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Chapter 626: Masters Brother, Xu Xiaoshou

The cranes were crying in the courtyard, and the Hua peak was out of the clouds.

The scenery of the upper and lower peaks of the four-hill mountain was a marvelous sight.

Under the white snow, the coldness had yet to melt.

The flowers and plants on it were running, and the divine light was long-lasting.

The entire place was shrouded in smoke and mist, making it look like an Immortal Palace.

Even though the environment was difficult, the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy were dense.

Even if it was difficult to climb the peak, it was still a holy sign to admire.

Therefore, at the foot of the four-hill mountain, there were still many spirit-refining factions.

It was for no other reason.

Here, the Holy Palace was right in front of them!

The Holy Palace was the highest educational institution in the minds of all the spirit-refining masters in the five domains of the continent.

It was a paradise that was comparable to Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.

It was where a Saint makes their fortune.

There was a saying, “At the beginning, the foot of the four-hill mountain was another heaven.

The old Saint wandered out of place and around the world.

Even animals were immortals.”

There were already too many people who had seen the legend of the continent — a demi-saint entering the world.

There was indeed a demi-saint in this world.

However, unlike the demi-saint, who was higher than the peak of Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe, the Saint on the four-hill Mountain was the closest to the world of spiritual cultivation.

They walked from the bottom of the spiritual cultivator, just like climbing the four-hill mountain into the clouds.

Step by step, they reached their peak.

Just hearing about these holy relics could give people endless motivation to cultivate.

Not to mention, there were indeed too many people at the foot of the four-hill mountain who had seen a demi-saint enter the human realm and received guidance.

The reason why the Holy Palace was holy was because of this!


On the four-hill mountain, on the Thunder Peak.

A seven-colored divine light rose from the Thunder Peak amidst the mist and disappeared into the clouds.



The sky shook, and a loud noise filled the sky.

Not only could the elites of the four-hill mountain see it, but even the spiritual cultivation faction and the traveling people at the foot of the four-hill mountain could hear and see it.

“A holy miracle!”

“This is a holy miracle!”

Some people who had just arrived were absent-minded when they saw the holy miracle.

Anyone who could set foot in this place knew that the thunder from the four-hill mountain was a heavenly punishment and a trial of a Saint.

As for what kind of trial it was, most probably no one knew.

After all, how could ordinary people secretly spy on the actions of a Saint

However, just seeing the world-destroying thunder calamity and being judged by the holy power on half of the mountain, such a magnificent scene was enough to make people feel enlightened.

Calamity power was very attractive to people at the peak of the Cutting Path who did not dare to receive the “Nine Death Thunder Calamity”.

As a result, those hidden at the foot of the four-hill mountain could easily find at least one person at the Cutting Path stage.

These people came because of its fame, hoping to see a breakthrough.

Some succeeded, and some failed.

Even if the number of failures and deaths was too large, it was still worth it for those who pursued the Supreme Dao.

At least, in this place, one could observe the descent of calamity power several times a day.

But in other places, the Cutting Path (stage) was already at its peak.

Other than a life-and-death battle, who could be so kind as to let outsiders observe and comprehend their abilities

The lightning that struck the world finally disappeared.

Birds and beasts returned to normal and flew away calmly.

After the cry of a crane, the aspirants on the four-hill mountain looked up and then returned to the state of cultivation.

It was as if such a scene was commonplace.

Thunder Peak, on the main mountain.

This mountain was extremely tall and mighty, but it was quiet and ethereal as if no one had ever set foot on it.

However, between the spiritual flowers and plants that were dozens of feet tall and the ancient trees that were hundreds of feet tall on the back mountain, there was a unique thatched cottage.

This cottage was very small.

It only had four white walls, but no roof.

— white thatched cottage!

The thunder-like rays of light came out from this place.

After stunning the world, it dissipated.

The legend of the four-hill mountain originated here.

The holy miracle of the white thatched cottage was spread endlessly in the world.

Because in this place, resides the demi-saint, whose honorific title was “Infernal”.

No one dared to say his real name, but it was forever spread in the world: Molten Dragon!



The white wooden door of the thatched cottage was suddenly pushed open, and the sound was made with difficultly.

The door was only halfway through, and it seemed to have been stuck.

After pushing it forward two more times, there was a loud bang, and the entire door fell heavily to the ground.


There was a startling sound from inside.

Then, the hand that pushed the door was retracted, and a black-haired elder walked out.

It could be seen from his unkempt hair and dirty face, his body covered in dirt and dust, and the faint white spots hidden in the various parts of his burnt hands.

This elder should have been white-haired, dressed in white-clothed immortal-like clothes, with fair hair and fair skin…

But now, everything was the complete opposite.

“Failed again… Ugh!”

Long Rongzhi sighed, but he suddenly choked.

Then, his adams apple rolled, and his mouth sucked.

“Cough, cough…”

“He ~ Tui!”

A mouthful of sticky, black, and unknown thing was spat out.

Only then did Long Rongzhi feel better, and he waved his hand.

The Holy Power guided the essence, and spiritual energy transformed into a spring.

After drinking a few mouthfuls, he calmed down a little and said with a sigh.

“As expected, these elixirs that have not experienced the power of lightning punishment are useless even if they are exploded by the condensing method of infernal heavens and swallowed before they fail.”

“The lightning punishment will still strike, and the elixirs will still taste terrible.”

“Even the trace of divinity from before has completely dissipated before the elixirs were formed.”

“How do I break it”

He scratched his head anxiously.

It seemed that this was a problem that had been troubling him for a long time, and he had never been able to find a solution.

He staggered a few dozen steps outside and walked from the broken and charred wood to the tall spiritual ingredients that were rippling with divine light outside.

After that, he turned back and stepped into the white thatched cottage, his mind in a daze.

He looked up at the sky.

The white thatched cottage did not have a roof, so he could easily see everything in the outside world.

The calamity cloud was disappearing.

The immortal cloud was gently rising, and the blue sky was still the same.

The cauldron explosion could not change anything in this world.

It was only a momentary fluctuation, and it seemed to be able to stir up a little in this endless world.

“Its not here yet”

Long Rongzhi murmured.

At this moment, the cry of a crane finally entered his ears.

Outside Thunder Peak, while the divine light was receiving them, a black-robed man lightly stepped on the crane and landed at the door of this slightly burnt white thatched house.

It was a middle-aged man with a respectful expression.

His black hair was thick, and his eye sockets were extremely deep.

There was a pair of eyes that were as sharp as a falcons.

He did not have eyebrows.

However, under the shadow of the high cheekbones and brow bones, even if he did not have eyebrows, it did not affect the face of this fierce-looking person in the slightest.


The man bowed slightly with a respectful expression.

“Little Ling is here”

A joyful expression instantly appeared on Long Rongs face as he waved his hand and said, “Quickly come in, quickly come in.

Master just happens to have a question to ask you, and its that violent saint breakthrough pill that has a flaw…”

The corner of Mu Lins mouth twitched imperceptibly, and he hurriedly said, “Wait.”


Long Rongzhi stopped and said happily, “Do you have a solution”


Mu Lin stepped into the house and stood by the side.

He then bowed and said, “You can continue to study the various pills later.

Theres no rush.

Why did you call me here this time Is there something urgent”

He knew.

If he didnt ask him personally, this master in front of him would be able to stop him for three days and half a month without stopping.

The key was that these trivial matters were useless even if they were solved.

Today was the “violent saint breakthrough pills”, tomorrow would be the “super blood-filling elixirs”, and the day after tomorrow would be the “enchanting medicine”…

If master could put this strange idea into studying the path of the Holy Emperor, his strength would probably have improved by a few hundred years ago.


What a pity!

Mu Lin regretted that his master had entered the demi-saint realm and had not improved for hundreds of years.

The infernal lineage was born to fight, but he seemed to have gone astray and put all his efforts into conducting alchemy.

It was a waste of talent!

But this was his master, the master who had brought him out from his childhood.

He was like a father.

No matter how old and muddle-headed he was, as a junior, he could only do as he was told and could not be disobeyed.


“There seems to be something…”

Long Rongzhi lowered his eyebrows and pondered for a long time.

Finally, he thought of something and started to feel around in his pockets.

After a long time, he pulled out a burnt black piece of paper from the inner button of his sleeve.

It was blown to less than half a piece.

Then, he stared at the piece of paper for a long time.

“What is it”

Mu Lin sighed and took the paper to identify it.

“The Saint Kui Paper… How did you blow it up like this”

The Saint Kui Wood should be the medicinal wood that didnt fear the infernal lineage.

Even if it was burned with white flame, it couldnt be destroyed without half a day.

Long Rongzhis interest was piqued.

“It blew up!”

“The violent saint breakthrough pill!”

“Right, I wanted to ask you just now.

Although this pill is unable to help you enter the Saint Realm, as long as you hold on to the divinity, the explosive power will increase by several levels.

This thing can save your lives.

Well study it…”

“Master!” Mu Lin interrupted.

“The Saint Kui Paper, have you forgotten”


Long Rongzhi tilted his head and muttered a doubtful voice, his expression devoid of emotion.

Mu Lin sighed.

“Senior brother did indeed run away from the Palace several decades ago.

He did not fulfill his duty of providing for you, but I am here!”

“You dont need to worry about those miscellaneous matters.

I can handle them.”

“But this Saint Kui Paper is the only way for you two to contact each other.

You cant possibly have forgotten this, right”

Long Rongzhi turned his head and looked at the large bathtub that the five of them were hugging in front of him.

He did not say a word, looking like an angry little old man.

Mu Lin continued, “All these years, he did not send you any messages and did not come back to see you.

It is indeed wrong, but it is also because of this, message sent through the Saint Kui Paper means that the matter is serious.”

As he spoke, he put away the small piece of paper that was completely charred black and inquired, “You must have seen the contents of the paper.

Now that it has been blown up, I cant see anything.

Can you tell me about it so that I can do it”


Long Rongzhi did not even turn his head back.

Mu Lin sighed.

It was always difficult for him to match his master at this Moment with his master from several decades ago, who was so impressive and powerful that he would kill him with a single word of disagreement.

At that time, his master was only worthy of the nameLong Rongzhi.

Now, at most, it was just aZhi…

However, he cursed in his heart and did not dare to say anything.

Mu Lin pretended to turn his head back and said, “Master, if theres nothing else, Ill take my leave first”


Long Rongzhi immediately stood up.

When he saw his disciple turning his head to look at him, the corners of his mouth twitched, he said, “Ive called you here this time because of the method to maintain the divinity of theviolent saint breakthrough pill.

You should go back and study this thing properly.

In the future, you can tell me the solution.”

“Yes.” Mu Lin nodded.

“What else”

“You havent given me the solution to theSaint Whistle Heart Splitting Elixir the last time.”Long Rongzhi narrowed his eyes.

“Alright, my disciple will be here soon.

Shell give it to you later,” Mu Lin said as his brows twitched.



After a few breaths of silence, Long Rongzhi finally sighed.

“And theres another small matter… something must have happened to your senior brother.

Look into it.

He sent a message saying that theres a disciple named Xu Xiaoshou in the Eastern Region.”

His words came to an abrupt end.

Long Rongzhi quickly finished speaking and returned to his seat.

He looked at the alchemy furnace with an expression that said, “Thats all I have to say.

You decide.

Im going to start conducting alchemy.”.


The corners of Mu Lins lips lifted.

He did not ask any more questions.

He nodded and turned around to leave.

He had already known that something had happened to his senior brother.

He was only waiting for this matter to come out from his masters mouth.

He hoped that it would melt the ice in his heart.

As for having a disciple…

“Xu Xiaoshou, is it”

Mu Lin muttered to himself.

This matter was very easy to handle, as it could be solved with a single sentence.


The wooden door was reinstalled.

Through the white thatched cottage, Long Rongzhi watched Mu Lin leave quickly.

His expression became solemn.

In his entire life, he had two disciples.

The eldest Sang Qiye, and the second brother, Mu Lin, were both flesh and blood that had been tortured out from a fire seed.

However, their paths of development were opposite.

They had thought that their eldest brother, who had a relatively peaceful personality, would stay by their side.

They had never expected that the kid would be the first to leave, and he had even left with a grudge in his heart.

On the other hand, the second brother, who was known for being gloomy and ruthless, was the person who paid the most attention to emotions.

All these years, other than going out on a mission, he had stayed in the Holy Palace to serve him.

He had no complaints and had never left.

“Little Sang…”

Long Rongzhi murmured in a daze.

As if he suddenly thought of something, he jumped up and knocked the wooden door away with a bang.

“The Saint Kui Paper! Give it back to me! Give it back to me!”

Mu Lin, who was riding a crane, did not even turn his head.

“Its at the door.”

Long Rongzhi was stunned.

He turned around and kicked the door open.

The small piece of charred Saint Kui Paper lay alone.

He picked it up like a treasure and carefully put it away.

Only then did he heave a sigh of relief.

At this moment.


There was a muffled sound in the room, and the surrounding temperature rose rapidly.

Long Rongzhi widened his eyes.

Only then did he realize that the medicinal liquid in the alchemy cauldron had already gone out of control when he was in a daze just now.

He tried to turn around to remedy the situation.

But with a bang, a beam of divine light shot into the sky.

Then, thunder rumbled.

A burning smell spread out from the white thatched cottage.

“A holy miracle!”

“Heavens, another holy miracle.

This time, the interval is so short.

The Saint is pitying us again.”

“If we learn the Dao in the morning, we can die in the evening.”

At the foot of the four-hill mountain, the people who looked up at the sky cheered again.


“Bai Lian.”

“Yes, Master.”

“I heard that youve taken in a new female disciple… Is she qualified”

Inside the spirit residence, Mu Lin looked at the white-clothed man.

This was his only disciple who had grown up.

He was also the current master of the infernal lineage in the four branches of the Holy Palace.


Bai Lian nodded and said, “Although shes a woman, she has a strong will and can withstand pain.

She has a belligerent personality and doesnt lose out to others.

She also doesnt have the mindset of conducting alchemy.

Master, dont worry.”

Mu Lin nodded slightly, his face expressionless.

“I called you here for two reasons.”

He raised his first finger and said, “First, there is someone you need to protect on your way to Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.

His name is Sang Qiye.

If you cannot do it, bring your head to meet me.”

Bai Lian was shocked.

He knew that his master was swift and decisive, and his style was ruthless.

However, when he assigned missions in the past, there were never such terrible consequences!

This “Sang Qiye”…

After pondering for a moment, Bai Lian felt that this name was somewhat familiar.

“Saint Servant”

His heart suddenly twitched.

Sang Qiye was not just the second-in-command of the Saint Servant that had been spreading like wildfire recently, but was also the greatest achievement of the Holy Divine Palaces attack on the White Cave in the Eastern Region

“Yes, your masters brother.”

Mu Lin said indifferently, “Next time, be careful not to let the wordSaint Servant appear again.

If your grand-master also hears about this matter, then you can kill yourself.”


Beads of sweat instantly appeared on Bai Lians forehead.

“Alright… But, he is after all a Saint… uh, after all, he was captured by the Holy Divine Palace.

How can he protect such a big matter”

Mu Lin frowned when he heard that.

“Youre asking me”

Bai Lian was so frightened that he took a step back.

“No, no, Im just curious, thats all! This is something I should consider.

Ill take care of the follow-up.”

He paused for a moment before quickly changing the topic.

“Whats, whats the second matter”

Inside the spirit residence of Bai Lian.

“Hua Ying.”

“Yes, Master!”

A delicate voice rang out.

The young girl was carrying the great alchemy cauldron.

Her large eyes were wide open, and there was reverence in them.

Bai Lian closed his eyes and then rubbed his ears.

He opened his eyes and looked at the blood-stained great alchemy cauldron on his disciples back.

“You killed again”

“No! Master!”

Hua Ying said solemnly, “Theres a guy who doesnt know his place.

He demoted the elixirs of my infernal lineage as dirt.

I refined him for a while, and hes much more cheerful now!”

“You refined the elixirs, right” Bai Lian Sighed.


Hua Yings sapphire-like eyes sparkled as he added, “Its TheKong Ming Elixir that master recently imparted to me.

You said that the recipe for the elixir came from the master, so its the elixirs of the infernal lineage!”

Bai Lian was silent.

When she wasnt speaking, this disciple was already an extremely refined woman, but this character…

She wouldnt dare to be impudent in front of her, right

Bai Lian had heard that all the peers in the Holy Palace who dared not buy her for conducting alchemy had all been blasted and refined by that cauldron.

He didnt know if calling her out this time was a good thing

It shouldnt be to the extent of causing any trouble.

After all, she had to go out to gain some experience… after thinking for a moment, Bai Lian made a decision.

“I want to leave the Holy Palace and go to Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe for some time to meet someone.”

Before he could finish, Hua Yings eyes instantly lit up.

“How long!”

Bai Lian: “…”

He gave this disciple a violent thud.

“Dont think of causing trouble! During this period, you also have a mission!”


Hua Yings eyes instantly dimmed, and she pursed her lips.

She didnt like missions, she preferred to hammer people.

“What mission”

Bai Lian took out an envelope from his bosom.

He held it in his hands and hesitated for a long time.

In the end, he handed it over and said, “Head to the Eastern Region.

In the Eastern Sky Realm, look for a person called Xu Xiaoshou.

Give this thing to him.”

“Leave the Holy Palace!”

Hua Ying raised her head with a whoosh.

Her big eyes were filled with excitement.


Bai Lian knocked her head fiercely again and scolded, “This mission was sent by Elder Mu.

Seriously, if you cant complete it, then you… You dont have to come back.”

“Dont have to come back” Hua Ying didnt realize the seriousness of the matter at all.

She became even more excited.

Bai Lians face turned solemn.

“If you dont have to come back, it means that you have been expelled from the sect.”


Hua Ying was stunned.

She looked embarrassed and asked again, “Who is it Whats his name What mission Can I look at this envelope By the way, the Eastern Region Where is it”

Bai Lian: “…”

“One last time!”

He furiously patted the head of the confused girl and said heavily, “Dongtianwang City, find a person called Xu Xiaoshou and give him the envelope!”

“Oh, Xu Xiaoshou, who is it”

“Your masters masters apprentice, the only disciple.

If you mess up this matter, do you know the consequences”

Hua Ying was confused for a moment.

After a long time, he said in shock, “My masters brother”

“Your masters brother!” Bai Lian Roared.

“Oh, OH, OH.”

Hua Ying finally realized the difficulty of the mission.

Masters brother

Then this was a bit difficult!

“Masters brother… is also from the infernal lineage Is he easy to get along with Is he as good-tempered as you, master Or is he the type of grandmaster who has a gloomy personality How old is he Is he scary Does he eat…”

“Shut up!!!”


Hua Ying immediately shut her mouth and did not speak.

After a long while, she opened her mouth and blinked.

“How do I find him”

Bai Lian was furious.

“Youre asking me”

“Oh Oh, this is something I should consider.

Its my mission, isnt it!”

Hua Ying immediately patted her chest and said shakily, “Alright, Ill complete the mission!”

Then, as if she was discouraged, her eyes lost their luster.

Without any information, how could she find him

“I have to reveal some information.

If hes like Grandmaster, I will not dare to get close to him…” Hua Ying could not help but speak.


Bai Lian Sighed.

His master, Mu Lin, didnt give him much information.

He only told him his name and location.

But to be able to become his masters brothers disciple, he had to be his masters brother whom he had never met before…

No matter what, he had to be very strong, right

“Your masters brother-in-law… Master Sang, who I told you about, is a genius who has crushed a generation of people in the Holy Palace, including your masters brother.”

“No matter what, his disciple is stronger than me, your master.

Since hes not famous, it means that hes a low-key person.”

“But no matter how low-key he is, his ability is there.

At the very least, hes famous.”

“If youre looking for someone… Although the Eastern Region is huge, you should be able to find out everything about such a person after you go to the Eastern Sky Realm.”

In the end, Bai Lian wasnt as heartless as his master Mu Lin.

He didnt say anything and just wanted his disciple to go on a mission.

He was quite satisfied with Hua Ying, his disciple, apart from being overly belligerent.

In particular, there was no future in conducting alchemy.

In this way, he didnt need to be talked about too much by his master.

Demi-Saint Infernal was too engrossed in conducting alchemy, resulting in Lord Mu Lins rejection of conducting alchemy.

Everyone in the Holy Palace knew this.


Bai Lian waved his hand, not wanting to say anything else.

He still had his matters to attend to.

If he could not complete one, he would have to bring his head back.

He was not sure if he would be able to see his disciple after this trip…

Masters Brother Sang…


The matters in the Holy Palace were already busy enough.

Not only would there be no results after this trip, but he would also have to be busy when he came back.

Moreover, he was stuck at the time when the Holy Palace Trial was about to begin.

Two words were difficult to deal with.


Hua Ying smiled brightly without a care in the world and hopped off to accept the order.

The huge cauldron on her back bounced along with the person.

Every time it bounced, there was a dull sound, and there was a faint wail.

Bai Lian was absent-minded and did not notice it at all.

“Shut up.”

However, his disciples stern and low voice entered his ears and made him understand something.

After being stunned for a moment, Bai Lian flew into a rage.

“Hua Ying, release him! Do you still want to refine a person to death Youre simply lawless!”


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