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Chapter 556: Give Me Some Face

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The trembling Red-robed, the trembling Storyteller, the motionless Xu Xiaoshou… Elder Sang.

No one spoke.

It was very depressing.

And awkward.

“In awe, passive points 18.”

“Awaiting, passive points, 12.”

“Watched, passive points 19.”


Xu Xiaoshou knew that everyone was waiting for him.

However, he only took a look at the information bar that kept spamming and did not pay much attention to it.

“Sword cognition…”

He used his inner vision to look into his body.

The demonic sword qi of the Fourth Sword of did not instil too much power into sword cognition.

Or, it could be said that it had already noticed that the current sword cognition was too weak.

It was like a delicate sprout that dared to be born.

Pushing it too far would only harm it in the end.

When the sword cognition was clearly swollen to the point that it did not look like a sword cognition, the ferocious demonic power of the Fourth Sword stopped this loss of composure.

“Are you excited”

Xu Xiaoshou could be sure that the excitement of the Fourth Sword definitely had something to do with the sword observation manual.

However, as long as it was calm, it wouldnt cause too much harm to him.

At this moment, it wouldnt be the main character.

He didnt need to pay too much attention to it.

He felt that the fierce demonic energy in his body had calmed down, and it had once again reached a delicate balance with the leaked ice and fire dual elemental energy.

Although this balance would still cause a lot of harm to him.

But at this time.

The recovery ability of “Eternal Vitality” could completely suppress the injuries in his body.

It could even faintly help him to slowly move in the direction of recovery.

Xu Xiaoshou was relieved.

He moved his body slightly.

His body had recovered a little of his mobility.

He didnt stay silent for too long.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the Storyteller and gently picked up the Fourth Sword.

“If you do something wrong, you can deal with it after you get out.”

“But since Im out now, I have to do something.”

The Storytellers heart skipped a beat and he asked timidly, “Do… what”

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head gently and did not say anything.

He looked at the Red Twin Dragon Pythons that was completely dyed in ink.

At this moment, its crazy state could even make it forget the pain of its body being torn apart.

The Red Twin Dragon Pythons was struggling, trying to fight again.


Xu Xiaoshou sighed in his heart.

Caramel had really done enough for Xin Gugu.

The broken body that was shattered by the Lightning Tribulation, coupled with the fierce demonic power of the Fourth Sword..

Under such serious injuries, even if the Red Twin Dragon Pythons struggled to stand up, what else could it do

“Fly over”

Xu Xiaoshou clenched his Fourth Sword tightly.

He could faintly feel that he had already obtained the recognition of the Fourth Sword through the two sword cognition in his body.

Although he was still a long way from being recognized as its master.

But under such circumstances, it was not a problem for him to borrow a portion of the power of the vicious sword.

With a thought.

A violent wind blew in the air.

The overflowing power of the vicious devil suddenly began to withdraw and gather into the sword body of the vicious sword.


Xu Xiaoshou was delighted.

If the devil dword could be retrieved, then perhaps Caramel could still be saved

He wanted to move.

But as he thought, a tearing pain came from his lower body, and Xu Xiaoshou almost sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Eternal Vitality” was indeed recovering his physical body.

But his progress was too slow.

At this moment, it was really impossible for him to take such a big step forward.


Glancing at the confused Storyteller and the people in red-robed who seemed to be facing a great enemy in the distance, the corner of Xu Xiaoshous mouth twitched.


After a disdainful sneer, he calmly and unhurriedly took this step forward.


The wind blew, and the scene was so quiet that it was eerie and strange.


Everyone who was looking at Xu Xiaoshous figure suddenly narrowed their eyes in shock.

The power of the higher void in the body of the Night Guardian was already activated, but what they saw was still the scene of the Saint Servants Second Brother completely disappearing after a step.


He disappeared!

It was as if this person had never appeared in this world.

Even the traces of the Way of the Heavens and the spatial fluctuation could not be found.

He had completely disappeared!

This kind of ability did not seem like the realm of merging into the Cutting Path way possessed.


It was of a higher level!

“An ability that surpasses the Way of the Heavens… The holy path” Night Guardian was extremely shocked.

He glanced at the Storyteller without leaving any traces, wanting to see some sort of connection from this perverted man in a red-robeds expression.

However, even the Storyteller was shocked beyond words.

“He doesnt know”

Night Guardian was stunned.

Did this mean that the Saint Servants ability was something that the Saint Servant had never seen before

“So, he really broke through after the battle with the Wuyue Sword Deity and entered the arena”

Night Guardian closed his eyes heavily.


If that was the case, how could he fight

There was no solution, okay

“He didnt disappear.

He just moved!” Lan Ling suddenly said from the side.

He was different from the others.

With the Heaven Sealing Array in her hand, although she couldnt sense what method the Saint Servant had used to disappear.

But when he reappeared, she still sensed it immediately.

He twisted his head.

Everyone looked over at the same time.

After maintaining a safe distance from the berserk Red Twin Dragon Pythons, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly appeared.

“Attention received, passive points, 16.”

“Surprised, passive points, 19.”

After seeing the information bar, Xu Xiaoshou knew that his move had successfully stunned everyone.

“Vanishing technique.

As expected, this type of awakening technique completely ignores the existence of levels.”

“If it wasnt for the special sensing type of sovereign and cutting path, even the Heaven Sealing Array wouldnt have been able to detect it.”

“Under the Vanishing technique, take the easy way out.”

“Even if its spatial movement, no one can detect the spatial fluctuation.”

Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself.

Divine skill!

In fact, if he wanted to achieve a similar effect, he could take the easy way out.

However, Elder Sang probably didnt know any spatial-type spiritual technique.

And if he added the seemingly superfluous Vanishing technique..

Xu Xiaoshou secretly observed the Storytellers reaction.

Seeing his confused expression, he thought to himself that he had succeeded.

A so-called “Holy Path” method that could deceive all the experts at the level of the Cutting Path was born!

And its composition was actually not simple.

Two full awakening techniques!

“Second Brother, what do you want”

The Storyteller saw Second Brother appear above the Red Twin Dragon Pythons and had an ominous premonition in his heart.

Xu Xiaoshou completely ignored him.

After taking a deep breath, he felt the Red Twin Dragon Pythons increasingly violent emotions under his feet.

He tilted his Fourth Sword and lowered his eyes.


The air was directly crushed by the majestic aura accumulated by the swallow the mountains and rivers.

The eight-winged Red Twin Dragon Pythons, which was still struggling to leap up, seemed to have missed its target and collapsed into the ground.

Smoke and dust rose from the bottom of the Pythons and scattered in all directions.


The Storyteller sucked in a breath of cold air.

Until now, he couldnt see how Second Brother could do such a solid attack with such a solid aura.

If he could suppress it with his eyes, he could do it too, but only for low-realm people.

As for the eight-winged Red Twin Dragon Python..

Although the Ghost Beast had been destroyed by the Lightning Tribulation.

Under the Devil Invasion of the Fourth Sword, it had already forgotten about the pain.

When it sensed that someone was provoking it, it should have flapped its eight wings and pounced on it.

However, its actions seemed to have fallen into the eyes of the second brother.

It didnt give the Ghost Beast any chance to counterattack.

A look to suppress it in advance

No one knew that Xu Xiaoshous one look not only took away almost all of the energy in swallow the mountains and rivers.

He even used all things are swords in secret and used the Fourth Swords sword will to heavily injure the Red Twin Dragon Pythons from the inside.

After all, if one look could not suppress it…

Then this whole situation would probably be overturned.

He, Xu Xiaoshou, did not have any spare strength to deal with anyone present.

Even if it was just an ordinary Red-robed…


“What is he doing”

A cry of surprise suddenly came from the Red-robed.

Second Brother, the Saint Servant, who had suppressed the heavily injured Red Twin Dragon Pythons, gently lifted up the Fourth Sword.

Amidst the humming of the sword, a large amount of fiendish aura was extracted from the Red Twin Dragon Pythons and went straight into the Fourth Swords sword body.

The Storytellers face instantly turned pale.

“Second Brother, what are you doing”

Are you trying to snatch a gift

Are you shameless

If you really wanted to reconcile with your brother, wouldnt you go look for a gift

You want to ruin the best product that he worked so hard to create

“Save the Pythons,” Xu Xiaoshou replied without even turning his head.

“Save the Python” The Storytellers head hurt and he said, “But Im doing an experiment!”

“Cant you see that your experimental subject is about to die” Xu Xiaoshou sneered.



The Storyteller was anxious.

He stretched out his orchid finger and said in a sharp voice, “It can be demonized by the Fourth Sword.

After the devil invasion, if its strength can break through again, it might be able to turn into a python or even a dragon.”

“You cant interrupt its evolution!”

Xu Xiaoshou finally raised his head when he heard that.

He stared straight at the Storyteller, making the Storytellers heart tremble.

In the end, he quietly put down his orchid finger.

“Shut up.”


“Cursed, passive points 1.”

“In awe, passive points 12.”

The people in red-robed were speechless.

What was this

The arena was supposed to be a peaceful war, but everything changed after the appearance of the Second son of the Saint Servant.

A large-scale education for children

Since when did this Storyteller have such a good temper

He was already reprimanded like this, yet he still didnt resist

Why didnt he start the war directly!

“Lan Ling.”

Night Guardian turned to look at Lan Ling.

Others might think that the Storytellers temper was gone.

But he, who had fought with this fellow, knew that the Storyteller could not be like this.

His attitude would change drastically.

It could only be said that this Second Brother of the Saint Servant was too strong!

Even the Storyteller did not dare to disobey his words and actions.

If that was the case, he really had to let this Second Brother of the Saint Servant continue to follow his actions.

When he turned his head back..

Red-robed, what should he do


Lan Ling didnt say anything else.

Secretly, she had already secretly formed a seal, quietly mobilizing the power of the Heaven Sealing Array.


Chi Chi Chi

The dense black fiendish aura was extracted from the twitching Red Twin Dragon Pythons body back into the Fourth Swords sword body.

Xu Xiaoshou was enduring the majestic and terrifying energy, but his face was already as pale as paper.

However, the advanced use of “Transformation” meant that no matter what situation he was in, he had to have a ruddy face.

The face that he displayed was a ruddy face!

“No, I cant absorb any more.

If I continue to absorb, the snake will really be gone!”

The Storyteller could no longer stand.

He took a step forward and was about to fly over.

Xu Xiaoshou lowered his eyelids and turned his gaze.

When his peripheral vision landed on the jade-like feet that the Storyteller had repaired and was about to take a step forward.

This fellows face was stiff.

He did not dare to make any more unnecessary movements.

Xu Xiaoshou did not say anything.

Instead, he smiled and turned his head to the side, looking in the direction of Red-robed.

With a whoosh, the sound of the wind shook.

All of the red-robed suddenly retracted.

Their bodies were completely tensed up.

It was as if their prey was being stared at by a hunter.

Their vigilance rose.

Even Lan Ling, who was secretly doing something, immediately stopped the seal.

“Feared, passive points 16.”

“No need to be nervous.

This old man is not here to kill.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled lightly and pondered for a moment.

The smile on his face slowly stopped and he said indifferently,

“But since this old man has come out, then please give me some face.”

“Give this little time to this old man.”


Lan Ling felt her throat dry up.

Sure enough, her little move was still discovered

She said as if nothing had happened, “What time”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed lightly, turned his head, and looked at the Fourth Sword in his hand that was constantly absorbing the vicious qi.

“Dong, Dong, Dong…”

His index finger lightly tapped on the handle of the vicious sword.

The faint sound reverberated in the quiet void.

At this moment, it was extremely ear-piercing.

“When senior is moving, as a junior, you dont have to move.”

“What I mean is…”

Xu Xiaoshou paused for a moment and said, “Dont appear even if a finger is trembling.”


When the last word was spoken, the ground suddenly cracked.

Almost in an instant, all the water in the world seemed to have evaporated.

Even the void that had repaired itself began to distort, showing signs of melting.

High temperature.

Extreme high temperature!

Xu Xiaoshou did not even need to release all of the Infernal Original Seed.

He did what Elder Sang did when he faced the masked man.

When he did not have to fight.

This kind of atmosphere and the fear of giving others the unknown was the best way to shock people.

As expected.

As for the red-robed, this time, Lan Ling secretly performed a spiritual spell with her hands behind her back.

She did not even dare to swallow a mouthful of saliva that was stuck in her throat.

Even if she did not have an adams apple, she was afraid that a hidden roll in her throat would bring her death.

After all, the Storyteller was already a pervert.

As the second-in-command of the Saint Servant, would the old mans words of “Dont even tremble with a finger” really include some of her wild thoughts..

It was hard to say.

But for the sake of her life, she couldnt try!

The lips of the Night Guardian opened and closed, and she was about to say something when she suddenly felt the high temperature around her increase.

Even the spiritual source in his body was actually showing signs of burning at this moment.

He opened his mouth and did not dare to close it for a moment.

“Cough cough…”

It was neither right or wrong for the Storyteller to withdraw his foot.

He suspected that Second Brother was indirectly talking to someone else.

Moreover, the evidence was conclusive.

Therefore, he could only maintain this awkward posture.

He coughed lightly and said, “Second Brother, we are in cahoots.

Dont forget…”

Xu Xiaoshou did not reply.

After the ferocious demonic aura was extracted from his body by the Fourth Sword, he gently flipped his hand and sent the eight-winged Red Twin Dragon Pythons into the Yuan mansion.

The entire place was dead silent.

The corners of the Storytellers eyes twitched wildly and his brows twitched wildly.

He was stunned and did not dare to say anything else.

However, after Xu Xiaoshou had done all of this, he turned his head and looked at him again.

“If I remember correctly…”

“Those minotaurs were finally put into your space, right”


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