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Chapter 693: The Wanted Senior Uncle Xu

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One private room, two dumbfounded people.

The only one who was clear-headed and completely understood the situation was Ye Xiaotian, who had traveled alone from the Holy Palace when he was young and had never returned home.

He was also unwilling to talk about Ye Xiaotian in the past.

Under such circumstances, no matter how Ye Xiaotian acted, Shi Ti and Hua Ying were completely confused.

“Who exactly are you” Hua Yings expression became fearful.

To be able to know the name of her grandmaster without any fear and still act so recklessly..

Other than the enemy of her grandmaster, Hua Ying could not think of any other explanation.

However, grandmaster was such a huge buddha.

How could his enemy be hiding in a county and cities under the jurisdiction of Dongtianwang City

This was too ridiculous!

Hua Ying could not understand it no matter how much she thought about it.

Ye Xiaotian saw that the girl had not yet reacted and sneered, “Infernal lineage, as expected, all of you are idiots! You are not an emissary of the Holy Palace, but you secretly ran out to play, right”

“You dare to insult my infernal lineage” Hua Ying instantly flew into a rage.

This white-haired dwarf, it was fine if he scolded her, but how dare he insult the infernal lineage

Did he want to die

With this thought in mind, Hua Ying grabbed the great alchemy cauldron by her side and was about to burst out and hurt someone.

As someone with an extraordinary background, she had never thought about the issue of her cultivation level or whether she could be killed.

In any case, she was the only seedling of the infernal lineage.

No one in the world would dare to kill her.

If something happened, her master Bai Lian would take care of it.

If not, her grandmaster Mu Ling would take care of it.

If she really offended some important figure..

The other partys identity could even be greater than demi-saint infernals or the patriarch long Rongzhi (Molten Dragon)

“You scoundrel, eat my cauldron!” Hua Ying lifted the Alchemy Cauldron and swung it at the white-haired dwarfs head.

Shi Ti:

He was completely shocked by what he saw.

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He couldnt figure out how Ye Xiaotian would dare to provoke the messenger of the Holy Palace

What was even more unexpected was that this little girl with a weak cultivation level wouldnt dare to attack the influential figure of Tiansang City, the Invincible Throne Ye Xiaotian

The battle in the private room was ignited by an ignorant person in an inexplicable atmosphere.

Ye Xiaotian smiled.

He smiled at the infernal lineage.

As expected, while they produced brainless idiots, they also produced such ignorant people who did not know their place!

In the past, he gave way to Xu Xiaoshou in the Spirit Palace because Elder sang was not to be trifled with.

However, in the infernal lineage, there were only sang Qiye and Mu Ling.

No one knew Elder Sangs background better than Ye Xiaotian.

Even if this old fellow was out all year round, he only had two disciples (apprentice) .

Therefore, no matter how shocking the identity of the girl in front of him was, it could only be Mu Lings line.

As for Mu Ling…

“In the past, when Mu Ling was not even half as tall as you, it was also me, Ye Xiaotian, who chased and beat the brat.

You little girl, how dare you attack me” The more Ye Xiaotian thought about it, the angrier he got.

At this moment, he directly attributed the brainless act of fooling Elder Sang into the prison of the Holy Divine Palace to the brainless actions of the infernal lineage.

And the object that he wanted to vent his emotions on..

In front of him was a fool from the infernal lineage who did not know the immensity of Heaven and earth.

He wanted to come out and block the spear!


He flicked his finger in the air.

Ye Xiaotians finger could be said to be merciless!

Hua Ying held the great Alchemy Cauldron in her hand.

The distance between her and the white-haired dwarf was only a coffee table.

However, with a wave of her hand, the Alchemy Cauldron was unable to land on the head of the dwarf who had spoken rudely.

When the other party stretched out his finger, she actually felt that the distance between them was instantly shortened.


Hua Ying felt a pain in her head.

She only felt a terrifying force explode from between her brows.

Her entire body was blasted away.

However, in that instant, the Alchemy Cauldron that wanted to increase the height of the white-haired dwarfs brain by a red bump slipped past the tip of the nose of the person in front of her!

“! ! !”

Hua Ying was shocked.

This was unrealistic!

That short hand could hit her, but her arm length and Alchemy Cauldron could only graze past the tip of her nose… what was going on

“Space Order!”

The moment she came to enlightenment, the mighty power of the folded space disappeared in an instant.

Hua Yings Alchemy Cauldron was sent flying with a bang, and her body passed through the wall of the room.

The connection barrier could not stop the power of the flying and was shattered in an instant.

“Hiss ~”

Hua Ying, who had been smashed into the middle of the room from the room, held her head and breathed heavily.

Her delicate body trembled.

It was too painful!

How could it be so painful!

She even felt a huge bump on her head.

How could this be possible How could an ordinary sovereign (stage) that did not possess spiritual source be able to cause such damage

“As expected…”

In the room, under the gaze of Shi Ti, who was completely stunned, Ye Xiaotian retracted his hand as he came to a realization.

Sacred physique, master stage!

With such hardness, his all-out attack was not in vain.

If he really stopped, even this girls skin wouldnt be able to turn red.

“Infernal lineage, as expected, are all monsters…” Ye Xiaotian thought to himself.

The crowd outside the private room was attracted by the battle, and the guards also surrounded them once more.

As soon as this girl came, she destroyed the Pill Pagodas barrier.

With a clear eye, one could even see that there was a battle with President Shi Ti and the others in the private room..

“As expected, shes here to cause trouble.

Take her down!”

The receptionists superior gave the order and shouted without caring about anything else.


At this moment, Shi Ti was halfway through the hole in the wall when he realized that something was wrong.

He opened one of the doors and walked out.

He didnt dare to let the Pill Pagoda take down the messenger from the Holy Palace, he immediately stopped them, “Everyone, stop.

Its fine, its fine.

Nothing happened.

be tolerant and magnanimous… we need to cultivate our bodies and cultivate our temperaments.

Everyone, return to your posts first.

This small matter is nothing!”


This was nothing The inner wall of the Pill Pagoda had already been broken through!

However, Shi Tis status was extremely high.

Under strict orders, everyone couldnt say anything and could only mutter as they turned around.

“Come here.”

Hua Ying was clearly outside the private room, but she could clearly see the white-haired dao child speaking indifferently to her in a hateful manner.

In the next second, she was shocked to realize that she had returned to the sofa in the private room.

Even the Alchemy Cauldron had returned to her side.

Spatial power!

Other than the hole in the wall that kept reminding her, it seemed that the battle just now was just a daydream.

The faint pain between her brows was also an illusion.

Was this the terrifying aspect of spatial power

“Think about it carefully.

Speak when you understand.” Ye Xiaotian looked at the girl indifferently.

Hua Ying felt that she could not defeat the other party, so she began to think seriously.

Her thoughts sank, and she keenly recalled the words the white-haired dwarf had said to himself before he attacked.

“Back then, when Mu Ling was half your height, it was also me, Ye Xiaotian, who chased and beat up that little brat…”

This thought was extremely terrifying.

Hua Ying was so frightened that her heart turned cold.

This white-haired dwarf did not only know her grandmaster.

It seemed that he was also from the Holy Palace

After all, the grandmasters were the same as her.

They had grown up in the Holy Palace since they were young.

If this white-haired dwarf was able to chase after the grandmasters when they were young, then he could only be from the Holy Palace as well


This time, Hua Ying was a little embarrassed.

She shrunk her neck and said submissively, “S-senior and my grandmaster have a relationship”


“What relationship”

“What do you think” Ye Xiaotian asked back.

Hua Yings liver trembled.

The calmer the other party was, the more flustered she became.

This was a person of the grandmasters seniority!

Oh heavens! If her master knew what she had done just now, not only did he dare to lift the cauldron and attack, but he also shouted “Scoundrel savagery” before attacking… wouldnt that mean that he would skin her alive


Hua Ying shuddered, and her back felt a little cold.

She used the Infernal Heavenly Flames to warm her body while she confirmed, “Senior, do you have any evidence that can prove your identity”

“Sizzle!”Ye Xiaotian sneered.

Did he need to prove his identity to a junior

Seeing that the situation was not good, shi ti immediately interrupted, “Little girl, you said that the person you are looking for is called Xu Xiaoshou.

Do you know sang Qiye”

“Yes.” Hua Ying blinked her big eyes.

Shi Ti finally heaved a sigh of relief.

They met!

The “Middle-aged Xu Xiaoshou” that this girl was looking for was probably mistaken.

That person should be the Xu Xiaoshou that he remembered.

Shi Ti tried to smooth things over, he explained for Hua Ying, “Since you know sang Qiye, then you should also know that sang Qiye was the former principal of Tiansang Spirit Palace.

The person in front of you is the current principal of Tiansang Spirit Palace.

The two of them are extremely close.

Theoretically speaking…”

Shi Ti was silent for a moment.

Although he was on good terms with elder sang, he did not know his past identity.

From the looks of it, elder sang and Ye Xiaotian were probably people who came from the Holy Palace.

He did not know the infernal lineage.

However, elder Sangs alchemy technique was astonishing when he first saw it.

And this was no wonder..

No wonder elder sang and Ye Xiaotian could develop Tiansang spirit palace to such a great extent in just over ten years.

They even surpassed all the old spirit palaces in the nearby counties and cities.

After all, they were people who had walked out of the Holy Palace!

Shi Ti let out a long sigh of relief.

After thinking through all this, he continued to speak to Hua Ying in a serious voice, “So theoretically speaking, if Sang Qiye is your senior, then Ye Xiaotian and Ye Xiaotian in front of you are also your senior.

This is an indisputable fact!”

After saying this, Shi Ti finally came to an enlightenment.

Why did Ye Xiaotian stop him when he was about to bow to this girl just now and said, “You are trying to shorten her life.”.

Thats right!

How could an elder bow to a junior

Even if the person who came was an emissary from the Holy Palace.

But based on his relationship with elder sang, it should be the other party who bowed to him.

No matter how bad it was, putting aside their identities, they should communicate as equals, and the other party should respect the elders.

It was impossible for an elder to bow to a little girl in such a complicated relationship.

Ye Xiaotian was right to stop him!

While Shi Ti was thinking, Hua Ying also completely accepted the other partys words.

He could not believe ye Xiaotians words, but Shi Tis identity was verified by the staff of the Pill Pagoda, so his words could not be false.

Therefore, the two people sitting in front of him were not the kind of people he had imagined who would put on airs and maintain the dignity of the infernal lineage.

Or were they the kind of people that his true elders needed to treat respectfully

This time, Hua Ying was about to go crazy!

When she thought of what she had said and said just now, she could already imagine the terrifying situation when her master, Bai Lian, put her into the Alchemy Cauldron after returning to the Holy Palace and cursed crazily while being crazily refined by her.

Most importantly..

After her master had refined her, he had to bear the burden of begging for forgiveness and walk into Grandmaster Mu Lings alchemy cauldron to refine her to dispel the terrifying fact that he had taught her such a sin.

“Oh my God!”

Hua Ying gritted her teeth and fell to the ground with a thud, she pressed her palms together.

“Im sorry, Im sorry.

Senior, I didnt know your identity just now, and master told me that I have to protect the face of the infernal lineage when I go out…”

“No, no, no!”

When she said that, she felt like she was shirking her responsibility, she immediately changed the topic.

“What I mean is not to say that all of these mistakes came from my master.

My master is actually an extremely good person, and he never taught me that… Bah! Bah! Bah! Bah!”

When she said that, it still didnt taste right.

Hua Ying was extremely flustered.

She directly skipped the first layer of explanation and concluded,

“In short, if you want to punish me, just punish me alone!”

“You can punish me however you want.

After youre done, dont ever tell my master…”

Hua Ying was so frightened that tears were flowing out of her eyes.

“Ill die!”

Shi Ti:”…”

Ye Xiaotian:”…”

The two of them looked at each other and saw the shock in each others eyes.

It was as if this little girls arrogance just now was as exaggerated as her cowardice at this moment.

“Get Up!”

Ye Xiaotian did not intend to blame her.

He was used to the infernal lineages nature.

This little girl still had some redeeming qualities.

At the very least, she would look for a replacement after the event, unlike some people from the other lineage who would only look for a solution after the event and never look for problems with themselves.

Hua Ying stood up in fear and trepidation.

She did not dare to sit down even when she was in front of the seat.

However, she had no choice but to sit down when she met Ye Xiaotians gaze.

Therefore, she only slightly touched the seat with her butt and was ready to be lectured.

“Why are you looking for Xu Xiaoshou” Ye Xiaotian asked.

Hua Ying squeezed out her dimples and smiled sweetly.

“My master is looking for him.

He did not say anything in detail.

He only said that I met him and that I would just hand him an object.”

She didnt mention the envelope.

No matter how much the two people in front of her were seniors, they werent from the infernal lineage.

No matter how close they were with masters brother and granduncle, it was just one side of the story.

They couldnt be trusted completely.

Ye Xiaotian looked at the girls obedient appearance and couldnt get used to it for a moment.

His head hurt a little.

As expected of a family.

They were simply the same person!

He didnt ask what the item was and only advised, “Xu Xiaoshous situation isnt very good right now.

If you want to look for him, dont spread the news.

Just look for him secretly.”

Hua Ying was surprised.

“Senior, do you know where masters brother is”

From what the two of them had said just now, she had thought that they knew masters brother and masters brother very well.

Now, she suddenly became suspicious.

Ye Xiaotian could hear the estrangement in the girls words.

He sighed helplessly.

“Your masters brother… Well, thats Xu Xiaoshou.

Hes now wanted by the Holy Divine Palace.”

“Huh”Hua Ying looked up, slightly confused.

Although she had left the Holy Palace, the source of the information was also from all over the continent.

And what could be the real inside story behind the information

Ye Xiaotian did not explain.

Hua Ying looked at Shi Ti.

Shi Ti, on the other hand, kept silent.

He knew some things.

The saint servant, sang Qiye, had been arrested by the Holy Divine Palace.

Although the news had been sealed, most of the factions near the White Cave knew a thing or two about him.

Therefore, Shi Ti naturally knew that the saint servant, sang Qiye, who had been arrested, was most likely the genius elixir master he knew, Sang Qiye.

As for Xu Xiaoshou, as his only disciple..

Although it was not publicly announced, as long as someone investigated, they would be able to find out that his alchemy technique was exactly the same as elder Sangs.

Naturally, Xu Xiaoshou, who had disappeared, was also wanted.

However, Shi Ti did not care.

He only knew that elder sang, who was obsessed with conducting alchemy.

He did not care about the other partys second identity, his disciple, or what the two of them did.

Even if he was not qualified, he would still know more about the secrets of the continent than young people.

Therefore, Shi Ti only did not understand his old friend, Elder Sang, and did not want to do anything out of the ordinary.

To be honest, even if he wanted to do something, he could not do it with his identity and strength!

Therefore, doing nothing was the best way to treat the world.

“Im afraid it will be difficult to find your masters brother.”

After hesitating for a moment, the good old man Shi Ti could not resist the little girls eager gaze, he said with a sense of loss, “He has some friends in Tiansang Spirit Palace who have also come over.

You should go and ask them..

Perhaps, you can find some clues.”


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