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Chapter 713: Ghost Beast Appearance, Everyone Stunned

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Everyone was in an uproar.

The scene had completely gone out of control.

Even Nangong Yin and Yuan Haisheng were frightened by the sudden appearance of the Blood Trees Yin Branch.

The White-haired Orc slammed his hand on the high platform.


In a flash, the chaos in the void was completely suppressed.

At this moment, everyone was shocked again.

“Cutting Path”

Yes, this was the power of Cutting Path!

Logically speaking, Cutting Path could only be a guest elder of a large faction.

Why would he personally step out to trade treasures

Someone looked at Room 4 and realized that the White-haired Orc left the door open.

There was no one else inside.

“A lone wolf”

Everyone was surprised and reacted immediately.

Obviously, any powerful faction wouldnt trade the Blood Trees Yin Branch that was intact.

They would have kept it for their own use instead, why on earth would they sell it

The reason why the White-haired Orc was willing to sell the Blood Trees Yin Branch must be either he was a lone wolf or he urgently needed something!

In Room 1.

Cheng Ji, who had always been calm and collected, suddenly stood up and looked at the person on the high platform in astonishment.

Chu Lisheng was also completely stunned.

“Master Cheng, the Blood Trees Yin Branch.

As far as we know, only Cen Qiaofu, the Saint Servant has it!”

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“Back at the White Cave…”

He swallowed.

The Blood Trees Yin Branch had been used by Cen Qiaofu at the White Cave.

If it hadnt been for that, Jiang Bianyan might not have died in battle.

Master Cheng wouldnt have been promoted either.

Chu Lisheng wouldnt have been in an important position too!

“When the Abyss Island landed in the Southern Region, Cen Qiaofu should have obtained the Blood Trees Yin Branch,” Chu Lisheng pondered.

He muttered, “Could this person be…”

“It cant be him!” Cheng Ji shook his head.

“Cen Qiaofu wouldnt be so stupid to sell the Blood Trees Yin Branch at a spirit gem trade fair.”

“Then” Chu Lisheng looked at the treasure on the high platform.

His lips twitched a few times, but he ran out of words.

“He entered the Abyss Island!” Cheng Jis eyes shone with a vicious light.

His words were like a heavy hammer, pounding on Chu Lishengs heart.

Whey they came to this realization, they fell into silence at the same time.

Abyss Island… Sacred Secret Land, Sky City!

Such a legend had been wandering in the spatial fragment and was hidden by the Way of the Heavens power.

Even if someone dared to break into the spatial fragment, he might not be able to find it.

But there was still a slim chance.

A long time ago, someone was thrown into the spatial fragment and coincidentally bumped into the Abyss Island that was hidden by the Way of the Heavens power.

Then, he was swallowed by the Abyss Island!

It was a special case.

Let alone in cases where one didnt have the void token, he would not be able to enter the Abyss Island at all.

Even if he had a void token, he would not be that lucky to bump into the Abyss Island as soon as he entered the spatial fragment.

However, it had indeed happened before.

Although it was difficult, it wasnt impossible!

Later, the Holy Divine Palace speculated that this wasnt a coincidence.

Someone on the Abyss Island must have chosen him as the lucky one.

However, with that kind of luck, his cultivation level must be at least at the Cutting Path too.

Right now.

The Abyss Island was about to descend on Dongtianwang City.

At this moment, the person standing on the high platform was also a Cutting Path.

Logically speaking, if he forcefully barged into the spatial fragment, there was indeed a slight chance that he would enter the Abyss Island.


“Did that nonsense really happen” Cheng Ji was suspicious.

The last time a similar event happened, it was a few hundred years ago.

That was recorded in the ancient records, and no one had ever seen it in the real world.

But now

The Blood Trees Yin Branch was in the hands of the person on the high platform, yet he foolishly trade it in front of the Holy Divine Palace…

What could have happened

It could only be a thief presenting his treasure!

“Its impossible that hes someone from a dark faction! He could only be an idiot who inexplicably crashed into the Abyss Island, obtained the treasure, and saw something… Then, he panicked and wanted to trade it!” Cheng Ji made a silent deduction.

At the same time, Chu Lisheng also made a similar guess.

To smart people like them, they could see through the background of the person on the high platform with a single glance.

As for this persons identity…

Was he Cen Qiaofu

If Cen Qiaofu was that stupid, they would not have lost so many white-clothed people to him back then!

“Master Cheng” Chu Lisheng turned his head and waited for instructions.

Cheng Ji subconsciously raised his hand to make a slide across his throat, but he suddenly stopped, with a smile appearing on his face.

“Dont do anything.”

“I want to know what was it that he saw, and what he wants to trade.”

“Also, among the factions who knew about the sacred secret land, who would have the guts to make a move”

Chu Lishengs heart turned cold when he heard that.

He felt that this trip was worth it.

The Holy Divine Palace had casted a big net and lured a few people recently.

However, there were too few of them.

But tonight, he had finally witnessed it.

Not only the void token appeared!

The Blood Trees Yin Branch that only existed on the Abyss Island had also appeared!

“To cast a huge net and trap the target, Master Cheng, you indeed deserve the title…” Chu Lisheng looked at Cheng Ji who remained his composure, and chill ran down his spine.

Beside the high platform.

Someone was eager to get close and observe the Blood Trees Yin Branchs condition.

However, the White-haired Orc sternly refused.

“To hold the Blood Trees Yin Branch, not to mention you kids, even the Cutting Path might not be able to withstand its power.”

“Its fine to just look at it, but I suggest you to not use the spiritual senses.”

As soon as the White-haired Orc finished speaking, someone at the scene let out a low beast roar, unable to suppress the violent power within his body.

This was a Sovereign.

Obviously, he used his spiritual senses to touch the Blood Trees Yin Branch, but he received a backlash from the power.

The White-haired Orc sighed and closed the Jade Box.

At the same time, he waved his hand and recovered it with the power of Cutting Path.

This time, everyone could not hold back anymore.

The Sovereign only used his spiritual senses to check it out, yet he couldnt withstand it

“I can guarantee the Blood Trees Yin Branch is in a good condition since Im here to trade it.”

The White-haired Orc said.

Then, he changed the topic, “As of now, clear your doubts and listen to my requirements.”

Everyone was tempted, but they had no choice but to suppress their agitation and listen attentively.

The White-haired Orc said, “The Blood Trees Yin Branch, Im not asking for too many spirit crystals, but the bid starts from five billion.

Theres no cap, of course.

This is for sure.

Once the transaction ends, the spirit crystal must be transferred to my account immediately.”

Everyone nodded repeatedly.

Five billion was nothing to be able to get the Blood Trees Yin Branch.

Even if the starting price was ten billion, people would still flock and fight for it.


The White-haired Orc shook his head slightly when he saw everyone being so enthusiastic.

He sighed and said, “Everyone, stay calm.

Heres another thing… that is, the trader must tell me the details of the Ghost Beast and the Ghost Beast Host body!”


The entire scene fell silent as if a sound barrier had been activated.

As soon as he finished the sentence, the wind blew and made a noise.

Everyone in the private room was dumbfounded.

Some of them even leaned forward, and the wooden chairs creaked.

It was extremely awkward at that moment.

“Ghost Beast”

Everyone, including those on the private seats and those in the private rooms was shocked at the same time.

Almost at the same time, they turned their heads to look at Room 1.

Under the surveillance of the Holy Divine Palace, how dare did someone talk about the Ghost Beast

“This is a difficult situation!”

Even though Room 1 was unmoved, at this moment, someone realized that something was wrong.

The Blood Trees Yin Branch that the White-haired Orc took out was indeed tempting.

However, to get associated with the Ghost Beast, most of them chose to give up instantly.

“What kind of joke is this”

“If we dont get the Blood Trees Yin Branch, we would only lose a supreme treasure.”

“If we associate ourselves to the Ghost Beast, we might get the entire clan wiped out!”

“The key is, why on earth did this old fellow talk about the Ghost Beast at this

very moment”

At this moment, some people even wondered if this White-haired Orc was the Ghost Beast Host body.

Otherwise, how could he be so impudent

However, the White-haired Orc on the high platform seemed to have anticipated this scene.

He sighed once again.


The White-haired Orc gently put his hands in the air and signaled for everyone to return to their senses.

Then, he continued,

“In other places, I definitely would not discuss this matter.

However, this is the Night Cats Spirit Gem Fair.

Those who can attend are mostly from the highest faction.”

“In a place like this, I have no other requests but to get to the point.”

With that, the White-haired Orc looked at Room 1 and said solemnly,

“I also know that the Holy Divine Palace is here, hence I asked this question, hoping to get an answer.”

“In addition, I took out the Blood Trees Yin Branch.

That proved that I have a clear conscience.”

“Also, I hope that this treasure which might bring a great disaster, can be passed to a trustworthy, justice organization via this trade fair.”

Pausing for a moment, seeing that there was no response from Room 1, the White-haired Orc sounded a little disappointed.

“Indeed, the Ghost Beast matter would leave a great impact.

Many people dont even dare to talk about it on the surface.”

“But I believe that it has never been forbidden and is only something that everyone knows.

It will be not a sin to merely understand it better.”

“Of course, like most of the factions present, I know the basic information regarding the Ghost Beast.”


He pointed at the Jade Box on the high platform and said, “This treasure has a base price of five billion, but the trader must bring me the information that I could appreciate!”


The entire place was dead silent.

At this moment, no one had the guts to make a sound.

Even Nangong Yin who was backstage, was a little confused when he heard this.

“Where did this guy come from Didnt you investigate him at the entrance How dare you let such a person in” His voice was a little anxious.

Yuan Haisheng was also stunned for a moment.

He hesitated for a while and said, “The item he mentioned is only a forbidden technique…”

“What the!” Nangong Yin was about to curse, but he realized that they might not be able to detect it anyway.

He could only let the matter rest.

“It shouldnt be a big problem…”

At this time, Yuan Haisheng thought of everything and calmed down.

He said,

“If the Holy Divine Palace wasnt around when this happens, perhaps they would still ask about it.”

“But they are currently in Room 1.

If the transaction process is normal, the Blood Trees Yin Branch can be exchanged for information on the Ghost Beast.

So what”

“In the end, its just a barter.

Even if something happens in the future, it wont be related to the Night Cat.”

Nangong Yin frowned.

Even though that was the case, he felt that this persons appearance was too sudden.

It was as if he was here to cause trouble…

Yet, the item that he offered was such a presentable, practical, and tempting one!

“The Blood Trees Yin Branch…” Nangong Yin pondered deeply.

“It wont be a problem!”

Yuan Haisheng glanced at the two people in the Room 1 through the spiritual array imaging.

When he saw that the two people had regained their calmness and sat down, he heaved a long sigh of relief.

“If they dont stop us, the transaction will continue.

If they stop us, the transaction will end.

Thats all.”

After a moment of silence, Nangong Yin nodded slightly.


“But secretly, keep an eye on this person and check if he is the Ghost Beast Host Body!”

At the scene.

Everyone was waiting.

However, neither did Room 1 nor Night Cat make any move.

At this moment, someone came to realization.

It was treated as a normal trading right now.

If one could give the White-haired Orc the information he wanted, anyone could make a bid!

Nevertheless, the price of making a bid…

“Hiss!” someone gasped.

Those who were impulsive would only see the benefits in front of them.

Those who were shrewd and experienced calmed the people around and stopped them from making a bid for it.

The White-haired Orc was also waiting.

He had been waiting for instruction to “Stop”, but things went just as he expected.

When it was discussed openly, it was indeed difficult for people to interfere.

Under the beast-mask, the white-haired elder smirked and slowly knocked the hammer.

“In that case… The trade begins!”


The deathly silent hall echoed with a knocking sound that was never as loud and clear as before.

Everyone felt their hearts tremble.

Then, their hearts began to race faster…

They wanted to, but they didnt have the guts to.

They drooled, but they were hesitant.

Now that the transaction had begun, no one dared to be the first to make a move.

“Is it a failed bid” The White-haired Orc smiled.

He did not give a damn.

He raised his hammer again.

“No one made a bid.”


The wooden hammer knocked again.

Someone opened his mouth and almost made an impulse sound.

At this moment, someone from Room 1 sounded.


However, before they could make a sound, a decisive voice appeared in Room 209.

“Five billion!”

The whole place was in an uproar!

Everyone looked back.

“First Pavilion in the Sky again”

“Crazy! This world is crazy! This is obviously a treasure given to the Holy Divine Palace.

How dare they snatch it”

“F*ck, Im really convinced this time…”

In Room 1, even Cheng Ji was stunned.

The elders on the high platform had been so obvious.

Anyone could see that they wanted to use the Blood Trees Yin Branch to exchange information on the Ghost Beast with the Holy Divine Palace.

If it was just that…

The Blood Trees Yin Branch was worth it!

But how did the First Pavilion in the Sky have the guts to do this

In Room 209.

Xu Xiaoshou only looked indifferently at the Jade Box on the high platform.

This time, he didnt let his junior sister make a sound.

Instead, he was the one who made the bid.

Creating trouble…

Speaking of which, he had never taken the initiative to do anything troublesome at the Spirit Gem Fair!

Holy Divine Palace

What was there to be afraid of

He was merely making a normal bid.

The Blood Trees Yin Branch was bought by the local faction of the Imperial City, and the Holy Divine Palace would follow suit.

Why would he, Xu Xiaoshou be afraid of these things

If he was really afraid, he wouldnt have come to Dongtianwang City!


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