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Chapter 702: the Battle of Crystals!

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Xu Xiaoshou was so angry that his lungs were about to explode.

He rushed forward and picked up his junior sister.

He hurriedly threw her back onto the sofa to prevent this arrogant girl from speaking again.

Then, he lifted his mask and stared at her as he asked, “What are you doing”

Mu Zixi was stunned.

She had yet to recover from the joy of raising the price before she was thrown away like Liu Lu.

The difference was that Liu Lu was thrown onto the floor by her.

At this moment, he was holding his butt and panting.

This little girl was thrown onto the sofa by Xu Xiaoshou.

She even bounced a few times, but there was no damage at all.

“Didnt you tell me toshout for the price” Mu Zixi blinked her eyes and said doubtfully, “I just followed your orders.

You didnt ask me to shout, and I didnt shout either.

I shouted when you asked me to !”


Xu Xiaoshou waved his hands in the air, grabbing and pinching.

For a moment, he didnt know what to say.

He couldnt contain his anger for a while, but in the end, he restrained it.

“I didnt ask you to call him a B*Stard either!”

Xu Xiaoshou held his head and his face was ashen.

“Are you crazy You raised the price by two billion at one time.

You think I have too much money and no place to spend it, right”

Mu Zixi was frightened by the crazed look of her senior brother.

She retracted her head and said in a low voice, “Thats right.

You didnt ask me to raise the price.

I heard your tone of calling him a *shole.

I still think that raising the price is too little.”

“Cursed, passive points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

The little girl did not want to admit her mistake.

Not only was she protesting softly on the surface, but she was also secretly cursing this senior brother for being so stingy.

“Its fine if you ask someone to raise the price, but after raising the price, you still want to teach them a lesson…”

Xu Xiaoshous face alternated between green and white.

He was rendered speechless by the rebuke.

What junior sister said didnt seem to be a reason, huh

This matter was indeed not the junior sisters fault.

If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for being shaken out of your mind and letting this silly girl say it!

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After a moment of silence.

Xu Xiaoshou sighed and flung his sleeves.

He ignored her and went to the windowsill.

It wasnt just Xu Xiaoshou and the others in the private room who were stunned by Mu Zixis bid.

Almost no one in the room could sit still under that arrogant “Five billion” bid.

“Is he crazy”

“Which factions representative is in Room 172 Hes determined to get it!”

“Five billion Im crazy… But with the void token, I can grasp the Saint Ascension Dao Foundation.

Even if the chances are slim, I can still fight for a glimmer of hope.

It doesnt seem like a loss.”

“It doesnt seem like a loss.

But I reckon that box 172 is going to become enemies with box 13!”


If he wanted to get the treasure, he could have raised the price earlier.

Why wait until the last moment when the other party confirmed the price for the third time and raised the price by two billion

It sounded like he was playing with the other party.

Perhaps, it was not “Like” but “On purpose”…

The black-robed beast-faced man on the high platform was shocked by the “Five billion”.

Before he could speak, Box 13s voice drifted out.

“My Friend in Box 172, you are going a little too far…”

Everyone could hear the trembling voice that had been modified by the beast-faced man, as well as the excitement that he was trying his best to suppress.

Meanwhile, Box 13 seemed to have been broken from its indifference.

Once the Chatterbox was opened, it could not be stopped.

“The void token is not worth this price.

Perhaps the Saint Ascension Dao Foundation is worth it, but after all, it is only a legend.”

“Moreover, all of this is only applicable to experts at the peak of the higher void (level) .”

“If the value of the void token were to be developed by the sovereign (stage) or the cutting path (stage), it would be a waste of heavenly treasures!”

Strictly speaking, this kind of trade fair strictly forbade all small talk and pressure other than bidding.

However, at this moment, the black-robed beast-faced man on the high platform only stared at the two boxes and did not say anything.

He seemed to know the owners of the two boxes and chose to watch silently.

Everyone present was not a fool.

The arena was filled with people who were extremely smart to be able to attend this summit trade fair as representatives of a large faction.

The words of the owner of Box 13 seemed to be explaining and persuading.

Instead, he directly pointed out that their faction had a higher void (level) expert overseeing it and urgently needed this void token.

At this time, if one was tactful, it would be better to avoid unnecessary trouble.

No matter what, he had to give this higher void (level) expert some face.

However, in Box 172, Xu Xiaoshou was very angry with his junior sister.

Now that he heard this, he realised that there was hope.

“Five billion, this box 13, are you still not giving up”

With a quick thought, Xu Xiaoshous brain began to spin rapidly.

He ran back to pick up Mu Zixi and whispered a few words into her ear.

The little girls eyes shone with a green light again.

She was instantly awakened from her listless state and regained her aura.

She rushed to the windowsill and placed her hands on her hips.

She raised her small face and shouted,

“Who doesnt have a few higher void (level) experts waiting to be fed If you have money to raise the price, or else shut up if you dont have money.

Stop talking about these useless things!”

“If youre poor, then go home and talk to yourself.

Stop whining in this place.

It sounds annoying!”

After saying this, under the Beast Mask, the little girls pretty face displayed an extremely comfortable expression.

That appearance was like she had just swallowed ten spirit marks of life — the climax of happiness, which could not be stopped.

She was comfortable after she spoke all of her words.

When the audience heard it, all of them started to feel fear.

“Great void experts who are waiting to be fed…”

“Who doesnt have a few…”

“Oh my god, are these people serious They are talking big!”

There were some of the highest factions who were sitting there.

However, it did not mean that each of the highest factions had a higher void (level) leading them.

Most of them were stuffed to death.

It was very good to have a guest elder from the cutting path (stage).

How many people were in Room 172

In-Room 13.

The two men looked at each other in dismay and were somewhat astonished.

The great Flux Heaven sect was the overlord of the western part of the Imperial City.

It had transformed from an underworld chamber of Commerce to one of the representative factions of the current imperial citys spiritual cultivator faction.

Money, power…

Their Great Flux Heaven sect was even more ruthless.

The most important thing was that the chief elder of the Great Flux Sect was a genuine expert of the higher void (level)!

Even if he wasnt at the peak of the higher void (level), he was still a native of the capital city.

He had been a ruthless person for several decades.

It could be said that, within the territory of the capital city, apart from the Holy Divine Palace and the Continental Associations branches, their Great Flux Sect wasnt afraid of anything.

Within the Imperial City, the higher void (level) factions had a great void, and everyone had their private rooms.

Everyone was well aware of this fact.

They had to understand each other in advance, and they had to unite together…

What the representatives of the high-level factions in the Imperial City wanted was to prevent themselves from fighting each other and benefit the other factions.

They were afraid that the factions outside the Imperial City would get their hands on the supreme treasure that the representatives of the various factions in the Imperial City had previously ordered.

But now, there was such a person charged out brazenly!

“Room 172…”

The Sect Master of Great Flux Heaven sect, Leng Qihei, rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

He placed his beast mask at the side and didnt wear it.

This thing was used to maintain the mysteriousness and solemnity of the representatives of the faction who arrived.

The old foxes could even recognize the representatives of the major factions who were familiar with each other from the tone of their voices.

Even the modified voice of the beast mask could be directly broken by them.

The Beast Mask was just a decoration!

Leng Qihei was a brawny man with a savage scar on his face.

He killed people along his way out during his early years of fighting.

He stared at box 172 for a long time before turning to look at the chief elder and coldly asking, “They have higher void (level) too ”

Chief elder Ding Kui was an old man who was also the military advisor of the Great Flux Chamber of Commerce who had been involved in the underworld for a long time.

Even though his cultivation level reached a higher void (level), the military advisor was still the military advisor.

He knew that he didnt have the innate tyrannical aura and his cultivation level reached the higher void (level).

Ding Kui didnt have the slightest intention of becoming the sect master of the Great Flux Heaven sect.

The first person he would recommend would always be Leng Qihei, who had led everyone in the early days and used dozens of years to reach his current position.

“You wont be able to tell just by listening to this.”

Ding Kui stroked his beard and smiled.

“After this, this old man will ask the people of Night Cat about their identities.

If they can fight, then fight.

If they cant fight, then forget it.

It doesnt matter.”

The early night cat wasnt as capable as he was now.

Everyone was making a living in the capital city.

Several times, when the Night Cat was about to die, it was his great flux Chamber of Commerce who had helped him.

At that time, young people like Yuan Haisheng were just ant-like characters…

Given the friendship between the two sides, as long as the Great Flux Heaven sect opened their mouths, the Night cat would tell them everything.

Divulging secrets was indeed difficult for intelligence organisations.

But if it fell on Ding Kui… this wasnt a problem at all!

“If you can take the void token, then so be it.

If you cant, then forget it.

The holy divine palace is still keeping an eye on you, so theres no need to fight for it.”

Ding Kui looked at his sect master.

Seeing his cold expression, he smiled and said, “As for the gossip in the other room, Brother Leng, you shouldnt be angry, right”

“Haha!” Leng Qi narrowed his eyes.

He was indeed unhappy with the tone of the other party, but if they suppressed him with the price ofFive billion…


Just as he was about to raise the token again, he heard another sound coming from the other room No.


“5.1 billion.”

With an indifferent voice, the whole place was in an uproar.

Everyone turned back, not expecting another contender to jump out at this time.

In-room No.

172, Xu Xiaoshou immediately felt relieved.

He didnt expect that his junior sisters words didnt anger the person in room No.

13, but woke the person in room No.

7 up.

“Take it, take it, I dont want this thing…”

As Xu Xiaoshou pondered, he covered his junior sister who wanted to bid again subconsciously and pulled her over to the sofa.

In Box 13, Leng Qihei immediately turned his head.

When he saw the familiar number 7, he was so angry that he laughed.

“Sound Returning Pavilion”

Ding Kui was amused too.

The sound returning pavilion was the overlord of the Southern District of the Imperial City and had the great void town too.

However, in the early-stage discussion, the void token clue didnt belong to the sound returning pavilion.

At this moment, the sound returning pavilion wanted to use the excuse that the Great Flux Heaven sect had been suppressed by the sudden appearance of Room 172 to come out and get a share of the spoils.

“This bunch of old geezers arent any good!”

Leng Qiheis lips curled into a sneer.

He silently raised his token.

In the next second, an unquestionable voice resounded throughout the entire area.

“Six Billion!”

“We have plenty of spirit crystals.

Whoever wants to raise the price, feel free to come.

Ill accompany you to the end!”

The intangible smoke of the money battle dispersed throughout the entire area instantly.

Everyone was stunned.

Xu Xiaoshou was greatly shocked by these few increases in the price.

He saw Xin Gugu and Xiao Wanfeng holding their heads and grumbling as they forcefully restrained their hands that wanted to do the same.

“F*ck, these people are really rich!”

Initially, he thought that by using elixirs to get rich, the wealth of the first pavilion in the sky would be able to surpass the many factions in the Imperial City.

This was true.

However, after coming to the trade fair, Xu Xiaoshou understood that there was always someone better than him.

Compared to those old-timers and super factions with accumulated wealth, he, Xu Xiaoshou, and the first pavilion in the sky were still very young!

The arena was abuzz with discussion, but at this moment, no one was bidding.

The confidence of box 13 was too much higher energy.

This was the rhythm of fighting to the death with whoever wanted to bid.

Naturally, at this moment, no one dared to make a sound.

On the high platform, the black-robed beast-faced man was beaming with joy on the surface.

The void token was not worth this price, there was no doubt about this.

After all, the “Saint Ascension Dao Foundation” was only a legend.

Whether it was true or not, it was to be verified.

Six billion.

With such a slim chance, it could only be said that these people were extremely rich.

This was not even counting the fact that the holy divine palace was watching from the side like a tiger watching its prey.

If they bid for the void token, they would also have to bear the risk of being called out to have a tea conversation.

“Six billion, going once!”

The black-robed beast-faced man knocked on his hammer.

Seeing that no one responded, he continued to shout.

“Six billion, twice!”

“Six billion, three times… Deal!”

“Let us congratulate box 13 for successfully taking the key to the sacred secret land at the price of sixty spirit crystals– void token.


The arena was filled with sparse applause.

A beast-faced servant came forward, invited the treasure down, and went to the box to trade.

The black-robed beast-faced man calmly took out another treasure from his ring and placed it on the high platform.

This was a long wooden box.

From its appearance, one could tell that it was a weapon.

The moment the box was opened, a treasured light shot out in all directions.

The black-robed beast-faced man held up the long sword and said indifferently, “The name of the grade one spiritual sword isSovereign Cut.

Night Cat is sincere, and the starting price is 100 million.

As for the value of this sword, its up to you to decide.”

The moment he said this, the entire place fell silent.

Spiritual Sword, which could be seen on the market, was at the peak of the third grade.

A Grade three spiritual sword was a peak of a sovereign-level spiritual sword.

This kind of supreme treasure was full of spiritual quality.

As long as it was nurtured with time and bloodline, it could communicate with the spirit.

Like an arm or a finger, it could at least rival the cutting path (stage) and could rival the higher void (level).

The longer the sword cultivation was, the more famous the spiritual sword would be.

In theory, a Grade three spiritual sword could be nurtured to the famed sword level by matching the sword-bearers fame and using the way of the power of the heavens.

However, this was too mysterious.

It required tens of thousands of years of continuous nurturing and the fame of each sword-bearer was enough to use the way of the heavens to raise a sword.

In reality, a third-grade spiritual sword was a third-grade spiritual sword.

It did not contain calamity power.

Supreme Treasure that contained the calamity power were all classified as second-grade spiritual swords.

As for a first-grade spiritual sword, it was born with the power of the higher void.

Some of them had been nurtured by the way of the heavens, by generations of famed sword cultivators.

They were the most supreme holy swords.

Such a supreme treasure was priceless.

However, at this moment, it was displayed at the scene of the trade fair.

The black-robed man raised his hammer and knocked.

“The second trade begins!”

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