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Chapter 638: Demi-Saint Family, How Terrifying

When he made the calculations, Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded.

At this moment, although he wanted to maintain his demeanor as Young Master Xu, he couldnt contain himself.

This was too much of a surprise!

In his heart, he had cursed more than a thousand times.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that Amber Juice would be invaluable.

However, he had only made small transactions.

He had never expected that the seemingly insignificant jar of honey would receive such great feedback when it was sold in Dongtianwang City!


Subconsciously, he was about to say, “Actually, I would say a 30-70 split.”

However, he was quickly suppressed by his rationality.

Xu Xiaoshou knew by saying this, he would not have deserved the name of Young Master Xu.

“What” Elder Chou looked at him with concern and confusion.

He couldnt read Xu Xiaoshous reaction.

If it was anyone else, the reaction might have been very direct.

He would have been surprised by the “five billion” amount.

But it was Young Master Xu!

How would he be surprised by only five billion

It would be kidding for Xu Xiaoshou to act surprised, right

Elder Chou dared not to think that way!

“Water… Hmm, wine.”

After a long pause, Xu Xiaoshou held out his hand and pointed at the wine bottle on the table.

Elder Chou immediately handed it over.

The young man didnt even ask for a cup.

Instead, he bottomed up the whole bottle.


He burped heavily.

Xu Xiaoshou finally composed himself.

He tapped lightly on the wine bottle, making a “thump”.

“This amount…”

He nodded lightly.

His eyes finally showed some recognition.

“Not bad.”

Right after.

The wine bottle was smashed onto the table.

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyes and smiled, “Its been a pleasure working with you.”

Elder Chou was confused.

He stared at the empty wine bottle for a long time before he came back to his senses.

Its been a pleasure

He should have left some wine for them!

What were they going to drink if he bottomed up

Elder Chou rolled his eyes and got an idea.

He laughed out loud.

“Young Master Xu is truly a hero.

In that case, I shall drink as well!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he clenched his hand in mid-air.

Spiritual source formed a cup.

Then, the Water element gathered and filled the cup.

He raised his head.

The cup was empty and it disappeared without a trace.


Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

Elder Chou drank nothing.


He turned his head and looked at Xiaolian.

He acted as if that was his initial intention.

Xiaolian was confused.

She was completely dumbfounded and didnt know what to do.

However, at this moment, Elder Chou quickly turned his head and winked at her.

Xiaolian understood his meaning.

No matter Young Master Xu was up to, they had to fulfill his wish.

That was a big deal!

She hesitated for a moment and raised her hand shyly.

Spiritual source formed a cup and water filled the cup.


Xu Xiaoshou looked at her and raised his chin.

He had finished a bottle of wine.

Why was she staring at him and not drinking

The corner of her mouth twitched together with her eyelids.

She raised her head and gulped down the entire bottle.

“Its a pleasure…”

“Hehe…” At that moment, Xu Xiaoshou and Elder Chou looked at each other and laughed.

It was as if they were officially on the same side once they finished drinking.

Xiaolian was speechless.


What the heck

Wouldnt they feel ashamed

If they wanted to drink, she would have brought in a real wine bottle.

Whats the fun of drinking with an empty cup

More importantly… Why would they act so happily with empty cups

“Doubted, Passive Points 1.”

The very informal trading wine party ended with Young Master Xus “special hobby”.

Elder Chou noticed the young man had no intention of staying.

Before Xu Xiaoshou stood up, he quickly asked, “Young Master Xu, you mentioned that there are other goods besides Amber Juice, right”


Xu Xiaoshou nodded indifferently.

“But I wont give them to you now.

If you want to get the next order, you have to show me how good you are.”

Elder Chou understood.

If he could not bring the profit as promised earlier, Xu Xiaoshou would not continue with their partnership.

Nevertheless, the Plenty Gold Company was indeed capable.

There would only be things they refused to do, but never things they couldnt do.

“Rest assured, you wont have to worry about our side.

Im just wondering when will you provide us with the goods”

“How much do you need” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

Elder Chou fell into deep thought.

Beside him, Xiaolian seemed to have thought about this question and quickly responded.

“At least 10 million units!”

“What” Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

Xiaolian answered, “The supply of healing elixirs exceeds the demand, especially in Dongtianwang City, the center of the spiritual cultivators.”

“The Dongtianwang City has high living expenses.

Even with the supervision of the Magic Pill Technicians Association, a bottle of Red Gold Pill is currently sold on the market at about 320 to 330.”

“Plenty Gold Companys pricing is around 300.

It fluctuates slightly with the market.”

Xiaolian walked closer as she spoke.

When it came to trading and the market, she knew very well about it.

She slowly explained, “The unit price of Amber Juice can be set between 500 to 600 according to its medicinal properties.

If its too high, any ordinary spiritual cultivator wouldnt be able to afford it.

Instead, they would settle for less and choose the Red Gold Pill.”

“In the early stage, we can start breaking into the market with a low price.”

“If we assume selling Amber Juice at five hundred Spirit Crystals per unit, we would need at least ten million units to hit the number you want.”

“Of course, this is just an estimation.”

“If the market feedback is good, the amount might increase.

Correspondingly, Young Master Xu will be able to get more than that.”

Xiaolian paused for a moment and looked at the young man in front of her.

She sounded worried, “Can Young Master Xu make this mass production”

Ten million!

That was indeed a terrifying amount.

If Young Master Xu was the only one who knew the recipe for it…

Then it would take at least half a year or ten months for him to make it.

If Young Master Xu could make it in a short time…

That implied that the Plenty Gold Company would not be cooperating with Young Master Xu alone, but the Northern Regions Taixiang Xu clan!

Elder Chou gave Xiaolian an appreciative glance.

He thought of this too.

By asking a direct question about the price, she was able to test his real strength, which was simply too ingenious.

If Xu Xiaoshou could make it in a short time, then no matter what, the Plenty Gold Company would have to stick to this partnership.

A superb partnership that connected them with the Demi-Saint family through the elixirs!

Xu Xiaoshous eyes narrowed into a smile.

How could he not notice Xiaolians probing

To him, what he wanted was to create the illusion that there was someone behind this.

Ten million, was that a lot

At first glance, it did make ones scalp tingle.

However, the current Xu Xiaoshou was no longer the rookie who first studied Amber Juice in Tiansang Spirit Palace.

“I need you to provide at least thirty million sets of spiritual ingredients and more than ten thousand alchemy cauldrons.

Of course, the more the better.

There will be no cap,” Xu Xiaoshou said very calmly.

The two people in front of him frowned at the same time.

He agreed!

His expressions did not change, not even a hint of hesitation!

“Suspected, Passive Points, 2.”

“Conjecture, Passive Points, 2.”


Xiaolian did not express her doubts explicitly.

These things had to be verified with facts.

She rolled her eyes and said, “Lets the things ready.

The next day, we can send them directly to the place where Young Master Xu sent people to check out just now.

When can Young Master Xu deliver the goods”

“Three days,” Xu Xiaoshou raised his fingers.

Elder Chou and Xiaolian were surprised at the same time.

Three days

Based on what he had said earlier, he was just about to prepare everything from the spiritual ingredients and alchemy cauldrons.

Hence, he had no ready stocks.

But to give ten million in three days…

Was he a monster

To ask for ten thousand alchemy cauldrons… Could it be that Young Master Xu had more than ten thousand top-grade spiritual cultivators behind him who could work for him restlessly

It was terrifying to even think about it!

Elder Chou and Xiaolian didnt dare to think about it anymore.

Instinctively, the two of them didnt show the confusion in their hearts.

After all, this was his secret.

They didnt need to know too much about the process.

As long as the result was good, it was fine.

“I will get someone to prepare the contract,” Elder Chou glanced at Xiaolian.

Then, he instantly opened the door to get someone.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded with a smile.

Unknowingly, his image had become even more unfathomable.

There were only two people left in the room.

Xiaolian could not help but feel confused.

She spoke in a more exclusive tone, “Ten million is not a small number…”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and said, “I did not come to the Eastern Region alone this time.”

Xiaolian immediately seemed to get it, but she was secretly making calculations.

Ten thousand alchemy cauldrons equaled ten thousand Elixir Masters.

With that, each person would have to produce a thousand Amber Juice within three days…

Not to mention the failure rate.

All the Elixir Masters could never be only ninth or tenth grade.

They had to be several grades higher to meet the requirements.

Then, where were these high-grade Elixir Masters hiding

Dongtianwang City


With so many Elixir Masters entering the city, the Plenty Gold Company should have noticed it, so it was impossible.

But if they werent in the Eastern Region, could they refine the elixirs within three days and ship them over from the Northern Region

The Northern Region was separated from the Eastern Region by the Central Region.

Moonless Sword Deity spent more than half a month when he led the white-clothed people in pursuit of the second-in-command saint servant.

That was to travel from the Central Region to the Eastern Region.

To transport goods was indeed easier than that.

But could it be possible for a senior of the Cutting Path to send over ten million low-level elixirs across the three regions

Furthermore, they had to do this frequently in the future


With that, this answer was also ruled out!

But when those two answers couldnt explain it, Xiaolian cracked her head but could not figure out how to solve the problem on the supplying end.

In the end, she could only come up with a simple conclusion.

Demi-Saint family, how terrifying!

Xu Xiaoshou happily looked at the Information Bar, which popped up one after another.

He knew that the Plenty Gold Company would never think that he was getting these ten thousand alchemy cauldrons for his use.

Was it possible for a person to refine ten million Amber Juice in three days


However, that only applied to an ordinary Elixir Master.

Xu Xiaoshou was different.

When he took out Weaving Expertise, he mastered Distraction Manipulation and was able to multitask.

Perhaps in the real world, he wouldnt be able to multitask to such an extent.

However, he still had Yuan Mansion.

In the Yuan Mansion space, he was a god.

As for the “Boiling Soup method”, there was no procedure for condensing pills.

The success rate was certain.

It was all left to the medicinal liquid to be slowly refined.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou would only have to put some spiritual senses in the Yuan Mansion space and control the spatial power to maintain the balance while refining ten thousand alchemy cauldrons.

All of these were the work of a bystander.

The only part that he had to actively participate in was to put in the spiritual ingredients and take out the formed Amber Juice from the alchemy cauldron.

Next, he had to put in new spiritual ingredients to continue the refinement.

That was it.

“Its too simple!”

Just as Xu Xiaoshou thought, the process of refining Amber Juice was the least that he should worry about.

However, it was this “too simple” misjudgment that made Xu Xiaoshou think that Amber Juice was not valuable.

He was extremely wrong.

Just because the refining process was simple didnt mean that the results were cheap.

A subjective judgment caused Xu Xiaoshou to suffer a loss of several billion.

However, as time went by, if he eventually formed a partnership with the Plenty Gold Company, then these several billion might be negligible.

For the sake of future partnership… Xu Xiaoshou consoled himself.

He sorted out his thoughts and raised his eyes to ask, “There are many spiritual cultivators in Dongtianwang city.

But are you sure that you can sell ten million Amber Juice in a month”

Xiaolian couldnt help but laugh.

“Young Master Xu, youre worrying too much.

Imperial city is different from other cities.

Even the bottom level are still spiritual cultivators in the Acquired realm.

They are not ordinary people.”

“And the foundation of healing medicine is the Red Gold Pill.

This means that almost 99% of the people need it.”

“The more basic the elixirs are, the better the sales.

Thats why.”

Xiaolian stroked the fringe on her forehead and continued while pointing with her fingers.

“As the Eastern Sky realms spiritual cultivation center, the number of long-term spiritual cultivators in Dongtianwang city is more than five million.

The number of mobile spiritual cultivators is more than thirty million a day.”

“Even if we only take into account the needs of the Innate and Acquired realm, ten million Amber Juice can still be like the Red Gold Pill which is always in short supply.

This doesnt include the outlets and branches of Plenty Gold Company in other counties and cities.

Now, do you think you worry too much”

Xiaolian smiled.

She knew that the descendants of large families would never understand the ecological environment of a low-level spiritual cultivator.

Dongtianwang city was expensive.

Even the cost of entering the city was very high.

But it could not hold up against a spiritual cultivation center!

Cultivating in this place would be much better than those poor rural areas.

There could be very few spiritual cultivators in a certain city.

But looking at the entire Eastern Sky Realm, that base number was huge.

The Eastern Sky Realm had more than 300 counties.

Each county had 10 to 100 cities.

How many spiritual cultivators were there

Dongtianwang city was the first city of Eastern Sky Realm.

Apart from those families, factions, and disciples of the spirit palace, all the ordinary spiritual cultivators would be eager to come here.

To survive, these spiritual cultivators had to make a few more trips to the Spirit Mountains and forbidden grounds.

To do that, how could they do it without a few jars of life-saving spiritual medicine

Based on this, with just a glance at Amber Juice, Xiaolian knew that it would be the next turning point for the Plenty Gold Company.

It would also be a turning point for her status in the Plenty Gold Company.

However, how could the Demi-Saint family who were above the clouds know about this


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