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Chapter 703: I Preferred Double-crossing

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“The first-grade spiritual sword is here too”

Xin Gugu walked to the windowsill and said with some envy.

The most precious thing on his body might not even be of the third-grade.

Sometimes, if he obtained a third-grade or above treasure when he was on a mission, he would have to return it.

As for a first-grade sword…

Xin Gugu had only seen a few elders in the Xu Yue Grey Palace had them.

“Theyre too rich.” Xu Xiaoshou nodded in agreement.

He had treasures that surpassed first-grade treasure, the famed sword Flame Python, and the vicious sword, Fourth Sword.

It could be said that each of them was stronger than the first-grade spiritual sword that Black-robed Orc had taken out.

However, these two items were too representative, and they couldnt be traded.

Once the Flame Python appeared in the eyes of the world, it was estimated that Red-clothed People would immediately knock at the door…

And when the Fourth Sword appeared, the White-clothed People would visit him…

“Tsk tsk…”

Just thinking about it, Xu Xiaoshou was slightly terrified.

“Young Master Xu, do you want to buy it” At this time, Mu Zixi ran to the windowsill and waved her little fist.

“I can help you bid.”

“Forget it!”

Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes at this frivolous junior sister.

He didnt lack a spiritual sword, so it was useless to buy it.

Mu Zixi could see her senior brothers thoughts.

She rolled her eyes and said, “If you buy it, you can give it to me.

You havent given me anything yet!”

“Dont I give you a ring” Xu Xiaoshou glared at her.

Ring… Mu Zixi recalled the story of the pigeon ring in Tianxuan Gate, and her little mouth immediately twitched.

Was he giving her a ring that time

He was raising a pet!

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“Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

Below the stage, the scene once again rose to a climax due to a first-grade spiritual sword.

In the current era, the spiritual sword was a treasure in short supply, especially in the Eastern Region of the Holy Sword Land.

It was even more so for a high-grade spiritual sword.

Not to mention the spiritual sword before them at the moment was of the highest grade.

This time there was conflagration everywhere because a battle of Spiritual Crystals between the various private rooms had taken place.

Among them, the No.

7 private room was the main player with extremely fierce bidding.

As soon as someone bade, they directly suppressed it without any courtesy or hesitation.

In just a short while, the price of this spiritual sword went from a base price of 100 million to 3.7 billion.

Everyone was speechless.

At this high price, many people regained their composure and began to think about whether it was worth sacrificing part of their family estate for a spiritual sword.

Just when everyone thought that the spiritual sword would definitely be obtained by No.

7 private room, a five billion bid sounded from below and stunned everyone.

Xu Xiaoshou looked over.

The speaker was an unremarkable elder dressed as a swordsman who sat in the back corner of the high platform.

Even though he was wearing a beast mask, the onlookers could still feel the restrained but extremely shocking sword will from the elders straight waist.

“Another character”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he needed to buy more information from Night Cat.

For example, he basically had no idea who the faction or character that appeared now was.

However, in the eyes of acquaintances, they could understand each others identities with just a sentence.

“Five billion going once, going twice, going thrice… Deal!”

It was beyond everyones expectations that the No.

7 private room, which had been determined to obtain the first-grade spiritual sword, actually gave up.

This was really a big surprise.

However, the rules of the trade fair were the servant would go forward and invite the first-grade spiritual sword back after the final decision was made.

Then, he directly brought the old swordsman to the private room to trade.

“Why did No.

7 private room give up It shouldnt be”

Mu Zixi was very curious as she watched from behind the windowsill.

Her question was also the question in the minds of most of the people present at the trade fair.

“Maybe they are acquaintances, or maybe this old mans background isnt ordinary…”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered.

He stared at No.

7 private room for a long time before his back suddenly felt a little cold.

“Or maybe, hes planning to play dirty”

Xin Gugu was shocked.

“It cant be that serious, right The Spirit Gem Trade Fair is such a big place.

Even beast masks can be found here.

They still want to play dirty”

Xu Xiaoshou did not answer.

Instead, he turned to look at Liu Lu.

“Can you Night Cat guarantee the safety of the trader”

Liu Lu immediately nodded.

“Of course, theres no doubt about that.”

“As long as you complete the transaction at the trade fair, you will be brought to a private room to change your appearance.

After that, there will be people to escort you back to your faction.

Your safety is guaranteed.”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

“There are so many treasures at the trade fair.

Lets say there are 100 of them.

If all the transactions are successful, can you, the Night Cat, send people to protect each of them”

“Yup.” Liu Lu nodded again.

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

“Even if your escort is minimum a Sovereign, do you, the Night Cat, have 100 Sovereigns to do the job”

“Uh…” Liu Lu hesitated.

“They dont on duty at the same time.

We can send them back one by one at different time slots.”

Xin Gugu laughed out loud.

“Then theres no guarantee!”

Even though Mu Zixi wasnt very smart, she also reacted at this moment.

“100 Sovereigns How is that possible”

“Besides, the Sovereign would not be able to protect those more valuable things.

Could it be that you can send Cutting Path to escort them”

Liu Lu broke out in cold sweat and was a little embarrassed.

“That would not be a problem.

Although I dont know the details, our higher-ups have the solution.”

Xu Xiaoshou finally understood.

How could they have any solution This was just a symbolic statement.

If he had taken down the void token just now, he was afraid that what would follow would be Cutting Path or even Higher Void experts.

If such a person really wanted to snatch it, the Night Cat wouldnt even have time to take care of itself.

Why would it protect others

After clearing his doubts, Xu Xiaoshou could understand the Night Cats difficulties.

It was already not easy to summon so many people with such a large faction to come here to trade.

It was too unrealistic to ask the Night Cat to escort them one by one!

In the end, it still depended on the individual.

Those who dared to make a bid were either rich or arrogant.

If they were really afraid of risk, even if they had a large amount of Spirit Crystals in their hands, they probably wouldnt have the courage to make such a bid.

“Dont say anymore, I understand.” Xu Xiaoshou patted Liu Lu on the shoulder.

Liu Lu was immediately relieved from his tension.

Long live the understanding…

“Received Gratitude, Passive Points 1.”

“The third treasure.”

On the high platform, the Black-robed Orc took out a jade box again.

There was a void token in front and a first-grade spiritual sword behind it.

It could be said that the Night Cat had set a high-end beginning for this trade fair.

The moment the jade box appeared, everyone was looking forward to it.

The Black-robed Orc lifted the jade box and revealed a treasure that looked like a tree root.

“The third treasure is called Bodhi Root.”

This time the Black-robed Orc did not explain further.

However, when the word “Bodhi Root” was mentioned, the entire place became restless.


“Are you talking about one of the Nine Great Ancestral Trees, the Bodhi Ancient Wood”

“What a joke! How did you Night Cat get your hands on this thing Why are you willing to take it out after you got it”

“Isnt this the legendary Divine Enlightenment Tree Night Cat is willing to trade it”

Many illusory figures were faintly outlined on the windowsills of the private rooms on the second floor.

Obviously, the moment the Bodhi Root appeared, all the people in the private rooms couldnt sit still.

The Black-robed Orc gestured his hand, indicating for everyone to calm down.

Then, he nodded and continued, “Everyones guess is correct.”

“This item is indeed the root of one of the Nine Great Ancestral Trees, the Bodhi Ancient Wood.”

He put on gloves with both hands and wrapped them with spiritual source before taking out the root from the jade box.

This Bodhi Root was only the thickness and length of a forearm.

It looked a little dispirited and dry as if it had dried up.

However, if the surging power contained within it could be activated, it would probably be as mysterious as a myth.

The Black-robed Orc showed the root to everyone.

After everyone verified the item, he put it back into the jade box and said slowly, “I believe everyone knows the legend of the Nine Great Ancestral Trees.

Its an ancient supreme treasure that contains divine power.”

“The Bodhi Ancient Wood is the most outstanding treasure among all of them.

Sitting under the Bodhi Ancient Wood could even allow a person to achieve Cutting Path in one night… All of these are not legends.”

“And now, whats being displayed in front all of you is indeed the root of the Bodhi Ancient Wood.

Theres no need to doubt this.

The Night Cat wouldnt bring out a fake to tarnish its reputation.”

“Although its not a tree, and it doesnt have great effect as the Bodhi Ancient Wood…”

As the Black-robed Orc spoke, there was a smile in his voice.

“But if it was the Bodhi Ancient Wood, the Night Cat wouldnt have brought it out.

Just use this root often for enlightenment, I believe that the Way of the Heavens isnt difficult to understand.”

“Its still the same saying…”

Seeing that everyones appetite had been piqued, the Black-robed Orc closed the jade box and said solemnly, “With the Night Cat sincerity, the base price is 100 million Spirit Crystals.

How much is the Bodhi Root worth Its up to all of you to decide.”

With a whoosh, the entire crowd began to discuss.

In the private room, Xu Xiaoshou was once again shocked.

“Nine Great Ancestral Trees…”

He had seen the superpower of one of these before!

At that time in the White Cave, Cen Qiaofu had used one of the Nine Great Ancestral Trees, the Blood Trees Yin Branch, to possess his body.

He had forcefully challenged all the White-clothed People that Gou Wuyue had brought with him alone.

Among them were the Divine Puppets, several Cutting Path cultivators, and countless Sovereigns…

It was true that a Higher Void expert was invincible in this world.

However, the Divine Puppet of the Holy Divine Palace was designed to overcome a Higher Void opponent.

If it were any other time, Cen Qiaofu and a Divine Puppet were allowed to fight each other at their peak state without any covert attack, the fight might only end up in a tie.

However, in the White Cave, the Blood Trees Yin Branch allowed Cen Qiaofu to take on all the enemies at once.

The hundreds of White-clothed People were forcefully held back by him!

Almost no one was able to escape from the Blood Tree World and chase after the Bazhunans footsteps.

The battle lasted for more than half a day.

In the end, if it wasnt for Cen Qiaofu maintaining a defensive stance and showing no intention of retreating, even the Divine Puppet wouldnt be able to stop him from retreating.

But now…

“This should be something on the same level as the Blood Trees Yin Branch, right How the Night Cat obtained it” Xu Xiaoshous large hand covered his forehead, once again refreshing his impression of the Night Cat.



Where did these guys get such a good thing

“Young Master Xu…”

The large beast mask on Mu Zixis small face was taken off as well.

The little girls eyes lit up as she stared at the jade box on the stage.

She almost jumped out.

“Young Master Xu, this is a good thing! Really, trust me this time.

You have to buy it!”

When Xu Xiaoshou heard this, his head hurt.

“Take it easy.

If I want to buy it, Ill let you bid… Dont worry, there are many more opportunities later.

Just dont act recklessly.”

“I promise not to mess around!” Mu Zixi grabbed her two ponytails and jumped excitedly.

At this moment, someone in the No.

3 private room suddenly spoke up.

“Nangong Xin, youre not sincere!”

“If the Bodhi Root is in good condition, I dont believe that the Night Cat will take it out.”

“Why are you covering this jade box now”

“Youre not letting us see it”

The people in the private rooms were stunned.

They moved their gazes to No.

3 private room and then back to the Black-robed Orc on the stage.

They realized the person was talking to the Black-robed Orc.

Who were in the No.

3 private room How could they recognize the true identity of the Black-robed Orc who was with a beast mask

Doubts arose in the hearts of the people.

“Nangong Yin” Xu Xiaoshou, who was in the private room, immediately turned to look at Liu Lu.

Liu Lu wiped his sweat and wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

When he saw Xu Xiaoshous questioning expression, he had no choice but to say something.

“Nangong Yin is our second manager.

He is in charge of the entire Night Cats money flow.

He has great authority… Young Master Xu, I cant say anything else.”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned and nodded.

After a long while, he asked again, “Lets forget about the Night Cat, then who is the person in the No.

3 private room”


More beads of sweat appeared on Liu Lus forehead.

“Young Master Xu, you are making things difficult for me.

I dont know who are in the various private rooms.

I am only responsible for receiving Young Master Xu…”

As he spoke, he paused and changed the course of his speech.

He spoke extremely quickly, “The No.

3 private room belongs to Guiyin Pavilion, the overlord of the Southern District in Imperial City.

It is guarded by the Higher Void!”

Everyone was stunned by the information given by Liu Lu.

However, Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have understood something.

“It was Manager Yuan who had asked you to say this”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Liu Lu nodded his head as if he was kowtowing.

“Manager Yuan said that Night Cat is willing to be Young Master Xus friend.

If you have any other doubts in the future, feel free to let us know.

As long as you dont… Cough, cough… If you dont cause trouble or act rashly, we can answer your questions.”

This privilege was a little too big.

It was equivalent to the beast mask being directly unveiled to the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Xu Xiaoshou guessed that the existence of Mei Siren had caused the Night Cat to have the intention of befriending them.

However, he immediately thought of something and asked, “Looking at the way you guys are acting, dont tell me that when other factions ask, you guys will also reveal my background”

“That wont happen!”

Liu Lu immediately patted his chest as if he had already received Yuan Haishengs telepathic communication.

He said, “Compared to the factions in the Imperial City, everyone knows each other very well.

This bit of information is nothing for them.

Acquaintances could know each other identity through conversation.”

“Young Master Xu is different.

The First Pavilion in the Sky is a new faction.

The Night Cat will do its best to protect your privacy.”

“This is our sincerity!”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded his head in approval, but he began to curse in his heart.

Liu Lu had done his best at comforting Xu Xiaoshou.

Yet, who knew what the Night Cat was doing in the dark

He stared at Liu Lu for a long time.

Suddenly, he looked up at the sky as if he saw Yuan Haisheng who was secretly controlling everything.

After a moment of silence, he said, “Yuan Haisheng, you may give out the information.

Give it to whoever asks.”

“Take No.

172 private room for example.

Its the master of the First Pavilion in the Sky, Xu Deye.

If I buy anything later, I welcome them to come over and snatch it.”

As Xu Xiaoshou spoke, the corner of his mouth twitched..

His white teeth were shiny.

“I dont mind double-crossing!”


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