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Chapter 654: Master Siren was rejected again

“Startled, passive points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the disheveled youth who was still able to speak with strong assurance.

He is clearly a youth who had fallen to the lowest point with only a wooden sword in his hand.

But for some reason, when the words “way of the sword” were spoken, Xiao Wanfeng was sprinkled with the radiance of divinity.

He was merely standing there.

The light was insufficient at the ground floor attic of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Only his face and half of his silhouette could be seen under the backlight of the main door, however barely.

The words he spoke were so shocking that it felt deafening!


The old wooden bell in the hall rang in the silence.

After the sound, the young mans stubborn figure suddenly looked a little more confident.


Xu Xiaoshou swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

In just these few moments, he had no idea that the information bar had already been filled with a few “startled” lines.

Yes, he had been startled, and it was not a light shock.

“Seal the sword till old age, I will become a Saint”

Xu Xiaoshous memory is very good.

He vaguely remembered that when the first half of this sentence first appeared, it was in the White Cave, from the mouth of the Seven Sword Deity, Gou Wuyue.

At that time, even Gou Wuyues words did not sound as certain as Xiao Wanfengs.

Xu Xiaoshou could only act as if he was speculating and put himself in that situation.

He pretended to be certain in order to pull out Bazhunans trump card.

Now, this youth probably had not even seen Bazhunans face before!


He had said it!

And he had said it with such certainty!

More importantly, what he had said had been verified by the blood-stained white-clothed men beside Gou Wuyue.

There was even a fact that Bazhunan had personally admitted!

“He is a genius.” Xu Xiaoshou exclaimed in his heart.

Just a few minutes ago, all his attention was drawn to the Seven Sword Deity, Mei Siren, and he did not pay much attention to this youth.

But now, he is absolutely certain that even though this youth is currently in dire straits, with his unique insight towards the way of the sword, he would definitely be an important character.

That is as long as he did not meet with any mishaps in the future.

Based on the legends, the rumors, and the inconspicuous traces of battle left behind in the White Cave…

A mortal!

A mortal, who is not even a spiritual cultivator, had managed to come up with a conclusion that even the Holy Divine Palace would not dare to rashly make.

The main point to this conclusion is that outsiders would not know, but Xu Xiaoshou definitely knows… that it is correct!

Recalling the time when Bazhunan furiously chopped off the white-clotheds dead branch, Xu Xiaoshou could not help but ask, “Hidden Sword Technique…when you hide the sword, can you use other objects to replace the sword”

His words knocked Mei Siren who was equally shocked and bewildered.

The solemn expression on his face gave Xiao Wanfeng a terrifying pressure.

The youth turned around and shook his head seriously.


“No” Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

This answer is different from what he had expected.


Xiao Wanfeng was extremely certain.

“The reason why the Hidden Sword Technique is given this name is that Bazhunan restrained all of his sharpness in his way of the sword.

He had avoided all the gazes of the great path towards the sword wielder.

He had completely returned to his original state.

One day, he will unsheathe his sword and stand on the ground… the most ideal state is to become a Saint on spot.”

“Of course, before this, if the person who hid the sword drew his sword, no matter what method he used, it would be like a monk breaking the precepts and all his previous efforts would be in vain.”

Xu Xiaoshou went silent upon hearing this.

He paused for a moment, then recalled Xiao Wanfengs words just now and asked, “Are these your conclusions after you have thoroughly pondered over the Hidden Sword Technique, or are they the conclusions of the predecessors”

Xiao Wanfeng was stunned.

This question was really sharp, and he could not react for a moment.

“This is naturally the conclusion of the predecessors…”

He opened his mouth subconsciously, but halfway through his words, Xiao Wanfengs face suddenly turned red.

Thats right!

Previously, he had boasted shamelessly that he wanted to stand on the shoulders of the predecessors, but he would not sit idle.

Now, he is also bound by the conclusion of the predecessors, giving the conclusion that one could not draw their sword when they were cultivating the technique.

But is that really the case


According to his pursuit of the way of the sword for more than ten years, Xiao Wanfeng knew that no one could use other methods to avoid the gaze of the way of the heavens and draw their sword when they were hiding the sword.

However, he is a person who does not like to be restricted by the rules, and he always feels that nothing is absolute in the world.

The absence of records in the ancient book does not mean that there is no such extraordinary person in the world.

“I am still in the midst of cultivating the Hidden Sword Technique and have yet to finish studying it, so I can not give a definite conclusion.”

Xiao Wanfeng composed himself and cupped his fists at Xu Xiaoshou.

“Thank you for your guidance, Young Master Xu.

What you said will be my next research direction for the Hidden Sword Technique.”

Xu Xiaoshou stayed quiet.

So, you are currently studying so many projects at one time

“In this world, is there a technique similar to half Hidden Sword Technique, or when the sword is hidden, one can use sword fingers, leaves, or dead branches to replace the attack method” Xu Xiaoshou asked again.

Xiao Wanfeng was stumped again.

His knowledge is limited, and he couldnt answer this question.


Mei Siren finally reacted and joined the conversation about the way of the sword.

Unknowingly, he has started treating the three people here as an equal party for the way of the sword.

Apart from the absurdness, each sentence from the other two participants could actually give him a little inspiration.

The inspiration may seem very small…

However, at the level of the Seven Sword Deity, it could be said that Mei Siren is a walking encyclopedia of the way of the sword.

Therefore, even if there was only a little bit of inspiration, it can be equivalent to complementing the small details of the way of the sword.

This kind of supplement could give rise to a great path if one is not careful!

How could he, Mei Siren, not treat it with caution and significance

“The Hidden Sword Technique and the person cultivating it are indeed like what little friend Fuji had said.

There are situations where one can make a move.

As far as I know, there are two methods.”

Mei Sirens voice was solemn.

He tapped his fan lightly and paused for a while before continuing,

“First, after you reach the cultivation level of demi-saint, you are to isolate the way of the heavens with the power of spiritual cultivation, and then act as the person who hides the sword.

With this, you can achieve the goal of drawing the sword…”

“But this method is meaningless.

The person who hides the sword is the most supreme, and he is already a saint.

If the person who draws the sword is already a saint, then using this method is tantamount to discarding the essential and chasing the trivial.”

“As for the second…”

Mei Siren looked at Xu Xiaoshou.

“Strictly speaking, the way of the sword in this world is based on the way of the sword of Gu Louying, the Sword Deity, and the Nine Swords Technique.”

“Based on this foundation, if the person who hides the sword is proficient in the nine major sword techniques and uses it as a base to combine and derive his own way of the sword, it would be like jumping out of the five elements and no longer be within the three realms.”

“The mad disciple of the Great Path can play with the way of the Sword!”

Mei Siren looked at Xu Xiaoshou meaningfully.

The implication in his words was very obvious.

Xiao Wanfeng, who was by his side, immediately recognized who he was referring to and said heavily, “The Eighth Sword deity”


“Among the swordsmen of the current era, the only ones who can truly achieve this realm are Bazhunan and his sword cognition that transcends the era… little friend, have you seen Bazhunan” Mei Sirens gaze was burning as he looked straight at Xu Xiaoshou, who was asking the question.

Xu Xiaoshous head was thumping.

He did not expect himself to be so vague with his question already.

However, the two people in front of him figured out the meaning behind his words with just a short exchange and headed straight to the essence.

Are all intelligent people so terrifying

“To meet the Eighth Sword Deity… If only I could…”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and pointed at Xiao Wanfeng.

“I wont hide it from senior.

Just like him, this young master has also been to the White Cave and has his own opinions and insights.”

There was a smile in the eyes of Mei Siren but he did not comment.

He lightly tapped on his folding fan and said, “This old man doesnt know what little friend Fuji was asking, but if… this little friends deduction is true, indeed, there is only one person in the world who can wield the sword while cultivating the Hidden Sword Technique, and that person is Bazhunan!”

As Mei Siren spoke, he looked at Xiao Wanfeng and asked, “Little friend, what is your name”

Xiao Wanfeng suddenly felt uneasy, and his face flushed red.

“This junior Xiao Wanfeng greets Master Siren!”

Mei Siren walked forward and asked kindly, “Are you willing to be my disciple”


Xin Gugu was stunned.

Is he really the Seven Sword Deity Why is he taking in disciples everywhere

He was still immersed in the puzzling conversation between the three of them.

Just a moment ago, he saw that Master Siren had a gloomy expression on his face.

It was as if he was about to end the boastful Xiao Wanfeng.

Why is Master Siren taking him in as a disciple all of a sudden


Much to everyones surprise, Xiao Wanfeng did not choose to kowtow when faced with such a sudden opportunity.

Instead, he wore an awkward expression and was full of hesitation.

“Senior, I, I…”

“You dont want to”

Mei Siren and the others were also stunned when they saw this fellows reaction.

What is going on today

He has always been successful in accepting disciples, but today, he was rejected twice in a row


Xiao Wanfeng struggled internally for a long time.

He gritted his teeth and braced himself as he said, “This junior is indeed very confused about the way of the sword and wants to get an answer.

However, if you want me to acknowledge you as my master… I wont hide it from you, senior.

What Young Master Xu said is actually what this junior thinks in his heart.

I want to walk my own way of the sword!”

Acknowledging a master meant that he had to learn the way of the sword of the teacher.

However, for Xiao Wanfeng, he had already summed up his own path through more than ten years of trial and error.

Of course, it is naturally better to have solutions to his problems.

However, if he gave up on the path he has chosen now and turned around to learn the way of the Seven Sword Deity, perhaps one day in the future, he might really become the next Seven Sword Deity and become the successor of Mei Siren.

However, as long as Mei Siren did not become a saint, he, Xiao Wanfeng, would not be able to break through the path of Mei Siren and surpass him.

To Xiao Wanfeng, the Eighth Sword Deity is his idol.

What he wants is to follow the path of the Eighth Sword Deity, stand on the shoulders of his predecessors, and walk his own way of the sword.

To put it simply…

He is ambitious!

He is unwilling to be mediocre!

Today, even if the Bazhunan wants to take him, Xiao Wanfeng, in as a disciple, he will immediately reject it.

Although sword cognition can be very tempting, but what if the Eighth Sword Deity could not step out of that in the end too

In this world, there is only one person who could truly ascend to godhood with their way of the sword.

That is the true legend of the Holy Sword Land of the eastern region — the deity of the Sword, Gu Louying!

Perhaps at this moment, Xiao Wanfeng was too embarrassed to say the real reason why he refused to become a disciple, but he clearly realized it…

Every swordsman wants to rely on their own way of the sword to become a deity, and there are very few who could truly follow their heart from the beginning to the end and not be tempted by external things.

The Eighth Sword Deity is one, but the others…

Seemed to be gone.

“However, I, Xiao Wanfeng, want to be the second!”

The invitation from Mei Siren to take him in as a disciple turned into a gust of wind that steadied Xiao Wanfengs lonely boat.

Xiao Wanfengs heart was whistling.

He could not say it out loud, but his piercing gaze met the questioning gaze of Mei Siren.

Even if he rejected his offer, Xiao Wanfeng was not afraid at all.

“Hahaha…” Mei Siren suddenly raised his head and laughed.

He felt really happy.

He wanted to accept two disciples today, yet he was rejected twice.

But the long-lost joy in his heart felt incredibly wonderful.

As a matter of fact, he didnt know when this has all started, but accepting disciples has turned into a method for him to test the true heart of a swordsman.

The opportunity given by the Seven Sword Deity is indeed a real opportunity for every swordsman.

However, for the swordsman who truly has the ultimate direction, it is a roadblock, a stumbling block!

Those who could not reject him did not make the wrong choice.

Because they know that their future is limited, hence they chose to take a shortcut recognized by the world and step onto the peak from a different angle.

What is wrong with that

However, for a swordsman who truly presses himself forward, a roadblock is a roadblock, and a stumbling block is a stumbling block.

To put it bluntly, a sword deity is only a sword deity.

He is not a sword saint, nor is he the god of the sword!

Those who rejected him could be said to be unappreciative and ambitious.

It is not uncommon for 99.99% of them to give up halfway.

But for the rest, even if only one person succeeded…

His future achievements would definitely be above that of the Seven Sword Deity!

“Xiao Wanfeng…”

Mei Siren muttered and patted the youths shoulder.

“I respect your choice.

During this period of time, I will still be here.

If you have any questions regarding the way of the sword, you can come and ask me anytime.”

With that, he turned around and left.

“Thank you, senior!”

Xiao Wanfeng was overjoyed and immediately bowed to express his gratitude.

The veins on his hand that was tightly gripping the wooden sword were so excited that they were bursting out.

Fortunately, he did not have any spiritual source.

Otherwise, if he lost his composure at this moment, the wooden sword that has accompanied him along the way would probably break.

“Good guy…”

Xu Xiaoshou really thought highly of this youth.

He rejected Mei Siren because he has the “Sword technique expertise”.

However, Xiao Wanfeng resisted the temptation with his own willpower.

How many sword cultivators in the world would choose to reject Master Sirens “are you willing to be my disciple”

“Congratulations, all roads lead to Rome, but you chose the most difficult one.

You might have to put in an extra hundred years of hard work for it, and you might even fall short in the end and have your way of the sword completely collapsed.” Xu Xiaoshou congratulated Xiao Wanfeng with a click of his tongue and a sigh.

“Isnt it the same for Young master Xu” Xiao Wanfeng smiled.

At this moment, his heart towards the path he has chosen is firm, and his back is straight.

He feels that his future is limitless.


A new life… suddenly became equivalent.

After all, he had rejected even the Seven Sword Deity.

In this world, what else can mess up my heart towards the path I choose

“Were different…”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed and didnt say anything else.

He wanted to find Xin Gugu and prepare a room for the disheartened Master Siren.

However, when he turned around, Xin Gugu had already run to the Elder.

“Senior, senior, as the saying goes, if you dont fight, you wont get to know each other.

Even though I didnt show you much respect outside just now, and even though Ive never carried a sword to battle before.”

“But as the old saying goes, the best time to plant a tree, other than ten years ago, is now.”

Xin Gugu grabbed onto Mei Sirens robes and bowed, his voice dripping with tears.

“The two of them dont know how to appreciate favors and rejected senior.

Im different.

I want to learn the sword, please accept me as… Slap!”


Mei Sirens folding fan made Xin Gugus left cheek turn red and sent his words flying.

“Shut up.”

“UH, senior, this junior isnt joking.

Its fine if you were rejected, look at me.

Dont think that Im old just because Im a sovereign.

Actually, thats because Im a prodigy.

Im not much older than Young master Xu.

I can still learn the sword now…”


With another sound, Xin Gugus right face was also smacked red.

He was about to cry.

“Thats not right.

Why is it that the two of them were accepted, but not me Im not convinced.

Im also very powerful.

I can send that Xu…”

“Satirized, passive points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshous whip flew out with a swish.

Xin Gugus body spun, his limbs spread out like a star shape as he was embedded into the wall.


A loud sound rang out in the hall.

Xiao Wanfengs eyelashes fluttered, and his body trembled.

While looking at Xin Gugu, who was almost whipped to death, his heart trembled for no reason.

“What, whats going on He, he, he… isnt he a sovereign”

“He flew away just like that”


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