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Chapter 707: Old Aunt, Are You Inviting Trouble

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Zhou Tianshen had a pretty good temper, but he got a little angry after being rejected.

He was quite sure that the person in front of him was Xu Xiaoshou!

After all, it felt exactly like Xu Xiaoshou to make people angry!

Perhaps Young Master Xu himself did not realize it, but any ordinary person wouldnt react this way after receiving a treasure, right

The only explanation left was…

“This person is not making people angry on purpose, thats just how he usually is!”

So, he was Xu Xiaoshou!

But, why wouldnt he admit it

“Could it be that I mistook him for someone else Perhaps hes someone like him but not him at all Is he Xu Xiaoshous… younger brother” Zhou Tianshen could not help but doubt himself.

Then, his thoughts were led into something like, “Yeah, I dont think Ive ever heard Xu Xiaoshou talk about his family either”.

Hua Ying, who was anxiously waiting at the back, got some clues from Zhou Tianshens repeated rejections.

She suddenly realized that perhaps Zhou Tianshen had made a wrong deduction.

If they were old friends, it was inevitable that Zhou Tianshen wouldnt be able to recognize the real person at this moment, but it was unforgivable!

Moreover, to assume that it was the same Young Master Xu at the First Pavilion in the Sky, that was just Zhou Tianshens wishful speculation.

There was a high probability that the person in front wasnt Young Master Xu.

When she thought of this, Hua Ying straightened her back which was slightly bent.

Her fearful and respectful eyes gradually became alerted.

What followed was a shocking and angry emotion!

“How could a faker try to trick me to get the Bodhi Root” Hua Ying clenched her fingers tightly, and her faintly contained eyes were burning with raging flames.

The atmosphere in the private room suddenly became extremely cold.

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Liu Lu who was still covering his mouth while watching the scene suddenly trembled with his heart going extremely cold.

He looked at Hua Ying in a panic.

He wondered why did this beast-masked woman suddenly had an outburst of emotions


Zhou Tianshen also realized that the situation was turning sour.

Hua Ying was clearly about to explode.

He quickly blocked Hua Ying with his arm and said, “I can still try asking…”

“Move away!”

Hua Ying grabbed Zhou Tianshens arm with her fingers and pulled him back.


At that moment, Zhou Tianshen could obviously feel that he lost the feeling of being on solid ground under his feet.

He was an eight-foot-tall strong man!

He was actually carried away by this delicate-looking woman on the spot!

Moreover, he couldnt even help but almost hit the door!

“Where did this monster come from…” Zhou Tianshen who managed to stabilize his steps eventually was completely stunned.

He knew Hua Ying did not use any spiritual source at all.

It was purely her physical strength.

The last time he encountered such a terrifying physical strength, it was Xu Xiaoshou..

Hua Ying threw Zhou Tianshen behind and took a step forward.

She looked directly at the mysterious Young Master Xu under the beast mask and asked, “Who… Who are you”

“You dont know who I am”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He glanced at the three people in front of him and said, “You should have investigated everything about me through the Night Cat before coming here.”

“Im talking about who are you in exact I dont want such an ambiguous answer!” Hua Ying was extremely angry and panted heavily.

She was not stupid.

She had long seen that Young Master Xu had been playing around and avoiding the main point.

However, when Xu Xiaoshou heard this, he was delighted.

He spread his hands.

“So I did not meet your expectations”

“But I am who I am.

It cant be fake… Besides, the Night Cat wont let a fake Young Master Xu into the trade fair, right”

“Hey, what are you thinking about”

As Xu Xiaoshou spoke, he bent over and leaned closer to the beast-masked woman.

“I am Xu Deye!”

“Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

Hua Ying felt like digging out those annoying eyes from behind the beast mask!

However, she hesitated in her heart.

She had released the infernal power.

If he was from the Infernal lineage too, he would definitely be able to sense it.

Under such circumstances, he shouldnt be treating her this way.

Most importantly, from the moment she entered the room until now, Hua Ying had been paying attention to Young Master Xus power all the time.

She tried to use her spiritual senses to detect the infernal power in Young Master Xus energy reserve.

That way, even if Zhou Tianshen did not ask, the answer would be obvious.


To no avail!

Not to mention the infernal power, Hua Ying could not even tell Young Master Xus cultivation level.

At this moment, there were only two possible answers.

Perhaps this person was Young Master Xu, but his cultivation level was terrifyingly strong, and he could hide it perfectly.

Or, this person was a pure faker!

“Suspected, Passive Points 1.”

“Conjecture, Passive Points, 1.”

“Glared at, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou remained unmoved as he looked at the beast-masked woman in front of him.

She was trying her best to suppress her anger while thinking hard despite standing so close to him.

He wondered what was she angry about

Could it be that she had an “angry physique”

Infernal power… Xu Xiaoshou sensed that for sure.

When she used her energy reserve, he immediately noticed it.

But so what

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshou didnt believe that Elder Sang would have other disciples, children or grandchildren.

Even Elder Sang was imprisoned in the Holy Divine Palace, even though the person in front of him had indeed displayed infernal power.

Her identity was still questionable.

After all, there was only one person whom Elder Sang advised him to rely on in the end.

“Your next patron is the Holy Palace, Long Rongzhi (Molten Dragon) !”

Could this girl be Long Rongzhi (Molten Dragon)


Long Rongzhi was a man, an old bald man.

He was Elder Sangs master, Demi-Saint Infernal.

He couldnt be this stupid girl with an angry physique.

As for the others…

If Elder Sang did not say anything, he would not believe anyone even if he was given the Infernal Original Seed.

Who knew if this was a spy sent by the Holy Divine Palace

Perhaps, other than the Holy Palaces Long Rongzhi (Molten Dragon), the Infernal lineage had already been infiltrated and corrupted by other factions

“Little girl, whats your name”

Ignoring the beast-masked womans anger, Xu Xiaoshou calmly asked, “Speaking of which, you gave me a treasure, but I didnt know your name and havent expressed my gratitude.

Ive been really rude.”

“Hua Ying!” Hua Ying enunciated each word and gritted her teeth.

“Oh, Miss Hua…”

Xu Xiaoshou paused for a while before continuing.

He said with the corner of his mouth twitching, “Hua, Hua… Miss Hua Ying.”

He took a gentle breath, calming himself down from the urge to laugh.

If he were to laugh at this moment, the arena would inevitably be filled with an earth-shattering battle.

He cupped his fists and continued, “In that case, I would like to thank Miss Hua Ying for giving me the treasure.

If theres nothing else…”

He pointed his hand in the direction of the door, and tilted his head.

“The three of you, would you leave”

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

“Ambushed, Passive Points 1.”


Hua Ying moved in a split second.

Her delicate hand was like a dragons shadow, reaching toward Xu Xiaoshous chest.

Who was Xu Xiaoshou

He was a master with Agility!

Almost at the moment when Hua Yings muscles tensed up, he leaned back.

Hua Yings fist only left a trace of air across his chest.

“You want to touch me”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered.

How could he give her the chance to touch his body and check out his infernal power


Hua Ying was enraged by the sound.

Her attack instantly fell onto Young Master Xu right hand in the air.

At that critical moment, Xu Xiaoshou was calm and composed.

He said in his heart, “Close-bounds Force Field.”


The sky was filled with blood.

When Hua Yings hand was just inches away from Xu Xiaoshou, it was as if she had been sucked into a crushing machine.

Her hand turned into a bloody mess.


At that moment, Hua Ying was stunned.

The intense pain made her withdraw her hand at the speed of light.

She was dumbfounded.

Master physique, master cultivation level…

Even if her power of sacred physique had yet to be unraveled, how could one possibly use such an obscure spiritual technique to break through her defense!

What kind of move was it

“Surprised, Passive Points, 1.”

After two moves, Hua Ying received a counterattack.

This time, she retracted her hand.

They instantly separated far apart.

It was impossible for them to come into contact again.

On the other side, Xin Gugu had just rushed over when the battle ended.

He never expected the beast-masked woman to make a move.

At this moment, she was like a triggered tiger.

Her eyes were red and exploding with bloody veins.

How could she attempt to challenge the dignity of the First Pavilion in the Sky

Did she plan to come and go as she liked

How could it be

“Impudent! ! !”

With an explosive shout, in an instant, a surging aura of the Sovereign swept the entire scene.


The window sill of the private room, including the barrier, instantly exploded.

The shattered glass pieces and the bright barrier fragments instantly splashed and flooded the trade fair like spilled water.


“Whats going on Are they fighting”

“Isnt this Room 172”

“Heavens! Its The Magic Pill Technicians Association! Are they fighting with Room 172 Arent they going to give away treasures”

The flow of the trade fair was once again disrupted.

Before this, no one would have thought that anybody would dare to fight at the trade fair.

This was completely disregarding the Night Cat!

“Lets go take a look.”

The black-robed beast-masked man, Nangong Yin, who had already returned from the platform to oversee the scene, immediately waved his hand when he heard the sound.

In an instant, more than ten beast-masked men rushed from all sides to investigate the scene.

The battle scene, Room 172.

Liu Lus entire body collapsed to the ground.

He was so scared that he almost peed.

A moment ago, he was still laughing at Zhou Tianshens funny question and his defeated expression.

In the next second, the beast-masked woman who carried an alchemy cauldron made an attack.

“What happened in the blink of an eye”

Liu Lu was trembling under the aura of the Sovereign.

When he looked up again, the scenery in the room had completely changed.

As far as the eye could see…

The violent beast-masked Sovereign, Xin Gugu stood out and single-handedly held the front line.

Mu Zixi followed closely behind.

She pressed her palms together, and the thick dark green vines in the room were intertwined.

Poisonous flowers and plants swayed in the air, turning the scene into a forest.

On the other hand, the beast-masked woman from the First Pavilion in the Sky, who had been silent the whole time, stood up from the sofa to be in front of Young Master Xu.

As for Young Master Xu…

Young Master Xu, who was leaning against the broken windowsill, was calm and composed.

His sleeves hung behind his waist, hiding his wrists underneath.

He raised his beast mask slightly and looked in front with disdain.

Liu Lu could sense a hint of disdain and ridicule in Young Master Xus eyes, which were hidden under the beast mask.

His casual and carefree attitude seemed to be warning the three guests from Room 183.

“You want to fight”

“Well, any time!”

Liu Lus body trembled again.

He was shocked.

This scene perfectly described the term “all ready”!

The other party was just testing him…

With this kind of aura, the counterattack formation of First Pavilion in the Sky was simply a prehistoric beast that was ready to devour people!

How could one try to test them out

If he had been on the other side, he would probably be pissing in his pants right now!

In the corridor outside the private room.

Two rows of beast-masked men walked quickly past the venue of the trade fair and arrived at the door of Room 172.

In backstage, Yuan Haisheng cleared the spiritual array.

The door was pushed open.

Following closely behind, Nangong Yin strode in.

He swept his gaze across the scene and looked at Liu Lu, one of his own people.

“Whats going on”

Oh my god… Liu Lu has butterflies in his stomach the moment he saw the Second Manager.

When had he ever faced such a scene

He grew up from the streets of the Imperial City.

It was because of Young Master Xu that he was able to enter the inner circle of the Night Cat.

Now, he was only in charge of communicating with Young Master Xu.

This mission was originally not bad.

After all, Young Master Xu was not as difficult to talk to as the rumors said.

In fact, he was extremely generous with his money.

However, working with Young Master Xu was very thrilling day in and day out!

It was fine for the First Pavilion in the Sky to threaten Fourth Manager Yuan at night.

But when they arrived at the spirit gem trade fair, they also created a scene and attracted Nangong Yin, the second-in-charge of Nangong City!

“Well, lets put it this way…” Liu Lu struggled to get up and said with a trembling voice, but he could barely explain the situation.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that Liu Lu didnt have the guts, so he waved his hand by the windowsill.

“Let me tell you!”

He pointed at the three people who were the culprits and said, “These three, the people in Room 183, wanted to covert attack me in the name of giving away treasures.

Fortunately, I reacted in time, or else I wouldve been dead.”

Hearing this, Hua Ying couldnt help but stretch her neck.


All she wanted to do was to touch him and sense the infernal power, was that as serious as what he said

“Doubted, Passive Points 1.”

On the other side, Zhou Tianshen and Su Qianqian who kept silent all this while, had their eyes lit up and their hearts affirmed with these small details that no one would pay attention to.

It was him!

It was definitely him!

Although Zhou Tianshen did not know why did Xu Xiaoshou only give the signal now, it was definitely him.

He could smell it!

“Acknowledged, Passive Points 2.”

Beside the door of the private room, Nangong Yin furrowed his brows and turned to look at Liu Lu.

“Is that so”

Liu Lu was on the verge of tears.

His fingers were trembling as he stammered, “I cant say that this is not the case… Its just that…”

Xu Xiaoshou glared at him coldly.

Liu Lu puffed his chest.

“Its correct!”

“Feared, Passive Points 1.”

“Cursed, Passive Points 3.”

“Suspected, Passive Points 23.”

Yuan Haishengs voice sounded in his ears.

Nangong Yin paused for a moment before he understood what happened.

This gave him a headache.

On one side was the Demi-Saint faction that he wanted to befriend, and on the other side was the veteran Magic Pill Technicians Association.

He was in dilemma!

Just as he was thinking.

Under the gaze of everyone, a lady with the beast mask removed walked out of Room 183.

Behind her were several elders who were also wearing the elixir masters long robes.

The Magic Pill Technicians Association was extremely famous for protecting their own.

Furthermore, one of them in this scene was an envoy from the Holy Palace.

She was Dong Lings half masters true grand-disciple in name.

Thus, Dong Ling immediately looked at Hua Ying and asked, “They made the first move”

This was clearly a statement with an affirmative tone.

When Hua Ying heard this, she was stunned for a moment and didnt know how to answer.

Even her master Bai Lian had never protected her like this!

Hua Ying wanted to say “No”, but she felt that she couldnt say so in such a condition.

Xu Xiaoshou who was sitting opposite was amused out of anger.

Where did this arrogant person come from How could she distort the truth even more than me

He took a step forward and looked past Nangong Yin.

Across the long corridor, his loud and clear questioning voice resounded throughout the entire hall.

“Old aunt, dont you think that youre being a little unreasonable”


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