of Black Heart Jade!

If this thing became a teammate, it would be a blessing for the teammate.

If it became an enemy, just this piece of black-hearted jade would be enough to become everyones nightmare!

“This is simply too much.”

“Its alright, its alright…”

The Night Guardian thought to himself.

It was a good thing that he had discovered it early.

This fellow wouldnt be able to escape from his grasp.


“The timer has ended.”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was extremely sensitive to numbers.

He completely remembered that he had already sent away twenty-eight people.

Among them, eleven people had chosen to draw the lottery three times.

Without a doubt, all of them were “crab patronage”.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou knew why there was a “Crab patronage” on his turntable.

Could it be that the instigator of “Crab patronage” was actually so happy

Happily, he raised his head.


Gu Qinger held a card and handed it over with an extremely solemn expression.

Xu Xiaobei was stunned.


“Its you.”


Gu Qingers gaze did not have the slightest fluctuation as he stared fixedly at the famous sword that was worth billions of dollars.

After Xu Xiaoshou hesitated for a moment, he said emotionlessly, “Ancient sword cultivator, 100 million to start.”


Gu Qinger was in a bad mood on the spot.

His pupils returned to focus as he looked at Xu Xiaoyou.



Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

“Youre asking me why”

Gu Qinger looked at this guy and took a deep breath.

He was about to start blabbering, and his head hurt.


“Dont say anything first.”

“Huh” Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

“Junior brother.”

Gu Qinger turned around.

Behind him was Gu Qingsan.


The junior brother subconsciously shrunk his body.

subconsciously, he already felt that something was wrong.



“You have it!”

“I dont.”

“I saw it.

You have three hundred million.

When Im done, you can still pull it out.”Gu Qingers eyes widened.




Immediately, tears flowed down Gu Qingsans face.

“Second senior brother, this is my money.

This is 100 million!”

“No, its not your money.

Its not 100 million either.”

Gu Qingers expression was solemn.

He pressed his hands on his junior brothers shoulders and said forcefully, “I-It is senior brothers Fortune!”

Xu Xiaoshou almost laughed out loud.

These two jokers were simply too happy.

However, when he thought about how different these two people were, he was actually a little flustered.

However, the deal had already reached such a stage.

If he were to go back on his word, he might really incur the wrath of the public and be beaten to death.

Now, he could only choose to believe that sword..

Xu Xiaohes heart was perturbed as he completed the deal with Gu Qinger.

He had earned 100 million but was not happy at all.

All he had was worry.


“Is there any hope”

He turned his head and asked the night watchman.


The Night Guardian nodded solemnly.

With his heart was in a mess, Xu Xiaoshou continued, “But its very close.”


Xu Xiaoshous interest was piqued.

“Why Senior pulled it out just now.

How does the sword feel”

The night watchmans expression was a little awkward.

After all, as a Dao executioner, he was no different from these people.

It was too embarrassing to directly die.

However, when he thought of the strange feeling in the sword, he asked doubtfully, “Were those hands and feet really done by you”

Xu Xiaoshou did not reply explicitly.

He asked ambiguously, “How was it”

“Very strange.”

Actually, the night watchman could not tell what he felt.

He only had a vague feeling that power was not something that Xu Xiaobei could create.

However, this fellow was also very different.

Alchemy, formation, sword, body, which one did he think he could create

To put it bluntly, the sword intent that had injured him didnt seem like something Xu Xiaoshou could have.

But with this guy, everything that was impossible became possible.

Since that was the case, why couldnt this sword restriction be created by him

“I seem to feel the power of the holy way.”

“At the very least, its Taixu.”

“Kid, could it be that youre really a disciple of the Taixu family You have so many trump cards with you” asked Night Guardian asked suspiciously.

Was it from the Higher Void

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

Everyone could believe that he was the one who created this sword.

Only he understood in his heart.

Ever since this sword was born, he hadnt even touched it.

The reason was because he was afraid that he would get involved with the big karma that might not exist.

But now, it seemed that he was not wrong

It was impossible for the famous sword to have the power of the Holy Way and the great void for no reason…

“Man-made control”

“Did someone really lure the sword out”

Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself, “If thats the case, why didnt he take it away”

Could it be that it was not that he did not take it away, but that he could not take it away at all.

Or could it be that it was an internal transfer and he could not withdraw money or something like that

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

He felt that something was amiss again.

If that was the case, could it be that this sword was really the work of an almighty

Despite feeling astonished, Xu Xiaoshouo didnt show it on his face.

Instead, he smiled and asked, “Is it only the power of Taixu”

The night watchmans eyes narrowed.

These words…

Could it be that the person behind Xu Xiaohe wasnt just Taixu


That could be real!

“Its starting.”

The Night Guardian didnt reply.

Instead, he turned his head to look at Gu Qinger.

This fellow had already arrived in front of the famed sword.

Xu Xiaobei similarly interrupted his own guesses.


He didnt dare to let an ancient sword cultivator who already had a famed sword accumulate power in front of another famed sword.

Who knew something unexpected might really happen!

“Time starts at three!”

There wasnt even a pause, but the deliberately fast tempo didnt directly break Gu Qingers state of mind like the others.

Gu Qinger held his breath and concentrated.

He actually didnt choose to make a move, but silently closed his eyes.

The sword intent in his entire body didnt rise at all.

This kind of unknown that was going in the opposite direction made Xu Xiaoshou even more flustered.

Even though he was on night duty, he held his breath at this moment as he carefully observed the young man who had nearly injured him.

What kind of method could he use.


Xu Xiaoshou really wanted to speed up the pace, but at this moment, the counting seemed to be extremely slow.

In the face of the great power, Gu Qinger did not move.



Just as the word “End”was said, Gu Qinger suddenly opened his eyes.


This time, all the swords in the hands of the sword cultivators were unsheathed.

Dozens of spirit swords of different forms buzzed in unison.

Under the guidance of the majestic sword momentum that filled the sky, the tip of the sword pointed toward Gu Qinger.

Ten Thousand Swords returning to the sect!

Forget it, after ten thousand swords returning to the sect, the spirit sword actually still slightly bowed toward Gu Qinger.

This bow caused Gu Qingsans expression to greatly change.

“Has the man has actually begun to comprehend this step”

“How is that possible”

“Eldest Senior Brother only uttered one sentence, how could he comprehend it so quickly Who is the one with the Ultimate Sword Dao Body”

“Sob, sob, sob…”

Night Watchman also had a surprised expression on his face.

“Coming from all directions”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that the word “End” that he could have blurted out suddenly became so obscure.

His heart trembled.

He realized that Gu Qinger had once again used his peculiar “time” attribute.

This guy… was simply too strong!


The word that was struggling had just escaped his mouth.

Gu Qinger, who seemed to have transformed into a sword dao throne, carried the heaven and earth sword aura and looked disdainfully at the famous sword.

This time, the flame Python easily felt his provocation.


The famous sword shook violently, and the Invisible Heavenly Dao chains around it were actually forced out.

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but panick.

He couldnt even say the last word.

Gu Qinger was too strong.

Although he had only seen him make a move once, Xu Xiaohe had realized it when he faced him head-on, even if they had never fought.

If his sword principle cultivation was really comparable to his, he would definitely be crushed.

And he would be completely defeated, or even instantly killed!


Gu Qinger looked at the famous sword in front of him trembling and laughed mockingly.

He slowly pulled out the “Peerless Beauty”on his back and gently pressed it on the hilt of the sword.

At this moment, everyone could see that this was an extremely arrogant stance.

Peerless Beauty, Gao Yan Boa, a full level!


The void exploded.

The Flames and mist that filled the sky shot out.

The Flame Python immediately recovered from its cool state and returned to its scorching state.

The python on the sword hilt seemed to have come to life as well, appearing inch by inch.

When it reached the mouth of the snake, a streak of scorching light swam through the sword body.

Under the sky, the scorching sword intent directly boiled.


The void exploded once again.

This time, the formless chains on the famous sword body directly exploded.

The flame Python let out a humming sound and instantly sent the beautiful demon flying into the sky!

Gu Qinger raised his hand and summoned back his sword.

With a light smile, he looked back at Xu Xiaoshou shouted freely, “I won!”


Xu Xiaobei only finished his sentence at this moment.


He was speechless.

He did not expect that he would actually lose to the famous sword in the end.

Thats right!

How could such a spiritual famous sword bear its own kind and pressure on its own head

Even Xu Xiaoshou couldnt let others be superior to him unless it was a trick.

But at this moment…

“Its over.”

“This is too big.”

“We shouldnt have let this guy try.

Selling a famous sword for more than one billion, isnt this a loss”

“I should have…”

Zhuge Jin was useless.

The person involved was filled with regret!

With a victorious smile, Gu Qinger slowly waved his hand in the air.

“Sword, over here.”

The famous sword, which was still happily playing, suddenly froze and began to shake.

However, how could the newly born famous sword resist Gu Qinger, who had already suppressed a famous sword


The famous sword shot out and directly stopped in front of Gu Qinger.

“Second senior brother is Mighty!” Gu Qingsan shouted excitedly.

This wave of blood profits!

Just 100 million was enough to make Xu Xiaobei bankrupt.

If this famous sword fell into second senior brothers hands, his battle strength would not just double!

Perhaps even the possibility of fighting against first senior brother was already there.

“Xu Xiaoshou, the famous sword belongs to Me”

Gu Qinger looked back with a smile.


Finally, Xu Xiaoshou felt the pain of being choked.

He looked at the famous sword in despair and was about to nod his head.


At this moment, an extremely faint flame light shot out from the body of the Flame Python.

Even the majority of the people present did not notice it.

The Flame Python that was still trembling immediately cooled down and returned to its petrified state in an instant.

After another buzz, it was locked back to its original position.

Not only Gu Qinger, even Xu Xiaoshou was also stunned.

Everyone was stunned.

“W-What is this…”

They were alone at night, feeling the power that suddenly appeared in that instant.

As they started to sweat in fear, they asked, “Is that he holy power”


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