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Chapter 577: Stop Fooling Around

“AH –”

An ear-piercing scream pierced through the sky.

The storyteller held his head with all his might as he looked at the masked mans body that was directly pierced through.

He lost control of himself.


At this moment, the underground suddenly shook.

In the next second, the Fourth Sword returned from the underground.


There was another clear sound.

This time, the masked man who had fallen to the ground, was even lifted up and carried high into the sky.

“AH –”

The scream of the storyteller, which had almost stopped, lost control once again when he saw that the masked man was hurt again.

Cen Qiaofu grimaced and covered his ears, his eardrums almost bleeding because of the two screams.

“Whats going on”

Cen Qiaofu didnt have time to stop what was happening in front of him, but he also witnessed the whole process from the side.

The sudden appearance the black sword, with no one to control it, how could it pierce through the chiefs chest twice

“What happened…”

“Clang –”

He didnt have time to think.

The masked man, who had been brought into the sky by the Fourth Sword, fell from the sky and was pinned to the ground by the vicious sword.

His body slid down.

The third injury finally woke the masked man up in pain from his unconscious state.


A large mouthful of blood was spat out first.

Following that, confusion finally emerged in the masked mans turbid eyes.

He saw the black shadow that had injured himself.

“Its, its the Fourth Sword”

Cen Qiaofu was startled when he heard that.

The Fourth Sword

This black sword, its the Fourth Sword

With a whoosh, he pounced forward.

But there were others who were faster than him.

The storyteller took a big step forward and arrived in front of the masked man with a whoosh.

He stretched out his hands, as if he wanted to help but did not dare to.


“Brother, how are you Does it hurt…”

“Duh.” The masked man was angered.

His lips opened and closed a few times before they finally turned into a twitching sentence.

“First, help me pull out the sword.”

“I cant help you!”

The storytellers hands stretched forward one after the other.

He squatted down and stood up again.

“This is the Fourth Sword.

I cant withstand its demonic aura!”


The masked man was in so much pain that he was panting.

He could feel the endless demonic power crazily pouring into his body, as if it wanted to crush his weak body.

“If you dont hurry up, Im really going to die!”

“I, I…”

The storyteller hesitantly reached out his hand and was about to grab it.

“Are you stupid !”

Cen Qiaofu instantly moved and hit his hand back.

“Have you forgotten about the spatial power Do you think you can easily touch the Fourth Sword”

“Oh, oh.”

Only then did the storyteller recover from his panic.

Cen Qiaofu could no longer watch.

“Get out of the way, Ill do it!”

He pushed the storyteller away and directly threw the small axe in his hand backward.

Then, under the terrified gaze of the masked man, he ruthlessly slashed horizontally.

“Clang –”

How could the Fourth Sword withstand such strength

It was immediately sent flying!

However, when this sword was sent flying horizontally, it did not escape from the body of the masked man.

Instead, it brought the man along and circled wildly in the sky for dozens of rounds before it was nailed into the ground once again, with a “Clang”, .


The bulging eyeballs of the masked man could not be retracted at all.

He only had time to utter a word before he was nailed unconscious again.

“AH –”

The Storytellers roar echoed in the sky for the third time.

He jumped up as if he had gone mad and rebuked, “Old fogey, its all your fault!”

Cen Qiaofu was completely dumbfounded.

The result of the masked man being sent flying together with the sword was something that he had never expected.

Shouldnt the axe be used to deflect the Fourth Sword

What, did it still have a suction force that could suck people away

“Big brother, big brother!”

The storyteller ran to the masked man and squatted down, tears streaming down his face.

“You cant die, big brother…”

He finally remembered the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap.

He flipped it open and ordered the Fourth Sword to leave this space.



The Fourth Sword seemed to feel an external force interfering with him and started to tremble crazily.

The high-frequency amplitude could make the unconscious masked man convulse violently every second until he woke up and fainted again.

“How could this be”

The storyteller was dumbfounded and immediately stopped the spatial power.

“It cant be pulled out”

Cen Qiaofu was also frightened.

Was there a grudge between the Fourth Sword and the chief Was it stuck in the chiefs body and couldnt come out


Watching the masked mans face gradually turn dark, Cen Qiaofu realized that something was wrong.

He knew how terrifying the sword will of the chief was.

With the Fourth Sword being so vicious, it was possible that it was crazily absorbing nutrients.

And with the weak body of the chief, could he withstand it

“Get out of the way, Ill do it!”

Cen Qiaofu pushed the storyteller away again and wanted to pull out the sword himself.

The storyteller could not take it anymore.

“Old man, if you want to murder my brother, just say it.

I wont let you do it today!”

“Can you pull it out” Cen Qiaofu was immediately angry.

“I, I cant pull it out…”

The storyteller was stunned and retorted, “Can you”

“Get out of the way!”

Cen Qiaofu did not have the time to talk to this perverted man.

This guy was purely worried and confused.

If this dragged on, even if the chief was not killed by this black sword, he would also be driven mad by the demonic power of the sword.

With a wave of his hand, the storyteller was directly banished from the spot.

Cen Qiaofu immediately crossed him and came in front of the masked man.

After thinking for a moment, he directly held it with one hand.

“Old fool!”

In the blink of an eye, the space of the storyteller shattered.

It was already too late to stop him.

He could only watch helplessly as Cen Qiaofu actually used his physical body to hold that black sword.


The Fourth Sword shook violently once again.

The black demonic power split into two routes and poured into Cen Qiaofus body along the way.

“Crazy, crazy…”

The storyteller could immediately tell that the strength of this demonic power was definitely not ordinary.

In the ancient books space, even if Xu Xiaoshou had transformed into the second son of the saint servant, the level of sword will he had displayed was probably less than one-thousandth of what it was now!

“Why did he suddenly go crazy”

The storyteller was about to break down.

He covered his head with his hand and opened his mouth.

“Shut up!”

Cen Qiaofu immediately shouted.

He did not have time to pay extra attention to the storytellers shout when he drew his sword.

“Open… for me!”

Cen Qiaofu gritted his teeth.

Even though his right arm was completely soaked in black, he still did not give up.

He pulled the hilt of his sword upwards with all his might.


The sword body left the ground.

However, what made people despair was that the masked man still bent his body backwards and was lifted up.


Cen Qiaofu was dumbfounded.

What should he do

He directly kicked the chiefs chest.

“Pardon me!”


With an explosion in the air, the masked mans chest was smashed into pieces.

However, the power of the confrontation finally made Cen Qiaofu pull out the Fourth Sword.

“AH –”

The storyteller couldnt hold it in anymore.

He looked at his brothers broken chest with tears in his eyes, unable to stop the killing intent from his soul.

“Old man, Ill kill you!”

“What are you doing” Cen Qiaofu gripped the vicious sword tightly and pointed the tip of the sword at the storyteller.

“If you continue to act recklessly, Ill first chop you into pieces.

Do you believe me”


“Dont scream!”

“Ahhh –”


“Ahhh — eh Brother, brother, you are awake”

The masked man was finally woken up by the pain again.

When he opened his eyes, he subconsciously covered his chest with his hand.

However, he felt emptiness.

“Its… its gone”

The masked man looked down and froze on the spot.

Even if the Fourth Sword had pierced through his chest just now, the wound was not as big as this one!

In the next second, he began to breathe out cold air as if he had just realized something.


The intense pain in his chest almost made him die on the spot.

“Whats going on” Cen Qiaofu did not intend to explain at all.

He raised the trembling Fourth Sword, which seemed to want to return to the chiefs body to absorb nutrients, and asked.

“Whats going on You still dare to ask”

The storyteller roared, turned his head and reported to the masked man bitterly, “Its him.

The injury on your chest was kicked by this old man.

I saw it with my own eyes.”


The masked man waved his hand with difficulty, as if he had no intention of pursuing the matter.

Under the combination of sword will, his broken chest healed and he regained his mobility in a short while.

He supported himself on the ground and tried his best to stand up.

“Whats going on”

“Where did you bring this sword from”

Turning his head to the storyteller, the masked man asked while he skillfully folded his fingers.

“Drip, Drip, drip…”

The dark, ink-like demonic power turned into drops of black blood and was expelled from the his sword fingers.

“I dont know!”

The storyteller was dumbfounded.

“I didnt bring the sword.

It followed me.”

“Followed me”

The masked man was stunned.

“You didnt take it, and youre not an ancient swordsman.

Why did it follow you”


The Storyteller was stumped.

Thats right!

Why would the Fourth Sword follow him here Wasnt it..

“Who was the one holding the sword earlier” The masked man narrowed his eyes.

“Wen Ming!”

The storytellers pupils dilated as if he had thought of something.

“It was Wen Ming holding the sword.

He was also the one who caused the explosion.

He wanted to blow up the white cave and escape.”

“Thats right, this sword was controlled by him.”

“Is he… here”

At this point, the storyteller was stuck by his own speculation.

What a joke!

With Wen Mings cowardly look, if he had a chance to escape from his control, why did he follow him

Why did he come here

To confront the three Saint Servants

Did he have the guts !

“Wen Ming…”

Hearing an unexpected name, the masked man confirmed, “Which Wen Ming”

“Which Wen Ming The one you mentioned!” The voice of the storyteller became louder.

The masked man raised his eyebrows, “You managed to find him”


The storyteller nodded, “Not only did I find him, but I also fought with him.

You dont know that in the ancient books space…”


A weak voice suddenly interrupted them.

The two of them turned their heads to look, and Cen Qiaofus face was completely dark.

That drooping expression seemed like it was going to go into a berserk state in the next second.

“Hey, you two, dont you think you forgot something” Cen Qiaofu panted.

The masked man looked at the black sword that was still shaking violently in his hand and immediately smiled apologetically.

“Sorry, sorry, I forgot about it.

Let go of the sword.”

“Let it go”

Even though Cen Qiaofu was about to be overwhelmed by the demonic power, he still felt that this proposal was ridiculous.

If I let it go, wouldnt it pierce into your chest again

Do you still want to live

The storyteller turned sideways and immediately blocked the masked man.

“Its okay.”

The masked man pushed the storyteller away and said seriously, “Just let it go.”

“Are you sure” Cen Qiaofu felt that he could not hold on any longer.

The power that this broken sword injected into his body seemed to be endless.

IF he tried to hold on any longer, he felt that he was going to hurt his foundation.

He really did not know how those ancient swordsman controlled this ultimately vicious sword


The masked man nodded expressionlessly.

Cen Qiaofu immediately stopped holding on and directly let go of the black sword.

“Clang –”

There was a clanging sound from the Fourth Sword.

It directly switched from being suspended on the ground to a horizontal attack posture.

The tip of the sword instantly aimed at the masked man and suddenly stabbed forward.

“Stop fooling around!”

The masked man did not even flinch and immediately shouted.

In the next second, a scene that shocked everyone appeared.

There was a hum when the Fourth Sword was about to pierce through the masked mans chest.

It was as if it was tightly bound by the way of the heavens power and could not move at all.

Cen Qiaofus pupils constricted.

He was cutting path.

How could he not recognize that the chiefs voice was actually just a simple order He did not even use half of the power of the Order of the Heavens.

Just like that..

The vicious sword had stopped

The storytellers eyes were also filled with surprise.

His gaze swept back and forth between the masked man and Fourth sword.

Both of them had a question in their minds.

Once again, the storyteller and Cen Qiaofu looked at each other and chose to keep their mouths shut.


After stopping the momentum of the Fourth Sword, it trembled and a black ominous demonic power burst out.


The masked mans tone softened, but he was unmoved as he looked at the black sword in front of him.


The Fourth Sword trembled again.

The ominous demonic power overflowed into the sky and almost dyed this world black.

The masked man clenched his fists, as if he wanted to reach out his hand.

After a long time, he took a deep breath and slowly shook his head.

The Fourth Sword suddenly became quiet.

In the next second, its sword body slightly shook.

“Rumble –”

In an instant, its sword will spread out in all directions.

In a radius of dozens of miles, endless black sword will suddenly exploded, directly tearing the entire space into a black hole.

“F * ck!”

Cen Qiaofu was shocked and subconsciously took a few steps back.

The storyteller stepped forward, but he saw that even in this explosion, the ground under the masked mans feet was still intact.

His eyeballs rolled and he chose to retreat.

The two people on the side looked at each other again and moved their eyes away at the speed of light.

The masked man closed his eyes.

When he opened them again, his eyes had already regained their calmness.

He ignored the black sword in front of him and looked at the storyteller, “You said earlier that the new sword bearer of this black sword is Wen Ming”

“Yes, yes.”

The storyteller nodded like he was pounding garlic, but he shook his head again, “No, no, hes not the sword bearer.

Its just that he has received the initial recognition of the Fourth Sword and can borrow some power.”

He glanced around with lingering fear.

“Its not that terrifying…”

If he knew how terrifying this black sword was, he would not have given Little Wen Ming the chance to fight even if he died.

If he had exploded this attack at that time..

Even if he did not die from the explosion, he would have been killed by this vicious devilish sword energy!

“Where is he”

The masked man ignored the Fourth Sword that was trembling violently again.

He took a step forward and arrived in front of the storyteller.

“The sword has already arrived.

Wen Ming, where is he”


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