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Chapter 487: Affair of the White Bone Gate

“Search! Search quickly!”

“But, after walking for so long, why havent I seen any high-grade treasures”

“In such a forbidden area protected by Heaven and Earth Great Array, there shouldnt be only these things inside!”

“I only found a few eighth-grade fire-type spirit herbs.”

“Me too, only a few scattered medicinal herbs, I didnt see anything else at all…”

Everyone who was rushing into the Spirit Fusion Swamp calmed down slightly.

At this moment, they were not far from the deepest part of the swamp.

However, there were only a few treasures that had appeared.

It was not enough for everyone to share.


“Look at the big footprint on the ground.

The guard here must definitely be a tough giant!”

“Is this a footprint”

One of them looked at the deep pit on the ground and fell into deep thought.

“Yes, look at the toe print on its top.

Although its too deep to see clearly, the owner of this thing is definitely a big guy.”

“Its hard to say.

Then the scattered spirit herbs here were probably the remnants after it trampled on them.”

“Sigh, what a waste of Gods gift…”


The ground trembled slightly.

Those with sharp senses finally noticed this small detail.


“Could it be that the big guy is coming back” Someone was surprised.

“It seems possible.

The explosion has been over since a few hours ago.

This means that the battle has ended.”

“The one who is rushing here now, if its not the guard of this forbidden land, must be the one who killed the guardian of this forbidden land.”

“Its not going to be a friendly one.”

“More importantly, judging from the tremors on the ground, he must be of great size.

That guardian is coming back”

Everyone started to panic.

The guard of this forbidden land must be extremely powerful.

If they were caught by the guard, especially one with such a giant footprint, wouldnt everyone be crushed by a few fingers

“Look at that guy!”

Everyone gasped.

Some sharp-eyed people saw that two figures were still flying in the same direction.

Even seventh or eighth-grade spirit herbs couldnt stop them.

“Are they rushing to be reincarnated”

“No, they are so determined.

Maybe they know some other secrets”

“Oh Interesting…”

“Keep up!”

The idle crowd was immediately attracted by the two

Some people sniffed the icy power and moved in the direction of the wind.

However, if too many people rushed to the icy land.

The amount of profit that they could get in the end would definitely be much less.

Under such circumstances, if the two people who were speeding away knew something behind the scenes.

Perhaps they would be able to get more if they kept up

“Theres no time to think.

Lets follow them first!”

The ground trembled more and more, causing everyone dared not to think too much.

At this moment, they could either shamelessly go behind the group of big shots and split the ice secret treasure.

Or they could choose to believe in those two people who had a firm goal and share an unknown big cake.

“There are too many people in the land of ice.”

“Furthermore, those two guys…”

“Their realms arent that high”

They couldnt see clearly of that mans realm.

But that woman was only at peak Innate realm.

In front of a group of members led by Master realms, it was not high enough.

“Lets go and see where they are secretly rushing to and what they are doing.”

“Hehe, I like being the third wheel.”

“Lets go!”


“Xu Xiaoshou, someone is following us.”

Yu Zhiwen immediately noticed that everyones target had been split up.

Since they were so determined, someone must have noticed something.

“Its not a problem.”

Xu Xiaobei did not even turn his head.

“Its best that this group of people can keep up.”

“I can already feel the tremors on the ground.

That white skeleton is definitely coming back.”

“Once the array is broken, its so flustered that it doesnt even care about sleeping.

This means that theres something good in its nest.”

“If these people follow us, if we really encounter that big fellow, then it wont be just the two of us holding the fort anymore.”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

“With someone distracting that skeleton, well be able to run faster.”

Yu Zhiwen was stunned for a moment.

“So vicious.”

She did not dare to say it out loud.

Instead, she quietly followed behind Xu Xiaojie, acting as a beautiful accessory.

“Silently criticized.

Passive value, 1.”


Passive value, 23.”


Passive value, 34.”


“Were here.”

The scene at the end of his “perception” was the place where the white skeleton had settled down when Xu Xiaoshou was being peeped at.

At that time, he had only been attracted by that big fellow.

However, he still remembered some familiar settings around the skeleton.

At this moment, as he got closer, Xu Xiaoshou could finally see the situation inside clearly.

On the bumpy ground that was obviously trampled by the white skeleton, there was a huge castle made of dense white bones.

Calling it a castle was actually a little too much.

It was only as tall as a castle.

It was a special height so that huge skeleton could be able to live in there.

However, its appearance was really too horrible to look at.

All kinds of secret treasures, weapon fragments, and iron ores were mixed among the white skeletons body fragments.

They were casually melted together with high temperature, and stacked up to form a huge bone door.

The bone door was more than 300 feet long.

This was a height that even the big white skeleton did not need to bend down to walk into.

To humans, this was simply a white bone South Heaven Gate!

“So tall.”

Yu Zhiwen, who was behind him, was also shocked by this bone door.

Looking at this height, if there werent thousands of ordinary size skeletons here, they would not be able to stack up to such a height.

In other words, the big guy must have come through the pile of white bones and death to reach this level.

“Spirit tree”

Yu Zhiwen moved her eyes away from the bone door and sensed something was wrong.

Besides the bone door, a group of mutated Flaming Maple Tree stood tall.

The dense fire-type spiritual energy was constantly emitted.

At a glance, it was not just a seventh or eighth-grade spirit tree.

It might even be close to fifth or sixth grade.

“There are so many master spirit trees”

Yu Zhiwen was shocked.

This mutated Flaming Maple Tree was simply a wild fire-type treasure!

And looking at this quantity…

The normally Master level spiritual herbs that were sold for astronomical prices no matter how small they are, were now growing in clusters, and with an abnormal height.

“If I take down this forest, wont I be rich”

Dont Judge Yu Zhiwen by her wealth.

Even when she faced these mutated Flaming Maple Trees, she also had the desire to stay and cut down the trees.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

Her call had yet to ring out.

Yu Zhiwens gaze turned downwards, and a look of shock appeared on her face.

She saw that the ground that was completely ignored because of Flaming Maple wasnt covered with weeds.

On the contrary, in such a dense fire attribute holy land.

These things that looked like weeds were all fire-type spirit herbs that werent inferior to the mutated Flaming Maples.

The amount of them…

How big the Flaming Maple forest was, the number of small-scale spirit herbs that grew on the ground was as much as the size!

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

Yu Zhiwen muttered unconsciously.

Smelling the scent in the air, her pretty face started to blush as if her heart was palpitating.


“Emotion ascending flower, grade five pinnacle variant spirit herb, five petals of peanuts, petals of aphrodisiac.

It tastes sweet when taken orally, but can not be eaten too much.

Effects: impotence, nourishing Yin, tonifying the kidney, lasting.”

“Tide rising Mitsubishi Grade, grade five pinnacle variant spirit herb, shaped like a triangular arrow, can be used to break through realms.

The texture is hard, can not be taken orally, tastes bitter, can be put into the soup.

The soups effect is very strong, it has an aphrodisiac effect.”

“Depravity, grade four peak variant fire-type magic medicine.

It has strong fire toxicity.

It has a fragrant taste and a crispy texture.

Its hot on the outside but tender on the inside.

Its extremely masculine and not suitable for men.

Its suitable for women and can instantly soften the throne.”


With a rough glance, Xu Xiaoyu felt that something was wrong.

The information given in his mind was surprisingly consistent for the first time.

Not only were the spiritual herbs around the bone gate all fourth or fifth grade fire-type spiritual herbs but they were also mutated spiritual herbs.

Their medicinal properties were so strong that they might even be a grade higher.

“Doesnt this mean that they are all Sovereign stage spiritual herbs”

Xu Xiao was shocked.

If not for his “Culinary Skills”, he might not even be able to name a single herb at this moment.

After all, in the jade slip that elder sang gave him, there were only a few dozen spirit herbs that could be included in this place.

But the quantity here…

“Im rich, Im rich, there are thousands and thousands of throne spirit herbs.

We really came to the right place!”


Xu Xiao was conflicted.

Why the consistency of these spirit herbs was all displayed in their aphrodisiac uses!

Even if it was a useless grade five spirit herb.

In the information that was given in his mind, there was also anaphrodisiac or an implicit explanation of the wordaphrodisiac.

“Is this a variant”

“Could it be that because the white skeleton possessed white flame, his cultivated here causing these spirit herbs mutation direction problems”

“But, if its the white flames problem…”

Xu Xiaohe panicked.

The jade slip Elder Sang gave him did not mention that the white flame had such side effects!

But if it wasnt..

He suddenly thought of the old mans skinny body, as well as the thick dark circles under his eyes that would never be removed.


“Could it be…”

Xu Xiaobei doubted whether he should cultivate white flame or not.


He turned around.

Xiaoyus face, which was emitting red mist as if she was drunk, stunned him for a moment.

A faint fragrance of woman seemed to come from the air.

Xu Xiaobei immediately sensed that something was wrong.

“Damn it!”

“Its caused by the medicinal fragrance of these damn spirit herbs!”

There were tens of thousands of Sovereign Stage spirit herbs.

Even if they didnt take it orally, just the fragrance of the spirit herbs alone was probably no less than absorbing a few Innate or even Master pills at this moment.

Moreover, it was an aphrodisiac pill.


Xu Xiaohe shouted loudly.

Looking at Yu Zhiwens faint body that seemed to be about to collapse, he pounced over and hugged her.

“En ~”

“Resisted, passive value, 1.”

Xu Xiaojie:”…”

Was it that scary

This was a peak Innate expert!

She had only absorbed a little medicinal fragrance and she was already so affected

“Her temperature is so high.”

The scorching heat from her palm made Xu Xiaojie panic.

“Xu Xiaojie, i, why do I feel that something is wrong…”

Yu Zhiwen spoke softly.

The moment she spoke, she felt that she had changed.

It wasnt just her voice, even her body..

She felt weak all over!

Especially the moment Xu Xiaobei hugged her, a special desire rushed up to her spiritual altar, almost destroying her consciousness.


“Dont move!”

Xu Xiaobei held her in his arm, indicating that he could still hold on.

He was a Master.

He had a will that was like steel that had been burned by the ember flame seed.

But all of this was under the condition that the beauty in his arms did not move.

If under such a spiritual medicine fragrance,

Xiao Yu still spoke and moved like this,

Which man in the world could withstand it

“Hu ~”

The “Breathing technique” had established a miracle.

With just a breath of relief, Xu Xiaojie had unleashed all of the desires and medicinal effects in his body.

He touched Yu Zhiwens forehead.

“You have a fever.”


“Dont speak.”


“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

Yu Zhiwen finally came to a realization.

This place was very strange.

It was still very strange in that awkward direction!

At the thought of this, her entire face turned even redder, as alluring as an apple.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head away, not daring to continue staring.

He shifted his gaze away, and with his “Perception”, he saw that the group of men and women behind him were in an even worse state.

There were even some who had already been hugging each other.

“The worlds ethos is declining, the worlds ethos is burning…”

Xu Xiaohe sighed just now, and his face froze.

He felt his waist being hugged by someone.

“Let go of me, Xiao Yu, you have to restrain yourself,”Xu Xiaohe said with his head lowered.


“I cant, there are outsiders here…” Xu Xiaohes face turned bitter.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

Yu Zhiwens voice suddenly became louder.

She seemed to want to resist.

However, after she called out, she seemed even more intoxicated as she tightly hugged the body in front of her that was emitting a fatal temptation.

“Embraced, passive value, 1.”

“Seduced, passive value, 1.”

“Seduced, passive value, 1.”

“Oh my Gosh…”

Xu Xiaobeis entire body stiffened.

He had never been hugged by a woman in such an intimate position in broad daylight, and it was even more so under the watchful eyes of everyone.

Even though these people were in a daze at this moment, they had no time to care about anything else.

But being hugged, he was really being hugged!

“Wake up!”

Xu Xiaoshi pulled the beauty hanging on his waist up.

Yu Zhiwens condition became even worse.

She was like a drunken shrimp, her whole body drooping.

Hearing the call, she lifted her small face.

Xu Xiaobei instantly became absent-minded!

Her eyes, which were shining with a brilliant mist, were like the most beautiful gemstones in the world, shining in the pink mist around her.

Her delicate nose was covered in sweat.

Under the contrast of her pretty face, even her sweat looked crystal clear and shiny.

Her red lips, which were pouting like a little girl after being rejected, were also exuding a fatal temptation at this moment.



Xu Xiaoshou swallowed his saliva and was speechless.

Yu Zhiwen tilted her head and her black hair fell down.

He felt that the world had lost its luster and only the peerless color in front of him was left.

“Peng peng peng!”

His heart was beating faster.


The earth was shaking.

But not many people could hear it.

Xu Xiaoshou was suddenly jolted awake.

He did not expect that the biggest fatal point of entering Spirit Fusion Swamp would actually be Yu Zhiwen.

“Wake up, Xiaoyu, wake up.

This cant do.

That big guy is coming…”

“Ha ~”

Yu Zhiwen, who was lifted into the air, could no longer control her posture.

She exhaled like an orchid, and her hands directly hooked around Xu Xiaoshous neck.

She leaned his face close to the young man in front of him.

A slightly rapid breathing came at his ears.

On his chest, he could feel the intense heartbeat of the girl in his arms.

Xu Xiaoshous words were cut off.

If this situation was really resolved…

Then there was only one way.


Suck out the deadly poison gas in Xiao Yus body using the “Breathing method”!

Then, how was he going to do it

Xu Xiaohe hesitated for a moment.

“Im sorry.”

He did not think for long and quickly made a decision.

He held the womans waist with one hand and lifted the girls hot face on his shoulder with the other.

He stared at the seductive red lips and took two deep breaths.

“This is my first time.

Actually, youve earned it.”

Facing to face.

He was about to touch it.


The sky suddenly turned dark.

A white bone giant that seemed to be about to cross the sky and earth gradually appeared above everyones head.

The scene seemed to be frozen.


On the other side, there was another extremely fast sound of rushing wind.

A tiny black shadow appeared in front of the white skeleton.



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