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Chapter 633: The Mind-changing Aperture

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If time could be reversed, Xu Xiaoshou swore that he would never act arrogantly again.

Demi-saint family…

That was a huge challenge for him.

If the opponent was a disabled demi-saint o a grey mist figure, then of course he would be easy to deal with.

Even a warrior at the Cutting Path Stage could win the battle.

After all, the scene of the storyteller chasing after the grey mist figure was still vivid in his mind…

However, regarding the demi-saint who lived openly on this continent, Xu Xiaoshou only remembered Ai Cangsheng who came from the west with an arrow that even Elder Sang couldnt block!

Could he provoke such an existence

He couldnt!

However, there were no ifs…

With a pale face, he looked at Jiang Xians extended hand.

Holding it meant that he had accepted Jiang Xians good intentions.

However, he had been so arrogant previously.

Now that Jiang Xian was on the same level as him, he must behaved politely.

“A demi-saint visiting my house”


Passive Points 1.”

The answer was given in the information bar.

Xu Xiaoshou only remained silent for half a second before he waved his hand and sent Jiang Xians hand flying.

“Is that a test I am from the aristocratic family of the Holy Emperor!”

He tried to hypnotize himself in his mind.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous aura became even stronger.

He swept his cold gaze across the Jiang family and turned his head back with a Swish.

“There will be no next time!”

A rude warning was given in an extremely arrogant manner.

Even after he heard that the Jiang family had a demi-saint, he still did not pay them any respect.

As a result, the Jiang familys faces all turned ugly.

Even Jiang Xian, who was well-mannered, still looked unhappy.

The onlookers were a bit surprised.

They wanted to cry out in surprise, but they had to restrain themselves due to the pressure.

“My God, where did this Young Master Xu come from”

“The Jiang family, the demi-saint family of the Northern Region.”

“Lets retreat, we probably wont be able to fight in this wave.

However, once they leave, its very likely that theyll target us.

Lets retreat!”

“Lets go, lets go, well die if were any slower!”

The arenas spectators retreated in a huff.

Clearly, they realized that they couldnt watch too much of this show.

The demi-saint family (ies)s face wasnt that easy to lose.

They might even be recognized and sealed.

“In awe, passive points 145.”

“Suspected, passive points 122.”

“In favor, passive points 66.”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt even dare to look at the information bars pop-up box.

He turned around, and with a wave of his head, he led everyone through the middle of the Jiang clan and into the Plenty Gold Company.


The Jiang familys sovereign was furious, but the other party had a stronger background.

He could only swallow his anger.

“Young Master Jiang” The sovereign took the initiative to speak.

Jiang Xian looked back coldly.

“Go back and receive your punishment!”


The Jiang clans sovereign closed his eyes in pain.

He knew that he had indeed gotten himself into big trouble this time.

Jiang Xian paused for a moment and turned to look at another person with a determined expression.

“Immediately investigate the Xu family for me! Regardless of place names or clan names, as long as there are similar ones, gather them all.

Dont limit yourself.

This name might be fake.”

“Also, dig out all the Higher Void families and Demi-saint families in the Northern Region, whether they are in seclusion or not.

Make a list and hand it over to me within three days!”

“Also, demi-saints birthday celebration is a big event.

Why didnt our Jiang family receive any information”

“Starting from this point, its been close to ten years… No, give me a list of all the demi-saints birthday celebration families in the past hundred years.

Its not limited to the northern region.”

“Finally, prepare the gifts!”

“Gifts” The sovereign wanted to promise them one by one and immediately go to work.

However, he was shocked by the last sentence.

“Its already like this.

Do we still need to compensate them”

Jiang Xian glared coldly.

“Life and death gifts, all of them!”

The Jiang familys sovereign was stunned and suddenly understood something.


Upon saying this, he immediately accepted the order and disappeared.

Jiang Xian sighed in his heart.

This matter had come at a terrible time, and he was truly caught unprepared.

If the other party was really a faction that was a level higher than the Jiang family, then this matter was big and small.

The main thing would be to see what kind of attitude Xu Deqi had..


Thinking of Xu Deye, Jiang Xian immediately spoke.

But the servant had already left, and he couldnt call him back.

“Young Master Jiang, do you have any other orders”Another person immediately took over.

Jiang Xian opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he hesitated.

In the end, he sighed and said, “Investigate and find out what the name of this person is.”

He had a feeling that the two of them might have to deal with each other again in the future.

How was it possible that someone would bear the name “Deye” That was too funny.

“Yes!” The two subordinates followed the order and left, leaving only the last two people behind to protect themselves.

As Jiang Xian swept a glance over the place, his gaze fell on Rong Dahao, who was frozen in front of him as if he had turned into a stone statue.

His brows suddenly furrowed.

Who said that he was the one to do this

He just said one sentence, and he really treated him like air

If he didnt say anything, no one would see him

“Hey, what are you…”

“Young Master Jiang!” The other sovereign, who had been silent, suddenly interrupted.

His voice was full of shock.

Jiang Xian turned his head and raised his eyebrows.

“The Heaven Pearl is moving!”

In the sovereigns hand was a crystal ball the size of a babys fist.

There seemed to be something like an eyeball sealed in the crystal ball, but it was covered by a thick white fog.

At this moment, the Heaven Pearl, which had not made any movements since it came from the northern region, could vaguely be seen that the sealed eyeball was slowly trembling in the white fog, it was as if it was trying its best to look in a certain direction.

“It moved”

Jiang Xian was greatly shocked when he heard this.

With a swoosh, he rushed over and held the heavens knowledge pearl in his palm.

White fog surged.

The Heaven Pearl only trembled for a moment before it was once again covered by the fog and no fluctuations could be seen.

“Its here!”

Jiang Xian knew that he could not have seen wrongly.

Since the Heaven Pearl had moved, it meant that the target of his mission this time was really in Dongtianwang City.

“Who got the pearl actually”

He thought hard.

The magical eyes recorded every person he had seen since entering Dongtianwang City and replayed them in his mind.

However, he had no clue at that moment.

Even if there were a few different spiritual eyes, they were far from what was recorded in the magical eyes.

It was impossible for the Heaven Pearl to have any fluctuations.

“Its him”

Jiang Xian thought of Xu Dehou.

However, if the other party was really the same as him in the battle just now…

How could he not sense anything in the three-hateful pupil

It was so close!

“Its not him, its the other people”

Jiang Xian finally thought of something.

All his attention was on Xu Dehou.

At this moment, he only had a slight impression of the young sovereign.

The other two women behind him couldnt remember anything at all.

“Somethings wrong!”

Even with a glance from the corner of his eye, the three loathsome pupils could still remember him.

How could the two women behind him not have any impression of him

Could the two of them erase his memories


Thinking of the memory wipe, Jiang Xian began to panic.

This was not impossible!

“Rong Dahao!” he immediately shouted.

Among the people present, the only one who walked in front of those people and looked directly at the two women behind him was Rong Dahao!

“What are you in a daze for”

After Jiang Xian said that, Rong Dahao still didnt respond at all.

He quickly walked over and fiercely slapped Rong Dahaos shoulder.

All of a sudden, water splashed.

Jiang Xian was shocked.

“Are you dead” His voice was extremely gloomy as he raised his hand.

He didnt know whether to wipe or not.


Rong Dahaos body suddenly shook as if he had finally returned to his original position.

Jiang Xian could clearly notice that all the pores on this fattys body suddenly exploded.

“Whats the situation What did you see”

He realized that the situation was very wrong.

What did Rong Dahao see that scared him to this extent


Rong Dahaos pale face turned around.

The small bronze cauldron in his mind directly replaced Jiang Xians face and grew on the neck of the demi-saint famils heir in front of him.

Then, boundless gray fog flew.

The danger of death that came from the spirit fusion swamp attacked once again.

The power of the ghost beast was ferocious!

“I…” Rong Dahao couldnt say a complete sentence for a long time.

Jiang Xians eyes were burning.

Although he was anxious to reveal what this fatty had seen, his expression was very gentle.

“Say it.

Its fine.”

Rong Dahao opened his mouth and closed it abruptly.

Then, his eyes were locked tightly as he shook his head forcefully.

“You cant say it”

An unknown fire suddenly ignited in Jiang Xians heart.

But what followed was a little fear.

What exactly did he see that made this heir of the higher void family (ies) , who wanted to be on good terms with him, reject his question with a face that said, “There are no silver coins in this place.”

“Say it.

If youre afraid, Im here,”Jiang Xian said solemnly.

“I can hold on.”

Rong Dahao was filled with grief and indignation.

“But I cant handle it…”

“Crack!” Jiang Xian clenched his fists so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard.

“What you saw doesnt seem to be what Im looking for” As a meticulous person, he realized that what this guy saw was something else.

Upon hearing that, Rong Dahao began trembling.

The higher up one was, the more one knew how terrifying the Ghost Beast was!

He was from the Higher Void Family and was the current successor of the clan that had betrayed them.

He knew many more secrets than others.

It was precisely because of this that he didnt dare to say a single word.

The white-clothed and Red Coat of the Holy Divine Palace werent fake!

The large faction of the Ghost Beast also existed objectively!

If he really wanted to drag the entire family faction into this whirlpool because of his words, Rong Dahao didnt know what the final outcome would be for both sides.

But he knew that the Rong family would definitely perish!

He, Rong Dahao, was the Rong familys sinner for all eternity!


Jiang Xian knew that this fatty wouldnt be able to get anything out of him.

With this distracted look, he knew what was going on and immediately turned his head to look at the Jiang familys sovereign that caused trouble.

Jiang Tai understood and with a bend of his fingers, the bounded domain silently closed off the busy streets and formed a world of its own.

Within the bounded domain, there were only Jiang Xian and Rong Dahao.

“Hey, look at me.” Jiang Xians tone was relaxed and full of amiability.

“Im sorry, I really cant say…” Rong Dahao looked conflicted.

He raised his eyes slightly, and as soon as they made eye contact, his heart immediately trembled and he thought to himself, this is bad.

But its too late!

Jiang Xians “Three-loathing pupil”flashed with a black light, and the three gray spots between the whites of his eyes rotated and fused together, bringing the part of his Iris to the center of his pupil.

In the blink of an eye, his eyes were no longer human eyes, only a deep gray hole.


Rong Dahaos expression instantly became wooden, and blood began to flow out of his eyes.

“What did you see”Jiang Xian asked.

“Small, small bronze cauldron…”

“Bronze cauldron”Jiang Xian had no impression of it at all.

“Yes, bronze cauldron…”

“Whats its symbolic meaning”

Jiang Xians heart suddenly skipped a beat, and his face turned deathly pale.

Even the “Mind-changing hole”was nearly interrupted.

“You mean thats a ghost beast”

“Are you lying…”

His words faltered, and he suddenly realized that under the “Mind-changing hole”, the other partys heart was being controlled by his own soul.

There was no such thing as lying

“How do you know”He continued to ask.

“White Cave… Spirit Fusion Swamp… Seal ghost beast…”

The thought made Jiang Xian crazy.

He finally understood why Fatty Rong suddenly became like this after a glance.

It turned out that he had seen the ghost beast before!

“Cultivation level”

“I dont know…”

“Where did the ghost beast come from Was it born in the extradimensional space”

“I-I dont know…”

“Its human-shaped…”

Jiang Xians pupils constricted.

He immediately formed a hand seal and continued to stabilize the intent transformation aperture to prevent it from interrupting.

He couldnt ask this question anymore!

That was indeed a human-shaped ghost beast!

No wonder Fatty Rong didnt say anything earlier..

“Other than the ghost beast, what did you see Whats so special about their eyes”



That rendered Jiang Xian speechless.

In his exasperation, he almost interrupted the mind-changing aperture for the third time.

After feeling pain in his eyes, he immediately said, “You dont know anything.

You havent seen anything, including this conversation.”

“I dont know anything…” repeated Rong Dahao unconsciously.

“Alright, lets sleep!”

Jiang Xian retracted his seal and danced with his spiritual source, shattering the blood and tears on Rong Dahaos face.

He then took out an elixir and fed it into his mouth, taking advantage of the situation to support this fellows crooked body that was on the verge of falling.


The world spun and his elbow hurt.

Jiang Xian was smashed to the ground and his face instantly turned green.

“Damn it, how many catties does this weigh”

After using the mind-hanging aperture, he temporarily fell into a deep sleep of spiritual source, so he could only use the strength of his body to support this fatty who weighed hundreds of catties.

But this fatty had completely lost control!

Not only was he a weakling, but he was also pressing down in his direction.

Who could withstand this

With one hand, he took out elixirs from his ring and gave himself one.

Spiritual source slightly moved, and only then did Jiang Xian help him up.

He tidied up his clothes and collected his emotions.

With a buzz, he withdrew his bounded domain.

Jiang Tai and the other sovereign (stage) immediately appeared in a flash.

“How is it” inquired Jiang Tai with concern.

Obviously, Jiang Xian was in a bad mood.

A guy who dared to swagger around Dongtianwang City with the ghost beast host body, what do you think

“Look at what youve done!” shouted the angry Jiang Xian.

Jiang Tai was caught off guard, and his head smashed into the floor.

His legs were raised high, and he almost suffocated.

Jiang Tai got up again with a dumbfounded look.

“Carry it! !”

“Oh, okay.”

“Go back and receive your punishment.

Find the hall of law enforcement yourself, Jiang Punishment Officer!”

“What did you say Jiang Punishment Officer”

“Do you have any objections”

“Uh, no….”



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