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Chapter 627: The Evil in the City


“Achoo… Achoo!”

“Achoo, achoo –”

“Oh my God, achoo!”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was sneezing, rubbed his sore nose hard.

“God damn it, why do so many people miss me”

“Received concern, passive points 2.”

“Received snicker, passive points 1.”

“Again… Xu Xiaoshou, are you really okay”Mu Zixi touched her nose and handed him a handkerchief.

She had used many handkerchieves during this half a months journey.

The reason was that Xu Xiaoshou would start sneezing from time to time.

At first, everyone felt that it was okay.

Perhaps even a master physique would catch a cold

Later on, when the number of times was too many, everyone realized that something was wrong.


Xin Gugu laughed without a care in the world.

He put one hand on Xu Xiaoshous shoulder and said happily,

“Isnt your explanation a little too far-fetched Whim isnt like this”

“You can even use the number of sneezes to count the number of people who are thinking of you… Haha, How big is this world Why are there so many people who miss you”

“Thats hard to say.”Xu Xiaoshou could not explain it well.

He waved his hand and looked at Mo Mo.

“How many”



More than 700…

Others might not believe Xin, but this was the additional effect of “Perception”.

He had personally verified it many times.

How could his master physique really catch a cold

With the infernal white flame around, it was unlikely to happen.

More than seven hundred sneezes meant that even if no one recognized him along the way, those who wanted to capture the saint servant probably had an impression of him and were already starting to take action.

“More than seven hundred white-clothed people”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed self-deprecatingly.

That was the number of people who could be killed by one sword strike of the Bazhunan.

How could he, Xu Xiaoshou, be treated like this

The only thing worth rejoicing about was that this whim only took the form of a sneeze.

According to the past, as long as they used a trick, they could be killed.

If it was like the last time…

Xu Xiaoshou was terrified when he thought of Ai Cangshengs arrow.

Just the lock made his body crack and start to bleed.

If such a situation were to occur again, he wouldnt have elder sang by his side.

At most, he would have to find someone else to take the lead…

“What are you looking at me for”

Xin Gugu was frightened by Xu Xiaoshous thoughtful gaze.

He felt that this fellow was staring at him for no reason.

Something bad was definitely going to happen!

“Feared, passive points 1.”

“Cursed, passive points 1.”

“Lets go.

It shouldnt be too far.”

Xu Xiaoshous lips twitched.

Without saying anything, he led the three people behind him and continued walking in the direction of Dongtianwang City.

In the past half a month, their journey was really too long.

It was so long that Xu Xiaoshou himself could not even remember the mileage.

Because he had two ghost beast host bodies behind him and his identity as a saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to use the teleportation portal.

Although it was a little slow to walk forward, the cultivation level of the four of them was not ordinary, and there were no accidents in between.

After a few twists and turns, he was about to reach his destination.

On the way, Xu Xiaoshou finally experienced the customs of this continent, except for the Spirit Palace.

Indeed, there were very few spiritual cultivators.

With that, Xu Xiaoshou had to admit that he had verified a truth: only spiritual cultivators could provide passive points.

Ordinary people really couldnt!

After giving up, he deliberately went to two places.

One was Tiansang city, the Su family, a former aristocratic family of sword-bearers from the famed sword tomb, the epitaph of city snow.

There, Xu Xiaoshou met with Su Qianqian as well as the higher-ups of the Su family.

It had to be said that this was the only family he had ever seen that truly had the character of a swordsman.

In that place, he felt the pure bearing of a swordsman.

It was a bearing that was extremely similar to Bazhunans after he puffed out his chest and raised his head.

Xu Xiaoshou did not ask the question that was buried deep in his heart.

But after that one encounter, he knew that Bazhunan did not lie to him.

It turned out that in this world, there really were people who were proud of dying under the eighth sword deitys sword.

Those people…

Xu Xiaoshou was perplexed at first.

But after the white cave incident, he suddenly felt that it was understandable.

His view of the answer he received was understandable.

In short, if it were him, he would not make the same choice as the Su family.

At the very least, he would risk his life to cut off a piece of the sword Snatchers flesh.

This was Xu Xiaoshou!

On the second stop, he went to Azure Dragon Prefecture.

Elder sangs second legend was born here.

He had also gone to watch the battle of the gods.

There was the rampaging sword will and the aura of embers…

But the place was empty.

Other than those who were like him, there was only an empty shell left in Azure Dragon Prefecture.

Not long after, Xu Xiaoshou moved forward again and had never returned to Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Perhaps the headmaster and Elder Qiao had secrets that belonged to Aje.

But now that elder sang had left, he had lost the person who could answer his questions.

Xu Xiaoshou did not think that he would be able to get the answer he wanted by returning.

More than that, it would bring disaster to the Spirit Palace.

Leaving without saying goodbye was sometimes the best way to fulfill ones wish.

There were regrets, but life was more perfect because of imperfections.

Setting sail again was the best way to respect oneself and others.

“Were finally here!”

A few days passed by in the blink of an eye.

As more and more people came with them, the end of the road was no longer the misty mountains and seas, but a majestic city.

The city walls were built with large bricks that were more than a hundred feet tall, blocking the sky with the naked eye.

They were vast and boundless, and their aura was surging.

The majestic city gates were made up of tiger-headed lions.

Although there were traces of the passage of time on them, as far as the eye could see, their eyes were filled with a baleful aura that caused people to avert their gazes.

The group of white-clothed guards outside the gates were all at the Innate Stage and above.

The captain of the guards who was squatting by the side with grass in his mouth and a pair of eagle eyes constantly scanning the people entering the city.

The white-clothed guards were also fundamentally different from the ordinary white-clothed guards.

On his badge, there was a sacred palace and a white sword hanging from it.

“White-clothed people!”

Xu Xiaoshou understood that this was the real white-clothed.

It belonged to one of the two major organizations of the Holy Divine Palace.

He had cheated and deceived it before, but when they met again, there was still an inexplicable fear in his heart.

“Is there a problem”

Xu Xiaoshou turned around and glanced at Xin Gugu and Mo Mo..

He was not worried about himself, nor was he worried about Mu Zixi.

What he was most afraid of was that the two ghost beast host bodies behind him would be discovered in Dongtianwang City.

At that time, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he could only choose to abandon the car to protect himself, watch the fire from the other side, and protect himself… Yes, there was also a junior sister.

“Its not a big problem.

Ive been to Dongtianwang City before.

Ordinary people might be afraid, but Im different.”Xin Gugu pulled at the golden staff necklace on his chest, completely unconcerned.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that the “ordinary people” referred to “ordinary ghost beast host body”.

Indeed, this guy came from the Xu Yue Grey Palace.

If a guard captain could see through him, then he wouldnt be able to survive.

With his profound skills, how could he be discovered so easily

“I have no problem with that.”

Mo Mo nodded.

She did not even change her small bronze cauldron.

Such an inconspicuous symbol was hard to find in Tiansang City.

If it was placed in Dongtianwang City, it would be like a stone sinking into the ocean.

“Thats good.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded and used the back of his hand to remove his stubble.

After confirming that he was in disguise, he walked forward.

“Remember, from now on, stand up straight.

We are here to cause trouble.

Dont let others look down on you, understand”

“Yes! Young Master Xu!”

Xin Gugu puffed out his chest.

His voice was as loud as thunder, causing the passersby to look sideways.

“Surprised, passive points, 45.”

“Cursed, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded his head in satisfaction.

From now on, Xin Gugus identity was young master Xus lackey.

He tilted his head and looked at Mo Mo…

Mo Mos lips trembled a few times and she was shy to speak.

After seeing Xu Xiaoshous cold gaze, she closed her eyes with a heavy expression.

“Yes, Young Master Xu.”

After the person finished speaking, Mo Mos ears started to turn red.

“Raise your head, straighten your chest, raise your head… Straighten your back, speak louder!”

“Yes, Young Master Xu.” Mo Mos voice became even lower.

“Cursed, passive points 1.”

“Rotten wood can not be carved!”

Xu Xiaoshou angrily flung his sleeves and looked at Mu Zixi.

“Cursed, passive points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

“Why are you looking at me Say it.

This is to train your thinking habits so that you wont be exposed when the time comes!” Xu Xiaoshou selectively blocked the information bar.

Mu Zixis big eyes were watery and full of confusion, but her heart did not stop.

“Cursed, passive points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

“This little girl, would it kill her to callYoung Master Xu Seriously!”

Xu Xiaoshou gave up and turned to look at his lackey Xin Gugu.

“Young master Xu! What are your orders”

Xin Gugus eyes were filled with excitement.

He loved role-playing.

It was very interesting.

The surrounding people were once again frightened by this loud shout.

They avoided it in fear and chose to take a detour.

“Belittled, passive points 53.”

“Criticized, passive points 22.”

“Detested, passive points 68.”

“Open a path!”

Xu Xiaoshou also straightened his chest and roared even louder.

When he saw the reactions of the passersby, he was so surprised that his mouth was wide open.

This was the effect of being stupid and brainless!

The more profligate one was, the more brainless one was, and the more ridiculous it was..

However, on the basis of thesemore, there was also the existence of the tonal nature of reality.

It was an identity that everyone subconsciously acknowledged, and it was also easy for them to get emotional.

The more passive points he could obtain along the way, the more passive points he could obtain!

He glanced at the information bar:

“Passive points, 84,221.”

Only 80,000!

He, Xu Xiaoshou, was almost at the Master Stage, and his inventory was only 80,000.

If he really reached that stage, how should he level up his passive skills

Xu Xiaoshou didnt even dare to use this inventory anymore.

According to the price increase of skill points, 1,000 passive points for a Tier 1 skill point and 5,000 passive points for a Tier 2 skill point.

That was very likely.

After reaching the Master Stage, he would need 10,000,30,000, or even 50,000 tier 3 skill points!

No matter what, Xu Xiaoshou needed to strengthen himself as soon as he became a master.

Only then would he have the ability to protect himself in the big picture.

And at that time, he would be a sovereign physique, a true expert who could smash an ordinary sovereign (stage) with one punch.

That was a true expert in a truthful manner without any sarcasm.

For this reason, Xu Xiaoshou needed to save up a minimum of 100,000 and strive for 500,000 passive points, preferably millions of passive points.

Dongtianwang city was the place where he, Xu Xiaoshou, made his fortune!

“Young Master Xu… ” There was a hidden madness in Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

How could all these happen

With someone backing him up, he had to do whatever it took to make the evil name of “Young Master Xu” resound throughout Dongtianwang City!

As for why it was deemed notorious…

Good people did not live long, but disasters lasted for a thousand years.

A thousand years!

That was a situation where one could lie in a coffin and receive a high amount of passive points even if they were to rot.

Who would not be praised for this notoriety

“Four people”

“Name, background, cultivation level, report them all.”

The guard at the city gate glanced at them and lowered his head, as usual, to ask as he prepared the Jade Scroll for recording.

“How dare you!”

Xin Gugu shouted angrily, giving all the guards a shock.

Even the people who were waiting in line to enter the city could not help but retreat and stay away from the group of four.

“Surprised, passive points, 73.”

“Feared, passive points 32.”

Xu Xiaoshou did not show any emotion on the surface, but in his heart, he was laughing like a flower.

That was great!

Xin Gugu, you are worthy of me saving you.

As expected, you are my money tree.

“What are you shouting for”

The guard frowned.

He had seen bad situations before, but this was the first time he had seen such a situation where he was from a major power, but he still had to make things difficult for the guards at the city gate.

The guards tightened their swords, and they were ready to attack at the slightest disagreement.

Xin Gugu glanced at Xu Xiaoshou.

Seeing that he remained calm, he understood that he had not completed the mission of acting arrogantly to the final stage.

He raised his nose and said with a sizzle, “Our Young Master Xu has given you enough face.

Its already not bad to line up properly.

Name Background Cultivation level”

“Is this what you should be asking You have the right to…”

He froze for a moment.

“Get involved.” Xu Xiaoshou understood and sent telepathic communication without any change in expression.

“You have the right to get involved !” Xin Gugus head was about to pop up into the sky.

Xu Xiaoshou almost burst out laughing.

He suddenly felt that this was not good.

After all, his actions at this moment were like a brainless villain.

would there be a righteous person coming out to stand up for him later

But it seemed that this was what he was looking forward to

The leader of the guards pressed his palm slightly behind his back, indicating for his people to be calm.

He glanced at the long line of people who had retreated to about ten feet away.

He did not want to cause any more trouble and advised, “Now is the crucial time.

Those who enter the city have to register.

Please cooperate with us.”


Xin Gugu ridiculed him without thinking.

His originally evil face turned ferocious and looked more like the King of Hell.

“Arent we cooperating enough Weve already queued up and cooperated like this.

You still want to cause trouble, right Whos in charge Give me…”

“Youre calling for me”

The white-clothed sovereign who was squatting beside him with the grass in his mouth stood up and walked over.

Xin Gugu subconsciously shrunk his head.

Red-clothed people, white-clothed people… He was most afraid of them.

But when he thought about the mission…

“Whats your name”

“Whats your ID”

The white-clothed sovereign narrowed his eyes.

Wasnt this situation a little too terrible

To be honest, this was the first time he had seen this!

Just as he was about to speak, he saw the young man, who was surrounded by three people and seemed to be from an aristocratic family.

As the man took a step forward, he immediately turned his head and looked over.

The little brat was difficult to deal with, but the King of Hell was the easiest to deal with.

Since he was from an aristocratic family, he should know some rules.

Without saying anything, the white-clothed person looked over.

The other party should know his identity and give him the respect he deserved.

There was no need for him to speak.

Xu Xiaoshou placed his hands behind his waist and slightly puffed out his chest.

Seeing that everyones eyes were attracted to him, he once again muttered to himself a few times.

It was only when the information bar started to slow down and showed signs of calming down that he stuck out his chin.

After that, he uttered indifferently, “Questioning is fine, but you are not qualified enough.”

“Where is Jiang Bianyan Call him out.

I want to personally listen to hisinterrogation!”


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