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Chapter 602: The Blood Tree Appeared, and Chaos Descended!


Xu Xiaoshou sucked in a breath of cold air.

This smooth operation had truly shocked him quite a bit.

“Arent they all… Higher Void”

Xu Xiaoshous face turned green.

He finally understood that there was a huge gap even between the two Higher Voids.

It was just like how he could rely on his Innate cultivation level and his passive skills to resist a Sovereign.

Even if he could not kill the enemy, he would definitely have no problem protecting himself.

This also meant that on this continent, ones cultivation level really could not decide everything.

On the contrary, people would be limited by the concept of cultivation level most of the time.

However, to the real powerhouses of the current era, cultivation level was only one of their methods.

It was definitely not everything.

It was even more so in the Higher Void.

“Thats right…”

Xu Xiaoshou thought for a moment and suddenly felt a little relieved.

Perhaps that level was still very far away for him.

However, for the upper echelons, who were the chess players that truly controlled the Way of the Heavens, the Higher Void, was definitely not a small number.

However, there were a number of Higher Void.

After tens of thousands of years of inheritance from the Sword Deity, there were at most seven in each generation.

Was this not enough to prove something



Blood spurted out from Cen Qiaofus headless body.

Gou Wuyue used the back of his sword to keep an eye on him.

He stared at Bazhunan without blinking.

Anyone could see that this was a provocation.

Anyone who saw it would be furious!

“Are you planning to anger me” Bazhunan looked straight ahead.

Even though Gou Wuyue had pulled out his sword and shattered Haitangers bounded domain, severely injured him, and shattered the Storytellers clone, Cen Qiaofu was even beheaded on the spot, Bazhunan looked as if nothing had happened and was completely unmoved.

Disappointment appeared in Gou Wuyues eyes.

“Just how much have you changed…” he sighed in his heart.

If it was the Bazhunan of the past, with his righteous character, he would have pulled out his sword the moment he hurt Haitanger.

But now…

The transformation of the eight-fingered man in front of him was so great that he was a completely different person from the one he knew decades ago.

Gou Wuyue even suspected whether this person was really the same person from the past

Was he really that obstinate and unruly…eighth Sword Deity who could not tolerate even a speck of dust in his eyes


Haitanger appeared beside Bazhunan in clothes that were dyed red with blood.

With a palm, he pressed down on the other partys shoulder.

“Its time to leave,” he said softly.

The arenas situation had changed too quickly.

Cen Qiaofu had just said that he wanted to cover the rear and let him leave this place with the Chief.

However, in the blink of an eye, he was taken down by Gou Wuyue.

Even though it was impossible for the body of a Higher Void to die on the spot, Gou Wuyues strength had far exceeded everyones expectations.

From just now until now, this fellow had not even used more than three sword strikes!

But among the Saint Servants, more than half of them were already gone.

The situation had reversed, and the aura was declining.

If they continued fighting, even if their Chief could fight with Gou Wuyue to determine who was stronger, what would the consequences be

Gou Wuyue could attack at will.

Haitanger knew that if his Chief really started fighting, the first one to be injured would definitely be himself!


Bazhunans shoulders were about to be broken by Haitanger, but his body did not move an inch.

He said coldly, “Look at him, does it look like he will let us leave”

Gou Wuyue was silent.

His pair of eagle-like sharp eyes stared at the remaining Saint Servant and the others in the arena.

Everyone felt a great pressure.

Even though the White-clothed people have not moved…

And Gou Wuyue was the only one who had attacked…

His words and actions seemed to be stating an indisputable fact, “You are surrounded by me, Gou Wuyue!”

“Let go,” Bazhunan said in a deep voice.


Haitanger could not let go.

He could not let the Chief die in vain.

“I said, let go!”

Bazhunans eyes focused.

The void seemed to tremble.

Wisps of white fog rose from the ground.

Heaven and Earth were filled with an ominous aura.


Haitangers face wrinkled.

Blood seeped out from his hands.

He hurriedly released his hands and stood by his side.

He did not dare to come closer.

“Do you want me to say it for the third time”

Bazhunans voice was completely cold.

His eyes stared at Gou Wuyue.

After a moment of silence, his voice was like thunder.

“Let go!”


The void started to rot.

The white mist that rose from the ground entered the void.

At this moment, the faces of all the White-clothed people changed as they started to panic.

Even though they were far away from each other, everyone felt pain all over their bodies.

It was as though there were thousands of needles trying to pierce through their bodies.

“Pff pff pff…”

Some of the White-clothed people could not hold on any longer as blood started to spurt out.

Haitanger also focused his gaze on Gou Wuyue.

He saw that the hand holding the sword was trembling violently, and there was also a white sword mist dispersing on it.

Only then did he come to a realization.

It turned out that the three “Let go” phrases from the Chief werent directed at him, but at Gou Wuyue.

“Sword Observation Technique…”

Gou Wuyues pupils suddenly constricted, and he clearly understood what this white sword mist was.

Sword Cognition!

It was the Sword Observation Manual created by Bazhunan.

Not only could it observe all the spiritual swords in the world and strengthen its own body, but it could also see through the body of a Sword Deity and injure the enemy with the naked eye!

“You cant hold it in anymore”

Gou Wuyue felt relieved.

He laughed softly and said, “I thought that you would only choose to fight me if I killed all your people, but now…”

With a sizzle, the Voice of Nulan was pulled out of Cen Qiaofus body.

Gou Wuyue spun his sword, leaving afterimages behind.

Spiritual source surged, and Cen Qiaofu was sent flying.


Cen Qiaofu, who finally had the damage from Mo Sword and the pressure from the Power of the Higher Void removed, recovered in an instant.

However, he still could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

His face was full of awe, but his eyes were filled with determination.


He broke off and did not continue speaking.

However, everyone knew that this guy was not willing to give up.

He was not prepared earlier and was taken down in one round.

He still wanted to keep his promise now.

Let Haitanger take Bazhunan and leave first.

He would cover the rear himself!


Cen Qiaofu took out a leafless twig from his bosom.

He snapped it in one go and swallowed half of it.

“The Blood Trees Yin Branch”

Haitanger cried out in shock, “Woodcutter, you cant!”

Cen Qiaofu stretched out his hand to signal for him to keep quiet.

He had made up his mind.

He had to fight this battle himself.

Chief could make a move, but not now!

“Crack crack –”

The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

Cen Qiaofus body began to twist slightly as if his body was undergoing a drastic transformation.

Then, his body bent, and the clothes on his back were torn apart.

A Blood Tree Yin branch was torn open.

Cen Qiaofus originally old face lost its color.

There was still some flesh and blood on his body.

However, as the branch on his back grew and swelled, his flesh and blood seemed to have been sucked dry.

His body immediately became skin and bones.


The blood branch was nourished and grew vigorously.

In an instant, the crown of the tree split open, turning into a tall and sturdy Blood Tree that took root on Cen Qiaofus back.

Cen Qiaofus mind seemed to be a little muddled.

His voice was low and deep, but he still managed to say a word with difficulty:


Bazhunans eyes flickered.

He narrowed his eyes and clenched his four fingers tightly.


Haitangers voice was filled with anxiety.

“One of the Nine Great Ancestral Trees… the Blood Tree Branch”

Gou Wuyue looked at Cen Qiaofus transformation and was a little surprised.

Then, he looked at Bazhunan in amusement.

“Since when did the eighth Sword Deity, who suppressed everyone in the world, fall to such a state where he needs his subordinates to risk their lives to protect him Yet, he chose to live a miserable life”

“Gou Wu…” Bazhunans eyes shone with a cold light as he took a step forward.

“Sorry for offending you.”

Haitanger slapped the back of his head without caring about anything else.

He planted the “Maze Flower Seed” into Bazhunans head.


Bazhunans vision blurred and he fell down.

“Bloom half of the worlds flowers and bewitch the skies of the Nine Seas!”

Haitanger waved his left hand and grabbed Bazhunans unconscious body, which was defenseless against him.

Then, he waved his sleeve, and the ground trembled.

Numerous bewitching flower buds bloomed, and in an instant, the ground was sucked dry and cracked by the strange flowers and plants.


The wind blew, and the misty flower mist blurred everyones vision.

Haitanger held Bazhunans unconscious body and disappeared.

“Damn it!”

“Quickly make a move, dont let these guys escape.

The Great Array… activate the Nation-Toppling Heavenly Shield!”

“Return to your positions! With Elder Wuyue around, the fragrance of flowers is nothing to be afraid of.

We only need to defend our position, theres no need to…”


An explosion dispersed the White-clotheds slightly flustered discussion.

Following that, everyone saw a pale blue figure with blood-red stains shooting past their eyes as the mist of flowers rose and fell.


Everyone was dumbfounded.

Pale blue color…

Apart from a cluster of flowers in the sea of flowers, theres only Elder Wuyue in the pale blue color outfit, right

Elder Wuyue was sent flying


Another streak of blood-red light shot out.

Everyones pupils trembled.

Cen Qiaofu, whose speed had changed so drastically that no one could react in time due to the support of the Blood Tree, had already flown into the sky.

He raised the Pan Xian Ax in his hand high up.

“Holy Saint, break!”

The ax hacked down.

The Nation-Toppling Heavenly Shield, which could recover quickly even after being attacked by Bazhunan, was split into two on the spot!



Light spots shot out from the sky.

The Nation-Toppling Heavenly Shield was blown up!

“Holy sh*t!”

“What kind of attack is this”

“That Blood Tree… Are you kidding me Its just a branch of the Blood Tree.

Even if it can increase the attack and defense speed as well as the battle awareness of a spiritual cultivator, how can it make someone so terrifying”

“This, this, this… could it be because it was blessed by a furious Higher Void”

“F*ck! Look up!!”

Voices of the White-clothed people gradually sounded more and more astounded as time passed.

This was because they noticed that Cen Qiaofu, who had shattered the Nation-Toppling Heavenly Shield with his ax, had already lowered his head.

His scarlet and inhuman eyes were like that of a ghost beast.

Under the short-lived gaze, Cen Qiaofu lifted his ax.

“Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish…”

His hands turned into afterimages.

Everyone felt their vision blur.

When they reacted, the tens of thousands of ax lights Cen Qiaofu had swung had already arrived!


At this moment, everyones hearts turned cold.

Fury of the Higher Void, Pan Xian Ax with the enhancement of the Blood Tree…

Who could withstand this attack

“How dare you!”

At the critical moment, Gou Wuyues figure reappeared.

Those with sharp eyes could see that his back had been dyed red with blood.

Clearly, at the moment when the flower mist rose, even Gou Wuyue, one of the seven Sword Deities, fell for it.

Although Cen Qiaofu seemed to have fallen in a single round earlier, this time it was Gou Wuyues turn.

However, a Higher Void was still a Higher Void.

Even without the enhancement of the Blood Tree, Cen Qiaofu could have almost taken Gou Wuyues life because of his absent-mindedness.

“Sword Net!”

The situation was critical, and Gou Wuyue did not think much about it.

He pulled out the inverted famed sword at the speed of light.

The Voice of Nulan overlapped with the Green Mo Sword Shadow, and tens of thousands of sword lights rose from the ground.

In the blink of an eye, the sword lights intercepted the tens of thousands of ax lights.

However, that skill caused a delay in his movements, Gou Wuyue was unable to return to his sword in time, and he was also exposed to Cen Qiaofus ax blade.


Cen Qiaofu let out a roar that did not sound like a human language.

Everyone did not realize that there was a change.

His body disintegrated on the spot and then condensed behind Gou Wuyue.


The cross ax lights flashed several kilometers in the air.

The black hole replaced everything!


The blood-red light that was expected to fill the sky did not appear.

Gou Wuyue was lifted up by the ax, and his body actually turned into crystal shards and fell.

“Fantasy Sword Technique!”

The crowd below watched in fear, but they could not help but cry out, and their hearts surged.

He did not die!

Elder Wuyue did not die!


Ptui, what did they mean byfortunately The fact that Elder Wuyue did not die, wasnt that something that was assured

He was a Sword Deity!

The arena was filled with anxiety.

Gou Wuyues body didnt stop at all.

When his illusory body shattered and reappeared, he had already thrust his famed sword towards Cen Qiaofus head.

“Soul-Piercing sword!”


A green ripple rippled out from the void.

Cen Qiaofu seemed to have been possessed and didnt react in time.

His head and chin were pierced through on the spot.

However, no blood spurted out.

The flesh and blood in his body had long been sacrificed to the Blood Tree.


Accompanied by an extremely hoarse roar, the Voice of Nulan, the famed sword, dimmed.

Following that, the Blood Tree on Cen Qiaofus back grew crazily again.

The branch that shot out not only absorbed the power of the famed sword, but it also wrapped around the sword body and was about to coil around Gou Wuyues body.

Gou Wuyue hurriedly shook the sword body and chopped the Blood Tree branch into pieces, pulling the sword away.

As one of the Nine Great Ancestral Trees, the Blood Trees Engulfing Power was terrifying.

This could be seen from Cen Qiaofu, whose Higher Void body couldnt even withstand it.

“Number 33!”

After pulling out the sword, Gou Wuyue didnt want to continue fighting.

Instead, he called out loudly.

Then, he closed his eyes and seemed to be using his Perception.

Then, his figure flew into the distance out of thin air.

“Stay… here…”

Cen Qiaofu subconsciously muttered.

He tapped the tip of his foot and his figure shot out.

He was hit by a high-intensity whip kick in the air.

With a bang, he was pulled into the deep pit.

“Your opponent is me.”

Number 33s figure appeared out of thin air.

He lowered his head and looked at his right leg, which was full of holes from the branches of the Blood Tree during the attack.

He was very surprised.

If he were a human, and if he had blood…

He would have died after that kick!


After Cen Qiaofu roared like a beast, he pressed his hands on the ground.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

The Earth fell apart.

The Blood Tree took root and grew vigorously in an instant, turning the open space within a few miles into a dense forest of Blood Trees.

The scene in the forest suddenly became a little bloody…

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

The Blood Tree paused for a moment and then danced like a crazy demon.

The branches lashed out randomly, and the White-clothed people who had a slower reaction were pierced by the branches.

In an instant, they were sucked into a corpse under the mournful wails.


Number 33 looked at the terrifying commotion below and was silent for a long time.

Then, he uttered a sigh that he had learned from the human world.

This scene was indeed spectacular and terrifying!

Even though he was the Divine Puppet, when he thought about the battle with the Higher Void monster carrying the Blood Tree, his scalp started to go numb.

“Eh, but I dont have a scalp”

Lowering his body, number 33 stomped on the air and jumped down.

Saving the White-clothed people from fire and water was the mission of the Divine Puppet!


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