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Chapter 618: When I Return


Devilish energy exploded.

When the spatial crack closed, Xu Xiaoshou, who was holding the straw hat with one hand, could still vaguely see Elder Sang, who could not hold his foot against the arrow.

In an instant, the arrow pierced through him and was then enveloped by an endless devilish energy.

That arrow could break through an non-forged body.

However, when it met Elder Sang, it could not completely explode his body.

However, the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow was not terrifying in its explosive form, but in its devil invasion.


The spatial crack closed.

Xu Xiaoshou could not see what happened next.

He used the Three Days Frozen Calamity to freeze his body completely and to prevent the spatial fragment from ultimately crushing his body.

A red light flashed in front of his eyes.

“Little guy…”

The storyteller appeared and grabbed the ice sculpture with one hand.

At this moment, he was not in the mood to joke anymore.

Silently, they retreated together.

The two of them left the spatial fragment and entered from the other side of the void, leaving the battlefield.

As for Second Brother…

The storyteller did not choose to come to his aid.

With his ability, even if he went over, he would be courting death.

After all, even Gou Wuyue, who had his head blown off by a punch, would not die so easily.

He could no longer withstand the higher void and could only protect himself.

Not to mention the sword deity of the higher void!


“Quick, quick!”

“Keep up, keep up.”

“The sword realm has been broken, and the battle will definitely end.

At this time, our role will come into play.

Its important to clean up the mess, and we cant be late.”

“Heavens, I didnt expect the second-in-command saint servant to appear.

I wonder how the final battle with Elder Wuyue will end…”


“Do you even need to think about that Elder Wuyue must have defeated the saint servant completely.

What else would it be”

“You have to know that he is one of the seven sword deities of the current era and the two great rulers of the Holy Divine Palace… Eh”

The group of white-clothed rushed to the battlefield.

As they were discussing among themselves, they all felt regretful that they couldnt watch the battle with their own eyes.

After all, it was the battle of the higher void.

Even if they were of the Cutting Path level, they were still trying to gain some insights from it, so that if there was even the slightest possibility in the future, they would be able to push themselves further and step into that legendary realm.

However, amidst the heated discussions, when they really arrived at the battlefield, everyone was so shocked that they could not speak.

In the distance, within the shattered mountain, a headless corpse was slowly floating in the air.

Everyone looked over.

The headless corpses clothes were tattered and his body was covered in red.

However, a faint blue could be seen between the tattered sleeves.

Among the people present, the only person who wore blue was the Moonless Sword Deity!


Everyone was shocked.

The Moonless Sword Deitys head had been blown off

“My god, is this the damage caused by the second-in-command saint servant”

“These mountains, these ruined cliffs… What happened here”

“Elder Wuyue, is he still alive”

Number 33 grabbed the unconscious Cen Qiaofu with one hand and looked at the blue-clothed figure floating in the air in bewilderment.

He could smell a faint life force from it.

But if he hadnt seen it with his own eyes, he wouldnt have believed that Elder Wuyue would be so severely injured!

Was that second-in-command saint servant really that powerful


In a flash, his figure immediately appeared beside the headless body.

“Elder Wuyue”

“I… am fine.” Gou Wuyue stretched out his hand and stopped him from going forward to help.

Number 33 looked at the broken body, whose head and neck were missing.


He fell silent for a moment.


There was a commotion from the group of white-clothed again.

Everyone looked sideways and saw a mass of black energy that was completely different from the black hole energy surging in the air.

“Devilish energy”

Everyone was surprised.

This devilish energy didnt look like the one emitted from the Fourth Sword.

Instead, it seemed to be created when the all emotions and desires in the heart were detonated at the same time.

“Who is it”

No one could see the face of the person covered by the devilish mist.

But based on judgement, this person should be the second-in-command saint servant, Wu Xiu!

“The arrow of the Evil Sin Bow”

Among the white-clothed, those who had experienced it could already see something.

The arrow that pierced through the void was no only seen by the people in the Eighth Palace.

In the entire Eastern Region, almost all those who had reached the cultivation level of a sovereign could catch a glimpse of that terrifying power.

Now, Wu Xius ending was nothing more than being hit by Ai Cangshengs arrow.

“So, Elder Wuyue alone could not take down saint servant Wu Xiu, and he even needed Lord Cangshengs help to shoot an arrow to take him down completely”

Immediately, some white-clothed people began to imagine.

With the current situation, it was hard for them not to speculate.

“Shut up!”

Number 33 immediately shouted.

Did these people think that they had lived too long Elder Wuyues head had been blown off, but he hadnt completely lost his consciousness yet!

The white-clothed seemed to realize that they had misspoken, and they all chose to keep their mouths close.

The green power of the higher void was twining around.

Gou Wuyues head was slowly growing.

It took a full fifteen minutes before his head was fully grown.

“Xiaoshi Tan Ji…”

With a low moan, Gou Wuyues eyes were filled with complicated thoughts.

No one knew what he was thinking.

With a flick of his hand, he released his bounded domain, and Yu Zhiwen appeared beside him.

Number 33 was shocked.

Perhaps no one else had seen this woman before, but his knowledge base had information on this person.

“Miss Zhiwen.”

With a slight bow, Number 33s voice contained a hint of respect.

Yu Zhiwen completely ignored him.

The moment she appeared, she anxiously looked at Gou Wuyue.

“Wheres Xu Xiaoshou”

“Xu Xiaoshou” Gou Wuyue was slightly startled.

“Golden Giant!” Yu Zhiwens starry eyes were filled with worry.

Gou Wuyue immediately understood.

Xiaoshi Tan Ji…

So it really wasnt his real name.

Could Xu Xiaoshou also be a false name for that youth

“Are you familiar with him”

Gou Wuyue asked softly.

His gaze landed on Sang Qiye, who was still continuously roaring and struggling in the air.

He was able to stop Sang Qiye, the second-in-command saint servant who had lost consciousness and only had rage in him, from attacking with his “I Am the Sword” technique .


Yu Zhiwen nodded heavily and turned her head to look.

He knew that Ai Cangshengs arrow was aimed at Xu Xiaoshou.

Although he didnt know what the reason was, judging from the result..

“He, he…”

Yu Zhiwen pointed at the devilish fog and asked in a trembling voice, “He was shot”

Number 33 had already sensed something when he looked at this scene.

He silently retreated and disappeared.

What happened next was obviously not something he could listen to.

“It wasnt him.”

Gou Wuyue shook his head, “The one who was shot was his master, Sang Qiye, and the Xu Xiaoshou you mentioned… left.”

Yu Zhiwens expression turned cold.

Then, as if she had breathed a sigh of relief, her voice softened.

“Hes here”

She seemed to be mumbling to herself, unconsciously repeating it.

Gou Wuyue saw her reaction, and the corners of his lips lifted.

He took a step forward and asked, “You two are very close.

Whats your relationship with him”


Yu Zhiwen immediately recognized the hidden meaning of the words, and her ears turned red.

“No, Elder Wuyue.”

“Its not what you think.

I got to know him in the white cave.

This person is very powerful.

I just want to… bring him into the Holy Divine Palace.”

“Thats all.”

Gou Wuyue smiled faintly.

“Thats all”


Yu Zhiwens averted her gaze.

She saw a group of white-clothed people and realized that at this moment, she had already left the white cave and was in the Eighth Palace.

That meant that the battle between them had most likely ended.

What she had encountered just now was only the last scene.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

Gou Wuyue muttered to himself and didnt pursue the relationship between the two.

Or rather, his attention on the young saint servant had already suppressed his pure curiosity about the Holy Maidens private matters.

“Among the saint servants, do you know him well”


“How well”

Gou Wuyue paused for a moment and added, “You said that you wanted to rope him into the Holy Divine Palace.


Xu Xiaoshous unruly appearance flashed through Yu Zhiwens mind, and she was somewhat anxious.

“This person is very powerful.

Whether its his potential, strategy, or the skills he mastered…”

“He is different from all the others Ive met.”

Yu Zhiwen turned her head and looked at Gou Wuyue with firmness in her eyes.

She emphasized, “He is one of the younger generation Ive met in the headquarters.”

She paused for a moment before concluding.

“He is very strong.

In time, he will definitely reach seniors level.

We must rope him into the Holy Divine Palace and bring him into the headquarters.”

“Because he is currently in the decision-making stage.

If we are not careful, it is very likely…”

Seeing Gou Wuyue suddenly fall into deep thought, Yu Zhiwens voice paused.


My level..

Gou Wuyue ignored her and looked directly at the devilish mist in the air.

Under Ai Cangshengs arrow, Xu Xiaoshous performance was really stunning to him.

And this person was not only Sang Qiyes disciple, but also Bazhunans training target.

Gou Wuyue did not look down on Yu Zhiwens words in the slightest.

He even felt that with help and support extended to the young man, he might really grow up into something…

“Maybe its not just at my level…”

Gou Wuyue pondered, but he did not express his thoughts.

He looked at Yu Zhiwen and sighed, “Little Yu, you know a lot about that young man, but you seem to have forgotten something.”


Yu Zhiwen opened her red lips, somewhat confused.

“I said it.”

Gou Wuyue pointed at the ball of devilish energy, “He is Xu Xiaoshous master!”


Yu Zhiwen could not react for a moment.

Gou Wuyue sighed, “Dont you know that your so-called Xu Xiaoshou has completely joined the saint servant”


Yu Zhiwens heart suddenly shrank.

When she reacted, her face instantly turned pale.

Stiffly, she looked at the ball of devilish energy again, and Yu Zhiwen suddenly came to a realization.

Thats right.

This was the second-in-command saint servant, Wu Xiu.

In other words, this was the Vice Dean of the Tiansang Spirit Palace, Elder Sang.

Xu Xiaoshous master…

In other words, he really was a saint servant

At that time, she had deduced it in the white cave, but she had subconsciously negated that idea.

The truth finally dawned on her.

Yu Zhiwen couldnt say anything for a moment.


This was the true feeling in her heart at this moment.

“So all of this was predestined”



As someone who had experienced it before, how could Gou Wuyue not see through the heart of the girl in front of him

However, they were on different sides, and their factions were different.

Some people, and some fates, were destined to be like this, and could not be changed.

He did not say much, nor did he try to persuade her.

As the Holy Maiden of the Holy Divine Palace, Yu Zhiwen had the highest awareness of the Holy Palace.

This little bit of external emotion could not affect the firmness of her heart at all.

He sighed and walked towards the ball of devilish energy.

The endgame should be over..


He waved his hand.

The Voice of Nulan, the famed sword, rose from the ground with a metallic sound and landed in his palm.

Gou Wuyue raised his famed sword high.


The group of white-clothed waited solemnly.

Even Number 33 straightened his body.

However, Gou Wuyue did not give the order.

Suddenly, an illusory pink and white crabapple flower bloomed under the ball of devilish energy.

“Shua! Shua! Shua!”

In an instant, many white-clothed looked warily at it.

The arena seemed to be enveloped by the crabapple flower from the bottom, as if it wanted to stealthily carry away the people in it.

“How dare you!”

Gou Wuyues heart trembled.

He truly did not expect that Haitanger, who had already escaped from death, would dare to return

With an angry shout, the famed sword transformed into a green light and shot out from his hand.

Just as the crabapple flower was about to close, the sword completely pierced through with a bang and the flower exploded into bits and pieces.

Gou Wuyues heart was hanging high in the air, and he could not let go.

He stepped forward and leapt to the side of Sang Qiye.

With a wave of his sleeve, he immediately put it away.

After doing all this, he was shocked to realize that he was covered in cold sweat.

Indeed, the saint servants wave of attacks had come back at the moment when everyone was at their most comfortable and relaxed.

Even he, Gou Wuyue, almost let his guard down and let the saint servant succeed.


“Fortunately, Sang Qiye couldnt resist…”

Before Gou Wuyue had time to rejoice, he suddenly froze and realized that something was wrong.

If Haitanger left and returned, what about Bazhunan

Bazhunan had also returned.

How could he not steal Sang Qiye while he was in a trance

A chill ran down his spine.

Gou Wuyues pupils constricted as he thought of something.

He suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of Number 33.


A hissing sound was heard.

“You seem a little slow.

Are you getting old, Gou Wuyue”

Bazhunans tone was mocking, but his turbid eyes were full of cold killing intent.

The temperature of the entire place dropped abruptly with this sound.

“The eighth sword deity”


The white-clothed exclaimed in shock.

No one could have expected that the legendary person would actually dare to return!


Number 33 felt his entire body stiffen.

Through the shocked gazes of the many white-clothed people, even if he didnt have spiritual senses, he could tell the identity of the person standing behind him.


With Cen Qiaofu still in his hands, Number 33 did not dare to be negligent at all.

With a backhand punch, he smashed out with a loud bang.

“You cant –”

Gou Wuyue shouted.

But it was too late.

The arrow was on the bowstring and had to be shot.

Number 33 did not dare to expose his back to that man that only existed in legends.

As he turned his body and retreated, a violent punch was about to smash down on his head.


The air current spread out.

However, time seemed to have slowed down at this moment.

From the corner of Number 33s eyes, he could still see Elder Wuyues anxious expression that was accompanied by a cry of surprise.

He could also see the worried expressions and actions of his white-clothed companions.

And the person in front of him..

Bazhunan was smiling.

His fist was about to land on the door, but he only turned his head slightly.


Number 33 felt something sharp on his arm.

Then, he saw his right arm fly away from his body.


His heart trembled.

Subconsciously, Number 33 kicked his leg and hit his knee.

However, his movement was still extremely slow.

It was not even a thousandth of the speed of a turtle!

Bazhunan was still smiling.

He lowered his head and narrowed his eyes.

The same piercing pain was felt from his knees.


The broken leg swung in the air and slowly escaped.

Number 33 still wanted to struggle and resist.


Bazhunan sighed and took a step forward, stepping in front of the crabapple flower.


Everyone felt that time and space had been slowed down to restore order.

However, Number 33 was chopped into pieces right in front of them and exploded under the interweaving of endless sword cognitions.

A golden energy core was sent flying away.

Everyone wanted to help, but they felt that the flow of time in the world had slowed down again.

Then, they saw Bazhunan lightly poke and spin the energy core with the small twig in his hand.


The energy core shattered.

Time and space returned to order.

Gou Wuyues footsteps were barely raised, and white-clotheds heartbeat had just begun to retract.


Number 33 was gone!

“Bang Bang Bang…”

The pieces of the divine puppet smashed onto the ground with a loud thud.

Cen Qiaofu landed on the ground and was swallowed by the crabapple flowers.

Everyone looked at the man standing on the top of the flower petal, and for a moment there was dead silence.

He was clearly only at the acquired cultivation level…

He was clearly still hesitating earlier and didnt dare to make a move..

But why..


Bazhunan coughed lightly and interrupted everyones thoughts.

The expression in his eyes was completely different from before.

When everyone took a look, they felt a piercing pain in their eyes and a coldness in their souls.

That ice-cold killing intent was completely different from before.

“I didnt want to kill anyone…”

Bazhunan murmured as he slowly tapped his palm with the withered twig in his hand.

Then, he looked around without any pity in his eyes.

“You can take Sang Qiye away.

I wont release the devilish energy of Ai Cangsheng anyway.”

His voice paused.

He puffed out his chest and breathed through the sky.

His words were a little more angry, and it shocked everyone.

“But today, I will slaughter 700 white-clothed to honor my good friend!”

“You can take him with you… But if my friend dies, I will kill my way to the Holy Divine Palace and break all the osmanthus flowers on the mountain!”


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