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Chapter 545: Recognition of the Fierce Sword!

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It was as if the world had fallen silent.

Everyone was shocked by the lonely aura exuding from Lei Shuangxings body.

He stood there with two swords in his hands, isolated from the rest of the world.

However, this aura clearly wouldnt last long in the Lijian Grassland.

Gu Qingsan looked at the direction where Lei Shuangxing was located, and it was as if his figure had disappeared.

What he saw were three swords.

There were the Fourth Sword, the Divine-beating Crutch..

And a human-shaped sword!

“This realm…”

He blinked, and his eyes blurred.

Gu Qingsan knew that he couldnt wait any longer.

Just with this realm of sword will of man and sword as one, that blind man was very likely to get the recognition of the Fourth Sword.

If he waited any longer, it would be too late.

However, before he could even move his feet, waves of sword will suddenly burst out from the position where Lei Shuangxing was.


Mud was sent flying, and smoke and dust danced like dragons.

Under everyones shocked gazes, the magic patterns of the Fourth Sword instantly covered the entire body of Lei Shuangxing.

It was as if a second He Yuxing had appeared.

However, Lei Shuangxings current situation was even crazier.

It was a state of madness like suppression before a storm even when one stood still.

Anyone could feel waves of powerful evil thoughts gathering, forming, and trying to erupt from the body of Lei Shuangxing.


Suddenly, a black beam of light shot out from the body of Lei Shuangxing straight into the sky.

This change left everyone dumbfounded.

“Whats going on”

“Wheres the backlash from the Wrath of the Devil Why didnt this guy explode”

“Somethings wrong, somethings very wrong!”

“That beam of light that shot into the sky couldnt mean that this guy has obtained the recognition ofFour Swords, right”

Everyone was bewildered.

Even Red Coat was shocked.


Xin immediately turned his head and asked.

“If you ask me, who should I ask”

Lan Ling was speechless.

She wasnt a swordsman, so how could she know all this

If she could ask, she would ask Xin, who had many enemies, what was going on.

After all, there were swordmen in the Red Coat group.

But there wasnt an ancient swordsman here.

“It cant be approval.

This guy hasnt comprehended the sword will of the Eighth Sword Deity, let alone the Sacrificial Carving.

How could he be approved by the Fourth Sword so easily”

Xin didnt believe it at all and said, “Even if hes an ancient swordsman, it cant be so fast.

Theres something strange here!”

All the Red Coats tensed up.

No matter how theFour Swords changed, they could clearly feel a strong hostility from the man holding the two swords..



Lan Ling narrowed her eyes.

“Give me the information.

Give me the information of that person!”

The Red Coat behind her walked forward hesitantly.

“No information…”

“No information”

This time, even Xin turned around in shock.

It was impossible to not have any information.

With the Red Coats ability, even if he only had one face, as long as the news spread outside, how could he not have any information at all

“There really isnt any information at all.

He looks like an ordinary experiencer…”

“How can this be ordinary”

Lan Lings heart tightened.

Her instincts told her that the blind man in the distance was not simple.

But, should they move out

“All Red Coats,” After hesitating for a moment, she still opened her mouth.


This time, the entire place was solemn.

All the Red Coats were ready.

Lan Ling hesitated and slowly extended her hand.

As long as she waved this hand, it would mean the end of the person in the distance.


In the underground pit.

Because they were close, Xu Xiaoshou could feel the emotion of Lei Shuangxing the most.

But he couldnt understand it at all.

This fellows performance was completely different from before when he was in the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Such a great hatred, yet he still didnt conceal it at all..


Xu Xiaoshou saw the beam of light that shot into the sky earlier.

Even if that didnt count as the recognition of theFourth Sword, he knew that Lei Shuangxing at this moment was absolutely compatible with the demonic nature of the fierce sword.

When he looked at the body again, it was as if it was completely dyed black by the demonic patterns..

“Theres something wrong with him!”

Xu Xiaoshou made a sound and pressed Mu Zixis head to remind a certain someone.

However, Mu Zixis body suddenly began to shake violently.

“Whats wrong”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked and hurriedly turned away from the girls face.


At this moment, Mu Zixis face was already pale and her entire body was covered in sweat.

This symptom was extremely similar to the high fever that she had in the Spirit Palace.

Xu Xiaoshou reached out and touched her forehead.


Boiling Hot!

Bean-sized beads of sweat slid down from the girls forehead.

Her tightly shut large eyes trembled.

Mu Zixi seemed to be struggling to open her eyes.

However, her eyelids were only lifted by a slit.

Xu Xiaojie was already keenly aware of the black and white light in her eyes.

“You cant!”

This time, he was extremely certain that Mu Zixis “God Devil Eyes” had something to do with Lei Shuangxing.

The last time this blind man appeared, he had the same symptoms.

Now that this fellow was holding the fierce sword, he had become like this again.

The most important thing was that the storyteller knew about this place.

If he opened his eyes and saw it, it would attract unnecessary trouble.

What should he do

“Close your eyes.”

Xu Xiaoshou pulled his junior sister into his embrace and whispered, “Rest.

Dont think about anything.

Im here.”


A response as quiet as a mosquito.

“Dont worry, its fine.”

Xu Xiaoshou patted his junior sister on the back.

He didnt dare to use hisfrozen power to lower the temperature recklessly.

He was afraid that if different powers intersected, it would cause more trouble.

“Theres a problem with Lei Shuangxing.”

Xu Xiaoshou shouted again in a low voice.

This voice was meant for the storyteller.

Through his spiritual senses, the storytellers attention was clearly attracted by Lei Shuangxing.

Through his continuous sensing, he finally realized that Lei Shuangxing could not hold on any longer.

“Brat, hold it in.

Now is not the time for you to take revenge.”

“Dont be distracted by theFourth Swords Wrath of the Devil!”

Lei Shuangxings body trembled when he heard that.

In the next second, the deathly silence in the air was finally broken.

Lan Ling raised her right hand high up and placed the famous sword, the Divine-beating Crutch, on her waist.

She slowly took out a crystal clear stone from her bosom.

“Exquisite stone!”

Everyone was stunned.

Then, everyone reacted.

With the exquisite stone, it meant that Lei Shuangxing was not a stowaway.

He was a legitimate person who entered the white cave through the proper way and had the right to seize the treasure.

“I have received the recognition of theFourth Sword”.

Lei Shuangxing said emotionlessly, “As promised, send me out of the White Cave.”

Xin turned to look at Lan Ling.


Lan Lings hand froze in the air and said indifferently, “I agree.

How do you prove it”

Lei Shuangxing did not say a word.

He raised his head high.

In midair, Gu Qingsan instantly felt his hair stand on end.

This blind man did not have eyes, but this time, Gu Qingsan could clearly feel that he was looking at him!

He did not say a word.

Lei Shuangxings hand trembled, and a black Galaxy Sword Aura shot out from the body of the “Fourth Sword”.

During the process, the Galaxy Sword Aura split into two and then into four, four into eight, eight into sixteen..

When they faced each other, it had already transformed into thousands of Galaxy Sword Aura torrents.

Everyone was shocked by this simple and straightforward Galaxy Sword Aura.

With just a sweep..

Such fluctuations

“Fantasy Sword Technique!”

Gu Qingsans lips curled up.

Others were afraid of this, but he wasnt.

It had long proven that even the Galaxy Sword Aura of the “Fourth Sword” couldnt hurt him!

He formed a pinching spell in the air, and his figure turned into nothingness.

However, at this moment, Gu Qingsan suddenly felt a trace of evil thought gushing out of his body.

It was the desire that had been accumulating since the birth of man.

It was the inner demon of man!

“What the hell”

“How did this thing come out”

Gu Qingsan panicked.

Everyone had desires.

In this world, no one could achieve the realm of having no desires.

And once a person had desires, they would inevitably give birth to inner demons.

The existence of this thing might not interfere with ones body under normal circumstances.

It was too small.

As long as ones desires were not big, ordinary people could also restrain their inner demons.

It was even more so for Spiritual Cultivators.

Every step of comprehending the Way of the Heavens and cleansing the soul was nothing more than the process of getting closer to the rules of Heaven and Earth without any desire.

That was exactly what Cutting Path Level meant.

But he, Gu Qingsan, could not reach the realm of the Cutting Path Level!

He had desires, and they were very great.

He wanted to learn the sword, to surpass his second senior brother and eldest senior brother, to defeat Xu Xiaoshou, and more importantly, to surpass his master and obtain the legendary title of Sword Deity.

His desire was great!

However, not every desire in this world would develop in the direction of the inner demon.

More importantly, it would give people the motivation to advance.

However, Gu Qingsan had never expected this.

At this moment, as Gu Qingsan slashed out with his sword, no matter what his desire was, at this moment, it completely turned into the inner demon.

The vicious demon energy had already invaded.

It didnt come from the outside world.

It was born and slashed out from his heart!

“Heart Sword Technique”

Gu Qingsan instantly understood something.

The Galaxy Sword Aura that He Yuxing had obtained from theFourth Sword was completely different from the Galaxy Sword Aura of Lei Shuangxing.

That blind man had really touched the ability of theFourth Sword!

“Its over!”

With a sizzling sound, not to mention turning into nothing, he couldnt have avoided the endless Galaxy Sword Aura.

When that evil thought appeared in his mind, the demonic patterns all over Gu Qingsans body curled up, and he was directly knocked back to his original form from the state of nothingness.

“Junior brother!”

Gu Qinger suddenly stood up from the ground.

At this time, he couldnt sit still at all.


It was too late!

“The famous sword can be avoided, the fierce sword can be avoided, but the inner demon sword can not be avoided.”

Lei Shuangxing shook his head gently.

He slowly withdrew his sword and put the object in his hand behind his elbow.

In midair, Gu Qingsan, who had been forced out of his original form, could not even use the slightest bit of strength to resist the endless Galaxy Sword Aura whistling over.

“Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh..”

“Ugh Ugh Ugh…”

Galaxy Sword Aura slashed through Gu Qingsans body one after another, sending blood and flesh flying everywhere.

Gu Qingers eyes instantly turned red.

He knew that if the blind man didnt have the “Fourth Sword”, his junior brother might be able to parry a few of them.

But with the support of the fierce sword..

His junior brother was completely unable to resist!

But this wasnt the end.

The fierce Galaxy Sword Aura that slashed through Gu Qingsans body circled around the back before suddenly soaring into the sky.

Then, from all directions, with Gu Qingsan as the center point, it slashed out again.


Thousands of black Galaxy Sword Aura drew an arc in the air as if it was dyeing the sky with moving black lotus petals.

However, when the lotus petals were retracted to the center point, a black lotus bloomed in the air.


There was no explosion.

All the power was controlled exquisitely and instantly poured into Gu Qingsans body.

The Wrath of the Devil entered his body.

It was even more terrifying than being torn apart!

A bloody figure fell from the sky, stirring up smoke and dust on the ground.


Everyones heartbeat seemed to miss a beat as they looked at the blind man drew in his sword and stood there in astonishment.

This was a devil!

Gu Qingsans aura had completely disappeared.

The body that was covered by the black devil patterns… or the corpse, was lying quietly on the ground, as if answering the question of the Red Coat man.

“This is the answer.”

Lei Shuangxing slowly turned his head towards the direction of the Red Coat man and asked, “Do you all want to try”


Even though the Red Coats were all at the Sovereign Stage, this time, many people also took half a step back.

Killing intent!

Awe-inspiring killing intent!

The Red Coats did not know what kind of hatred he had with this young man in front of him.

However, based on this genuine and undisguised killing intent, they were certain that if there was a chance, this young mans attack would definitely be even more vicious than the attack he had used on Gu Qingsan just now.

“Return my junior brother!”

Gu Qinger couldnt hold it in any longer.

He completely ignored his bosss warning and directly flew into the air.

In an instant, nine swords flew out from the sword wheel on his back and disappeared into thin air.

Lei Shuangxing turned his body to the side and faced the nine swords that were rushing toward him.

There seemed to be a smile on his face.

Disdain, mockery, and boundless confidence.

“Nine Swords Technique”

He didnt even make a move.

He stayed completely still.

The “Fourth Sword” was behind his back.

His face was calm, and his body didnt even tremble.

“A master swordsman!”

“Another peak master swordsman!”

“Oh my God, thats a famous sword, right”

“The Bewitching Demon”

The onlookers were so shocked by Gu Qinger that they cried out.

However, even though the nine swords were approaching, it was as if the blind man had not seen anything, not even the slightest movement.

“Is he crazy He will die!”

“Not dodging”

The nine swords formation, led by a blood-red famous sword, carried an invincible sword intent.

It was as if the nine dragons were attacking, and even space itself was completely pierced open.


However, when they were just a few feet away from the Lei Shuangxing, the nine swords seemed to have hit some kind of barrier.

They suddenly nailed the space and could not move forward at all.

Bald Xin waved his hand in the air, and the boundary barrier blocked this attack.

He said to Gu Qinger apologetically, “Im sorry.

This person has received the recognition of theFourth Sword.

Red Coats, youre safe!”

“Give me back my junior brother!”

Gu Qingers eyes immediately turned red.

How could he care about whether this baldy in front of him was a Sovereign Stage or anything else.

The instant the sword will in the sky exploded, the crimson sky seemed to have been drawn in, dyeing a large area of ominous clouds red.

“The Bewitching Demon!”

Xins eyes focused, and his expression became solemn.

Heavenly Master of the famed sword

What a joke!

Have these young people gone mad

How did they cultivate

Why were all of them so terrifying!


The Bewitching Demon famed sword seemed to have been summoned.

She circled in the air before suddenly shooting back, about to pierce into Gu Qingers body and fuse into one.

“Junior brother, thats enough.”

Gu Qingyi finally stood up from the ground.

The moment he stood up, the dense sword will in the world was completely suppressed.

Even the Ferocious Demon Realm that covered the entire world was showing signs of collapse.

The Bewitching Demon also stopped in front of Gu Qingers chest.

“But, eldest brother, little junior brother, he…”

Gu Qinger turned his head with difficulty, his eyes filled with tears.

“Bring him here.”


Gu Qinger wiped away his tears and walked over with trembling steps, carrying his junior brother in his arms.

Suddenly, the tears that welled up in his eyes stopped, and a look of ecstasy appeared on Gu Qingers face.

“Hes still breathing!”

He shouted excitedly, took a step forward, and returned to Gu Qingyis side with the person in his arms.

“Eldest senior brother, theres still hope.

Quickly save junior brother!”

“Okay, step back.”

Gu Qingyi looked at the slightly trembling ground with a grave expression.


Gu Qingyi didnt understand.

They both nodded.

Why didnt he save him

He would die!

However, following eldest senior brothers gaze, he also lowered his head.

He immediately felt that something was wrong.

“This is”

On the other side, Xin suddenly shot up from the ground.

It was as if the soles of his feet were scalded by lava.

“Bubble bubble…”

The trembling ground cracked inch by inch.

Then, blood bubbles burst one by one, and the entire land of the Lijian Grassland was instantly soaked in blood.

“The Blood Sea has been summoned!”


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