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Chapter 502: The Sky Is a Cauldron to Refine All Living Beings!


“Hey, Hey, Hey”


Xu Xiaobei temporarily gave up on communicating with the Ember Kindling.

Instead, he focused all his attention on the white pearl.

He felt that if this thing was not solved, he would not be able to sleep or cultivate to his hearts content.

But after calling out for a while, the white pearl was still calm.

It was as if it had completely returned to its previous state.

No matter what method he used, even if he used his spiritual sense to communicate, there was no response at all.

“Playing dead, right”

Xu Xiaobei frowned.

He glanced at theEmber origins seedwhose power was forcibly withdrawn and said angrily, “You could clearly communicate just now, but you could also hear me.

Whats going on now”

“You picked it up”


After waiting for a long while, his angry words were like a stone that sank into the ocean, and there was no reply.

“Youre quite arrogant…”

Xu Xiaoke knew in his heart that using such a conventional method was destined to be unable to communicate with that unknown fellow.

His eyes rolled, and his face darkened.

“Are you crazy Youre already in my Yuan court.

Cant you see my situation”

“I need to use the power of the ember seed now.

I need to use it, do you understand !”

“How can I activate it when the energy is completely sealed How can I use the energy of this flame seed to combine with the three-day frost tribulation to blow up this small space”

He said in exasperation, and his spiritual sense suddenly wrapped around the ember seed.


“I could still feel a little bit of temperature, but now I cant do it no matter how hard I try.”

“So, do you want to find the flame seed for yourself, or do you really want to help me increase my strength so that I can help you again”

“If you have such a plan, loosen the seal for me so that I can easily absorb the power inside the flame seed.”

“In that case, my strength will increase, and Ill be able to do things for You When Im out, wont I”

Xu Xiao used her spiritual thoughts to conjure a physical body, and danced along with the words.

He did not know if the other party could see everything in the Yuan court, or if he could only hear the sounds.

However, he had to express his anxious emotions completely.


There was no response.

No matter how intense his emotions were this time, the white bead did not have the same direct feedback as last time.

Without the Great Daos voice, the white cave map would not appear.

If the map did not appear, the void crack would not exist either.

As such..

Xu Xiaoyu frowned.

He seemed to have understood something.

“Could it be that only when the white bead called out, could it sense that I was communicating with it and give a timely response”

It was very likely!

He recalled the previous situation.

He had communicated with the Tinder and the white bead at the same time, causing the chanting of the Great Dao to continue to appear.

Only then would there be a response from within the crack.

The current situation was equivalent to hanging up the phone.

No matter how intense his emotions were, it was impossible for it to sense it.

“Thats still alright…”

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoers heart slightly calmed down.

At least, this guy didnt just come and go as he pleased.

There was probably more than one small world between them.

Even if the embarrassed Saint wanted to help, he had to pay a price.

“Hows the situation with the gray fog people”

Xu Xiaobei released his spiritual sense and saw the scene on the other side.

Obviously, without the ice or fire attributes, even if the gray fog peoples sealing attributes were as high as the sky, it was indeed difficult to collect treasures like the three-day frozen tribulation.

Looking at the seal fog that was getting thicker and thicker, Xu Xiaohe guessed that the other party might not even understand it.

After all, the reason why he was able to keep the ember origins seed in Yuan court so quickly was because of the special existence of the white pearl in his mind.

“Very good…”

Knowing that he was already a big step ahead, Xu Xiaohe was no longer in a hurry.

After slightly calming his mind down from the shocking reasoning just now, he silently remembered the time.

Now that the power of theEmber Originswas completely sealed, he could not continue to communicate with the will in the white pearl by combining the two.

But there was another way..

Ten minutes!

Every ten minutes, the white pearl would wake up.

If his deduction was correct, then three minutes later, everything could be verified successfully!


In the sealed realm, ah Jie called out softly by his side.

He did not know what Xu Xiaozhe was doing.

But this kind of situation where he could stay in a daze for an entire night after completely settling down..

Ah Jie indicated that he was used to it.


Xu Xiaozhe grasped the time and saw that nothing unexpected had happened in the outside world, so his attention was completely focused on the white pearl.

As expected.

When the time was up.


The voice that cleansed the soul appeared once again.

At the same time, the small map that covered all the terrain and treasures of the White Cave also appeared.

It threw away all other distractions.

When the voice appeared, Xu Xiaobeis eyes immediately locked onto the crack at the end of the map.


After shouting, his mouth was smeared with oil as he continued speaking:

“Im going to use the power of theEmber Originsnow, but youve completely sealed off the power of this thing.

Whats going on”

“If I cant activate the power of the Tinder, then I cant blow up this space.

If I cant blow up this space, then that guy outside wants me dead.

After I die, your plan will be ruined.

No one will run errands for you, do you understand !”

“If you understand, then open the seal for me!”

“Dont completely open it.

If you completely open it, Ill die too.

Just a little bit of power, and itll be fine as long as it can be used by me”

“As for that degree…”

Xu Xiaozhe suddenly stopped.

Looking at the map of the white cavern that disappeared after a single sound, he felt his mouth go dry.

He said the rest of his words weakly:

“As for that degree, it should be about the same as the Embers flame seed.

Perhaps it can be a little lower than the Embers flame seed.”

“After all, it wont be tiring for me to cultivate like this…”

“Forget it, you can grasp it yourself…”

He gave up.

The map of the White Cave was gone.

How could the other party still hear it

As for whether the first half of the words could be transmitted over..


Xu Xiao was distressed.

What the hell was this!

He had transformed into a physical entity and was roaring in the Zifu Yuan court.

If outsiders were to see this, wouldnt they think that he was a lunatic


Before he could finish mocking himself, Xu Xiao heard the voice that had ended just now ring out once more.

He looked over in surprise, only to see that the map had once again appeared on the white pearl.

And in the deepest crack, a wave of irresistible power surged out.

The power transformed into a beam of light that continuously shone on theEmber origin.

Xu Xiaoyu felt that he had seen a miracle.

This was… really useful


The beam of light didnt disappear.

Soon, Xu Xiaoyu felt that the temperature of his Zifu Yuan court was rising.

“Arent you leaving yet”

Under the injection of the beam of light, the milky-white flame seed gradually faded away from its dust color and gradually emitted its own luster.

Xu Xiaohe immediately understood.

The other party probably didnt know what temperature he wanted either.

Therefore, he chose this method of increasing the temperature step by step.

As long as he felt the limit, he could stop it at any time


Xu Xiaohe was praised, but he saw the beam of light tremble.

He immediately became anxious.

“Hey, hey, steady, steady!”

“Chi Chi”

His spiritual sense gradually emitted sounds of being unable to bear the burden.

Xu Xiaohe began to feel pain.

“Attack received, passive value, 1.”

“Attack received, passive value, 1.”


The information bar also began to pop up, but he did not stop immediately.

If the embarrassed Saint had chosen this method to gradually unseal the power of the Ember origin seed, he could have used it as the ember flame seed.

In this way, even if he hadnt gotten the ember origin seed in his yuanfu, he could still cultivate to white flame through the Ember origin seed!


The temperature gradually became exaggerated, and Xu Xiaoyi felt like he was about to burn up.

After all, he had seen the white skeletons white flame and elder Sangs battle, so he roughly understood the extent of his next step of cultivation.

Now, no matter how painful it was, he had to endure it.

“Its still okay, a little more, a little more!”

Xu Xiaohe gritted his teeth and held on.

The position where the Ember kindling appeared was too awkward.

If it was above the sea of Qi, he could use his spiritual essence to withstand the pain.

But now, he was in the Zifu Yuan court.

Other than spiritual sense, which had no defense, there was no other way to isolate the temperature.


The light beam suddenly became smaller.

Xu Xiao was shocked.

“Dont, I can still do it.

Keep going, keep going!”



Hearing the muffled groan, Ah Jie turned around and saw Xu Xiaobei, who was in a daze out of nowhere.

At some point, blood had begun to seep out of his glabella.

Following closely behind him were his seven orifices, his neck, and his entire body..


He looked around in a panic.

But this time, it was the same as before.

He did not see any enemies.


Ah Jie turned his head around angrily and suddenly looked in the direction of the gray fog person.

He tried to lift his leg, but he realized that this time, Xu Xiaojie did not stop him at all.

Didnt this mean that the guy who was emitting the mist was really a demon and had hurt “Mama”


Ah Jie was as fast as lightning, rushing to the other side and forming a big ball of sealing gray mist.

“Mama, Mama!”



The Zifu Yuan court seemed to have been hit by a giant hammer.

When the temperature reached a certain level, it began to shake violently, and a heavy sound was heard.


As soon as the sound was heard, the beam of light immediately disappeared.


As the last sound fell, the white pearl map disappeared.

“Its Gone”

Xu Xiao came back to his senses in surprise.

Only then did he realize that his spiritual sense had completely shrunk under the high temperature, and had become a mass.

“Hiss ~”

The intense pain assaulted Xu Xiao, and he gasped.

However, in the next second, he discovered that even though his spiritual sense had shrunk by more than half, not only did his detection range not decrease, it had even increased by a little

Moreover, the image transmitted by the spiritual sense seemed to be much clearer than before

“Compressed into essence”

Xu Xiaobei immediately understood something.

Although the image in the spiritual sense was not as clear as the “Perception”, it was not as clear as before.

However, he seemed to have unintentionally found a way to train his spiritual sense

One had to know that apart from the increase in cultivation, spiritual sense wasnt something that existed in the entire continent.

“But this training process is too painful!”

Xu Xiaobei felt like he was about to faint.

He glanced at the information pane.

“Attack received, passive value, 1.”

“Attack received, passive value, 1.”


The speed of the bullet box was still one second per second.

However, unlike the previous burning of Ember, this wave of spiritual damage was truly agonizing.

“Stay still, stay still!”

Forcefully calming his chaotic spiritual energy, Xu Xiaohe immediately went to the location of Ember origins.

He couldnt take it anymore.

Even if this was also a cultivation method.

However, if the flame seed that had released its temperature was placed in the Zifu Yuan court, he believed that within a day, it would definitely burn Xu Xiaobei into a fool.

“I must move it to the sea of Qi as soon as possible!”

The compressed spiritual thought once again attached itself to theEmber origins seed, but the flame seed that had released a portion of its power wasnt something that a spiritual thought of this level could touch.

After a “Chi”sound, the spiritual sense was instantly incinerated.

Xu Xiaohe held his head, feeling like he was about to collapse.

He suddenly thought of the “Breathing method”.

“Yes, breathe it out first, then breathe it in!”

He did as he thought.

With all his attention on the fire seed, Xu Xiaohe channeled his spiritual sense and exhaled deeply.


The ember seed trembled.

“Theres Hope”

Xu Xiaohe was overjoyed.

Since it could move, it meant that there was still hope for him!


He continued to exhale.

The flame seed shook once more, and this time, it seemed to move a little further away.


Xu Xiaohe gritted his teeth and used the breathing technique to push the flame seed bit by bit, sending it all the way to the Zifu Gate.


His spiritual sense collided, and the Zifu Gate opened wide.

Xu Xiaobei spat it out with all his might.

TheEmber original seeddirectly broke through his forehead and was pushed out from between his eyebrows.


Not daring to relax, Xu Xiaobei, who was afraid that the flame seed would break the seal once it was out of the White Pearls range of control, saw that after he had sent this thing out of his body, he once again imitated what he had done in the Spirit Palace and suddenly sucked it in.

“Chi Chi”

The flame seed, carrying a terrifyingly high temperature, was directly melted through the throat and then sent to the sea of Qi Dantian.

“F * ck…”

The intense pain as if he had swallowed a fire clamp almost sent Xu Xiaojie away on the spot.

Fortunately, the plan was successful.

The ember illumination seed was successfully moved to the upper part of the sea of Qi.

The injuries left by the series of operations just now were all rapidly recovering under the effect of theEndless Life.

“Chi Chi Chi…”

His body was burning red as dense steam was released from his pores.

Xu Xiaohe reckoned that if he did not have “Endless growth”, he would have died of dehydration under such temperature.

Fortunately, this time was different from the last time.

With the sea of Qi core that had already turned into the “Ember Spirit Essence”as the foundation, the pain was temporary when faced with a higher level power of the same origin.

In less than a few breathstime, Xu Xiaohe began to feel the quality of his spirit essence starting to compress and condense!

“What a good fellow…”

Raising his palm and looking at the dense steam on it, Xu Xiaobei felt as if he had turned on the second gear.

He began to observe the power of theEmber illumination seedafter a portion of it had been unsealed.

“It has about the energy intensity of theEmber illumination great flame seed…”

“But, its a pity.”

Xu Xiaobei sighed.

He had theEmber illumination great flame seed.

But if it had the same power, then the one in his yuanfu would be useless.

If that wretched saint could continue to unseal a bit more power, Xu Xiaobei indicated that he would be able to withstand it.

In this way, the one in his yuanfu and the one in his yuanfu would be able to completely link up with his cultivation system.

If given enough time, he might even be able to directly cultivate to the saintly being.

“But theres no other way…”

After all, they were in the Zifu Yuan court at that time.

Xu Xiaohe believed that the embarrassed Saint had also sensed it.

If he continued to release his power, Xu Xiaohe would really be burned into a fool by this flame seed.

“Very good!”

He looked at the information that was jumping up and down.

Xu Xiaohe knew that until now, he had completely grasped thisEmber origin seed.

The next step of his cultivation was nothing more than to find a place to breathe in and out the higher-quality ember energy after breaking through this space.

“Body of the throne, White Flame, Dragon Fusion realm… Its only a matter of Time!”

He clapped his hands in excitement.

Xu Xiaohe completely did not care about the pain that kept coming from his body.

It was not like he had not tried this situation before.

He could still hold on under the passive situation at that time.

Now that he had taken the initiative to absorb the flame seed into his body, how could he be defeated by a mere pain

“Ah Jie, lets go.

Lets go deal with that fellow…”


“Wheres Ah Jie”

Turning his head, Xu Xiaobei wanted to Pat Ah Jie on the shoulder, but he realized that he had patted a lonely spot.

Very soon, he shifted his attention to the outside world.

He heard a continuous “Bang Bang”sound.


Immediately turning his head to look, Xu Xiaobeis eyes turned cold.

He saw that on the other side, the gray fog man, who was supposed to be collecting treasures in peace, had unknowingly ended his collection of treasures.

He turned his head and started a physical battle with Ah Jies fist.

“F * ck, youre bullying my ring treasure while Im not here”

Xu Xiaobei was enraged.

He knew that the gray fog man had no good intentions.

What kind of evil intentions could ah Jie have

As long as he did not give the order, it would definitely protect him even if it died!

Now that this situation could happen, there was no doubt that the gray fog man wanted to launch a sneak attack, but Ah Jie found out and forcefully stopped him!

“Good for you, a fellow who went back on his words.

I already said that we would cooperate.

What do you mean now Are you trying to play tricks on me”Xu Xiaozhu immediately flew over and angrily rebuked in the air.


In the distance, the gray fog person was directly blasted into a cloud of mist by Ah Jies punch.

It suddenly condensed into form in another space, and only then did it say in exasperation, “Good, Xu Xiaojie.

Ive already planned to work together with you.

I didnt expect that you wouldnt give up after all!”

“I knew it, I knew it, you f * cking…”


The sound of rushing wind interrupted the words.

Ah Jie was like a maggot in the bone, completely not giving the gray fog people any time to rest.

After his figure condensed and appeared for less than a breaths time, he flashed again and smashed down with a fist.


The Fog exploded.

Xu Xiaobei was amused.

“Are you courting death How many times have I told you this With Ah Jie around, its impossible for you to succeed in your sneak attack.”

“It would have been better if you had obediently collected yourthree-day Frost Tribulation.

Why did you have to play such petty tricks with me Are You Alright Now”

“You didnt receive the treasure and even angered Ah Jie.

Lets see what you can do!”

“I…”The gray fog person hurriedly took form on the other side.

Its lungs were about to explode from anger.

This Xu Xiaoshou must have gone crazy!

Mythree-day Frost Tribulationis about to succeed.

Why would I need to play with your so-called petty tricks

Im just waiting for the space fragment to take shape and take your corpse along with me to retrieve the treasure.

Doesnt that smell good

I dont have the energy to sneak up on you, a brat with the body of a King!


Another sound of wind breaking could be heard.

Ah Jie seemed to be really angry.

He was completely used to the combat style of the gray fog people and had learned from their experience.

Before his opponents body was formed, he smelled the aura of a seal and directly threw a punch.


The space exploded!

The gray fog persons body was directly sent flying over a hundred feet away.


It opened its mouth and spat out blood.

“You, you despicable and shameless person! ! !”

The gray fog person clutched its chest, its face completely ashen.

Because it had absorbed thethree days frozen tribulation, at this moment, more than half of its sea of Qi spiritual essence was still in a frozen state.

Even its spiritual essence could be used.

Even though the frozen tribulation had slowed down most of its musclesreaction speed, it could not keep up with Ah Jies unparalleled attack!

The gray fog person was so angry that he stomped his feet.


“Ah Jie, beat him up!”

Xu Xiaojie could also see that this guys reaction was not right.

Under normal circumstances, this guy would not choose to fight with Ah Jie.

Since this was the case, it meant that for some reason, even if it wanted to sneak attack him, its current state was not optimal!

Although he did not know why the gray fog person, who was in a bad state, would do such a thing, it did not prevent Xu Xiaobei, who was still extremely fearful of this fellow, from directly choosing to add insult to injury at this moment!


Upon receiving the affirmative order, the red light in Ah Jies eyes became even more intense as he pounced on the gray fog man like a madman.

“F * ck you…”

The gray fog mans body trembled and he even swore.

However, he immediately stopped and chose to turn around and flee.

“Ill Let You Ambush Me!”

Xu Xiaohe snorted and sneered.

He wiped away the blood stains on his body and burned the blood scabs that had already solidified.

He glanced at the gray fog man, who was being chased away by Ah Jie.

Not only did he feel that it was funny that a tiger had fallen to the level of the Sun.

“Is this guy crazy How could he be so unwise and dare to launch a sneak attack…”

At that time, he trusted Ah Jie, so he dared to focus all his attention on the Yuan court.

Naturally, Xu Xiaohe did not know what was happening outside.

But now, things had already come to this..

“If you dare to launch a sneak attack, then dont blame me… HMM, returning the favor!”

Nodding slightly, Xu Xiaobei set his gaze on the three-day frozen tribulation.

The gray fog man wanted the ember origins seed, and he, Xu Xiaobei, wasnt coveting the power of this cold flame as well

Since that fellow couldnt free himself at this moment, then he had the obligation to take down the three-day frozen tribulation as well, so as to create a foundation for the explosion of space and save the three people inside!


He thought about it and did it.

Xu Xiaobeis body broke through the wind and directly flew to the location of thethree days of frozen tribulation.

“Xu Xiaobei!”

A heart-wrenching and indignant roar sounded out.

The gray fog man was really going crazy.

He did his best to roar, “Do you dare to touch thethree days of frozen tribulationand try”


Xu Xiaobei turned his head to look at the fellow who was being chased away like an old dog.

His heart was filled with unpleasantness.

Only the officials of the state allowed people to start fires and not allow people to light lamps

He laughed mockingly and raised his chin arrogantly.

“Why wouldnt I Dare”

Chapter 502

“If you dare, youre dead for sure!”

“I didnt kill you and was even willing to share the treasure with you.

I didnt expect you, Xu Xiaoshou, to have such wild ambitions.

Its fine if you swallowed the fire seed, but youre still after my treasure”

“I… oh, pu!”

The grey mist figure shouted as he ran.

However, Ajes punch sent the figure flying hundreds of feet.

He panted.

At this moment, even the air he exhaled was icy cold.

His energy reserve was disturbed by the frozen power.

The grey mist figures lips turned purple, but his body was filled with anger and hatred.

It was enough to make him dizzy.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

He rolled in the air, and the sealing mist wrapped around his bloody body again.

The grey mist figure shouted at the top of his voice.

“Put it down, put down the Three Days Frozen Calamity!”

“Xu Xiaoshou! Your bodyguard cant kill me.

If you dare to touch my things, when I recover, you will definitely die without a burial place!”



Aje flashed past in an instant and punched the grey mist figures face.

“Called, Passive Points, 1.”

“Received Plea, Passive Points, 1.”

“Threatened, Passive Points, 1.”


Xu Xiaoshou, who was standing on top of the Ice Blue White Skeleton that was completely sealed, finally could not help but turn his head around.

He saw that the once arrogant grey mist figure, under the pursuit of Aje, had completely interpreted the term “stray dog”.

Most of the sealing power in his body could not be used.

Even the thick grey mist that usually covered his entire body had gradually diminished under Ajes repeated attacks.

“Mo Mo…”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered.

To be honest.

If the sealing power had not dissipated, and his true appearance had been revealed.

He had almost forgotten that the grey mist figure possessed Mo Mos physical body.


“It has such a rude mouth!”

As he listened to the words that were getting more and more unbearable to his ears, and then looked at the messages that were “Insulted” one after another, Xu Xiaoshou could not help but laugh.

“You deserved it!”

Secretly laughing in his heart, Xu Xiaoshou shouted at Aje, who was getting further and further away, “Be gentle, dont kill him.”

This sentence was not meant for the grey mist figure.

It was only because of the familiar face he had met on Windcloud Competition, Mo Mo.

“Ill kill you, you despicable and shameless person.

Xu Xiaoshou, dont let me catch you, or else Ill beat you up…”




“I… Cough Cough.”

“Xu Xiaoshou, you cant kill me, you cant kill an emperor.

Youre finished, completely finished…” the grey mist figure spoke weakly.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head away and selectively blocked this foul language.

To be honest, when he looked at Mo Mos face and listened to this profanity, he felt that it didnt fit well.

“Three Days Frozen Calamity”

His gaze returned to the cold flame in front of him.

Xu Xiaoshou was very curious.

What kind of power could weaken the grey mist figures strength to this extent

If this Three Days Frozen Calamity could even restrain the sealing power, then…

If he took it down, wouldnt he have no natural enemies in the future

“Very good, youre mine.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded in satisfaction and suddenly lowered his head, “But before this…”

He saw the Ice Blue White Skeleton under his feet.

He still remembered when he first saw this big thing, the shocking speed of forming seals was truly eye-opening for Xu Xiaoshou.

It was also because he had coincidentally met the grey mist figure when it was at its peak.

It was also because he had coincidentally met the seal attribute.


He reckoned that if any Spiritual Cultivator came, even if the man in the red dress who could trap the entire space of the Spirit Fusion Swamp came, he might not be able to seal it so easily.

“White Skeletons, arent they supposed to be in pairs”

Xu Xiaoshous lips curled into a smile.

He thought of the Infernal Original Seed in his body that could replace the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed.

He looked at the second big guy and suddenly came up with a plan.

Who was the strongest creature in the White Cave

White Skeletons!

Among the White Skeletons, was there an existence more powerful than the Infernal White Skeleton and the Ice Blue White Skeleton


The Power of the Sovereign was definitely the limit of this small world.

If the Cutting Path State appeared in the White Cave, this small world would probably not be able to withstand it and collapse.

Then, according to this deduction.

The White Skeleton in his Yuan Mansion and the one under his feet.

If he took them all, it meant that he…

Would be invincible in the White Cave


Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up.

He had originally kept the Infernal White Skeleton in his Yuan Mansion just for the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed that was in its skull.

But now, he didnt need the fire seed any more!

On the contrary, if he could avoid being imprisoned, he could subdue these two big fellows.

In the future, when he traveled in the White Cave, the two big bodyguards behind him would be terrifying existences that were up to 100 meters tall!

This would definitely attract a lot of attention!

It would be difficult not to earn passive points with them walking along like this!

It would be impossible not to obtain treasures during such an expedition!

“Hehe, hehe…”

Xu Xiaoshou was indulging in his fantasies, and his saliva was about to flow out.

He spat out saliva and directly waved his hand at the Ice Blue White Skeleton that was immobile and this big fellow immediately disappeared.

“Lets reunite in the Yuan Mansion.

After Im done with this disaster, I can go and have a heart-to-heart talk with you guys.”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous heart was filled with gratitude towards the grey mist figure who had failed in his attempt to steal the treasure.

If he were to deal with this big fellow alone, he reckoned that even if he had Aje, he might not be able to get close to it under its terrifying seal formation speed.

“Very good, next…”

“Xu Xiaoshou, youre crazy!”

A roar from afar interrupted the plan.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head and saw that the mist around the grey mist figure was distorted by its rage.

“Xu Xiaoshou, arent you satisfied with the Three Days Frozen Calamity You are still after that White Skeleton”

“Thats where the seal node of this snow mountain is.

Once it disappears, the Way of the Heavens in this place will become chaotic!”

“Do you know how chaotic it will be It will explode…”

“Snowy Mountain Where is the snowy mountain” Xu Xiaoshou spread his hands and interrupted, “Do you mean that it needs to be blasted”

“How good would that be”

He pointed to the sky and shouted, “Not to mention that the snowy mountain you mentioned has already been destroyed, even this space will soon cease to exist!”

“What am I keeping the White Skeleton here for To be buried with you”

“You!” The grey mist figure was furious.

From what he said, Xu Xiaoshou still wanted to trap him here

“Youre crazy!”

He said exasperatedly, “Whats going to be blown up is not the snow mountain, but the Heaven and Earth Great Array!”

“This thing is like a spiritual array node.

It can only be used to suppress, not taken away.”

“Do you know whats a spiritual array!”

“I understand.” Xu Xiaoshou nodded silently.

He turned his head, and he did not see the so-called Heaven and Earth Great Array.

However, the shapeless divine path patterns were becoming chaotic, and the Way of the Heavens aura that was emitted was also clearly visible.

The grey mist figure was not lying.

“What do you know about spiritual arrays!”

The grey mist figure dodged Ajes sneak attack.

At this time, it could barely protect itself from the opponents attack.

Facing the annoying face in the distance that made people want to tear it apart, the grey mist figure roared angrily, “The explosion of the Heaven and Earth Great Array will not be able to blow up this space.”

“However, this thing can blow up my bounded domain.

When that time comes, that guy outside…”

“You mean, he would be able to see” Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

“Uh… thats right!” The grey mist figure quickly ran away.

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and sensed the Way of the Heavens energy movement nearby.

He calmed down slightly.

“Dont worry, it wont explode so quickly.”

“Im not you.

This little bit of time is enough.”

He pointed at the Three Days Frozen Calamity above and said, “Watch my performance.”

“Ill watch your darn…”



The grey mist figure was punched again.

At this moment, he hated Xu Xiaoshou and the mad dog-like running toy behind him.

These two lunatics!

They dared to act recklessly without knowing anything.

The bounded domain exploded.

That pervert outside could see everything.

At that time, if he couldnt hold it in and wanted to forcefully intervene.

Even if this spaces foundational roots werent stable, he could still pay a certain price to enter.

To let that Peak of Cutting Path that had survived the Nine Death Thunder Calamity enter, with his current state, let alone fight!

He wouldnt be able to escape!

And this…

Glancing back at Aje, the grey mist figure was speechless.

This toy that couldnt even kill him in his weakened state, how could it possibly block that perverted man in the red dress

“Hmm, wait”

What kind of gaze was that

The grey mist figure looked at the red light in Ajes eyes and was suddenly stunned.

What was he looking at

The eyes of the little boy chasing after him seemed to have completely changed.

He was no longer chasing like he was going to kill from before.

Instead, his eyes were filled with joy.

Was… was he having fun while chasing

The grey mist figure was stunned.


All of them were perverts!

Xu Xiaoshou, what the hell are those things that are following you around!

On the other side.

“So beautiful.”

When Xu Xiaoshous attention was completely focused on the ice flame in front of him, he was completely mesmerized by it.

The Three Days Frozen Calamity was simply too beautiful.

It was like a blooming ice crystal lotus.

Every petal of this ice flame had a crystal clear texture.

When he focused his attention, he could completely see through the ice flame and see the scene behind it.

When his thoughts spread out, he could see his own shadow on every petal that was like a mirror.

However, such a mysterious ice lotus was not as dead and dull as an ordinary ice sculpture.

On the contrary, it floated with the wind.

Each of its fire petals was gently moving and fluttering with the wind.


He tilted his head to listen, and he could even hear a clear sound that seemed to be tangible.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

“This is fire”

If he had not seen it with his eyes, he would not have believed that there would be such a tangible flame in the world that could even emit a crisp sound like a silver bell!

He could not help but stretch out his hand.

However, before his finger could touch the ice lotus flame body, a “Ka Ka” sound was heard.

“Its frozen…”

Xu Xiaoshous finger paused.

He could feel that in that instant, all the nerves in his finger had been frozen.

With such close contact, what he could feel was the power of the Three Days Frozen Calamity itself.

The power was many times stronger than what the Ice Blue White Skeleton had borrowed just now.

“The strong freeze is unsolvable!”

Xu Xiaoshou exclaimed.

He understood why the grey mist figure was being cut so severely.

He had only touched it once, but it took him a few seconds to recover.

The grey mist figure had been here for so long.

Even if he could succeed in the end, he would be frozen into a weak chicken in a short time!

“What is this…”

Feeling the finger nerve recovering with the Eternal Vitality, Xu Xiaoshou noticed something.

His energy reserve, there was a trace of aura that was out of place.

“Frozen power”

This wisp of energy was the exact opposite of his infernal power.

It seems to come from another extreme…

The extremes of ice!

“Wow, the grey mist figure must have accumulated too much of this frozen power in its body, thats why its energy reserve was sealed.”


Xu Xiaoshous lips curled up as he looked at the frozen power that was supposed to wreak havoc in his energy reserve under the Infernal Original Seed.

It was directly burned to ashes.

He smiled.

“Perhaps to others, they would not be able to unfreeze this thing, but there are many things in my body!”

“The scorching temperature of the Infernal Original Seed is already there.

Even if it is sealed now, its quality can not keep up for the time being.”

“But the quantity…”

“Its not something that a mere frozen power like you can compare to!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the ice flame in front of him and slowly withdrew his hand.

In just an instant, the cold air on his body completely disappeared.

Thick steam was rising from his body and sweat was pouring down like rain.

At this moment, he was still in a state of anxiety.


Xu Xiaoshous eyes focused.

He no longer hesitated.

Both of his hands suddenly held onto this ice flame that was so beautiful that it could not be described with words.


At this moment, the entire space seemed to tremble.

The temperature between heaven and earth immediately dropped by a good amount.

The remaining temperature of the Infernal Original Seed before it was absorbed could no longer hold on.

In just a short moment, the entire space was covered by heavy snow and a deep chill surged.

“That darned Xu Xiaoshou!”

The grey mist figure was going crazy in his heart.

The movement of Heaven and earth meant that that fellow had already started to make his move.

As for itself…

He looked at his energy reserve internally.

Even if he tried his best to dissolve it, at this moment, there was still close to one-fifth of his energy reserve that was in a frozen state.

“Stop chasing!”

He turned around and roared angrily.

For a moment, Aje was stopped by the grey mist figures shout.

“Your master wants to kill everyone now, why dont you chase after him instead Or do you want to die together later” The grey mist figure saw that his strength was not enough, so he decided to use his intelligence.

“Ma Ma…”

Aje threw a punch.


“Holy crap!”

“You idiot, stop hitting… ugh!”

The grey mist figure was sent flying after receiving a punch on his lips.

It stood up and was about to run when it suddenly stopped.

Ajes pursuit also stopped.

“This is”

The two of them looked up at the sky at the same time as if they had seen something through the sealed bounded domain.

“You can feel it”

The grey mist figure was a little surprised.

It could see it because of its experience.

How could this little boy in front of it also feel the change in the Heavens and Earth Order

“Could it be that its a Cutting Path”

“No, no, thats impossible.”

“How could this fellow have the combat strength of a Cutting Path Otherwise, wouldnt I be dead right now”

The grey mist figure shook his head and denied his own judgment.

He looked up with a grave expression and suddenly said, “Stop chasing.

Go and tell your master that the fellow outside has already sensed that something is wrong and has begun to interfere with the Heavens and Earth Order.”

“If this continues, everyone will die…”

The grey mist figure paused and frowned.

“You too!”

“Ma Ma…”

Aje muttered and turned to glance at Xu Xiaoshou.

From afar, the figure holding the lotus in both hands seemed to have been completely assimilated by the Three Days Frozen Calamity and turned into an ice sculpture.

However, Aje could feel that there was a familiar, high-speed, burning energy within the ice sculpture.

“Ma Ma…”

Ma Ma was working hard.

How could he be disturbed

Then, wouldnt it be fine if it took care of this person in front and the one above


The red light in its eyes instantly turned blood-red.

The murderous intent that shot out scared the grey mist figure into taking a few steps back.


“Is this even a person”

Compared to its current state, the person who was chasing it just now must be joking!

“You cant kill me, Xu Xiaoshou had already given the order just now!”

The grey mist figure probed his energy reserve, took a deep breath, and ran at the speed of light.

“You cant kill me either!”

“Ma Ma!”

Aje stepped through the air and shot out explosively.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

“Xu Xiaoshou, wait a minute, stop your kid!”

“I cant die, if Im dead, no one will bring you out!”

“Did you hear what I said, Xu Xiaoshou”

“Xu Xiaoshou!”


Extreme cold!

Scorching hot.

Absolutely scorching hot!

Xu Xiaoshou felt like he was making hotpot at the North Pole.

He took a bite.

It was hot inside, but the surface of his body had been frozen to the point that he had lost all feeling.

“Attacked, Passive Points, 2.”

“Attacked, Passive Points, 2.”


When the bone-piercing ice power and the scorching infernal power were watered at the same time, it was so refreshing that it was difficult for ordinary people to experience it.

However, even so, the hand that held the ice lotus did not retreat.

“Suck it!”

The Breathing Technique swallowed crazily.

Endless ice power was sucked into his body and condensed in the air above his energy reserve.

Xu Xiaoshous idea was that even if ice and fire were incompatible, they would still be the same.

But just like the power of Tai Chi, one was yin and the other was yang.

If the two could reach a delicate balance in the energy reserve, then he would have the foundation to absorb the Three Days Frozen Calamity into his body.

But the current situation was…

The Infernal Original Seed was too strong!

Even if part of its power was sealed, it had already settled in the energy reserve.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible to achieve a balance with it just by absorbing the frozen power!

No matter how strong the frozen power was, it was not a lie to say that the infernal lineage could burn everything.

Even if he succeeded in condensing an icy ball of air, Xu Xiaoshou would not be able to maintain it for long.

This ball of air would vanish into thin air under the light of the fire seed.

“Darn it, the fire seed moved too early.”

Xu Xiaoshou became anxious.

He could feel the Way of the Heavens energy movement in the vicinity becoming more and more violent.

This Heaven and Earth Great Array was not the kind of Great World Array that suppressed the White Cave Small World.

Even if it lost its item of suppressing barrier, it could maintain it for many years without collapsing.

On the contrary, it could only rely on the Ice Blue White Skeleton as the suppressing barrier node to suppress the Heaven and Earth Great Array of an icy realm.

After losing the suppressing barrier node, it would probably completely collapse and explode in less than 15 minutes!

“I dont have much time.”

“But the progress…”

Xu Xiaoshou was anxious.

There was no progress at all!

Unless he used the Breathing Technique to suck the Three Days Frozen Calamity in front of him directly into his body, he would not be able to find a balance at all.

However, the crux of the problem was this.

The power of the Infernal Original Seed was sealed.

Theoretically speaking, the scorching aura it was currently emitting was definitely not comparable to the power of the Three Days Frozen Calamity that wasnt sealed at all.

In other words, if he really wanted to absorb the Three Days Frozen Calamity into his body.

It was very likely that in an instant, the frozen power would completely suppress the infernal power, causing the Infernal Original Seed to lose control, and then the power of his energy reserve would become chaotic.

As such…

Xu Xiaoshou reckoned that he would be directly blown up!


The white bead in the Origin Court also called out regularly.

But this time, no matter how Xu Xiaoshou greeted him, there was no response from the crack in the depths of the map at all.

It was like, if it wasnt for the infernal power, the wretched saint would be completely helpless.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that he could only rely on himself for now.

Then, without the help of the wretched saint, how could he completely take over the Three Days Frozen Calamity

“Control it!”

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat, and he ended the futile effort.

He retracted his hands.

With a transfer of the infernal power, the ice crystals all over his body were burned into nothingness.

“Then, how do I control it”

He lowered his head and fell into deep thought.

Looking at the Three Days Frozen Calamity in front of him, it was as if he could see the Infernal Original Seed that had been silent underground earlier.

“Although this ice flame attribute is extremely cold.”

“But in essence, it is also a flame!”

“Under normal circumstances, the temperature of a flame is high.

However, this thing goes in the opposite direction and burns out an extremely low temperature.”

“But, so what”

As Xu Xiaoshou moved his fingers that were once again filled with life force, an idea flashed through his mind.

“Flame Expertise!”

“Bah, its the flame control in Cooking Expert!”

He slapped his thigh and became excited.

He was delighted by his idea.

“Since its fire… even if its a low-temperature form of fire, its essence is still fire!”

“As long as its fire, it can be used to cook…”

“It doesnt matter if the dishes are delicious or not.

The point is, as long as I have the Cooking Expert skill, I should be able to completely control the cooking fire.”


Xu Xiaoshous thoughts suddenly stopped.

Now that the theory was in place.

But, how to put it into practice

His gaze scanned the surroundings.

The world was a vast expanse of whiteness as endless snowflakes slowly fell.

His Perception could see clearly.

Xu Xiaoshou could even feel the black spots on every snowflake that was falling.

He did not care.

Even if he smelled a little bit of sealing power from it, he did not take it to heart.

This thing should be the grey mist figures method.

But to get out, it could only rely on its own spatial explosion, so it could not attack him.

Other than this black spot.

There seemed to be nothing else unusual in the world.

Of course, there was no elixir to condense pills.


Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes and took a step back.

One step was not enough.

Two steps.

Three steps…

He continued to retreat, moving a few feet back.


His eyes were fixed, and his voice was firm, “Fire is used to conduct alchemy!”

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath, feeling as if his thoughts had been completely cleared.

He narrowed his eyes, and from his blurry vision, he saw the Three Days Frozen Calamity and the falling snowflakes.

Then, he looked up and saw the sealed bounded domain, as well as the vast sky beyond the bounded domain.

“The fire has arrived.

Then, where is the pill”

Xu Xiaoshou was deep in thought as he muttered to himself.

“If the world is the furnace, then the Three Days Frozen Calamity is the fire…”

“Usually, Elixir Masters conduct alchemy outside the furnace.

The objects in the space inside the furnace are compressed and formed into magic pills…”

“But now Im inside the furnace…”

“No, no, no!”

“As an Elixir Master, how can I be inside the furnace”

Xu Xiaoshous thought suddenly came to a stop, and his pupils constricted.

At this moment, an even crazier thought than exploding pills underground appeared in his mind.

His gaze became dangerous.

“No, no, no, how can I be in the furnace”

“Think about it from another angle.

Although this Small World is the Heaven and Earth Oven, trapping me in it.”

“But on the other hand, why dont I use an even bigger Heaven and Earth Oven to trap everything in the outside world within my alchemy cauldron”

Xu Xiaoshou was so excited that his entire body was trembling.

He stretched out his hand and seemed to have found a way to fully control the Three Days Frozen Calamity.

“If I jump out of this space, I will be outside of the cauldron, and the Three Days Frozen Calamity will be at the bottom of the cauldron.”


Xu Xiaoshou looked up into the sky.

“The sky is the alchemy cauldron.”

“Everything in the outside world is… a living being that could be formed into a magic pill!”


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