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Chapter 524: Suppressing the Entire Scene!

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows in surprise.

It seemed that this was the first time that he had seen Yu Zhiwen get angry.

This girl seemed to be calm in the face of big things, but the rules of the Holy Divine Palace were so serious.

Was this her bottom line


Lu Ke was not scared by Yu Zhiwens tone.

He asked, “Since you could construct the Divine Secret means that you are from the Path Division.”

“So, you are from the headquarters”

“Since you are from the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace, dont you know that you have also broken the rules”

He pointed at Xu Xiaoshou and said, “This guy is on the Red Coats blacklist.

As a member of the Holy Divine Palace, arent you breaking the rules by siding with him”

“I have my considerations.

You dont have to worry about it!” Yu Zhiwen was not afraid at all.


Lu Ke sneered.

“If you can put it that way, I have my considerations too.

What do you think”

“Lu Ke!”

Yu Zhiwen was angered.

Her hands that were maintaining the Divine Array were a little unsteady.

“You are pursuing your interests.

Do you think I cant tell” She said angrily.

“Arent you the same” Lu Ke laughed.

“Very good.” Yu Zhiwens voice was completely cold.

“Elder Wuyue has taught you so much.

Is this how you are going to ruin his reputation”


Lu Kes face suddenly froze.

He cried out, “You know my master”


While everyone was still confused, Xu Xiaoshous heart was in turmoil.

Elder Wuyue…

Wasnt it Gou Wuyue

Wasnt it one of the Seven Sword Deities

Wasnt it one of the Ten High Nobles

This young man, Lu Ke, was his disciple

Looking at the Green Scale Ridge on the back of the fellow not far away, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly understood something.

As expected, no one who could carry a famed sword on their back was a simple person.

“Who exactly are you” Lu Ke couldnt help but take a step back and asked Yu Zhiwen.

This time, he truly panicked.

“It doesnt matter who I am.”

Yu Zhiwen repeated, “Whats important is that even if you retreat now, your actions, including what you said and what you did, will fall into Elder Wuyues mouth.”

“Its up to you!”

“I…” Lu Ke stepped back and said in disbelief, “Youre framing me! You cant know my master!”


A command token streaked across the void and was nailed in front of the young man.

Lu Ke hurriedly picked it up.

The moment he saw it, the panic in his heart grew.

“Is, is it really my masters command token”

He looked at the girl in the void in horror and then looked back at the command token.

For a moment, he could not say a word.

“What is that”

Xu Xiaoshou used Perception and saw the thing in Lu Kes hand.

It was a black command token with a white frame.

One side was engraved with the word “Gou” while the other side was completely black.

There was a silver half-moon on top of it.

“The command token of the Moonless Sword Deity”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He turned to look at Yu Zhiwen.

Once again, he was shocked by the girls background.

What kind of person could get Gou Wuyues command token

Not all the members of the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace would have one, right

Yu Zhiwen wasnt simple either!

He couldnt help but take a few steps forward.

Xu Xiaoshou lowered his voice and asked, “Little Yu, do you still have this thing Give me a few to play with”

She turned her head and rolled her eyes at Xu Xiaoshou, ignoring him.

“Belittled, Passive Points, 1.”

“Humph, if you dont give it, then dont give it.

Whats the point of being arrogant” Xu Xiaoshou left sullenly.

The scene fell silent for a moment.

Lu Ke didnt dare to say anything more.

Obviously, the appearance of Gou Wuyues command token had messed up all his plans.

But he racked his brain, but he still couldnt figure out who this woman in front of him was.

How on earth did she get the command token from his master that he had never gotten before

This… it couldnt just be the Path Division.

Could she be the daughter and disciple of the Hallmaster Dao

No way!

Lu Ke began to panic.

He had never heard that Hallmaster Dao had a daughter or disciple!

After Lu Ke fell silent, everyone present fell silent.

Apart from the black-robed people who were still frozen in place by the sword energy and could only wail bitterly, none of them could make a sound.

Everyone looked at the Path Pattern Initial Stone above them.

After the rays of light converged, the supreme treasure finally revealed its true appearance.

It was a milky-white statue in the shape of a skeleton.

It was very small.

It was estimated to be only the size of a palm.

However, the fine patterns on it were clearly outlined.

Xu Xiaoshou opened his Perception wide and focused his attention on it.

It was a small statue that looked like a white skeleton.

Although it was milky-white in color, there were all kinds of messy and colorful small lines on its body that were very fine.

The most obvious ones were the black patterns on its head that looked like devil veins.

It was filled with a murderous aura!

When he looked down, it was easy to see the hidden patterns on the chest of the little skeleton that was milky white and slightly silvery white.

Xu Xiaoshou felt the familiar infernal power.

He pondered and continued to look down.

Around the lower abdomen, the color of the patterns changed again.

And within it, the faint frozen power was also very obvious.

This wasnt difficult to guess… Xu Xiaoshou suddenly understood.

“The Path Pattern Initial Stone was born in the White Cave and was sculpted by the power of the Way of the Heavens, so its appearance took on the form of a white skeleton.”

“And from the looks of it, these patterns should be the manifestation of the power of the various treasures in the White Cave.”

“The infernal power, the frozen power, then…”

Xu Xiaoshous gaze returned to the devil veins on the little white skull.

There were so many black patterns, and they also contained such a full and ferocious power.

If nothing went wrong, this should be the White Caves supreme treasure — the manifestation of the power of the Fourth Sword.

“Interesting!” Xu Xiaoshou exclaimed in surprise.

A leopard can be seen through a tube.

Just by looking at the patterns on this Path Pattern Initial Stone, one could already see the existence of the Fourth Sword.

It was definitely not something that other treasures could compare to.

Looking at this statue whose entire head was almost tattooed black, one could imagine how terrifying the true power of the Fourth Sword was.

“Is it still not done”

Xu Xiaoshou ended his observation and approached Yu Zhiwen, asking in a low voice.


Yu Zhiwens voice was a little hoarse.

Combining the power of heaven and earth into the Path Pattern Initial Stone to help it reach perfection was really not something that she could do at her current level.

If she really wanted to complete it, she could do it.

But at that time, she would probably lose all her combat ability and lose the qualification to participate in the competition for the perfect Path Pattern Initial Stone.

In Xu Xiaoshous words, it was “hard work and no gain”!

However, this girl was also very stubborn.

With her intelligence, it was not difficult for her to see through this.

Therefore, there was still such a move…

Xu Xiaoshou was very touched.

“Such a good person!”

“We only met by chance.

Just to be teammates in name, she was able to help to this extent.

Little Yu is really too gentle, too good!”

Xu Xiaoshou secretly clenched his fists.

No matter what the situation was today, he would never let anyone else get the Path Pattern Initial Stone.

Time passed slowly.

Everyone present had their own ideas.

Some had seen Xu Xiaoshou and Lu Kes strength and decided to give up struggling.

Some had hidden secrets and were waiting for an opportunity to plot something.

Some stood idly by and waited for the final opportunity to take down the treasure in one fell swoop…

But no matter what, at this time, no one dared to disturb Yu Zhiwen.

Everyone understood that once the Divine Secret in the girls hands was completely lowered, it was the beginning of chaos.

“Chi Chi!”

The Path Pattern Initial Stone continued to compress and expand in the void, like a slow-beating heart.

Step by step, it breathed in and out the path mechanisms in the world to repair itself.

And with each beat, a path energy ripple that was closer to perfection spread out.

It took less than fifteen minutes.

The breakthrough that should have been made in the field.

Those who did not want to make a breakthrough had already retreated far away to the outer circle.

“Someone is coming!”

Suddenly, everyones expressions tensed up.

They turned their heads to look behind them.

The most worrisome situation had finally appeared.

The restoration of the Path Pattern Initial Stone was too time-consuming.

During this time, which was as long as a year, it was enough for those who were not here but could sense the fluctuations of the path mechanisms in the world to gather here.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh.”

One after another, figures appeared from the horizon and floated down in the blink of an eye.

“Whats the situation”

Those who came later were all frightened by the strange atmosphere in front of them.

Without a doubt, the treasure that attracted them and could help them comprehend the Way of the Heavens was floating in the air.

However, these fellows who arrived first were all standing in place.

What was going on

“One, two, three, wooden figures”

“Or is there a special situation where they cant move”

“Thats not right.

When did such a harmonious scene appear in the White Cave Why didnt they fight for it”

“Am I dreaming Can someone come out and explain it to me”

Someone lowered his voice and asked around, afraid that if he spoke too loudly, he would break the inexplicable silence and he would become the center of attention and be killed.

“If Im not mistaken, this thing should be a Path Pattern Initial Stone”

“But if it really is a Path Pattern Initial Stone, then what are these people… waiting for”

The person who spoke was a little fearful.

Compared to the usual scene of all parties fighting for the treasure the moment it was born, this scene was much more terrifying.

The deathly silence before their eyes was so silent that it practically seeped into peoples souls and made them panic.

“Is she collecting the treasure”

Someone pointed at Yu Zhiwen.

The only person who was still moving was this girl.


“It doesnt seem like it.”

“From her movements, it seems like… shes repairing it”

“Is she a Spirit Array Caster Repairing the Path Pattern Initial Stone What a joke!”

“Darn it, why is everyone so harmonious Im not used to it.

Shouldnt we pull out our swords and fight each other at this time Why is this place so unique”

The newcomers were stunned.

Even if the enemy didnt move, they wouldnt dare to do so…

Xu Xiaoshou watched as more and more people fell, and his brows couldnt help but furrow.

So many people at the Master Stage!

With just a glance, out of the ten newcomers, four or five were at the Master Stage.

It seemed that during this time, there were already some Upper Spiritual Level youths who had obtained benefits in the White Cave and successfully broke through to the Master Stage.

And if one were to include those Innate fellows…

The number of newcomers here was already about to break through sixty to seventy.

“Theres a bit of pressure…”

Under such circumstances, no matter how strong Xu Xiaoshou was, it was possible to be tricked.

Masters werent Acquired or Innate stages.

For these people to be able to live until now, almost all of them had hidden cards.

When the Path Pattern Initial Stone was formed, if it were to explode at the same time, even the Sovereign would find it hard to get a good result under such a situation.

Not to mention, who knew how many experts were hidden among these fellows who could challenge those of a higher state!

“Threatened, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshous expression turned grave.

He didnt even notice it.

Along with his heavy mood, the oppressive feeling in the air also gradually increased, to the point that it was enough to make peoples faces freeze.

“Somethings wrong…”

The first ones to notice that something was wrong were the weaker ones.

An Innate expert was standing and chatting with his companion.

Suddenly, he covered his chest and said, “Why do I feel that the atmosphere here is a little oppressive”

“Is that your imagination”

His companion was a Master Stage expert, so he didnt realize that something was amiss.

However, upon hearing those words, he swept his gaze across the solemn faces of the crowd and became suspicious.

“However, when you put it this way, there does seem to be something amiss.”

“No matter how oppressive it is, shouldnt there be someone who would step forward and make the first move”

“All of them are standing still.

They seem to be waiting, but why do I feel like they are being suppressed and dont dare to come out”

“… suppressed”

The others were shocked.

It would be better if they didnt say it out loud.

As soon as they talked about it, everyone felt that something was wrong.

Indeed, the atmosphere in this place was a little too strange compared to the other places.

Unknowingly, that inexplicable aura that came out of nowhere had completely condensed into form.

It was like an invisible demon suppression tower, suppressing everything in the sky.

No one dared to move.

Perhaps, in the beginning, it was only because they wanted to figure out some tricks before making a move.

But if a person could wait for so long and everyone was the same, then something was very wrong!

It was as if a terrifying demon was beginning to climb out of their hearts.

It was telling everyones subconscious that they couldnt go out.

If they went out now, they might die.

“Whos playing tricks!”

Finally, someone could not help but shout out in shock.

This kind of subconscious panic that was spread unconsciously could not have come from something as pure and righteous as the Path Pattern Initial Stone.

It could only be that the evil and unorthodox were secretly attacking and secretly influencing everyone.


The sound of wind could be heard.

The person who shouted could not help but bend his knees and jump up.

He broke through the invisible aura in the air and rushed towards the Path Pattern Initial Stone.

Yu Zhiwen did not even bat an eye and called out in a low voice, “Xu Xiaoshou.”

Before she could say anything, Xu Xiaoshou had already been attracted by this persons movements.

He glanced back.


That guy, who had been going straight up at the beginning, seemed to have hit an invisible barrier in mid-air and was directly blasted back into the ground and even created a large crater.


This time, everyone was shocked.

“Whats the situation”

“What, what happened here”

“How did Qiao Yu fall Is there a Heaven and Earth spiritual array here But why cant I feel any spiritual source fluctuation”

“Whos controlling it!”

Everyone panicked.

They looked at the young man who was trapped in the pit, trying to stand up, but couldnt even move his fingers.

Their expressions changed.


“Or the bounded domain of a Sovereign”

“No, thats impossible.

Even if its a bounded domain, there must be a range and a limit, right This guy…”

“Could it be that theres an invisible magnetic field in this place, and we fell into it the moment we entered”

Hearing this, everyone became even more confused.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the person in the pit in astonishment.

This young man called Qiao Yu couldnt get up.

Could it be because…

Im looking at him

He suddenly thought of something.

“Swallow the Mountains and Rivers”

Xu Xiaoshou looked away in disbelief and tried again.

As expected, as soon as he looked away, Qiao Yu shot up into the sky again.

“Who is it!”

“Who is playing tricks Come out now!”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced over.


This time, an even deeper hole was created.

Qiao Yu even felt that his butt was about to burst open.

With great difficulty, he mobilized the obscure and profound spiritual source in his body.

He barely moved his hand and touched his butt.

It was full of blood!

“Darn, it wasnt just a feeling Did it really burst open”

“Who is it”

“Feared, Passive Points, 1.”

“Surprised, Passive Points, 122.”

Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

“Its really me”

He had never expected that all of this was his masterpiece.

“Swallow the Mountains and Rivers”

He didnt know when this aura had been condensed, but it had actually accumulated to this extent

Even an expert in the Upper Spiritual Level could suppress it with a single glance

This was too unsolvable!

“Mood change…”

Xu Xiaoshous thoughts focused as if only now did he completely understand the true usage of Swallow the Mountains and Rivers.

The existence of this passive skill in this state might not be like what he had imagined, where one could only rely on anger and killing intent to condense their aura.

On the contrary, in the current situation.

As his mood gradually became heavier, the aura that was constantly accumulating seemed to be the true use of Swallow the Mountains and Rivers.

The aura that was condensed for more than a quarter of an hour…

If this was in a battle, who would give so much time

And if it wasnt in a battle, as long as the aura was condensed, who would be able to break it

But, Xu Xiaoshou was confused again.

After understanding this point, his mood was clearly no longer heavy.

But why did he feel that the heavy feeling in the atmosphere didnt weaken at all Instead, it seemed to be rising again

“Thats right!”

He suddenly clenched his fist and came to a realization.

“The change in mood can indeed trigger the activation of the passive skill Swallow the Mountains and Rivers, but it didnt state that I can only have one mood at a time!”

Depression, heaviness, worry…

There was no saying that a person could only have one emotion at a time.

On the contrary, the progression of all kinds of emotions was based on the perception of the body, and it was constantly changing.

In other words, as long as he came into contact with a person, he would be able to change his emotions as he communicated and moved.

And as long as his emotions continued to fall, the momentum accumulated by Swallow the Mountains and Rivers would not dissipate!

He looked at the chaotic situation in front of him.

Xu Xiaoshou completely realized that these small fries had fallen into the huge magnetic field that he had inadvertently set up.

If he did not reap the harvest now, when would he do it


Xu Xiaoshou did not think about it and directly flew into the sky, instantly attracting everyones attention.

“Darn, how did this fellow get up there”

“I tried it just now, and it seemed like it was fine before.

But now, that invisible aura is so strong that I cant even breathe.

I cant even jump.”

“Me too, me too.

Im a Master Stage Threshold expert, and I cant even jump.

Is there really a Sovereign here”

“Or is that guy the Sovereign”

The scene exploded.

However, before the steam in the pot could rise, it was suppressed by the heavy aura and fell to the ground.

Immediately, the crowd was filled with panic.

“Surprised, Passive Points, 130.”

“Speculation, Passive Points, 59.”

“Watched, Passive Points, 134.”

The information bar kept jumping, and Xu Xiaoshous smile was about to bloom.

Was this the Swallow the Mountains and Rivers skill

As expected, it was the same as what he had imagined!

The only difference was that there were fewer people here.

If there were thousands of people, he could secretly accumulate some momentum.

If he jumped out now, wouldnt it be the harvest of tens of thousands of passive points

He forcefully suppressed the happiness in his heart, and his will completely turned into a disregard for everyone present.

Even if he didnt know what kind of emotions could maintain the momentum accumulated by Swallow the Mountains and Rivers.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was aware that choosing to directly confront them was the best way to never stop his emotions.


An even more high-profile order was pressed down.

This time, everyone suddenly felt as if their hearts had skipped a beat.

For a moment, even the person who was speaking had his voice cut off, completely interrupted by Xu Xiaoshous imposing manner.

“Surprised, Passive Points, 129.”

One after another, people continued to rush over from other places.

At this time, Xu Xiaoshou was no longer in a hurry to use the Path Pattern Initial Stone.

He looked at the young people who were like moths attracted to a flame, unable to move as if they had fallen into a swamp.

He placed his hands behind his back.

“Very good.”

“Unexpectedly, all of you are very obedient.”

“Since thats the case, I still have a few words to say.

All of you should be patient and continue to listen!”

“Darn it!” Someone in the crowd immediately cursed.

Only a ghost would want to listen to you!

If it wasnt for the fact that he seemed to have been possessed and couldnt move at all, he would have immediately pulled out his sword and cleaved that pretentious fellow who was standing on top of his head into two halves!

“What did you say”

Xu Xiaoshou slowly turned his gaze to the side.

His gaze focused and his voice sank.

“Say that again”


The moment he finished speaking, that fellow who was about to speak bent his knees and his entire body smashed into the ground, causing blood to spurt out.


This time, those who were still in a state of doubt in the crowd were certain.

“Its him, its him!”

“That inexplicable pressure came from this fellow.

Theres no mistaking it!”

“Thats right.

Thats what happened to Qiao Yu just now.

He must have done something in the dark.”

“But what kind of spiritual technique is this I cant feel the slightest fluctuation of a spiritual source at all…”

“Dont look into his eyes.

Dont look into his eyes, it will…”


Xu Xiaoshou was attracted by the last person.

He turned his gaze to the side and that person knelt on the spot, creating a deep pit on the ground.


This time, Xu Xiaoshou was also stunned.

“Sorry, I didnt do it on purpose this time.”

The entire scene was dead silent!

“Feared, Passive Points, 147.”


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