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Chapter 620: One Sword of Mine

Dark clouds pressed down, and a river of swords filled the world.

The arena was filled with an austere atmosphere.


Gou Wuyue had yet to move, a white-clothed person already lost control over his anger.

There was no doubt that among the people present, there were Sovereign Stages and Cutting Path Stages.

Perhaps the swordsman regarded the Eighth Sword Deity as a spiritual god, but there was more than just swordsman in this world.

“You hunchback, how dare you to say you can kill us”

Accompanied by an angry rebuke, a white-clothed man who had his head about to explode from the chanting of the Buddhist spell in his heart pounced forward and arrived in a dignified manner.

“Wang Rang!”

“No –”

Exclamations sounded at the right time.

However, no one could stop Wang Rangs actions since he had no time to take care of himself.

“Boundless Life Repel!”

Wang Rang waved his hand.

A mysterious golden light opened up and enveloped everyone present.

In an instant, the world seemed to be completely silent.

The sound of wind, whistling, sword cries…

Completely disappeared!

Other than the awe-inspiring green sword river, even the sound of the Bazhunan was instantly eliminated.

“Cutting Path Level”

Bazhunan turned his head.

There were no ripples in his eyes.

This move was indeed able to eliminate all the negative conditions that were unfavorable to white-clothed people in a short period.

However, even Gou Wuyue was unable to speak while being scolded by Bazhunan.

Where did this fellow come from How would he dare to order him around


Bazhunan muttered and laughed involuntarily.

His back was indeed slightly stooped, and he no longer had the demeanor of an expert.

Even if he stood upright on the peak of the Great Buddha.

The pressure from time was still so heavy that he could not breathe.

But if this was other times…

If it wasnt for Gou Wuyue supporting him from the side, how would this person dare to be so rampant

“The first one.”

Bazhunan raised a finger at Gou Wuyue.

Shock flashed across Gou Wuyues eyes.

He had already sensed that something was wrong.

Green sword energy exploded from his body and instantly broke through the sword energy that had stopped him.

He then raised his sword and charged forward.

“Reverse River!”

A green river of swords suddenly moved.

Immediately after, endless sword energy rushed forward like water that had broken through a dam.

Bazhunans body was shattered by the Sword River water.

However, when his body disappeared, the corner of his mouth held a trace of a mocking smile, as if he was announcing something.

“Be careful!”

Gou Wuyue instantly reacted and shouted at Wang Rang.

Others might not be able to tell, but how could he not know that the reason why Bazhunan was named as the Eighth Sword Deity and became the gods for Eastern Regions swordsman was that he had perfectly grasped the ancient swordsmans nine major sword techniques!

It wasnt just one of them.

It was all nine of them!

“Fantasy Sword Technique”

White-clothed man Wang Rang seemed to have realized something.

He had fought with the ancient swordsman before, so he naturally knew that this was a sword technique that used space as a mirror to transform into a phantom.

When it reached its peak, it could turn illusory into reality.

However, Bazhunan was shattered under Gou Wuyues sword river.

He was completely unable to discover the other partys whereabouts.

“Where is he”

For a moment, Wang Rang was shocked.

He is at Cutting Path Level, which means he had even cut the “Path”.

But at this moment, he couldnt even detect the figure of a guy at Acquired Stage.

This was ridiculous!

“Have you found me”

A laugh suddenly sounded in his heart.

Wang Rangs pupils constricted, and the spiritual source all over his body exploded, instantly protecting his body.

Even the bounded domain suddenly shrank by half.

But even so, the echo of that laughter was still completely irrefutable.

The terrifying Bazhunans voice sounded once again:

“Little boy, how many years have you cultivated Have you cultivated for thirty years”

“You havent cultivated the great path completely.

No matter how fast you got to Cutting Path, there are still aspects that you havent comprehended yet.”

“You can indeed recognize the Fantasy Sword Technique very clearly.

But have you seen another move of the nine swords technique — Heart Sword Technique”

Heart Sword Technique

Wang rang was stunned.

He had heard of it!

But this long-lost sword technique,

Not to mention seeing it, he didnt even know what kind of attack method it was.

Just from the name alone, could it be that after Bazhunan disappeared, he went to his…



Wang Rang was quite frightened by himself.

How could a physical person go into the heart of another person

He was Bazhunan, not Yu Lingdi!

“Its not ridiculous.”

It was just a voice in his heart, but Bazhunan had read everything about Wang Rang.

After this voice, Wang Rangs line of sight turned and he suddenly realized that everyone was present, including Gou Wuyue.

In everyones hearts, a small figure was reflected.


“The Heart Sword Technique is formed by observing the appearance, and the mind is focused on the physical body.

Those who desire, those who fear, those who fear, and those who rejoice…

“The eight directions are formed by emotions, and the nameless land is formed by dawning…

“Those whose hearts are connected, are spiritual, and divine…”

Wang Rang felt like he was going crazy.

That decadent Buddhist chant only had the words “Om Mani Padme Hum” in the beginning, but when that tiny figure was reflected in the bottom of his eyes, the six words that he heard back and forth could be directly interpreted in his mind.

“Thats not right!”

Wang Rang felt a chill down his spine.

He realized in shock that this question was not important at all.

What was important was that under hisBoundless Life Repel, shouldnt all the things that he wanted to eliminate be eliminated

How could that Buddhist chanting of Bazhunan appear again

As if it would not rest until the person was scared to death, the laughter of the Bazhunan sounded again.

“Little boy, you underestimate me, did you Even Gou Wuyue has to treat me with caution.

How can you assume so easily that…

You can see through my Fantasy Sword Technique so quickly”

Wang rang was shocked.

The little person that he saw in everyones mind instantly disappeared.

In the next second, it turned into Golden Light Buddha statues.

The Buddha statues were not restricted by their bodies.

In the blink of an eye, they penetrated through their bodies and turned into the Great Buddha.

“Om Mani Padme Hum…”

The loud sound of the bell shook them until their eyes scattered and their minds went blank.

Even he did not realize that when the first sound rang out, his temples exploded on the spot.

Then, every word fell.

Almost after a few “Bang Bang Bang” sounds, his limbs, including his body, all shattered and died.


So Fast!



In a blink, Wang Rang felt as if he had lost his footing in a dream.

He was suddenly shocked and broke out in cold sweat.

He blinked and looked up.

The moment he realized that he still had eyes and that he was not dead, the scene in front of him directly shocked him to the point where he was speechless.

He saw that Bazhunan standing on the top of the Buddha statue pointed with that withered branch.

His Boundless Life Repel could not penetrate through his body at all from the very beginning.

When the expanded sphere of bounded domain touched the withered branch, it was deformed by an unknown force.

However, no matter how deformed it was, it could not wrap around the Bazhunan.

It could only continue to extend outwards.

In front of that incredible control of power, the bounded domain did not break.

It only extended, extended, extended…


White-clotheds surprised cry suddenly sounded.

“Whats going on”

“Isnt Wang Rang, isnt Wang Rang Dead”

“I saw his entire body explode.

Whats going on”

“Oh my God…”

Turning his head, Wang Rang was shocked to discover that he was not the only one who had been deceived by the Fantasy Sword Technique.

All the white-clothed people present seemed to have seen the scene he had just witnessed.

He was still alive.

That meant that the scene just now wasnt real.

However, such a realistic feeling of death, if it wasnt real, then…

“Fantasy Sword Technique”

Wang rang turned his head stiffly, wanting to see something from Gou Wuyues eyes.

However, other than the shock hidden deep in his eyes, Wang Rang saw nothing.

“So, even the sword river breaking body was fake”

“Even elder Wuyue was unable to see through Bazhunans Fantasy Sword Technique”

Wang rang was horrified.

He didnt understand how this Acquired Stage fellow was able to achieve this step.

Even if he was an ancient swordsman and was once the Eighth Sword Deity.

But what about the weapon prohibition order

After so many years of suppression, even if Bazhunan had some sort of power that could break through the restriction, how could he completely ignore its influence

Moreover, what about Gou Wuyue

Even the Eighth Sword Deity of the past was still only the eighth sword deity.

Since he didnt obtain the title of Seven Sword Deity, he couldnt be considered to be a true person leading the way of the sword.

But now, one of the actual Seven Sword Deity was here.

Even he was unable to see through BazhunAns sword techniques

“Cant see through it”

The laughter in his heart rang out again.

Wang Rang subconsciously nodded slightly, but then he reacted and immediately looked up at the person on the summit of the Buddha with astonishment.

But that person…

In the eyes of the Bazhunan, there was only Gou Wuyue.

This question was not directed at him, Wang Rang, but Gou Wuyue!


This kind of grief and indignation caused by being completely ignored and used as a tool for experts to test their combat strength was something that Wang Rang had never experienced since he became a cultivator of the cutting path.

This kind of weak feeling was something that he detested.

However, this reality was something he could do nothing about.

He was completely powerless to reverse the situation.

Wang Rang began to break out in cold sweat.

Gou Wuyue was still silent.

His eyes were filled with disbelief.

He seemed to have thought of something and was completely absent-minded.

Bazhunan, who was standing at the peak of the Buddha statue, smiled.

He pointed the withered branch in his hand and the bounded domain collapsed.

“If you cant see through it, then you cant protect this person.”

After saying this, Bazhunan waved the dried branch in his hand.

“The Dao is instantaneous.”


A silver light streaked across the sky.

3000 Sword Styles — Instantaneous Style!

As the blood flew, Wang Rang felt the world turn upside down.

A scene appeared in the spinning world, and a headless corpse was spewing blood…

The blood was still warm.

The headless corpse was also very familiar.


Wang Rangs eyes widened.

He refused to close his eyes.

However, the world was gradually turning gray.

Even if he could not close his eyes, it was still difficult for him to see anything.


“Cutting Path”

Bazhunan put down the withered branch and sighed.

“Its only a realm.”

He looked at the way of the heavens, and sword cognition flashed in his eyes.

“Rumble –”

Order of the Great Path appeared, and with just one look, it was instantly cut into countless pieces and withered.


The whole place was dead silent.

Everyone was in a daze.

No one could imagine that under the weapon prohibition order, there was still someone who could destroy the way of the heavens with one look, not even giving the King a chance to be resurrected.

“The… Witness Sword Technique”

White-clothed men said in disbelief.

Everyone could recognize this move.

However, they were not from the same era and had not personally fought against it.

They only wandered through the rumors, fantasizing that it was a rumor that was slandered by the masses…

Under such a situation, who would have thought that.

Witness Sword Technique could be so straightforward

Not even a single word of nonsense was said.

With a single glance.

Heaven and earth shattered, decapitating a Cutting Path!


Gou Wuyues heart was beating wildly, his brows were trembling, and his fingers were clenched so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard.

He couldnt believe it, nor was he willing to believe it.

The Bazhunan of the past seemed to want to stand in front of him as an opponent.

He was even using an even more arrogant method!

“Your cultivation level…”

Gou Wuyue was unable to say anything else.

The voice of nulan, the famed sword, was humming and trembling.

It was as if it was also shocked by the sight of the world and the cutting path.


Bazhunan raised his head and laughed loudly.

After a long while, he used a withered branch to pick his head.

His eyebrows were raised and he had a funny expression on his face.

“Gou Wuyue, even at this point, are you still thinking about such a small matter”

“This is not a small matter!”Gou Wuyues eyes were wide open.

Bazhunans expression turned solemn, and his cold voice came crashing down, “Then your mindset is too small!”

His mind exploded, and Gou Wuyues mind went blank.


Too Small

Even the hundreds of white-clothed people all had shocked expressions on their faces as they stared at the wanton man on the peak of the Buddha.

Bazhunan shook his head.

His eyes were filled with disappointment as he looked at Gou Wuyue.

He was silent for a long while before he continued:

“From the moment I appeared, all of your concerns were too one-sided and limited

“You never spoke of my aspirations.

You were only willing to impose your plans and desires on me.”

“You didnt listen to my words.

You used your voice to cover everything.”

“I have to say, the name of the Seven Sword Deity and Ruler completely framed you!”

Gou Wuyues heart thumped wildly as he followed the crowd to raise his eyes.

The aura of the Phantom of the Great Buddha that was backlit rose layer by layer.

Even the unkempt man on it seemed to be covered by a layer of faint golden divine light.

Bazhunan paused for a breath.

He thought of Gou Wuyues previous question and found it very funny.

He raised the withered branch in his hand and stared at it for a long time.

Then, he muttered, “From my sword to my cultivation level, to my figure…”



Bazhunan sneered.

“When I talk to you about positions, you talk to me about doubts, I talk to you about aspirations, and you talk to me about strength… even the spiritual gods can not awaken a person who closes his eyes willingly!”

After he finished speaking, it was obvious that he didnt want to waste any more words.

With a boom.

Spiritual source exploded, and Bazhunan slowly rose into the air.

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

Even Haitanger, who was hiding in the space, was also shocked.


Wasnt this the exclusive property of the Innate Stage

Then, they narrowed their eyes, and Bazhunan, whose aura kept on rising, seemed to have broken into the Innate Stage at this moment.

It was as if the breakthrough of cultivation level happened on a single thought.

Gou Wuyue had a bad premonition and wanted to do something.

However, as the Bazhunan slowly rose into the air, everyone felt a heavy pressure descend on them.

Their bodies could not help but hunch and tremble.

The Bazhunan looked up at the sky.

The higher void was enraged and dark clouds covered the sky.

The moment the famed sword was raised, a river of swords descended.

All of this was nothing!

He treated Gou Wuyue as a good friend.

Even though they were on different sides, he still wanted to enlighten him.

But now, there was no need to say anything more.

It was still the same thing.

Those who closed their eyes willingly could not be awakened even by the spiritual gods.

If he wanted to give the other party an answer, then this answer would be bloody and cast out with fresh blood.

On the peak of the Buddha, a sorrowful song played.

Bazhunan shook the withered branch, and the Sanskrit sound reappeared in everyones mind.

Each word was like a pearl, and even the meaning seemed to be understood in the deafening sound, one word after another:

“The dark clouds deceive the heavens, the great river flows against the west.”

Everyones heart palpitated, and an inexplicable fear descended.

The dark clouds that covered the sky moved without wind and began to turn and tear.

The sword river that opened up a world started to ripple.

It started to swim and reverse.

A peak, unrivaled power appeared.

Everyone was shocked, but the meaning of the Buddhist chant changed:

“Dao principles are often absent, because of my constant yielding.”

From the scenery to nature, it was clear that he was not talking about themselves, but everyone felt that they were completely crushed.

The knees that were trembling non-stop were about to smash down onto the ground.

However, their resistance towards giving in still made everyone respect the Buddhist chant.

The chanting of the chanting did not stop for a moment.

The figure of the man on the peak of the Buddha became towering.

As the light of Buddha dispersed, it was as if the spiritual gods were continuing to chant:

“A bird with broken wings does not serve its subjects, and a sword is not sealed with a mortal body.”

It was as if he was talking about himself.

After breaking through the cultivation level of the innate state, the Bazhunan not only broke away from the broken petals on the ground but also could fly.

Even his spiritual senses were restored.

He saw the entire battle situation in the eighth palace.

There were many white-clothed people scattered outside, and some of them did not dare to come back in time.

As the Golden Light cleared the air, he suddenly raised his head.

His hunched body straightened, and boundless divine light appeared in his eyes.

“Bow in fear I would state the sky is too low!”

At this moment, the dark clouds were destroyed, and the sky shattered.

The Phantom of the Great Buddha bloomed to its peak in everyones eyes.

That brilliant spirit was like the afterglow of the setting sun, causing people to linger and forget about returning.

Everyone watched as the withered branch in the hand of the man floating on the peak of the Buddha was shattered by an unknown force and silently broke into two pieces.

“Hu ~”

The wind stirred slightly and the withered branch fell to the ground.

There were a few cracking sounds.

Everyones longing gazes became eternal.

With a clang, the famed sword touched the ground and Gou Wuyue closed his eyes with a heavy heart.

This scene also became eternal in his eyes.

What the deceased saw was beautiful.

As an outsider, what he saw was a flash of silver light as hundreds of great Buddha Phantom images soared into the air.

It was sword cognition.

It was also the sword light that cut off the great Buddha.

It was the holy power that ended the lives of hundreds of white-clothed people!

“Holy Power…”

It was only a trace.

But the ending was completely different.

There was no pain, no moaning, and no exclamations.

Under the Great Buddha Chop, as the Buddha light exploded, Heaven and earth were divided into layers, and people were also divided into layers.

Bang! Bang! The sound of a body crashing to the ground came.

Gou Wuyue opened his eyes in grief, but when he saw a sea of blood floating in front of his eyes, the corpses were all peaceful.

He clenched his fists and suddenly realized that the sword in his hand had fallen at some point in time.


And guest…

The difference of one word was like the difference between heaven and earth!


With a light sound, Bazhunans toes tapped the ground.

He stared at the person in front of him and pondered for a long time without making a sound.

He turned his body sideways.

When he looked back and saw the famed sword on the ground, Bazhunan paused for a moment.

In the end, he still stepped forward and chose to leave.

“My one sword kills the God and Buddha in your heart.

I hope you will take care of yourself.”


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