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Chapter 609: I Dont Teach Second Time

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The rain hit onto the straw hat and seeped through the hole, trickling down the withered face of the Elder who raised his eye.

It slid over the raincoat and dripped into the leaky-toed shoes.

“Ta, Ta, Ta…”

The old man said nothing.

But one step at a time, without hesitating for even half a minute, continue to walk forward dauntlessly.

Yu Lingdi frowned and thought hard.

This person was obviously not from the Holy Divine Palace.

However, Yu Lingdi had never seen such a person among the Saint Servants since he came down from the White Cave.


Suddenly, Yu Lingdis pupils constricted.

He remembered.

At that time, Xiao Shi Tan Ji, who had just come out from the Lijian Grassland, seemed to be wearing this face!

“Who are you”

Yu Lingdi carried the man on his shoulder and took a step back.

He already had an ominous guess in his heart.


How could it be

How could that guy appear here

Shouldnt he have been severely injured and retreated after the battle in Azure Dragon Prefecture and is now in a state of being unable to participate in the battle

The Straw Hat Old Man walked over at a moderate pace.

Suddenly, he raised his straw hat and smiled.

That smile was like an evil spirit opening its fangs.

It was extremely frightening.

“You dont know me”

When they were about ten steps away from Yu Lingdi, the Elder stopped.

His eyes suddenly widened, and he tilted his head.

He pinched the straw hat and mocked:

“If you dont know me, then what are you doing here”

“Paddling, fishing”


The Elder dragged out his voice.

When his eyes landed on the young man on the mans shoulder, their faces twitched.

“Just for him Just for this”

Yu Lingdis waist tightened as if he was being targeted by a poisonous snake.

He felt greatly terrified.

He subconsciously took a step back, but he still did not believe his own judgment.

“Who are you exactly”

With a loud shout, the rain in the sky became heavier.

The bean-sized raindrops gathered together halfway and turned into rain stones that smashed down.

“Bang, Bang, Bang…”

The mountain path was severely damaged by the Heavy Water.

Turtle marks appeared on the surface of the bare mountain that had been burned by the White Flames.

The Elder with the straw hat stood in the rain.

The person was right in front of him, but Heavy Water seemed to smash into the air and pass through his body.

It did not even cause any slightest damage to him.

Yu Lingdi became even more panicked.

Cutting Path Level!

The starting point was the Cutting Path Level, but the upper limit was unknown.

If he was really the person he expected, then his strength… had recovered

“Why do you all like to ask for names”

The old man in the straw hat sneered.

He raised his eyelids and replied expressionlessly, “Sang Qiye.”


The sound fell.

Within a radius of a few miles, the water in the World was evaporated.

The dark clouds in the Nine Heavens instantly disappeared.

After clearing away the rain and fog, they saw the clear sky again.

Those Heavy Waters that were stuck in mid-air, which had not yet landed on the ground, even died halfway.

The clouds dispersed, and the rain disappeared.

The sun shone brightly in the sky.

Yu Lingdi was hurt by the sudden appearance of the light.

Before he could react, he felt layers of mist evaporate from his body, and the Spiritual Source in his body was being consumed crazily.

“Whats the situation”

He raised his head.

The blinding light almost blinded Yu Lingdi.

He was shocked.

He saw that in the Nine Heavens, just a second ago, there were still dark clouds.

But at this moment, it was really replaced by the Brilliant Sun.

The White Brilliant Sun!

It was not the one that hung in the clouds and was out of reach.

But it was only suspended in mid-air.

Its entire body was burning white as if it was a new round of Brilliant Sun that was within reach.


Yu Lingdis heart suddenly pounded wildly.

He panicked.

What kind of method was this.

He could feel the energy from that Scorching White Brilliant Sun that was not inferior to the Natural Sun.

Yu Lingdi actually didnt know what kind of energy the Natural Sun actually had.

But he knew that if this Scorching White Brilliant Sun fell, even if Yu Lingdi had grasped the Water Upanishad Deprivation, it would be difficult for him to contend with it.

“Sang Qiye”

Yu Lingdi lowered his head to look at the Elder in front of him.

He couldnt see the intention of the person in front of him.

“Ive never heard of this name, and I dont know what youre trying to do.”


Sang Qiye was Elder Sang.

Elder Sang sizzle and jeer first.

Then, he pushed down the straw hat.

It seemed that he didnt even bother to look at the other party.

His voice carried memories:

“But it makes sense.

When I was in the Central Region, you do not know at which swaddling spitting foam!”

“If you dont know my real name, you can be forgiven.”

After a pause, he continued, “But the man in the Holy Divine Palace… Saint Servant, Sleeveless, you should have heard before”

“Are you Sleeveless”

Yu Lingdis voice raised higher, and his heel was subconsciously lifted.

But he pressed down and pulled back his slightly backward figure too.

He stopped trying to retreat and shook his head.

“You are not Sleeveless.”


Elder Sang nodded.

“The true second-in-command of the Saint Servant, Sleeveless, should have been seriously injured in the battle with Wuyue Old Dog.

He should still be recuperating at the moment.

He cant appear here, right”

Yu Lingdi was stunned.

This was indeed what he was thinking in his heart.

But what did this old man mean when he said it

Elder Sang continued, “Moreover, even if he did appear, with that fellows just making it to the Sovereign and his cultivation level of barely on Cutting Path Level, how could he give you such a great sense of oppression to the extent that you do not even have the heart to resist, right”


The veins on Yu Lingdis forehead bulged.

Needless to say, he was hit!

It was hard for him to imagine that this was Sleeveless

The second-in-command of the Saint Servant who had been seriously injured by Elder Wuyue twice in a row, Sleeveless

How did this look like he was seriously injured

This was even more oppressive than Cen Qiaofu.

Elder Sang suddenly burst out laughing.

After shaking his head for a long time, he said mockingly, “A toothless child who hasnt even grown enough hair is simply making people laugh their heads off!”

“Dont you think that if Wuyue Old Dog could severely injure me, would I be able to escape from the Central Region at that time”

“If he really could capture me, did he fail again when I personally visited Azure Dragon Prefecture”

“Young man…”

Elder Sang suddenly swayed, and the afterimage on the spot disappeared.

Yu Lingdi felt that someone had patted his left shoulder from behind, and he looked back in shock.

An extremely horrifying face was pressed against his ear.

The face was facing forward, but the eyes on the face were fixed on his right side, staring straight at him.

Elder Sang whispered in his ear.

“History is written by the victors.”

“Glory and light are sung by bards.”

“The rumors you hear are just what the people above you want you to hear.”

“Young man, do you understand”

Veins popped out all over Yu Lingdis body as if he was struggling with all his might.

Elder Sang patted his shoulder again and said, “Now, you can move.”


Just as the last word fell, Yu Lingdi exploded into a mist and instantly took shape hundreds of feet away.

As soon as he landed on the ground, he felt his body become lighter.

Not only did the terrifying confining force from the old man disappear.

Even the person…

He turned his head.

Xiao Shi Tan Ji had really disappeared!

He looked over in shock.

As expected, the big secret that he had caught just now had fallen into the hands of that Elder.

“Tsk Tsk.”

Elder Sang held Xu Xiaoshou in one hand and suddenly burst into laughter.

He recalled that the last time he held this precious disciple like this, it seemed that he had snatched it from Bazhunan.

But at that time, his disciple was passed around among his own people.

He could easily take it, so he didnt have to worry about any accidents.

But now…

He had taken it from the Holy Divine Palace.

The nature of it was completely different!

“You lost your thing, but arent you going to take it back” Elder Sang raised Xu Xiaoshou in his hand.

Yu Lingdi was clearly a Water-type ability user, but at this moment, he felt his throat dry up.

Cutting Path Level…

This old man was even stronger than all the Cutting Path Level people that he had encountered before!

His comprehension of the Great Path seemed to be comparable to his own Realm.

But how was that possible

He had grasped the Water-type Upanishad.

Could it be that the other party could also grasp the Fire-type Upanishad

“You dont dare”

Seeing that the youth was still silent, Elder Sang casually threw Xu Xiaoshou behind and smashed him into the ground with a bang.

He stretched out his finger, and an elixir accurately entered his throat.

Blood blossomed.

This time, the unconscious Xu Xiaoshou did not even have to swallow.

The instant the elixir opened his Adams apple, it automatically turned into pure mist and retracted to repair his body.

“Senior, are you joking”

Yu Lingdi finally came to his senses and did not directly respond.

Instead, he asked in surprise, “If you are the Saint Servant, Sleeveless, then your chief is currently being pursued by Elder Wuyue.

Do you still have the time to stay here”

“Yellow-haired brat!”

Elder Sang sneered, “According to what you said, I should go and find a worthy opponent, that is, Wuyue Old Dog, to fight again”


Yu Lingdi grinned, “Shouldnt it be Its not good to bully the weak with the strong.”


Elder Sang was amused, “Bully the weak with the strong This brat culture is not bad.

You even know the wordbully the weak Then this…”

He pointed at Xu Xiaoshou, who was still unconscious on the ground behind him.

“What is this”

Yu Lingdis expression turned awkward.

“The Sovereign is bullying the Innate Stage.

Do you still have a reason”

“Crossing two Realms to come out and bully a rookie.

Is it fun”

“Are you really bored of being the Spirit Division Chief Why dont you take revenge on Cen Qiaofu and the storyteller and come here to play”

Elder Sang spread out his hands and said coldly, “You want to play Fine, Ill play with you.

I also like to beat up rookies like you!”

“Hehe, Senior, you must be joking.”

Yu Lingdi retreated, and his body started to ripple.

“I didnt think of it halfway.

From the very beginning, I had my eyes on this kid.

This guy is mighty…”

“What a coincidence!”

Elder Sang interrupted, “My target is also this kid from the beginning to the end!”


The scene fell silent.

Yu Lingdi had already realized that something was wrong.

The Chief of the Saint Servant and the other big shots had wholly forgotten about Xiao Shi Tan Ji when the big battle was about to start.

How could this Straw Hat Old Man have the leisure to pay attention to that young man

Could it be…

Yu Lingdi always felt that the speculation of the Red Coat in the White Cave was ridiculous.

However, at this moment, it seemed that there was only one explanation left, which could be used to explain the situation in front of him.

“May I boldly ask Senior, what is the relationship between you and that kid” Yu Lingdis figure became even more illusory, almost becoming translucent.


Elder Sang took a heavy step forward, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

“My disciple, what do you think is the relationship”


Yu Lingdis mind exploded, and his body turned into mist.

He merged with Heaven and Earth and disappeared into the intangible in an instant.

“Where are you running to Did I tell you to move”

Elder Sang knew that the person in front of him had the intention to retreat.

As he finished speaking, he raised his hands.


The Scorching White Brilliant Sun seemed to lose its support and fell from the sky.

With a sizzle, it melted the Void, melted the Earth, and sank into the deep core of the Earth.

The ground suddenly shook.

Rumble —

A low sound was heard, and then the mountain collapsed, and white lava gushed out.

This was not the end.

Elder Sang squeezed with his left hand, and the Scorching White Brilliant Suns energy embedded in the core of the Earth was released and exploded on the spot.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of miles of mountains and rivers shook.

At this moment.

Whether it was the white-clothed people searching in the mountain, number 33 and Cen Qiaofu who were fighting in the Eighth Palace, or the combination of Haitanger and Gou Wuyue who were chasing each other…

All parties stopped their actions and turned their heads in unison, looking in a specific direction with a solemn expression.

Elder Sang didnt even bother to determine which direction Yu Lingdi was fleeing in.

To him, it was the same no matter where he died.

After completing the “Brilliant Sun entering the nucleus” move, he withdrew his left hand and tapped lightly in the air with his right hand.

“Dragon Melting Realm.”

The voice wasnt loud.

It could only fall halfway up the mountain.

But as soon as he finished speaking, the Hundred Thousand Mountains surrounding the Eighth Palace collapsed with a bang.

It was as if the end of the World had arrived.

The mountain rocks were sent flying like the Earth Gods heavy hammer.

The sky was evaporated like the fury of the God Of Fire.

The World was quiet.

But after a moment of silence, it was suddenly noisy.

White lava surged out at the bottom of the collapsed Hundred Thousand Mountains and turned into a burst.

It gathered in the Nine Heavens and formed a ball.

The high temperature fluctuated, and the sky was empty for a day.

The Way of the Heavens collapsed, and the rules were in disorder.

It was as if a Blazing Sun that could only exist in the vast universe was slowly floating in the air as Elder Sang lifted his finger.

The Blazing Sun had entered the World!

White-clothed people, who were in the midst of it, could no longer remain calm.

In the chaotic battle in the Eighth Palace, number 33 suddenly felt that something was burning in the gaps between the machines around him.

He looked down…

“White Flames!”

“Whats that”

White-clothed people panicked.

There were clearly more than ten people who had stayed here, plus the reinforcements from the Cutting Path Level.

However, at this moment, no one was able to contact the Great Path of the Heavens and Earth.

The rules of the Order of the Heavens in the Eighth Palace, including the surrounding Hundred Thousand Mountains, had been cut off out of thin air.

“Has he gone mad”

One of the Cutting Path people cried out in alarm.

Even the Higher Void would find it challenging to create such a commotion, right

If they could do so, they probably wouldnt dare to do so because they would be risking the Worlds disapproval.

For those who had reached the Sovereign Realm, the Continents Space would be overloaded every time they made a move.

Cutting Path and Higher Voids were even more so.

Thus, even when facing enemies, everyone knew what to do.

No matter how bad it was, if they really wanted to fight to the death, they would first open up their bounded domain to avoid affecting the Order of the Heavens.

But this magnificent Blazing Sun enveloped the surrounding Hundred Thousand Mountains…

Just like that, everyone was inexplicably trapped in the core of the scorching sun.

As they felt the scorching heat waves, they all went crazy.

“Hes really crazy, F**k!”

Some Cutting Path people couldnt hold it in anymore and started cursing.

“Isnt this White Flames, Saint Servants sleevelesss ability”

“Why is he here”

“The last time he fought with Elder Wuyue, this fellow also didnt go this far.

Why this time…”

“Did he take the wrong medicine!”



Xu Xiaoshou woke up with a moan.

He felt warm and comfortable around his body.

It was the temperature of a wet dream that he enjoyed very much.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a vast White World.

And under this dazzling light, there was only a dark figure with a backlight.

“Youre awake”

The familiar straw hat spun, and the old mans face turned away.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He suspected that he was dreaming.

The damned old man came out

How was that possible!

If this guy wanted to steal the Fourth Sword, he would even make Xu Xiaoshou take action.

What was he doing here Was he watching a show

“Somethings wrong!”

“Perception” transmitted a scene.

This vast expanse of white was too familiar.

Wasnt this the power of the Infernal Original Seed when it was fully unleashed

Xu Xiaoshous pupils suddenly constricted.

He was shocked.

So, this World had become the World of White Flames

“D**n… Uh, old, old man, this, this, whats going on”

Xu Xiaoshou stood up with a clang.

He couldnt sit still at all.

After waking up, he had transmigrated

Thats not right.

Previously, I seemed to have been beaten up by that Yu Lingdi of the Ghost Spirit Division

So, Im actually…


Xu Xiaoshou felt a chill run down his spine and wanted to speak again.

Elder Sang had already turned his head, and his voice reached him.

“Xu Xiaoshou, listen up.

I wont teach you a second time.”

His dark figure moved, and he slowly extended three pitch-black fingers.

Then, he said indifferently,

“Element Body, there are three ways to die!”


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