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Chapter 539: Eavesdropping

Second Brother

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

Whos talking to me

Whos Second Brother

Also, why is this guy looking for me

A series of questions instantly popped up in his mind.

When he lowered his head to take a look, Xu Xiaoshou immediately realized that he was currently in aTransformation state.

In other words, he was now equivalent to Elder Sang!

After the passive skillTransformation was maxed out, even though Xu Xiaoshou was Elder Sangs two closest disciples and he couldnt find any flaws, Mu Zixi felt that there was no problem.

So, this sudden voice was actually Elder Sangs friend


Xu Xiaoshou immediately became alert.

To be able to appear as Elder Sangs friend, he should at least be at the level of the throne or the beheading path, right

For such a person to appear in the White Cave, he must be a stowaway.

His motive was definitelyFourth Sword!

“What should I do, what should I do”

Xu Xiaoshou panicked.

He originally thought that by transforming into Elder Sang, he would be able to make the red-robed person ignore him from the group of wanted targets.

However, before he made her move, he was seen by another unknown existence.

Moreover, he had hidden himself so deeply and had the passive skillStealth.

That fellow was still able to discover him..

“This is definitely a super big shot!”

“Receiving attention, passive value, 1.”

“Receiving waiting, passive value, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshous heart pounded wildly, but theFrozen Power in his sea of aura surged, freezing him to an extremely calm state.

He didnt make a sound.

Instead, he slowly stretched out his hand and patted Mu Zixis head in front of him.


Mu Zixi turned around and was a little puzzled.


Xu Xiaoshous eyelids immediately twitched.

He was really afraid that his junior would turn around and say, “Xu Xiaoshou, whats wrong with you”

In the end..

“Its nothing.

You dont have to watch so carefully.”

Xu Xiaoshou said indifferently.

This time, even his pupils started to act.

His slightly narrowed eyes hid his emotions, and he couldnt see the slightest ripple.

His tone was exactly the same as Elder Sangs:

“Remember, Red-robed is very sharp.

Dont expose your abilities easily.”

“Also, dont move.”

“We are hiding in this formation.

Red-robed must have known everyones location.

Even this place must have been exposed.”

He stretched out his index finger and lightly knocked on his juniors head.

After pausing for a moment, he said, “Dont make any mistakes!”


Mu Zixi tilted her head.

She could keenly sense that..

Xu Xiaoshou was different!

How did he suddenly become so engrossed in his character

At this moment, shouldnt the red-robed men not have noticed us


His head was lightly tapped again.

A slight tingling pain was felt.

Mu Zixi subconsciously frowned and was about to say something when her heart suddenly palpitated.

Thats right!

Xu Xiaoshou was being targeted!

Her heart instantly surged.

Her senior was acting so abnormally and even used such a pun to remind her.

Didnt it already represent something

“Dont make any mistakes…”

Mu Zixi repeated in her heart.

She nodded her head and said obediently, “Okay.”

Her trembling little hands gripped her dress tightly.

When she turned her head, the uneasiness and fear in her heart made Mu Zixi want to see more clearly in this dark pit.

She subconsciously wanted to open herGod Devil Eyes again.

But she suddenly froze.

“Its okay.

You dont have to watch so carefully…”

Her seniors first seemingly unintentional words once again jumped into his mind.

From that moment on, he had already warned her not to reveal the ability of theGod Devil Eyes


Mu Zixi suddenly rolled up her small hand and squatted down in boredom.

“But Master, its so boring to watch here.

When are we going out”

“Hu ~”

When Xu Xiaoshou heard this coquettish tone, she finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Junior… understood.

Long live understanding!

“No rush, take your time.

There will always be a time to see the light.”

As he spoke, he used his withered and old hands to caress Mu Zixis head.

Because his thoughts were in a mess, he didnt even notice that the hair style of the person in front of him had been messed up.

“I know this!” The unfamiliar voice sounded again.

This time, there was a hint of cuteness in the voice.

Xu Xiaoshous heart trembled when she heard it.

Although the voice transmission was unfamiliar, she could clearly sense that the person in front of her was a man!

But, the male voice..


Xu Xiaoshou had a faint premonition in his heart.

Before he had time to think deeply, he heard the voice continue to say,

“Red-robed must have sensed all of us, thats why she activated theHeaven Sealing Array.”

“But right now, they probably dont know the exact location of most of them…”

“So dont worry.

Were also very secretive here.

We wont be exposed.”

Xu Xiaoshous expression immediately stiffened.

The other party had obviously listened to her words.

And judging from this reply, the current situation in the Lijian Grassland was basically the same as what he had deduced!


Where did this voice come from

How am I supposed to answer him

Speaking of which, even though he had been painstakingly learning theVoice Transmission Technique during this period of time, he still wanted to test it out.

But since he couldnt even find the target, how was he supposed to test it out

Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to remain silent for too long.

All he could do was stand in the middle of the pit and make a nasal sound.


The voice transmission man did not suspect him and continued, “Hey, Second Brother, you havent answered me yet.

Why are you here on your own”

“Didnt I hear from Brother that you wont participate in this operation”

“Oh, why arent you saying anything What… is there a situation”

The voice immediately fell silent.

After a long time.

“Suspected, passive value, 1.”

When Xu Xiaoshou saw thisSuspected, his little heart almost jumped out of his throat.

After forcing himself to calm down, he heard the other party continue, “Theres nothing wrong…”

Xu XiaoshousPerception and gaze were directed outside.

‘Fourth Sword was still flying, and there were still people who caught it.

However, the outcome was still the same — it exploded and died.


At the moment, there were no special circumstances in the outside world..

But my situation was very maddening! ! !

Xu Xiaoshou was about to collapse.

He really couldnt stand listening to an unknown big shot whisper to him in the dark.

If he had known this, he wouldnt have become Elder Sang.

It was good to become a masked man!

At least for now, the situation shouldnt be so embarrassing to say..

“Hey!” The voice suddenly became more playful.

“I heard that you were injured, right Could it be that you escaped here…”


Xu Xiaoshous heart was in a mess.

Elder Sang, injured

Damn it, I dont know!

If you keep asking like this, I wont take myFourth Sword and will die in the underground!


Xu Xiaoshou had a sudden inspiration.

Suddenly, he angrily slapped the wall of the pit.


Mu Zixi was shocked.

She turned around in shock and asked, “Whats wrong”

“Its alright.”

Xu Xiaoshou was slapped and caught the soil that fell from above her head.

She clenched her palm into powder.

“Theres a mosquito buzzing.

Its just a little annoying.”


You told me there were mosquitoes underground

Mu Zixi shrunk her head and didnt dare to continue speaking.

She was making a lot of mistakes.

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

“Feared, passive value, 1.”

“Hehehe, hehehe.”

The voice transmission appeared again with a hint of embarrassment.

“I was just joking.

I was just joking.

Dont get angry, hehehe…”

Xu Xiaoshous heart calmed down.

As expected, no matter where Elder Sang was placed, he was an existence who would lose his temper and make others cower in fear.

This slap was the right one!

“Disciple, if you were to face the situation in front of you alone, what would you do” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly asked.

Mu Zixi turned around and blinked her big eyes.

She immediately knew that Xu Xiaoshous intention was not to drink.

She immediately lowered her voice and began to speak.

“You cant talk”

The person on the other end of the voice transmission seemed to have understood something and said, “Alright, then lets use this method to communicate.

If you have any questions, you can just ask your little female disciple.”

Mu Zixi was still talking, but Xu Xiaoshou didnt listen to her at all.

His attention was completely focused on the voice transmission.

If he missed any crucial information at this time, he would definitely be exposed.

And being exposed was equivalent to death!


The voice transmission hadnt begun to resolve the situation.

It only paused for a moment before it exclaimed,

“Speaking of which, Second Brother, that damned Gou Wuyue wouldnt have left a mark on your body, right Is there a problem with me communicating with you like this”

“Youve been silent all this time, so I was a little afraid to say…”

Gou Wuyue

Xu Xiaoshous heart suddenly tightened, and he almost died of a heart attack.


Gou Wuyue… moonless sword immortal, how did he get involved

This voice-over, did he know him

From the way that “Damn ghost” was addressed, he was definitely very familiar!

Was he also someone on the level of Wuyue Sword Diety

Thats not right!

The person who transmitted the voice just said that he was injured, which meant that Elder Sang was injured.

Now, bringing up Gou Wuyue..

Elder Sang had fought with Wuyue Sword Diety before, right outside the White Cave

Xu Xiaoshous pupils constricted, and he lowered his head, retracting all of his emotions.


There was no answer.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to ask.

Even if he wanted to ask, he didnt know where to start and who to ask.

“Master, whats wrong” Mu Zixi saw that Xu Xiaoshou was a little strange and immediately asked with concern.

“Theres no problem,” Xu Xiaoshou replied.



Mu Zixi nodded her head.

How could there be no problem!

I asked “Whats wrong” and you answered “Theres no problem”..

The moment she heard it, there was a problem!

Someone was communicating with Xu Xiaoshou… Mu Zixi suddenly understood something.

This also meant that someone recognized her master.

After all, Xu Xiaoshou looked like his master.

If he pretended to be someone that even his own disciple couldnt recognize, outsiders wouldnt be able to see the problem.

Therefore, the person who communicated with Xu Xiaoshou should be at the same level as her master.

Thus, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt answer!

After all, he was only at the Innate level..

Thus, he could only pass the puns… No, the three levels.

On one hand, he answered his own question, and on the other hand, he answered the question of the unknown person who interacted with him.

On the other hand..

He kept asking back questions!

With this thought in mind, Mu Zixi raised her head to look at the person wearing the straw hat in front of her.

Her eyes couldnt help but show a few traces of heartache and admiration.

Even under such circumstances, Xu Xiaoshou was still able to handle it with ease.

Moreover, at least up until now, if she couldnt see anything, he hadnt made any mistakes.

So strong..

If it were me, I would probably collapse right away, right

Mu Zixis eyes flashed.

“Admired, passive value, 1.”

“Admired, passive value, 1.”

“No problem, then Im relieved.” The person on the other end of the voice transmission also let out a sigh of relief.

“Say something useful.

Dont always talk about those irrelevant things.

This is not helpful at all.” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly spoke with a very serious expression.

He pressed his hand on his juniors head and said in a serious tone, “From your trivial analysis, you have underestimated the Red-robed!”


Mu Zixis eyelids twitched.

‘Xu Xiaoshou, wow, Xu Xiaoshou, what time is it You still dare to insult me

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

He wanted to give his senior a beating, but when he thought about it again.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou should be asking that unknown person in return.

An existence as terrifying as his master..

However, he still dared to ask in return!


“Respected, passive value, 1.”

“Alright.” Mu Zixi lowered her head pitifully.

“Its my disciples limitations.

Then, shall I talk about something else”


Xu Xiaoshou spoke solemnly.

The person on the other end of the voice transmission was also silent for a moment.

After a long while.

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

“Second Brother, I just want to show some concern…”


Xu Xiaoshou coughed, and Mu Zixi spoke for a moment.

She looked up.

Seeing that her senior didnt respond, she continued to analyze the situation.

“Blah, blah, blah…”

“Okay, okay, I wont talk about gossip, I wont talk about gossip.”

The voice transmission was also shocked, and his tone became solemn.

“Second Brother, you just finished fighting with that Old Gou.

Even if you could come here, you probably didnt communicate with Brother and the others in advance”


Who was this person

What identity did Old Man Sang have Why did these friends of his sound so unbearable

Xu Xiaoshou shook her head, and it was impossible for her to investigate.

“Alright, then Ill tell you the situation first.” Xu Xiaoshou nodded

“First of all, Brother has lost contact with them, and they ought to have already found the crack on the Abyss Island.

Theres the influence of the Holy Emperors power there, so its normal for them to lose contact.”

The crack on the Abyss Island, the power of the Holy Emperor..

Xu Xiaoshous heartbeat quickened.

It was that wretched saint!

These people were also looking for him

Moreover, they had already successfully arrived in front of the crack

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but feel extremely fortunate that he didnt dive straight into the interdimensional space crack deep within the map of the White Cave.

If he went there, he would definitely die!

“Continue,” he said indifferently to Mu Zixi, who had paused.


He continued to transmit his voice, “Then, Nirvana, the ghost beast that Brother mentioned before has already fallen into the hands of others.

However, dont tell him about it for now.”

“Hehe, I have plans to give him a surprise.”

Ghost Beast

Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

What Ghost Beast

There were so many ghost beasts in the White Cave, which one was it referring to

Or was it the ghost beast outside the White Cave

Before he had time to think, the voice of the other side had already spoken.

“Gou Wuyue, that dead ghost, is watching outside the White Cave.

Theres no need to say anything more about this person.”

“There arent many things we need to pay attention to in the Lijian Grassland.”

“When the time comes, hell make the first move and capture the red-clothed throne that controls the spirit array.

Once the array loses its connection, itll be broken through very quickly.”

“Whats worth mentioning is that there might be people from theXu Yue Gray Palace here.”

The voice transmission paused.

Xu Xiaoshous heart was already cold.

There werent many things that she needed to pay attention to..

Listen, what nonsense was this

These people simply didnt put Red-robed in their eyes at all!

On the other hand, was the “Xu Yue Grey Palace”, which was the faction of Caramel, in danger

Oh my god..

If he could escape at this moment, Xu Xiaoshou would definitely pull his junior sister along and completely disappear from the sword deviate prairie without a word.

But he was in a situation where there was no way out!

“Who are these people exactly”

“They, could it be…”

Xu Xiaoshou was well aware of the super forces in the White Cave.

He had his own judgment about this guy who transmitted his voice.

But if his guess was true…

Wouldnt Elder Sang be..

Suppressing the shock in his heart, Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to say anything.

He just nodded silently.

He continued to transmit his voice, “Thats about the situation.”

“Oh, right, theres another young monk you should know.

The disciple with grievances should be.”

“Whether or not you take care of him is up to you.

In any case, hes not familiar with the resentful Buddha.

Brother is, so its up to you!”

Resentful Buddha… Xu Xiaoshou closed his eyes helplessly.

Mama, I want to leave this place..

“There arent many situations left.

Let the little ones tell you about it.

Theyve been holding it in for a long time,” the voice transmission giggled.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that there were some unusual movements in the communication channel between her and the other party.

It seemed that someone else had connected to it.

Private chat to group chat

This voice transmission technique was so vivid!

Xu Xiaoshou sneered in his heart, but he didnt have the time to complain.

In the next second, the voice sender spoke.

The voice was no longer that of the playfulness of the same generation, but a little more noble.

“Kid from the Lei family, and little girl Luo, didnt you always want to know who saved the two of you in the Tiansang Spirit Palace”

“Nows your chance.

Greet Senior Sleeveless!”


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