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Chapter 667: Hidden Bitters Glorious Moment

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“Youre going too far!” Luo Yins anger had gone to his head.

At this moment, even though he had a Zhaoluo Heavenly Palaces mission on him and was supposed to refrain from offending the descendants of the Higher Void Families and those above them in Dongtianwang City, he could not hold it in any longer.

He had asked Young Master Xu about his identity, but Young Master Xu gave irrelevant answers.

He had been polite and courteous but had only received sarcasm and ridicule from the other party.

Furthermore, in the heaven geomantic battle, one had to take responsibility for ones life and death.

With such a premise, even if Young Master Xus Demi-Saint Family came looking for trouble, he had a valid excuse to completely extricate himself from Young Master Xus death.

Thats right, in Luo Yins eyes, Young Master Xu who had his back towards him and was still laughing maniacally, at this moment, was a dead man!

“Shipo Sacred Physique, activate!”

Luo Yin raised his head and his posture was unbridled.

His training clothes fluttered in the wind, making rustling sounds.

Under summoning, the void element was like sudden starlight and instantly converged into Luo Yins energy reserve, unsealing the restriction in his body.

In the next moment, Luo Yins body emitted a golden light.

Then, the light converged on his right arm.

For a moment, his right arm was dazzling and scorchingly hot, as if it was covered in the hardest crystal armor in the world.

“Shipo Fist!”

A punch was thrown across the air at Young Master Xu, who was facing away from Luo Yin.

“Be careful –”

Mu Zixi hid on the tree.

She was also in the path of the golden light, thus she immediately carried Xiao Wanfeng and dodged.

At the same time, she shouted warnings at Xu Xiaoshou loudly.

However, as soon as she opened her mouth to do so, she abruptly realized that the surrounding sounds had completely disappeared.

At this moment, even the atmosphere had been destroyed.

All the elements in the world were completely swallowed by the Shipo Sacred Physique.

As for the punch that had turned the world into a vacuum, all its energy was released under the anger of the Luo Yin.

It aimed straight at the unguarded target, Young Master Xu.

“Young Master Xu…” Xiao Wanfeng opened his mouth and muttered silently.

Although Young Master Xu had treated him excessively, he was still the patron that Xiao Wanfeng had found for himself.

No matter how miserable he had been tortured previously, the other party would always save him at the critical moment.

Therefore, how could he, Xiao Wanfeng, allow Young Master Xu, who seemed to be eccentric but still thought of his men, to die in front of him

Everything in his eyes seemed to be moving in slow motion.

The golden light that was thrown out by the Shipo Fist left a trail of rainbow colors as it moved forward.

When this light landed in Xiao Wanfengs eyes, its appearance changed.

“A golden longsword…”

Xiao Wanfengs eyes trembled.

He suddenly thought that if he used the Hidden Sword Technique to appear in a flash behind Young Master Xu and completely absorb the energy, he would not need to take the energy but would instead be able to return the move to the enemy with a flip of his hand.

“This is the Stellar Transposition Technique!”

Xiao Wanfeng was excited.

He did not know what was going on with him for him to have such a bold idea, but ever since the Ten Miles Sword Cries from earlier, he felt that the Way of the Sword between Heaven and Earth did not hide from him anymore.

Instead, it was clearly visible to him.

For everything he wanted to try and accomplish, he could obtain enlightenment as if Gods send.

Whatever he attempted, he could succeed!

“I can save him.”

At this moment, Xiao Wanfengs heart was 120% certain.

He subconsciously struggled, wanting to escape from Mu Zixis hands and rush over to help, but was only given a violent blow by Mu Zixi.

“What are you moving for!”

Mu Zixi lifted the other partys wriggling body once more.

Xiao Wanfeng felt as if his waist was almost broken, and he was in so much pain that he was gasping.

However, with this episode, he had missed the crucial moment.

It was already too late for him to rush over to help.

“Boom –” An explosion erupted where Young Master Xu was.

The arena was filled with a terrifying airwave that overflowed and spread out, engulfing the unrelated contestants and sending them flying.

This explosion was not something that the Innate stage contestants present could withstand.

Unfortunately, the contestants in the arena couldnt see such an attack coming.

As for the audience, they could see that Young Master Xu seemed to have disappeared the instant before the explosion.

“Hes gone”

“Did I see it wrong”

“Did he teleport, or was he annihilated by the heatwave at the center of the explosion”

“Look… behind Luo Yin!”

As the sharp-eyed audience had seen, after using the Vanishing Technique, Xu Xiaoshou immediately chose the easiest countermeasure and landed behind Luo Yin with athud.

To him, no matter how strong an explosion was, as long as it didnt shatter the space and made the Space Order unstable, then no technique existed in the world that could completely lock onto him.

“You were the one who made the first move.” Saying this faintly, the corners of Xu Xiaoshous lips curled up, and he also raised his fist.

It was different from Luo Yins dazzling fist.

Xu Xiaoshous fist seemed to be extremely “polite”.

There was not a single shred of light on it.

Even in the eyes of the spiritual cultivators, there was not a single shred of spiritual source in it.

Xu Xiaoshous fist merely consisted of pure physical strength!

“Is he joking”

The audience jumped up in shock.

Was this fist meant to tickle Luo Yin

However, laymen could only see the surface of whatever was happening, but the experts could see through the tricks.

How could Luo Yin, who was also a physique cultivator, not feel the terrifying power contained in Xu Xiaoshous simple punch

“What kind of sacred physique is this Does the explosive attribute contain such physical strength”

Even though he was puzzled, it didnt delay Luo Yin from lowering his body at the speed of light while raising his fist to meet Xu Xiaoshous fist.

In a split second, Luo Yins punch gathered an infinite amount of spiritual source and transformed into yet another form of the “Shipo Fist”.

He reserved his strength and unleashed it all at once.

It was like an arrow released from the bowstring, and could not be undone.

Just as Luo Yin thought that this would be the beginning of the confrontation between the two of them, the moment the fists were about to clash, he saw Young Master Xu snickering as if he had fallen into a trap.

In the next second, Young Master Xu suddenly disappeared.


A resplendent golden light shot out from the Shipo Fist towards the horizon, transforming into flowing a golden light that rushed towards the arena.

The audience was in chaos.

However, before the light landed, an elder appeared and absorbed the light energy.


Just as the crowd was in chaos, a second bang sounded from the arena where the battle was supposed to be a battle of fists!

As soon as the second sound appeared, Luo Yin staggered backward with his hand on his lower waist, his image all ruined.

He turned around in disbelief, shock in his eyes.

“Phew ~”

Xu Xiaoshou blew on his fist and said with a chuckle, “That technique of yours is called the Shipo Fist, well mine is the Invincible Kidney Fist.

Theres no need to be surprised.”

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshou was more surprised.

He knew how powerful his punch was, but his all-out Master Physique punch which had succeeded sneakily had only caused Luo Yin to take a few steps back.

If it were anyone else, they would have been torn to pieces and died!

“Is the sacred physique really that strong”

Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to continue fighting head-on with his opponent.

This fellow was so strong that it was a little unrealistic.

“What happened”

Unlike Xu Xiaoshou who had realized the strength of his opponent, the majority of the audience was dumbfounded.

There was clearly a head-on clash of fists, but how could Young Master Xu still be fine when Luo Yin had staggered back in the direction he had thrown out his punch

From the looks of it, it was as if Luo Yin had hit the virtual image of Young Master Xu while the real Young Master Xu had long been in hiding, secretly targetting the back of the opponents waist.


Luo Yin wasnt surprised by Young Master Xus strength.

He was only surprised by the opponents ability to change his footwork at the crucial moment.

In that instant, even though he couldnt feel any spatial fluctuations at all, but the opponent hadnt teleported directly.

Instead, after he disappeared, he reappeared.

In other words, the last-minute changes in Young Master Xus footwork were not limited to one move.

The spatial fluctuation had disappeared because it was completely covered by an unknown spiritual technique he had used before performing such a maneuver.

And if it really was teleportation… then wasnt this guy a little too terrifying

“Take your time to guess!”

Xu Xiaoshou said cheerfully as he took out Hidden Bitter from the ring on his chest.

To be honest, the strength of his physique wasnt what he was the best in, to begin with.

And at this moment, he couldnt use the famed sword Flame Python, nor could he use the vicious sword Fourth Sword, because they might expose his identity.

Thus, if he wanted to use sword techniques, the only choice he was left with was Hidden Bitter.

“Baby, long time no see!” Xu Xiaoshou lowered his head and caressed Hidden Bitter, which he hadnt used for a long time, and a faint light flickered in his eyes.

Under the nourishment of the Witness Sword Technique, this black sword had already advanced to the rank of a seventh grade spiritual sword, and just like him, it was also at the peak of the Innate stage.

And a seventh grade spiritual sword, even if it had an independent name and a strange personality, in the eyes of outsiders, it was completely unrecognizable.

Even if they could find the Tiansang Spirit Palace, he believed that there were still quite a number of people in the Spirit Palace who possessed a spiritual sword with a similar appearance.

“Buzz –”

The moment Hidden Bitter appeared, it jumped excitedly, and all the swordsmens swords began to simultaneously tremble lightly.

Xiao Wanfeng held the swaying wooden sword on his back, and his expression became excited.

Although he couldnt save Young Master Xu just now, now that he thought about it, he had acted rashly.

Young Master Xu was a true master swordsman!

At that time, he was merely a mortal, yet he was worried about a master swordsman.

Now that he thought about it, his worry was simply ridiculous!

“A sword”

Reality proved that there were bound to be those who were genius and those who were ordinary.

When Young Master Xu raised his sword, everyone was puzzled again.

“So, not only does Young Master Xu have a sacred physique and the explosive attribute, but he is also a swordsman in essence”

The audience was somewhat incredulous.

However, when they saw the scene where the swords in the arena were moving because of him, they had no choice but to believe him.

“Young Master Xu probably has quite a high cultivation in the Way of the Sword.”


After all, his servant has already awakened the Innate sword will.

As the master, he should…”

“F*ck! He cant be a master swordsman, right”

Everyone suddenly realized that something wasnt right with the scene just now, where thousands of swords had buzzed and cried in unison.

Luo Yin was also aware of this.

“Master swordsman”

He was stunned for a second before immediately pouncing forward.

So what if Young Master Xu was a master swordsman

As long as it was a close-range battle, even if he used his sword, he wouldnt be able to fight against thee sacred physique!

However, when Luo Yin pounced forward, Young Master Xu, who was in front of him, immediately disappeared.

“Teleportation again”

Luo Yins footsteps stopped abruptly, but in his spiritual senses, he found Young Master Xu, who had appeared at quite a distance behind him.

One step, two steps, three steps..

This fellow seemed to have rushed forward too fiercely.

When his figure reappeared in everyones eyes, he had walked slowly on the slightly tattered ground for a full three steps before slowly sheathing his sword.

He seemed to still be immersed in his own state of mind…

He even had the leisure to raise his hand to fiddle with the messy hair on his forehead…

Then he said in an indifferent voice, “Withering Snow of the West Wind.”

With a click, the sword was completely sheathed.

The gauntlet knocked against the mouth of the sword sheath, producing a soft thud.

Spiritual source suddenly stirred up around Young Master Xu.

He had finally used his spiritual source, but he had used it to stir up the wind!

The purpose of doing all this was to create a feeling of the wind blowing past, his clothes fluttering slightly, his sword will fluttering, his temperament out of this world…


Both the audience and Luo Yin were dumbfounded.

Making this sword attack for no reason, wasnt it a little too coquettish!

“Clang –”

While everyone was still puzzled, a dazzling white sword light in the form of a circle suddenly bloomed at Luo Yins neck.

After a flash, the sword energy disappeared into the air.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Luo Yin suddenly held his neck and started coughing violently.

It wasnt teleportation!

He was shocked.

That guy had used his extremely high movement speed to slash his neck!

If it wasnt for the sacred physique, wouldnt he have been beheaded on the spot and not know it

“Hah –”

The audience could clearly see how terrifying this sword attack was.

The white sword light that bloomed from Luo Yins neck was simply a sharp attack that could cut through anything.

Even a Master might be directly hit if caught off guard.

“What a terrifying sword attack!”

Xiao Wanfeng was also stunned.

This extremely dazzling sword attack had abandoned all unnecessary splendor of the spiritual sword and transformed to have the highest cutting force thanks to its high speed.

It was simply…

“Its simply a simplified version ofDao Penetration!”Xiao Wanfeng cried out in his heart.

He believed that if Young Master Xu continued to practice this single move, he would absolutely be able to grasp the all-conqueringDao Penetration of the 3000 Sword Styles.

“Withering Snow of the West Wind”

On the other side, Luo Yin was finally starting to take this unadorned and unremarkable seventh-grade spiritual sword seriously.

Previously, he hadnt been able to react to the extreme speed of the sword attack, and just now, he hadnt been able to sense even the slightest bit of spiritual source from that extreme cutting force.

In other words…

“Youre an ancient swordsman!”

Only an ancient swordsman could completely ignore the mindest of the ordinary spiritual cultivators to “use ones spiritual source to lock on to the enemy” and completely focus on each move of the sword.

“Unbreakable” When Xu Xiaoshou turned his head, he was a little surprised.

He had already posed as if he had ended the fight with ease, he didnt expect that that wouldnt be the case.

This was his strongest attack, yet it couldnt break through the defense of the sacred physique…

How could this be!

“Damn it, lets do it again…”

Without any hesitation, when Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” saw that Luo Yin was on guard, he took a step forward, and with a swish, his body disappeared again.


This time, not only was Luo Yin prepared, but the audience was also looking forward to it.

“Where is he”


“Thats right, look at the afterimages! Its so fast, he really didnt change his move.

Look at the direction of the afterimages, its the same sword move as before.”

“Is Young Master Xu an idiot He should change his sword! How can a seventh-grade spiritual sword break through the defense of a sacred physique”

“Hes here –”

Everyone treated this seriously, but they could still only catch that swift afterimage.

Luo Yin was no exception.

He had focused his attention to the highest level and was diligently watching out for any changes in his surroundings.

However, after a moment of discomfort in his neck, he lost his perception of Young Master Xu once more.

“Ta, ta, ta…” The sound of slow footsteps rang out once again.

It was the same three slow steps as he sheathed his sword, and the same old phrase “Withering Snow of the West Wind” after his sword was sheathed.

Luo Yin was enraged.

He had activated his spiritual source and had long since covered his neck.

At this moment, he was completely unafraid of Young Master Xus seventh-grade spiritual sword.

If the opponent himself was aware that his attack was useless, yet he still insisted on using such an attack, the reason was so obvious that one could think of it using ones toes.

He was humiliating him!

“Are youre trying to provoke me”

Luo Yins eyes flashed with a cold light as he said coldly, “Im sorry, your sword attack is completely useless against me… Pu!”

Before he could finish his words, he suddenly spat out blood.

The veins on his face bulged and his entire body started to spasm as if he was enduring an indelible pain.

In the next second, there was only the sound of blood spurting.

This time, there was no longer the sound of weapons clashing.

Instead, the moment a white sword light bloomed in a circle, the blood on Luo Yins neck splattered in all directions as if drawing a strange blood formation.

“Im sorry.”

Xu Xiaoshou brushed the black hair on his forehead and turned his head to look at Luo Yin.

He smiled and said, “I just want to try and see what rank of attack can break through the defense of the sacred physique.”

Yes, he had used sword cognition in this sword attack.

For months, he had been observing the Hidden Bitter and accumulating his observations, waiting to release it one day.

All this was for the day the stunning Hidden Bitter sword cognition would see the light of day.

All had gone done very successfully.

The seventh-grade spiritual sword, Hidden Bitter, had completed its highest achievement in its sword life at this moment.

With one sword attack, it had broken through the defense of a sacred physique!


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