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Chapter 473: The Famed Sword of Ultimate Unity

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“Little Yu, were Rich!”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes suddenly opened, frightening Yu Zhiwen, who was hugging her knees and sizing up the youth in front of her.

Her body trembled, and even the spiritual sword with the skewer of roasted meat in her hand directly flew into the sky.


Xu Xiaoshous eyes were sharp and his hands were quick.

A spirit thread shot out from his wrist and pulled the spiritual sword into his hand.

“What, whats wrong”

Yu Zhiwens pretty face was burning.

Her eyes blinked and she spoke incoherently.

She felt like a child who had done something wrong had been discovered.

She felt like she was sitting on pins and needles in this narrow cave.

“Were rich!”

Xu Xiaoshou cried out excitedly again.

He would not go so far as to reveal the entire map that he had found in the white bead while he was in Yuan Mansion.

However, at this moment, he really needed someone to share his happiness with.

Once he grasped this map, he would be able to go anywhere in the White Cave.

As long as he avoided the place where the Fourth Sword was being fought over by tens of thousands of people and took advantage of the time when those guys were frantically searching for the final treasure, he would secretly take the resources from other places.

In total, would it not be better than taking out the Fourth Sword that would only bring him disaster

With a “slash”, Xu Xiaoshou bit into the meat on the spiritual sword.

He clicked his tongue and swallowed it in large mouthfuls.

“Not bad, Little Yu.

Your roasted meat is not worse than mine.”

Yu Zhiwen stared blankly at the spot where Xu Xiaoshou bit down.

That large bite directly covered the marks that she had just bitten off.

“This is mine…”

She protested silently in her heart.

However, she did not know why Xu Xiaoshou was so excited all of a sudden.

It was as if this fellow had shouted his way into this cave from the beginning because he was preparing for this moment of excitement.

“Has he made a breakthrough”

Yu Zhiwen guessed.

“Not really, but he must have solved a big secret.”

Xu Xiaoshou quickly swallowed the meat in his hands and said, “Rest for a while.

Well set off tomorrow morning.

Ill bring you to loot the treasure!”



Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“Apart from the Fourth Sword, we can do anything…”

Yu Zhiwens eyebrows twitched.

She didnt know what had happened to Xu Xiaoshou, but from the looks of it, could it be that he had really cracked the ultimate secret of the White Cave

But she was always beside him.

Apart from the birth of the famed sword Flame Python, there were no other special circumstances!

“Other than the Fourth Sword”

She repeated.

Xu Xiaoshous hand that was holding the spiritual sword suddenly paused and asked with doubt, “Right, could it be that your target is also that Fourth Sword”


Yu Zhiwen nodded inexplicably.

She should not have responded directly, but facing Xu Xiaoshous direct question, she actually did not have the slightest intention of lying or changing the topic.

“I see…”

Xu Xiaoshou fell silent.

He knew that the girl in front of him was not simple.

Perhaps without the Fourth Sword, he would not even have the chance to see Yu Zhiwen.

However, no matter how determined Little Yus goal was, knowing that Elder Sang must have other hidden plans and that Xu Xiaoshou had already obtained the Flame Python, she had no intention of stepping into that muddy water.

With a click, he picked up the famous Flame Python that he had casually placed beside him, and slowly stroked the blade of the sword.

The sword was extremely hot in his hand.

If he did not have the body of a Master, and an ordinary spiritual cultivator touched it like this without using any spiritual source to cover their palm, they would undoubtedly be burned by it.

The bonfire crackled and burned, and the scene instantly quieted down.

“You dont want to go”

Yu Zhiwen was extremely smart.

How could she not see through Xu Xiaoshous thoughts

“Its not like that…”

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated for a moment.

As a legendary sword that was even more famous than the famed sword and was one of the five great chaotic divine instruments, it was not something that could be trusted.

If any swordsman said that he did not have any thoughts, then they could not be trusted.

However, this matter was just like that.

Sometimes, it was very normal for people to have evil intentions and not have the courage to do so.

“Do you know how many people want to snatch the Fourth Sword from this White Cave”

Xu Xiaoshou asked.

Yu Zhiwen blinked her eyes and nodded her head.

“Apart from you”

How did these words become “apart from me”!

Its not that I dont dare.

I just dont like it, thats all!

“Then what do you think is the probability of you getting the Fourth Sword” Xu Xiaoshou went straight to the point.

This time, Yu Zhiwen also fell silent.

After a long time, she said, “Indeed, its not much.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded with a smile, showing an expression that showed that his girl could still be taught.

In the end, when he wanted to persuade this girl to give up the idea and wander the world with him, he heard the other side add,

“Its only 70%.”


Xu Xiaoshou was immediately shocked and opened his mouth.


That wasnt much!

“You came prepared” he asked in surprise.

Yu Zhiwen covered her mouth and smiled, “I came all the way here, how could I not be prepared”

“Thats true.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at this girl up and down with a strange gaze.

He could not tell how could this girl be so confident when she looked so weak.

“You should have seen the two swordsmen earlier.”

“Im sure youve experienced their strength before.

Just like that, theres still 70% left”

Xu Xiaoshous face was full of disbelief.


Yu Zhiwen nodded.

“Its because of the two of them that Im down to 70%.”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless and he did not know what to say for a moment.

This made him feel like an underachiever communicating with a straight-A student.


How could it be solved

It was unsolvable!

Yu Zhiwens pretty face was filled with smiles.

It was as if seeing Xu Xiaoshou in such a defeated state really made her happy.

This sharp-tongued fellow would also have such a day!

As expected, when dealing with him, he couldnt be as humble as when dealing with ordinary people.

He had to be more arrogant than him to be able to suppress him!



Why should he suppress him…

Yu Zhiwen was suddenly stunned.

She realized that unknowingly, she actually had a competitive mentality that had never appeared in the past.

This was completely out of her expectations.

Her master had once said that it was impossible to reach the peak of the world without the desire to fight for it.

However, in the past, she was good at everything except fighting for it.

This kind of non-fighting, which her master called “The mud can not support the wall,” was also one of the reasons why she had to wear a veil even when she went out.

Not doing anything, not being outstanding, not attracting attention.

This was precisely the expression of Yu Zhiwens desire to be willing to be ordinary.

However, when she faced Xu Xiaoshou, it seemed that many of her emotions were starting to change.

“Fight for it…”

Yu Zhiwens eyes were smiling.

She did not know what kind of emotion this was, but to be able to choke Xu Xiaoshou was already a happy emotion.

“70% probability…”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered.

He did not know what Yu Zhiwen was thinking.

On the contrary, this 70% probability aroused his other thoughts.

When the famed sword was born, this lady did not even have any thoughts and directly gave it to him.

Such a magnanimous person, he probably needed to return the favor, right

“If theres a 70% probability if you have this thing, how much can it increase”

As Xu Xiaoshou spoke, he took out the Black Scabbard.

He did not want to take the risk after obtaining the Fourth Sword.

However, the girl in front of him did not seem to be afraid at all.

Since that was the case, why not go with the flow and let her obtain the Fourth Sword

At the same time, he wanted to see what this girl would encounter in the future and how to resolve it

After all, the other party had a large faction backing her.

He was very afraid of something, so maybe Yu Zhiwen didnt care about it at all.

“Fourth Swords scabbard”

Yu Zhiwen looked at the black scabbard in Xu Xiaoshous hand and said in surprise, “You want to give it to me”

This gift could be said to be very valuable.

As the Eighth Sword Deity in the past…

“What are you thinking about!”

Xu Xiaoshou rudely interrupted the girls imagination and impatiently inserted the spiritual sword with a meat skewer in front of her.

Then he said, “Im just taking it out to ask about the probability.

Dont think too much.”

As he spoke, he pulled out hidden bitterness and placed it beside the Flame Python.

“If I gave you this scabbard.

What would my Hidden Bitterness wear”

“Doesnt it need to wear pants”

Hidden Bitterness felt the aura of the famed sword beside him.

It was as if someone had pulled out the quilt and thrown it onto the snow in the middle of winter, and it immediately wilted.

Xu Xiaoshou glared at him and pointed with her finger.

“Look, its only been pulled out for a short while, and its already bent from the cold.”

She looked at the person and sword in front of her and was speechless for a moment.


She muttered under her breath.

She didnt expect Xu Xiaoshous ears to be so sharp that he directly intercepted.


“How am I stingy”

“Ive already planned to lend you the scabbard to obtain the Fourth Sword.

How am I stingy”

“This is helping, helping each other out!”

Xu Xiaoshous tone became agitated.

“How is this helping each other out”

Yu Zhiwen lifted her chin slightly, and the flames reflected the twinkling stars in her eyes.

She immediately refuted, “Ive already given you a famed sword, and youre onlylending me a scabbard”

She deliberately emphasized the wordlend, and her eyes revealed a crafty look.

She just wanted to see Xu Xiaoshou being suppressed by her once again.

However, Xu Xiaoshou did not show any falsehood at all.

“I already have the actual process ofborrowing.

You gave the sword to me.

Thats very reasonable, isnt it”

“Why dont you think about it When the Flame Python was born, you just watched me take down the famed sword.”

“Now that the Fourth Sword hasnt been born yet, I already have the idea oflending the Black Scabbard.”

“When you get the sword, will my efforts be just a little bit more than yours”

Xu Xiaoshou was slapped by two palms.

“Tell me, do you think this is the case”

Yu Zhiwen was immediately stuck.


Why did it seem like what he said


Xu Xiaoshou was once again discouraged and sat helplessly at the side of the bonfire.

“Is this what a woman is like Women always think that their efforts are a little more than others.”

“Sigh, sad, tearful eyes.”

“I…” Yu Zhiwen was immediately angered.

Putting aside the fact that what you said was unreasonable, even if you were right, what does it have to do with us girls

How could you say it all in one sentence and then finish them all in one go

“Im not talking to you anymore.”

She was so angry that she stood up.

Looking at Xu Xiaoshou who was wiping his tears, she stomped her feet and walked out of the cave.

“Darn it.”

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Hey, where are you going”

Xu Xiaoshou was amused by the girls reaction.

Seeing that she was about to leave, he stopped crying, stood up, and called out to her.

“Going to sleep!”

Yu Zhiwen didnt even turn her head.

“Youre going out to sleep”

Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

“Are you mad, Miss You should head inside if youre going to sleep!”

Yu Zhiwen stopped in her tracks and looked back hatefully.

“I like to sleep outside.

What can you do about it”

“What the heck…”

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt stop her.

He looked at Yu Zhiwen as she walked out of the cave in a huff.

Listening to her purposefully stomping footsteps, he felt that it was too cute.

“Sleeping outside is good too.

Then I wont disturb you Be careful.”

He shouted and walked towards the big bed that he had built earlier.

He sighed and smiled, “Thats great.

I like sleeping inside…”

The footsteps suddenly stopped.


Passive Points, 1.”


Passive Points, 1.”

The next day.

Actually, it wasnt counted as the next day.

It was just that Xu Xiaoshou was half asleep when Yu Zhiwen woke him up.

As expected, this lady wasnt a person who could sleep well outside.

After taking advantage of him deeply asleep, she actually ran back to the cave and started practicing her sword!

Xu Xiaoshou was immediately shocked beyond words.

“Why are you practicing in such a small cave”

He asked, but the reply he got was a hateful one, “I like it.

Why do you care”

So Xu Xiaoshou didnt say anything else.

Of course, there were benefits to not being able to sleep.

Lying on the bed in the middle of the night and enjoying the sword dance of such a beautiful woman, although there was always the risk of being stabbed, Xu Xiaoshou was a Master, so he wasnt afraid.

As a result, he held his chin and watched for a long time.

Then, he added, “What a beautiful dance.” With a red face, Yu Zhiwen was defeated.

In the end, he still gave up the grass bed in the cave.

He built a mound on the outside and fell asleep.

He woke up in a dream and traveled through the night.

When they set off again, they were already quite a distance away from the place where the White Cave Flame Python was born.


“Lower your voice.”

It was still the familiar small mound.

Xu Xiaoshou led Yu Zhiwen and squatted behind them.

They looked at the rows of huge White Skeletons in front of them.

Some sat, some stood, some lay, and some bent.

Compared to the two groups that they had seen earlier.

The strength of the group of White Skeletons in front of them was even greater.

Not only did they have terrifying huge weapons in their hands, but even their bodies were also surrounded by a pale-white flame.

“White Skeletons at the master level”

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes as he watched.

He could vaguely see the bone structure of these white bone giants that had completely changed.

“Infernal Fire Seed!”

Without a doubt, these peoples minds were no longer filled with fire-type energy liquids that could explode.

Instead, they were compressed and formed into an Infernal Fire Seed that had turned into an energy core.

Under the constant burning of this flame, the group of White Skeletons in front of them were at the Master level!

“Tsk tsk.”

Xu Xiaoshou could not imagine that such rare Masters would appear in this White Cave.

These fellows had definitely never cultivated the Infernal Heavens before.

If that was the case, they would only be able to achieve a qualitative change after several years of painful burning.

“Lets forget about the qualitative change.”

“The qualitative change has been completed.

These guys are still living in groups, and they are also living in groups with the White Skeletons who are also at the Master level…”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that it was difficult to hold on.

This time, he did not have the confidence to go up and challenge them one by one.

Fortunately, these guys were not as crafty as spiritual cultivators.

Otherwise, if this thing continued to reproduce, the world would end!

“Theres 36 of them.”

Yu Zhiwen carefully counted and then said, “What do you want to do”

“Dig for treasures!”

Xu Xiaoshou said matter-of-factly.

In Yu Zhiwens eyes, this was only the existence of 36 White Skeletons, but in his eyes, it was 36 Infernal Fire Seeds!

At that time, three Infernal Fire Seeds directly allowed him to transform into an Innate Level Physique and dominate the entire Tiansang Spirit Palace.

This meant that the terrifying energy within the Infernal Fire Seed alone was enough to suppress most of the fire-type treasures in the world.

If he didnt take it, how could it fit his reputation of being plucked by wild geese

“How do I take it”

Yu Zhiwen said in distress.

She suddenly stretched out her hand and lightly knocked on Xu Xiaoshous arm.

Feeling the rebounding force, she exclaimed, “They are all Masters, right”

“They are Masters, but they are not as strong as me.”

“But we are outnumbered.”

“I dont plan to keep running…”

Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes in annoyance and slowly pulled out his new partner, the famed sword Flame Python.

“In a fight, you need to rely on your intelligence.”

“You need to figure out what is restraining you first!”

He used his finger to point at Yu Zhiwens forehead and pushed her away.

Only then did he stand up straight and added, “Also, dont touch me carelessly, youll kill someone.”

Yu Zhiwens face burned when she was touched by Xu Xiaoshous sudden touch.

Her heart was in a mess.

It was only now that she realized that she didnt have much distance from the person she had just met.

They were actually so close!

“What do you mean by that… will you die if I touch you”

She said subconsciously.

When she saw Xu Xiaoshou fly up, she advised him worriedly, “Be careful.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

Looking at the group of White Skeletons below, who did not seem to have noticed him, he was slightly stunned.

“Are your eyes burned blind…”

He mocked in his heart and then shouted,

“Hey! Evildoer, die!”

The group of white bone giants heard this and raised their heads.


In an instant, a furious roar resounded through the sky.

It almost blew up the small mound where Yu Zhiwen was hiding.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes steadied as he pointed at the body of the sword.

He could feel the burning fire within it, and his fighting spirit surged.

Even if this famed sword recognized its master, it was forced by that wretched Saint.

Therefore, subconsciously, Xu Xiaoshou found it difficult to sense the hidden spiritual quality of this sword.

But even so.

To recognize a master was to recognize a master.

Once this sword was pulled out, once the sword will resonated…

Its most direct battle desire feedback could be transmitted over in real-time.

“I dont know what you mean either, but since youre with me, then lets fight together!”

“In this world, there are very few things that can truly achieve mutual consent.”

“Just like how I originally didnt want to touch you…”

Xu Xiaoshou lowered his head and said solemnly to the Flame Python, “Even if I formed a relationship with you, I would still be the same.

I was forced by someone and not willingly.”

“But whats the harm”

As he spoke, he raised his head and faced the sky that had no sun, no stars, and only a thin layer of crimson mist.

His eyes suddenly became filled with sword will.

“If you cant see the future of the stars and moon, you can cut it open!”

“Since youve already grasped fate, its called grasping it!”

He held the sword in his hand horizontally.

Xu Xiaoshou grabbed it with his palm as if he had grasped an unfathomable fate.

Sword will poured in.

At this moment, the Flame Python seemed to have also sensed the hidden heart of its master, a surging will that had never appeared before.

“Weng –”

The rising sword will of the Master in the surroundings suddenly became a little more scorching.

Master swordsmans concept.

The famed sword returned to its nest!

It was as if the spiritual sense of water and milk had merged together.

For the first time, in front of a battle, it directly connected with the tiny barrier between Xu Xiaoshou and the Flame Python that had yet to be broken.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou deeply felt the will of the famous Flame Python.

He floated in the void.

There was nothing in front of him, but it was as if he had turned into a huge python that was tens of thousands of feet long.

The place where the snakes eyes were staring was the focus of the death god.

The ambition that was nurtured by his body was the pride of the sword that could not be desecrated and looked down on the world.


A low shout was heard.

The illusion of the Flame Python in front of him shattered and directly turned into light spots that merged into Xu Xiaoshous body.

It jumped down toward the White Cave giant that was charging down with a huge killing weapon.

Xu Xiaoshou raised the famed sword in his hand, and the sword will suddenly disappeared.

The next moment, it was earth-shaking!


The sword will that surged up into the sky again was completely different from before.

There was only a slight burning sensation.

On the contrary, it was as if lava was erupting, and it was enough to melt heaven and earth.

Along with the surging sword will, it overturned the White Skeletons that pounced down on the ground, and it even caused this place to explode!

“Man and sword as one…”

Yu Zhiwen muttered in a daze.

Man and sword as one.

This was a situation that was very simple to say, but in actual practice, it was extremely complicated.

Not only did it require a swordsman to have the most solid foundation in the way of the sword, but it also required an extremely harsh understanding of the Way of the Heavens as well as the requirements for a sword.

Of course, Yu Zhiwen knew.

With Xu Xiaoshous realm, if he were to use Hidden Bitterness, he would definitely not be able to achieve man and sword as one.

After all, his sword could not keep up.

He could use the famed sword.

Even though he was mentally prepared.

However, when she saw that Xu Xiaoshou had completed the process of becoming one with the sword after sleeping for less than a night with the famed sword, she was still shocked.

“How strong is the understanding of the Way of the Sword”

“In other words, even will, even the unyielding conceit of the famed sword, Can Xu Xiaoshou assimilate in an instant and become one with himself”

Yu Zhiwen looked at the young man floating in the air.

Just his sword will alone was enough to blow up the White Skeletons below.

She was momentarily stunned.

At this moment, she was actually unable to differentiate.

Was it the eccentric person who called Xu Xiaoshou without any restraint in front of others

Or was it Xu Xiaoshou who stood in front of her with a sword in his hand, looking down at everyone around him


Passive Points, 1.”

“So strong.”

Xu Xiaoshou was not in the mood to look at the message board at all.

Naturally, he did not know what kind of messy thoughts the woman behind him had when she looked at him.

He was obsessed with the famed sword Flame Python.

Looking at the White Skeleton that had crawled back up, he suddenly felt that he could kill the entire scene with one sword strike.

“Is it an illusion”

Xu Xiaoshou was in a daze for a while, until the sword will that suppress the bones below dissipated, until the deafening roar of the White Skeletons sounded.

The battle was silent.

“Ci –”

Yu Zhiwen trembled when she heard the sound.

She looked at Xu Xiaoshou who had flown to his side at some unknown time and actually began to slowly put his sword back into its scabbard.

This sizzling sound was the strange sound that the Black Scabbard made because it was not suitable for the Flame Python.

“What are you doing”

“They are flying over!”

Yu Zhiwen pointed at the dozens of White Cave giants that pounced behind him in panic.

The figures that blotted out the sky and the terrifying weapons were simply too frightening.


Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head and smiled.

“Theyre already dead.”


Yu Zhiwen hugged her head and was about to lie down when she heard dozens of rumbling sounds.

She immediately turned her head and was shocked to see that the 36 White Skeletons that had just pounced in front of her had, at some point, their bodies and heads separated and fell to the ground in pain!


Yu Zhiwen stared with her eyes wide open.

She could not see clearly when Xu Xiaoshou had struck!

How was this possible

It was only a famed sword, but to this fellow, the increase in his battle prowess had reached such a height

Even her star eyes could not see clearly

Xu Xiaoshous action of putting the sword back into its scabbard came to an end.

As if she was performing some kind of ritual, she tilted her head and stared at the ground, allowing the strong wind brought by the White Skeletons fall to sweep away her hair.

“Withering Snow of the West Wind.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the hissing sound finally faded away.

The sound of the famed swords guard knocking against the scabbard was heard.


Yu Zhiwens heart was in a mess.

“Peeped, Passive Points, 1.”


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