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Chapter 652: A Seven Sword Deity Taking In A Disciple

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Seven Sword Deity

As soon as these words were spoken, Xin Gugu, who was about to bend over to grab Xiao Wanfeng once again, froze.

Xu Xiaoshou was similarly shocked.

Mei Siren is one of the Seven Sword Deity

With this shout, his memories finally came back to him.

He vaguely remembered that after hearing the legend of the Eighth Sword Deity for the first time, he had even gone to the Spiritual Library Division to look up the specific information of the continents Seven Sword Deity.

However, apart from the few well-known ones who had some records of their deeds, he could only find the name of the others.

Although, it was true that among the Seven Sword Deity, there really was an existence called “Master Siren”.

This person is too mysterious!

In the records, other than the only one line, “a good mentor who roams around the world without a trace”, there was no other information.

Without even a portrait, it is difficult for Xu Xiaoshou to determine whether the person in front of him is really one of the Seven Sword Deity, Master Siren.

However, firstly, the other party admitted to the claim.

Secondly, there was Xiao Wanfengs exclamation.

It is not possible that these two people had plotted to use such a trick to sneak into the First Pavilion in the Sky, right

Immediately, Xu Xiaoshou waved off such a ridiculous idea.

He even doubted the circuit of his brain that gave rise to such an idea.

There is simply no need for it!

This is someone of the Higher Void level.

Why would there be a need for him to go through so much trouble


Turning his head, Xu Xiaoshou tried to speak, but he was unable to mutter a single word.

He sized the elder up from head to toe, trying to find something from this almighty whom he had neglected.

This elder has white hair and wears a set of green clothes.

His face is plain and unremarkable, and no matter how Xu Xiaoshou looked at him, this elder looks like he is about to die.

At the very least, his gaze did not seem like those who have one foot in the coffin.

It was just that his gaze seemed a little more spirited and had more temperament.

However, there are a lot of people who look like this on the streets.

One of the Seven Sword Deity

Using the only “back to the basics” explanation to describe the current situation seemed to be difficult.

A situation where a person could return back to the basics to such a realm!


Xu Xiaoshou wanted to ask, “Master, are you really the Seven Sword Deity”

However, when the words reached his mouth, even he felt that it was funny.

If the other party is the seven sword deity, how would he answer

If not, what is the meaning of this question

He calmed his mind and swallowed a mouthful of saliva before asking with difficulty, “Sir, what was it that you wanted to ask just now”

Seven sword deity!

This is an expert at Gou Wuyues level!

Even the legendary Bazhunan, no matter how stunning he was after his birth, was suppressed before he could obtain this title.

And the person who suppressed him was one of the Seven Sword Deity, Hua Changdeng!

Xu Xiaoshou knew that the true combat strength of these Sword Deity level experts is extremely vague, and it is impossible for the world to use ranking to measure it.

The only thing he could be sure of at the moment was that the Bazhunans combat strength is theoretically stronger than Gou Wuyues.

However, during the Battle of the White Cave that day, the positions and friendship of both sides were intertwined, and it became very complicated.

It was not possible to say that neither side held back.

Therefore, in terms of who will lose and who will win in an actual “fight to death” battle, it is impossible for one to analyze the battle situation with a superficial understanding.

According to the current analysis, this seemingly amiable old man standing in front of him might actually be able to win against Bazhunan, the ultimate expert

Xu Xiaoshou thought about it until his head turned dizzy.

He was worried for his pushy behavior earlier, and also felt ridiculous for his previous thought of “Getting him into the First Pavilion in the Sky first.

Even if something was to happen, summoning the Eight Trigrams Pilgrimage Map together would probably be able to suppress the other party.”.

“Looking at your reaction, it appears that you didnt recognize this old man” Mei Siren was fanning himself, staring at the big beads of sweat surfacing on Xu Xiaoshous forehead in shock.

This old man still behaves the same.

Every sentence came naturally, and he didnt like to be asked questions.

However this time, Xu Xiaoshou stayed patient.

He didnt dare to be aggressive.

“Hehe, this kids eyes were stupid.

Earlier, I really couldnt see through your true form…”

Wiping his sweat, Xu Xiaoshou was flustered and he didnt know what to say.

“As the old saying goes, you cant… Uh, cough, cough!”

“Startled, passive points, 1.”

His words stopped abruptly.

Xu Xiaoshou was so scared that he kept coughing as if he was trying to hide something.

“Hehe, you cant judge a book by its cover, right”

Mei Siren is very easy-going and did not care about these things at all.

He did not pay attention to the two newcomers at the door.

After a few words of comfort, he finally answered Xu Xiaoshous question, “What I asked earlier was what exactly is your physique, little friend.

It is quite mysterious.”

“Master, youre killing me.”

Xu Xiaoshou did not even dare to call himself “this young master”.

How could he let the other party call him “little friend”

The moment he put the person in front of him into Gou Wuyues face, his entire being is in a mess.

“Calling me little friend is really too formal, just call me… just call me little Xu.” Xu Xiaoshou almost bit his tongue again.

“Startled, passive points, 1.”

He was once again frightened by his own indiscretion.

In just a few sentences, he had almost pushed himself onto the guillotine twice!

Xu Xiaoshou wished he could give himself a slap.

He hurriedly dropped the topic and changed the topic.

“Im not too sure about the specific aspects of my constitution.

Its just that I was born with it and it is a little special.”

After spreading his hands and calming himself down, he also noticed the “glow of sharpness” that was gradually being ignored on his body.

According to Master Siren, this could even be understood as… the body of a sword

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshou had indeed thought that the passive skill “Sharpness” would be very useful once he leveled up.

However, in order to prevent every part of his body from turning into a sharp sword, this was the only passive skill that he did not want to deliberately level up.

But today, Master Sirens appearance seemed to have given the passive skill “Sharpness” a new turnaround

“Sword body…”

Xu Xiaoshou murmured.

He thought of the Eighth Sword Deity.

At that time, Bazhunan was an outstanding genius.

He was an innate stage cultivator for three breaths and a sword deity for three years.

However, the only thing that hindered his development was his mortal body.

After suffering a series of setbacks, he used his ultimate talent to cultivate the “Indestructible Sword Body” that was comparable to a sacred physique.

It was unprecedented!

In this comparison, if the passive skill “Sharpness” would grow in the direction of the sacred physique with the way of the sword, doesnt that mean that this thing would be a true divine skill when it reached a certain level

The key is that it is different from passive skills like “Perception” and “Stealth”, which are more supportive.

“Sharpness” is one of the few passive skills like “Strengthen”, which could directly affect ones body and has the ability to actively attack.

To put it another way, on the surface, it was called a passive skill.

But in reality, it was an instant active skill!

Be it an attack or an active attack, it can always be used.

Most importantly, it could be awakened!

According to past experience, if “Sharpness” was awakened, it should be similar to “Berserk giant” and could strengthen the direction of the attack.

If it was upgraded…

As Xu Xiaoshou thought about it, the fire in his heart was about to dissipate his fear, but he wasnt impulsive enough to immediately implement it.

Because no matter how good the expected effect was, the most practical effect would never change.

— sharpness, it could turn every part of the body into sharpness!

The higher the level, the more obvious the effect!

Xu Xiaoshou did not want to become a real “weapon”.

If it was possible, he still hoped that he could have a child.

One who is chubby and cute.

The kind who is responsible for acting cute every day.

“Can I touch it” While Xu Xiaoshou was still deep in his thoughts, Mei Siren, who was on the other side, hesitated for a while and reached out his hand, wanting to touch it.

The young man in front of him has a very special constitution.

He really could not see what is special about it.

However, if he could touch it from a distance…

Even if it was just a touch, he could instantly deduce everything.

As one of the Seven Sword Deities, should he want to touch a young mans body, even if they are both men, no one present would find it inappropriate.

However, just as the Mei Siren reached out his hands, and when Xin Gugu and Xiao Wanfeng also naturally felt that Young master Xu would agree…

“Im sorry.”

Xu Xiaoshou took a step back and put some distance between them.

His eyes were filled with apology as he said, “Im not used to it.”

There are too many secrets in his body.

With hisstealth, Infernal Original Seed, Three Days Frozen Calamity, cultivation level, sword cognition… and so on, even if the person in front of him is the Seven Sword Deity or a Higher Void, it would still be difficult for them to figure out anything.

But the situation would be different if they come into contact with it!

These characteristics are very obvious, and they could help the other party instantly guess his identity.

It would be fine if it was only the Infernal Original Seed or the Three Days Frozen Calamity.

At most, the other party could guess that he is Xu Xiaoshou, however, it is more likely that this person doesnt even know who Xu Xiaoshou is.

ButSword Cognition is different!

This is the product of the iconic Eighth Sword Deity.

Xu Xiaoshou doesnt believe that Mei Siren, who is one of the Seven Sword Deity, wouldnt recognize something likeSword Cognition.

Given the lack of information, whether the Mei Siren and Bazhunan are enemies, relatives, or strangers..

He is not sure!

The only thing that Xu Xiaoshou was certain of is that he could not gamble.

Good relationships and no relationships had nothing to do with each other.

If the relationship between the two parties is bad..

With a touch, he might die on the spot!

Mei Siren raised his eyebrows in astonishment.

He didnt think that this young man would reject him.

Was it because his constitution is too unique, and he didnt dare to expose himself Or could it be that this young man is still wary of him

“Young friend, you might have misunderstood me.”

Mei Siren withdrew his hand.

He didnt go too far and directly make contact with him.

Instead, he changed the topic and stated his true intentions:

“This old man was attracted by your physique and was delighted.

I want to take you in as my disciple.”

“This contact is also to see the true and fundamental nature of your physique.”

“But no matter what, as long as your heart is truly devoted to the way of the sword, it doesnt matter if its a spiritual physique, a sacred physique, or even the most simple and unadorned physique.”

“This old man will not hesitate to teach you the path you really want to learn.”

He spoke sternly and sincerely as if he was a true teacher.

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but think of the three-word depiction of Mei Siren that he found in the Spiritual Library Division.

“A good mentor who roams around the world without a trace.”.

A good mentor… could it be that every time this elder went to a place, he began to take in disciples and spread all kinds of knowledge to resolve his doubts

“Young Master Xu, this is an opportunity!”

While he was still thinking, Xiao Wanfeng, who was being suppressed, spoke out in a very urgent manner:

“Master Sirens disciples are all over the world.

However, every single time, it is only during the time of separation, or after a long time of separation, his disciples will then know that their former teacher is one of the Seven Sword Deity, Master Siren.”

“But by that time, it would be far too late to regret not studying properly.

Today, Master Siren has appeared in front of Young master Xu with his true appearance and wants to impart the way of the sword…”

Xiao Wanfeng swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

His face suddenly turned red as he roared, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!!!”

“Shut up.” Xin Gugu stomped his foot down with his pinky finger dug into his ears.

Xiao Wanfengs loud voice has caused them to itch.

“OH.” Xiao Wanfeng weakly lay down again.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked by this heart-wrenching advice.

From this sentence, he could hear the desire of a true ancient swordsman for such an opportunity.

However, apart from this desire, the youth did not lose his mind and did not seem to feel jealous at all.

He was sincerely trying to persuade him at that moment.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Xiao Wanfeng and smiled.

He turned his head to look at the Mei Siren.

The elder was also staring at him.

He knew how decisive his words of “taking in a disciple” were.

“I might have to disappoint Master Mei Siren…”

Xu Xiaoshou was the first to apologize and said seriously, “There was once a person who wanted to take me in as a disciple, but I replied to him,my way of the sword doesnt need anyone to teach me!”

“Are you crazy !” Xiao Wanfeng went against the force of the smelly foot on his head to raise his head suddenly.

His eyes were full of shock and disbelief.

“Stay down.” Xin Gugu exerted more force with his foot.

“OH.” Xiao Wanfeng lay on the ground again.

Mei Siren raised his eyebrows in surprise.

He was not expecting such an answer.

He had never thought that there would be another person in this world who would choose to reject him because of the way of the sword!

“Do you know who I am” Mei Siren even began to doubt himself.

Xu Xiaoshou was neither servile nor overbearing.

“You are Master Siren, one of the Seven Sword Deities.”

“Yes!” Mei Si Rens voice unconsciously became heavier.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the information bar and received a clear and definite reply.

The Information Bar was completely silent, and he finally confirmed the other partys identity.

But at this moment, his mood relaxed.

From the shock of knowing the other partys identity at the beginning, to understanding, to relief at this moment… Xu Xiaoshou could finally treat this old man with a normal heart.

It wasnt that he hadnt seen the Seven Sword Deity before.

In fact, he, Xu Xiaoshou, had even faced the Seven Sword Deity who stood in front of his enemy and drew his sword.

At this moment, why was there a need to be so afraid

And taking in a disciple..


In this world, other than using force, anyone who wants me, Xu Xiaoshou, to become your disciple… No way!

Not even the Eighth Sword Deity!

If you want to take in a disciple, you will have to line up a little later!

“Its precisely because I know that you are one of the Seven Sword Deities that I dont want to become your disciple.” Xu Xiaoshous eyes contained a smile, and his words were full of confidence.

“I can walk my own way of the sword!”

“Clang –“

The only sword in the hall was the wooden sword in Xiao Wanfengs hand.

However, at this moment, the wooden sword actually let out a clang-clang sword cry.

It was the power brought about by the young master swordsman, and it was the way of the swords path energy.

The sound of the Golden Spear landed on the ground, and the hall was filled with a cold light.

Xiao Wanfengs startled eyes looked up, and his entire head was raised high.

He looked at the impression of the hedonistic young master Xu, and with a shake of his body, he became the young master swordsman who looked down on the way of a Sword Deity!

Mei Siren was dumbfounded.

He stared blankly at the young man who can be called “absolutely conceited” in the eyes of outsiders.

In his daze, he seemed to have seen a familiar scene from decades ago.

That year, the wind was cold and the snow was heavy.

Along the way, he met two young swordsmen who had traveled around the world.

They had extraordinary talent, so he was delighted when he saw them.

He wanted to accept disciples and give them pointers as usual.

However, for the first and second time in his life, he was rejected consecutively.

The two young men were similarly neither servile nor overbearing.

Even though one of them had seen through his identity at a glance, their answers were still the same as the young mans.

“I can walk on my own in the way of the Sword!”

At that time, Mei Siren felt that it was funny and a pity, but he did not really care.

However, many years later, he suddenly realized that those who had received his guidance had indeed taken the shortcut of the way of the sword.

With the end of that path already set for them, they couldnt surpass him in the end.

However, the two youths who had rejected him had already become famous after only a few years of effort.

Mei Siren only found out later.

The two men who had the courage to reject his way of the sword and tried to move forward with their own strength..

One is called Wen Ting.

One is called Bazhunan!


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