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Chapter 477: A Great Death!

Qu Qing-er immediately staggered.

She had never seen such a stubborn person.

It was obviously such an important piece of information about the “Spirit Fusion Swamp”.

If she did not have the intention of befriending Xu Xiaoshou, she would not have even brought it up.

But even so, the other party still did not appreciate it.

“Are you sure you dont want it”

Qu Qing-er asked seriously.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced behind him.

To be honest, with his current combat strength, as long as he was not an extraordinary existence, he was not afraid of the entire White Cave.

A mere Advanced Infernal Fire Seed, what was there to be afraid of

“I dont want it.”

After saying these words very straightforwardly, he turned his head and looked around, wanting to call Little Yu to leave.


Qu Qing-er was furious.

However, seeing that the two of them were about to leave and she was about to fall back into the mire, she could not help but shout, “Wait!”

Xu Xiaoshou stopped.

“You still have a deal”

“No, but I can choose to give you this information for free!”

Qu Qing-er swallowed her anger.

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

He didnt want this information, but it didnt mean that it wasnt valuable.

The girl in front of him was straightforward.

But when did she become so selfless

“Dont tell me… you have some additional conditions” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“Its not a small condition.”

Qu Qing-er calmed herself down and said gently, “Im not joining your team now, but we can ally.”

As she spoke, she pointed at the people behind her.

“Our team will ally with your team.”

“With the help of your Spirit Array Casters strength and my intelligence, I think we can quickly open up the Spirit Fusion Swamps situation.”


Xu Xiaoshou didnt reply, and the people behind her were surprised.

Chen Chen looked at Qu Qing-er in disbelief, and even Xu Jing was doubtful of Sister Qing-ers decision.

Luo Yupo became even more restless.

He hurriedly stood up from the ground, wanting to refute her.

However, when he caught a glimpse of Yu Zhiwens pretty face, his voice suddenly stopped.


It doesnt seem bad

As long as he could activate the Spirit Fusion Swamps array, that Zhou Tianshen would definitely not be able to withstand it if he was caught off guard.

At that time, as long as he separated the attack range and lost his restraints, the team would fall into his hands sooner or later.

That woman…


Luo Yupo nodded his head and his body froze.

He returned to his original position as if he did not hear the conversation between the two of them.

“You saw it.”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the group of people behind Qu Qing-er and said, “Your companions are also shocked by your decision.”

“They dont like me, and I dont need your help.”

“So, this alliance is meaningless.”

After saying that, he took Little Yus hand and was about to leave.


This time, the one who spoke was actually Yu Zhiwen, who had been silent all this time.

She was the first to break free from Xu Xiaoshous restraint, and then her pair of starry eyes that were flowing with charm withdrew from the distance as she looked at Qu Qing-er with uncertainty.

“You said that you know about the Spirit Fusion Swamp.

Do you know about the existence of theThree Days Frozen Calamity”

Qu Qing-er was stunned for a moment before she narrowed her eyes.

“Three Days Frozen Calamity”

She shook her head.

“Im not sure.”

Xu Xiaoshous eyebrows twitched.

He did not even need the information to remind him.

His quick-witted eyes immediately saw that Qu Qing-er was lying.

“Whats theThree Days Frozen Calamity”

Turning his head, Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“A type of flame.”

Yu Zhiwen explained through telepathic communication, “Legend has it that there is an Ashvattha divine tree that falls upside down in the sky.

On the tree, a fire seed can be formed.

When the fire seed falls to the ground, it will form the flame of Ashvattha, also known as the heavenly flame.”

“The heavenly flame is extraordinary.

According to the information I received, when the White Cave has opened a few years ago, a few treasures worthy of praise were born.”

“The Three Days Frozen Calamity is one of them.”

“Whats even more fortunate is that it was only discovered and has yet to be obtained.”

Xu Xiaoshou was struck by a thought.


The Ashvattha divine tree

He remembered that in the illusion that accompanied his “Cooking Expert”, he had seen a huge ancient tree that appeared out of thin air.

The ancient tree was planted and the fire surged from the split seed.

As a result, he had become proficient with the flame attributes.

If nothing unexpected happened, this Ashvattha divine tree truly existed.

And now…

This kind of absolute power, which usually appeared in the highest form in the illusion, had actually appeared in front of him

Although this was only a possibility, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt that this so-called “Spirit Fusion Swamp” seemed to have a bit more attraction.

“You can choose to team up with her or form an alliance with her.”

Yu Zhiwen could see Xu Xiaoshous interest and immediately advised, “The Plenty Gold Company has the knowledge of the Plenty Gold Company after all.

Im far away and only know about the news.

The specific details are definitely not as clear as hers.”

Xu Xiaoshou was somewhat hesitant.

He glanced at Yu Zhiwen, his eyeballs rolling a few times before his mouth moved again.

“We can form a team.”

Yu Zhiwen knew what he wanted to ask.

She nodded and said, “If it really is theThree Days Frozen Calamity, perhaps our strength alone is not enough to deal with it.”

“After all, strictly speaking, this treasure is not inferior to the famed sword at all.”

“Perhaps in the eyes of fire-type spiritual cultivators, it is even more precious!”

“Therefore, if it really comes into being, it will inevitably attract the attention of the people in the world.”

“If we can get the upper hand first, even if we dont, we have the information and that is still better than nothing.”

To be honest, Yu Zhiwen did not have flame attributes, so she would not have paid so much attention to it.

However, Xu Xiaoshou has a flame attribute!

If they really wanted to pull this person into the Holy Divine Palace, if they could help him take down the “Three Days Frozen Calamity”, it would definitely be a huge investment!

After saying this, Yu Zhiwen once again put her hands behind her back and fell silent.

She could provide her own opinion, but when it comes to referencing and making choices, that would depend solely on the team leader, Xu Xiaoshou.

“How is it”

Qu Qing-ers eyes were also filled with anticipation.

The information regarding the Three Days Frozen Calamity from the Spirit Fusion Swamp was already considered top-notch.

Lets not talk about whether they would be able to encounter it.

If they did find it, she, who was prepared, might not necessarily lose to Xu Xiaoshou.

Therefore, this alliance was still very important in her eyes.

Xu Xiaoshou swept his gaze over and saw a few guys with different expressions standing not far away.

He no longer hesitated.

He chose to believe in Little Yu.

“I agree.”

“Cursed, Passive Points, 3.”

“Admired, Passive Points, 1.”

“Resented, Passive Points, 3.”


Qu Qing-ers face instantly bloomed.

However, other than her, the rest of the people in the room had ugly expressions on their faces.

Even Luo Yupo had a gloomy expression on his face at this moment.

No one could tell what he was thinking.

Xu Xiaoshou did not care about this.

In his opinion, Qu Qing-er was the only one of value in this team.

As for the rest of them…

As long as they did not cause any trouble at the crucial moment, or even drop the ball, he did not mind at all.

As for Qu Qing-er, she had thrown the original team to the back of her mind.

In fact, she even wished that because of her decision, the rest of them would form their own teams and abandon her.

This way, she could leave with Xu Xiaoshou.

But it was a pity.

Although they didnt like Xu Xiaoshou, Xu Xiaoshous powerful battle prowess was also clearly seen just now.

In the White Cave.

It didnt matter if his character was difficult, she could just make do with it.

Strength was truly hard to come by!

Even if she had to ride on this guys coattails, even if she felt bad, she would bear with it first!

It was much better than losing her life in a sudden accident.

“Happy cooperation.”

Qu Qing-er reached out her hand and was about to high-five him.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt make a move, but suddenly said, “Cooperation is possible, but I have a few small requests.”

“Go ahead.”

Qu Qing-er did not let go of her hand.

She looked at the person in front of her with a smile.

“First of all, even though we are allies, to prevent accidents from happening, this alliance can only have one person in charge, and that person is me.”

Xu Xiaoshou did not give in to Qu Qing-er.

Qu Qing-er nodded her head.

“Its a small matter.”

She turned around.

“You guys heard it too You dont have any objections, right”

Chen Chen and the rest lowered their heads.

No objections.

How would we dare to have any objections

“Criticized, Passive Points, 2.”

“Do you have any objections”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Luo Yupo.

He always felt that this was an unstable factor.

Luo Yupo shook his head silently.

At this moment, he did not want to talk to Xu Xiaoshou at all.

A person who was about to die had nothing to say.

“Scorned, Passive Points, 1.”

“Very good, no one has any objections.

Our alliance is very happy.”

Qu Qing-er smiled and ignored her former teammates expression.

She asked, “Whats the second condition”

“There are no more conditions.”

Seeing that everyone was so obedient, Xu Xiaoshou did not need to say anything about the series of restrictions that he had prepared beforehand.

“Lead the way.”

He paused for a moment and said, “Go to the place where you couldnt rush past before.”

Luo Yupos heart moved.

Along with Chen Chen, Xu Jing, and Du Cheng, they followed the team silently.


Qu Qing-ers expression was very excited.

Their team was lacking a Spirit Array Caster, or rather, a Spirit Array Caster who has more self-awareness.

With Xu Xiaoshou and Yu Zhiwen taking over, the strength of this team increased.

“How should I address this sister”

Qu Qing-er led the way and looked at Yu Zhiwen as they walked.

Luo Yupo interrupted at the right time, “Im Luo Yupo.

May I know your name”

Obviously, they were already allies.

Exchanging names was the most basic form of respect.

“Yu Zhiwen.”

“Yu Zhiwen of the Spring River Warm Duck Prophet.”

Before Yu Zhiwen could speak, Xu Xiaoshou had already spoken first.

“Luo Yupo, right I got it.

Go to the end of the team and cover the rear!”

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

He paused and was about to continue speaking when Xu Xiaoshou cut him off.

“The safety of our allies is more important.

Just now, you said that you agreed to let me be the leader, so now, listen to me first.”

“Good boy, go and cover the rear.

We need your protection.”

Luo Yupo froze.

His mouth twitched twice, but he was speechless.

His body stopped, but the large group was still moving.

This time, there was no need to move.

He was directly at the rear of the group.

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Duck Prophet…”

Yu Zhiwen was immersed in Xu Xiaoshous introduction and could not extricate herself for a long time.

She pondered for a long time and finally could not help but ask, “Why is it a duck…”

“Dont you think its easy to remember Once you say it, everyone will understand.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Qu Qing-er and said, “Right”

Qu Qing-er was a little speechless.

Although it was said that this was a completely unrelated creature that had been added to the introduction.

But after Xu Xiaoshou said that, she actually understood what the words “Yu Zhiwen” were made of.


She laughed and stopped talking nonsense with Xu Xiaoshou.

She rushed towards the Spirit Fusion Swamp.

The large group flew slowly.

After passing by a large clump of Flaming Maple Tree, they finally stopped in front of the clearing where the small forest was getting hotter and hotter.

“Its here.”

Qu Qing-er stopped in her tracks.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at it.

The scorched marks, rotten tree stumps, and tree roots all showed the battle that had happened before.

With just a glance, he could tell that it wasnt just Qu Qing-er and the others who had come here.

Some of the old battle scars might have been left behind years ago.

He looked further ahead.

In front of the empty land, there was an extremely faint layer of orange-red mist.

An unceasing burning sensation was transmitted from within.

“Spiritual array”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at it but was unable to see the spiritual veins here.

However, a faint yet somewhat familiar scent of divine secrets was emitted from within the orange-red mist.

“Divine Array.”

Yu Zhiwens eyes flashed with light.

It was extremely beautiful, and there was a certain certainty in her words.

“The spiritual array here isnt man-made.

Its actually created by Heaven and earth”

“Thats right.

There are many arrays created by Heaven and earth in the White Cave.

TheThirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array is one of them.”


“So what” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“Are there any big differences between arrays created by Heaven and earth and man-made spiritual arrays”


Yu Zhiwen tilted her head.

“A heaven and earth formation is usually used to protect a heaven and earth treasure.”

“Or to put it another way…”

She deliberated over her words and said, “Its used to prevent the power of a heaven and earth treasure from destroying the balance of the heavenly axiom in this extradimensional world.”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes immediately lit up.

Qu Qing-er, Chen Chen, and the others were also greatly moved when they heard this.

They had met someone who knew what was good for them!

This time, they reckoned that they wouldnt have to be burnt to a crisp by the Heaven and Earth array!

Perhaps they could even covet the treasure Inside

Only Luo Yupo managed to squeeze out a fake smile of joy.

“Divine Secret”

He had vaguely heard this term from the elders in the family.

But to be honest, he was completely at a loss as to what exactly it was.

Even so, this did not prevent him from judging with a single glance that the strength of Yu Zhiwens spiritual array was not inferior to his.

If that was the case…

“Im not afraid!”

Luo Yupo glanced at Xu Xiaoshou, who was still asking all sorts of questions from the corner of his eye.

The strong one was Yu Zhiwen, not this young man.

In that case, he would still be unable to escape from his grasp!

With a slight movement of his fingers behind his back, the little bit of spirit array that he had just comprehended was gradually activated.

“Framed, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshous questions suddenly paused.

After glancing at the information pane, his expression returned to normal.

A trap

Had it already begun

He used his toes to think.

He knew that Luo Yupo was already on the move.

Even without using his toes, Luo Yupos restless fingers could be clearly seen in the “Perception” screen that had no blind spots.

Even the three spirals on the fingerprint were so conspicuous.


Hide my foot!

“Little Yu, its up to you now.

I only know a little about the Way of Spirit Array.

I havent even fully grasped the few that you taught me!”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and patted Yu Zhiwens shoulder.

“Good luck.”

“Attention, Passive Points, 1.”

Yu Zhiwen gave Xu Xiaoshou a strange look.

Without saying anything, she gently drew a line in the air with his delicate hand.

A complicated circle-shaped pattern spread out and evolved from a blazing light to a green color.

Finally, it completely merged with the orange-red mist in front of her.


The star pupil opened.

The mist in front of her seemed to have received guidance.

After a slight shake, it began to reveal a faint divine trace of the path.

“I can see it”

Xu Xiaoshou activated his “Perception” and saw the divine trace of the path that he could only observe when he was comprehending heaven and earth.

He was a little shocked.

The power of the star pupil was not only amplified by its owner, but it could also affect the Order of the Heavens in the outside world

“No, or rather, this star pupil was originally used to manipulate the Divine Secrets.”

“However, Little Yu is only at the peak of the Innate Stage and has not been able to fully develop the power of this pair of eyes…”

Xu Xiaoshou was suddenly enlightened.

At this moment, his evaluation of Yu Zhiwen had increased by several levels.

This girl was definitely the type that would stabilize first before exploding.

Once her strength increased…

Perhaps, it would be the beginning of her battle prowess!

“This is… an array pattern”

Luo Yupo was also looking at the spiritual mist in front of him with some surprise.

He was initially confused, but when the faint divine marks were revealed, the answer appeared in parentheses.


“What kind of spiritual technique is this”

At the end of the team, Luo Yupo couldnt see Yu Zhiwens star eyes at all.

However, he immediately realized that such a spiritual technique was definitely a divine technique among divine skills for a Spirit Array Caster!

“I cant delay.”

Seizing the time, while Yu Zhiwen was comprehending the Divine Secrets of the spiritual mist, she also began to crack more secrets of this array.

The scene fell silent for a moment.

No one dared to disturb Yu Zhiwen.

Everyone knew that as long as her progress did not breakthrough, the team would definitely be shut out by the spiritual mist again.

Qu Qing-er looked around with a slightly bored gaze.

She could see the anticipation and excitement of Chen Chen, Xu Jing, and the others.

She could also see Du Chengs ice-cold indifference, which was like a transparent person who never moved an iceberg and did not understand his thoughts.

Luo Yupo pretended to look at him with disdain.

She could also see the hidden focus on the progress of cracking the spiritual mist.

As for Xu Xiaoshou…

“Good Lord, are you asleep”


Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou leaned against the tree and closed his eyes.

He seemed to be resting with his eyes closed.

However, not only did he know Luo Yupos every move clearly but he could also “percept” through the orange-red mist that had been imprinted with the mark of Heavens secret!

“So deep.”

Under the coverage of “Perception”, the mist seemed to extend endlessly to an unknown place.

As such, it meant that they still had a few miles to go before they could pass through the fog.

As the “Perception” went through the various dangerous attacks in the fog, Xu Xiaoshou also memorized them one by one.

“Continue forward.”

His body didnt move, but Xu Xiaoshous desire to probe had been completely stimulated by the mist.

What was the thing that was protected by such a dense mist of Divine Secrets

“Spirit Fusion Swamp…”

After his “Perception” beam gave up on exploring the area, it transformed into an existence that was like a laser beam.

It was thicker, longer, and deeper as it probed towards the end.

“Its broken!”

This probing did not matter.

Xu Xiaoshou directly passed through the mist and saw a black and red burnt swamp.

The swamp was extremely large, and there was hot steam rising from it.

It was as if beneath the surface of the earth, there was semi-solidified magma flowing.

Such temperature directly burned Xu Xiaoshous soul.

The scene trembled.

Xu Xiaoshou forcefully stabilized himself.

He moved his thick and long laser beam and shot it elsewhere.

“Swamp, swamp, or swamp…”

Once his “Perception” was suppressed, the things that could be sent back would become very limited.

Xu Xiaoshou controlled his “Perception” ability with some difficulty.

At this moment, he was sweating profusely.


All of a sudden, a white color appeared under the “Perception” vision, directly covering all the swamp images on the ground.

“Such a vast whiteness…”

Xu Xiaoshou was a little surprised.

He swept left and right, and very quickly, a white image appeared.

He realized that something was wrong, so he shifted his “Perception” back and looked up.

It was still white!

He continued to look…

It was still white!

“So high…”

Xu Xiaoshou had a faint ominous premonition in his heart.

Why did this white color look so familiar

Finally, after a few dozen meters long and nearly a hundred meters long, the white scene came to an end.

What appeared in Xu Xiaoshous mind was a huge head that was burning with white flames!


Just as his mental strength came into contact with the white flames, his mind rumbled, and Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” was directly burnt to a pulp.

The laser beam was no longer there.

It turned into a blurry “Perception” initial range, and the dust settled.

However, the images that appeared again were as if they had been suddenly shot by the blazing sun.

They were so blurry.

Even so, Xu Xiaoshou could not care about these things anymore.

His heart was in a state of shock.

“White Bone Giant!”

The endless white color that was nearly a hundred meters high just now was actually the body of the white bone giant!

And the last head was the big head of the White Skeleton carrying the Infernal Fire Seed!

“No, its not the Infernal Fire Seed.”

“Its the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed!”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked beyond words.

He had never imagined that the White Cave giant would be so tall.

And the white flame of such intensity had directly burned his “Perception” to a pulp with just a glance.

This was the first time he had seen it.


The second time.

Xu Xiaohes pupils suddenly constricted.

He had seen such a white flame before!

At that time, the Masked Man attacked the Inner Yard at night.

At the back of the mountain, Elder Sang had used such white flame and the Dragon Melting Realm to lock down the terrifying “Saint Servant” Chief.

At that time, Elder Sangs power was gathered together and no one else was hurt.

Xu Xiaoshou could see through it.

But at this time…

Under the undisguised destruction, Xu Xiaoshou almost went blind!

“So, the White Skeleton has been burned into white flames because of the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed”

“Does that mean that its body… is close to the level of a Sovereign”

Xu Xiaoshou held his head and suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Thats right.

The Infernal energy liquid could train the White Skeletons Innate Level Physique.

The Infernal Fire Seed was equivalent to a Master Physique.

Wasnt the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed equivalent to a Sovereigns Physique

To think that he foolishly looked down on the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed, thinking that he could capture it easily.

Who would have thought that while he was thinking about the other party, the other party might also think of him as food

“Watched, Passive Points, 1.”

The information window suddenly jumped.

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

He immediately focused his gaze on Luo Yupo, but this fellow was still focused on cracking the spirit array, so he wasnt paying attention to him at all.

The other members of the team were even more so.

Then, where did this attention come from

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

He thought of the scene he saw just now.

Could it be that his “Perception” had already alerted the White Bone Giant

But that wasnt right!

Wasnt the information bar only targeted at Spiritual Cultivators

Those White Skeletons didnt have intelligence…

Wait a minute!

Spiritual intelligence

“Ambushed, Passive Points, 1.”

When the information bar popped up again, Xu Xiaoshous face turned green.

He immediately shouted, “Little Yu, be careful!”

It was too late!

“Roar –”

Amid the spiritual mist, a White Skeleton that seemed to be able to break the sky blew its horn.

The sonic boom caused the heaven and earth mist to collapse.

The two people who were focused on the spiritual array and the other members of the team who were bored to death were all blown away.



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