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Chapter 546: Theyve All Gone Crazy!

“Drip, drip, drip.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt something splatter on his head and shoulders.

He raised his head.


The boiling hot blood was like lava.

From the moment Xu Xiaoshou raised his head, the blood had turned from a trickle to a steady stream.

And based on what his perception saw on the ground, the entire Lijian Grassland was dyed completely red.

A sea of blood!

“Xin Gugu”

Xu Xiaos pupils constricted as he suddenly thought of something.

He had only seen one person with the ability to summon a sea of blood, and that person was Xin Gugu.

He turned his head to look in the direction where Xin Gugu was hiding.

As expected, Xin Gugu was long gone.

“This guy, did he make a move already”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his hand, and white flames pounced on his body.

Immediately, the strange boiling blood was isolated.

At the moment, he was still looking like Elder Sang.

Xin Gugu did not know.

If he went crazy and dragged Xu Xiaoshou into the mess, it would be a big problem.

However, it was very obvious that Xin Gugus attention was not on Xu Xiaoshou at all.

“A ghost beast!”

The Red Coats looked at the sea of blood that was summoned and flew up in shock.

The thick stench assailed their nostrils.

Anyone who wore red knew what it meant.

“The big fish has taken the bait.”

Lan Lings heart tightened.

It was clearly something to be happy about.

But this strange sea of blood on the ground.

What kind of ability was this

“A human!”

“Find the human first!”

Xin turned his head and shouted in Lan Lings direction.

Lan Ling was about to move, but at this moment, the Blood Sea seemed to have erupted.

“The blood pillar burst!”

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Thick blood pillars another shot out from the Blood Sea one after another like how scaled dragons emerged from the sea.

The pillars crashed into the Red Coats at lightning speed.

Compared to this heavenly pillar-like existence, a humans body was simply too small.

The Red Coats were already prepared and flew up or dodged to the side at the first moment the blood pillar shot out of the sea.

However, the blood pillar seemed to have completely locked onto its target as it moved, directly blasting the Red Coats high into the air.

After that, the tips of the blood pillars exploded and evolved into a huge hand.

These hands dragged the Red Coats into the Blood Sea.

“What the hell is this!”

Xin kicked hard, and his kick exploded the blood pillar under his feet.

He was caught off guard and was pulled back by the Blood Hand.

He shook the Blood Hand with all his strength and broke it.

Then, Xin managed to fly off and avert the crisis.

However, the others did not have his strength.

Most of them were pulled into the Blood Sea right then and there.

Those at the ordinary sovereign stage couldnt escape the Blood Hands power at all.

There were tens of Red Coats in the audience, but only a dozen of them could break through this wave of attack.

In addition, there were the lucky ones around Lan Ling who were protected by the great array.

“What ability is this”

Xin was shocked.

He basically knew a thing or two about the all the abilities of the ghost beast host body that had entered the White Cave this time.

However, this wave of blood sea attacks was not what the intelligence had described.

How could this be an ordinary ghost beast


At this moment, the figures that had been dragged into the boiling and bubbling Blood Sea let out miserable cries.

The Red Coat was still fine.

After entering the sticky, swamp-like Blood Sea where struggling just caused one to sink further, the strength of the sovereign stage barely allowed him to protect himself.

The masters and juniors who were watching were all corroded on the spot.

Some died and others were injured.

There were a pitiful number of survivors.

“Let me do it.”

Seeing this, Lan Ling immediately took over Yu Zhiwens control of the great array.

She could leave those who experienced the White Cave to die, but this was under the condition that their death would not increase the enemys battle strength.

According to the Blood Seas ability, the higher the strength of the people who died, the more people there would be.

The Blood Seas performance in all aspects would be greatly improved.

How could he die

“Heaven sealing array, sacrificial refining!”

The great array that covered the entire Lijian Grassland burst out at a high temperature instantly.

The chains belonging to the Way of the Heavens solidified in midair.

They pierced through the void, and stabbed themselves into the Blood Sea.

In the blink of an eye, the temperature of the Blood Sea rose once more.

The sea bubbled as it boiled, and the bubbles burst one by one.

A lot of the rising blood water was evaporated in an instant.

“Moo –”

A loud bellow of pain roared out from beneath the Blood Sea.

Obviously, the chains from the Way of Heaven entered the Sea.

The chains must have pierced the body of the creator of the Blood Sea.

It worked!

Everyone present was frightened by this roar and retreated quickly.

Red Coat was took it even more seriously.

There was this roar before the the ghost beasts incarnated.

It was very obvious that that fellow could not hold on any longer and was about to come out.


“The Blood Sea…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the blood that was continuously seeping down from the top of his head and carried his junior sister as he moved down.

The Blood Sea could be said to have divided the entire Lijian Grassland.

The sky contained the Red Coats camp.

The middle layer of the Blood Sea should be where Xin Gugu was active.

And in the underground..

“My world”

Xu Xiaoshou was delighted.

This was very good!

With the existence of this thing, no one would be able to pay attention to the underground world.

The underground world would be as good as allowing Xu Xiaoshou to hide such that no one would pay attention to him, right

“Junior sister…”

He lowered his head and looked at Mu Zixi.

This girls high fever was astonishing.

It was as if she had swallowed the infernal fire seed.

It was simply baffling.

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to leave her in the Yuan Mansion.

However, he was afraid that the storyteller who was hiding in the dark would see all of this, so he protected Mu Zixi closely.

“Make it chaotic.

Increase the chaos!” It seemed like Xu Xiaoshou was afraid of a lack of chaos.


“Be careful.”

Xin could no longer care about his tears.

He rushed to Lan Lings side.

Just as he was about to say something, Lan Ling turned her head to look at him in shock and anger.

“Didnt I ask you to protect him Why are you here”

“I…” Xin was stunned for a moment.

Protect that blind man

At this moment, who could still control that fellow

Wasnt their level of importance obvious

One was the leader of the Red Coats who was controlling the great array, and the other was a blind man who was obviously hostile towards the Red Coats.

If the ghost beast had injured Lan Ling, the Red Coats would have wasted their efforts.

Lan Ling was almost driven mad by this baldy.

“Im not important, Fourth Sword is!”

“The ghost beasts only emerged now.

If it wasnt for Fourth Sword, then what was it for”

Xin was stunned for a moment, but he was still a little confused.

This fellow had been attacking the Red Coat since he appeared

His thoughts stopped.

Xin suddenly came to a realization.

A diversion

He suddenly turned his head.

He saw the Blood Sea, which was still attacking the Red Coat earlier, now turn into a huge vortex.

Following a roar, an incomparably huge reddish-black ox horn emerged from within the vortex.


Everyone was eager to see what was below.

With an explosion, the vortex festered, and the void shattered.


Lei Shuangxing stood tall in the air, but his back instantly turned cold.

He wanted to see what was rising slowly beneath the ox horn.


Heavens, why did it suddenly turn dark

He suddenly turned his head.

A blood-soaked, reddish-black minotaur that was over a hundred feet tall was floating in the air.

The sky was filled with bloody mist as if a devil had shot out from purgatory.

This monster had the head and the body of an ox.

It was as tall and sturdy as a giant.

However, the lower half of its body was a pair of legs in human form.

Yet, it was different from a pair of human legs.

This pair of legs were strong and filled with defined muscles.

They were like a pair of totem poles.

One of them was upright in the air while the other was being lifted up after accumulating power..

It was evident what they were going to do!

“Damn it!”

Even the normally calm Lei Shuangxing was so shocked that he almost cursed out loud.

What kind of speed was this


So the slow ascent just now was a pretense

There was no time to think.

Lei Shuangxing did not even have the time to draw his sword.

He was only aware of wanting to use the Fourth Sword to block this attack.

But he did not move, and in the next second…

The minotaur took a shot!


The void was like a balloon that had been popped.

The space debris exploded like fireworks under the kick.

And as for Lei Shuangxing..

Deep underground, Xu Xiaoshous eyeballs were about to pop out.

Lei Shuangxing was directly sucked into the space debris by a kick

Damn it!

“Are you Xin Gugu”

Xu Xiaoshou was extremely shocked.

If it wasnt for the fact that he had once fought with Xin Gugu against Zhang Taiyings virtual image and had seen the ancient minotaur that split open on that fellows back, he wouldnt have been able to believe it.

At this moment, he simply couldnt believe that the minotaur that was bathed in blood inside the void was Xin Gugu!

“A complete body”

Xu Xiaoshou realized something.

At that time, Xin Gugu had also transformed into the form of a ghost beast.

However, only half of the minotaurs head had emerged from Xin Gugus back, and his body had been condensed from ghostly energy.



Xu Xiaohe looked at the bloody minotaur in the air that didnt have the slightest bit of human consciousness.

Without a doubt, it was a complete body this time.

There was complete liberation!

“But, the gap is too big.

Do you want to die”

Xu Xiaohe had never seen Xin Gugu in this state before.

He didnt know whether this was the innate ability of a ghost beast or the unique secret technique of the Xu Yue Grey Palace.

But it was obvious that Xin Gugu in this state wasnt something that an ordinary Red Coat could deal with.

“Brother Shuangxing…”

Luo Leileis worried voice sounded in his ears.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately thought of the storyteller.

He still didnt make a move, even at this stage

What were these big shots waiting for

Were human lives not worth anything


Just as he was in deep thought, a space a few miles away from the Lijian Grassland exploded suddenly.

Xu Xiaoshou looked over, and his heart turned cold.

Lei Shuangxing!

This fellow traveled through the space debris for a while before he was blasted back to the White Cave

“Damn you, Xin Gugu…”

He thought of the unconscious and dehumanized Lei Shuangxing.

This time, Xu Xiaoshou looked at the blood-soaked minotaur in horror.

He couldnt fight this minotaur!

What happened to fair competition

With this kind of damage inflicted, how could he let others live

Someone, please help!


The entire place was dead silent.

Even Xin was stunned by the sudden appearance of the minotaur as well as the soaring kick.

This power..

“Form an array!”

Lan Ling was the first to react.

No matter what, once the ghost beast appeared, Red Coat would fight it even if he had to risk his life.

He had to admit that although this fellows aura was very good, he…

“Ive been waiting for you for a long time!”

Lan Lings gaze was intense.

She licked her red lips as she waved her hand.

“Imperial bestowment of the Way of the Heavens, deprived!”

A huge seven-colored divine light descended from the sky and instantly enveloped an area of several hundred feet around the blood-soaked minotaur.


After a faint sound, Xu Xiaoshou was shocked to discover that everything that was enveloped in the divine light had turned into nothingness.

Air, elements, space..

The Blood Sea, the Earth, and even dust..


There was nothingness!

The moment the divine light dissipated, it was as if everything in that area had been stripped away from the Way of the Heavens.


There was only a hollow black pillar left, nothing else!


After a full second of silence, the Blood Sea was finally pulled by the suction force of the black hole space, and then it surged into the spatial fragments.

“Xin Gugu, is he dead”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned by what he saw.

However, in a second, the aura of the bloodied minotaur suddenly appeared from where Red Coat was.

He missed!

He was being attacked at the speed of light! How could he dodge


A furious roar.

Everyones souls seemed like they were about to be shattered by the roar.

The very moment Xin reacted, he saw the minotaur in front of Lan Ling.

The minotaur was pulling out his leg with all his might.

“Vile creature, how dare you!”

Xins eyes instantly turned red.

The Red Coat was the guardian.

With Red Coat around, Lan Ling would definitely not die before Xin!

Both of her hands pushed against the space and twisted backwards.

In this split second, Xin used the force to bounce back.

Xin also used a whip kick, but this was aimed at the huge foot in front of Lan Ling.

A human body against the body of a ghost beast!

Xin could not even reach the blood-soaked minotaurs ankle!

But there was hardly any hesitation in his kick.

A showdown at the peak!

Xu Xiaoyous eyes widened.

He wanted to see everything clearly.

And at the instant when the two legs connected…


The world shook.

Waves of air shot out from the center of the conflict.

The gusts of air rose and fell in layers, directly crushing the entire Blood Sea and soon sent it flying!

The floating Blood Sea..

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked, and his heart seemed to float along with it.

He didnt have time to sigh.

In the next second, something even crazier happened.

With a boom, the entire space of the Lijian Grassland was like a mirror that had been thrown to the ground.

It cracked!

The white cave space couldnt withstand the power of such a peak duel.

Even though there were only two whip kicks, it completely collapsed!

The ground seemed to have been pried up by someone, and it shook twice.

The crack was so wide that it couldnt be closed at all.

Xu Xiaoshou was completely surprised and overwhelmed.

“Crazy, crazy.”

“Is this a damned fight”

“You two seem like youre fighting a nuclear war!”

There was no time for sarcasm.

If the White Cave were to collapse, no one below the throne would survive.

And the throne..

Glancing at the bloodied minotaur, Xu Xiaoshou sighed inwardly.

It was close!

He wanted to escape into the Yuan Mansion, disregarding what was going on.

But as Xu Xiaoshou looked at the broken horizon, a figure appeared suddenly.

That figure had a red robe that fluttered in the wind, and he had a strong killer instinct.

“Night Guardian”

Xu Xiaoshou simply could not believe that this dead person suddenly appeared.

But the fierce-looking Night Guardian did not go straight for the ghost beast.

Instead, he took a deep breath and plunged his hands into the shattered space on the other side.


He put his hands together.


The cracked Earth was stitched together, and the broken space was tightened.

Darkness engulfed everything.

The Sovereign Domain replaced this space and covered everything.

“Lan Ling, protect the space!” Night Guardian shouted angrily.

Lan Lings body, which had been tossed aside, finally stopped in midair.

Xin was too strong!

He kicked down the giant foot of the minotaur, causing its attack to deviate from its original direction.

However, even with the protection of the great array, such a physical confrontation was not something someone at the ordinary sovereign stage could withstand.

Lan Ling was merely a spirit array master.

Being close to her meant death.

At this moment, being able to escape with her life was already a fluke.


As she exhaled, she did not care how wildly her heart was beating.

Lan Ling knew that she had underestimated this ghost beast.

This wasnt an ordinary ghost beast at all.

“Are you from the Xu Yue Grey Palace…”

Lan Ling formed a pinching spell.

Outside the Dark Bounded Domain, the Heaven Sealing Array locked this area of space up tightly.

“Fourth Sword!”

After doing all this, she called out loudly, “Night Gurdian, Heiming, find Fourth Sword first, first…”

It stopped abruptly.

Lan Ling called out halfway, but she suddenly couldnt move.

Her face was filled with shock as she looked at the bloodied minotaur who was separated from Xin after one strike.

Her expression was filled with fear.


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