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Chapter 717: Bluffing To the Extreme And Trapping Both Sides

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The ancestor of all ancestors… Great Infernal Ancestor

That wretched saint was one of the three ancestors of the White Vein

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He had imagined that Great Infernal Ancestor, who could cast a sword in the White Cave and play a great chess game for hundreds of years, would be a great figure in the Abyss Island.

However, he had never imagined that this persons background would be so great!

According to the words of the Great Infernal Ancestor..

The three ancestors of the White Vein should be the three leaders of the two major factions on the Abyss Island.

As for the people of the Black Vein, without words from the grey mist figure, things remained unknown for the time being…

But it didnt matter!

The Great Infernal Ancestor was one of the three ancestors, and he was an almighty who could suppress the grey mist figure and this Ancestor Wu Ji in front of him!

Xu Xiaoshou started actively thinking.

At this moment, he looked at the pop-ups on the information bar.

All of them were eithersuspected orguessed..

This scene could not be described as unfamiliar.

He knew that it was the Infernal White Flame appeared in his eyes that led to all these non-stopping questions from Ancestor Wu Ji.

The biggest question was why he had the Infernal White Flame..

“Why do you have the Infernal White Flame”

As expected, the Ancestor Wu Ji couldnt help but ask, “Humans cant have this thing.

How can a human body withstand the damage of the Infernal White Flame”

The grey mist figure turned his face away and sighed without saying anything else.

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and didnt comment.

It was indeed difficult for a human body to withstand the Infernal White Flame.

However, the Infernal White Flame that Ancestor Wu Ji understood should have a serious “Qualitative” difference from the Infernal White Flame that he understood.

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At least thats what Xu Xiaoshou knew.

An innate level flesh would be able to withstand the Infernal White Flames predecessor, the burning of the Infernal Heavenly Flames.

However, if he did not explain at this time, it would only cause Ancestor Wu Ji to speculate further.

As long as these speculations were beneficial to him, why would he make more explanation

Wouldnt it be good if he let this person speculate

Seeing that the young man in front of him didnt say anything, Ancestor Wu Ji didnt dare to ask any further.

After all, this matter concerned the Great Infernal Ancestors secret…

At this moment, the Great Infernal Ancestor had already made a judgment for Xu Xiaoshou in his heart.

This was probably one of the Great Infernal Ancestors trump cards.

In other words…

One of his own!

Otherwise, how could Feng Yujin, the dignified representative of the Black Vein, who could be thrown out of the Abyss Island to become the continents governor, be willing to serve under this young man and allow him to order him around

Eight-word token, Infernal White Flame…

The Great Infernal Ancestor thought to himself and made a decision in his heart.

He said, “Smelly little… Hmm, Young Master Xu, Did you have a way to make this old man suppress the thought of exposing himself”

He pointed at this body of himself, which was obvious that he was worried about Liu Changqings actions could have the risk of being exposed.

When Xu Xiaoshou heard the other party change the way he addressed him, he was already greatly relieved.

“Yes I did!”

He said with certainty, “Not only did I have a way, in a sense, I am still on your side, so perhaps your mission is related to mine.”

Ancestor Wu Ji was silent.

This was the first time they met, so he did not know Young Master Xus background.

Even if he had 90% certainty in his heart, it would not be so easy for this young man to get his mission out of him.


Xu Xiaoshou did not intend to rely on his identity to make this old fox confide in him.

After thinking for a while, he waved his hand and said, “How about this, you go back first and dont confront Liu Changqing for the time being.

I have my own ways to stabilize him and let the two of you get along peacefully.”

Ancestor Wu Ji didnt say anything again.

In the eyes of the world, the ghost beast was the natural enemy of mankind.

How could it be easy to get along peacefully

Seeing this, Xu Xiaoshou said, “Little Ji Ji, this is the first time you have taken possession of a body and your strength has been greatly damaged.

Dont worry, I already know about it.

Since you are a member of the White Vein and a subordinate of the Great Infernal Ancestor, how can I not help you”

As he spoke, the White Flame in his eyes flashed and disappeared.

“We… are on the same side!”

Ancestore Wu Jis thoughts were struggling.

Liu Changqings Cutting Path (stage) strength was nothing to him when it was in his prime.

But now, as long as he retreated, for a very long time, the bodys dominant will would definitely be controlled by Liu Changqing.

It wasnt easy to come out once, handing over the control to another will just like that, under the guidance of such a young man…

“You dont believe me”Xu Xiaoshou knew what the other party was thinking and spoke to the point again, “Look at them!”

He pointed at Xin Gugu and Mo Mo..

“I already have two ghost beast host bodies by my side.

If they arent my people, then what are they”

“Besides, even if your thoughts are in control now, what can you do at the trade fair”

“Even if you can hold on until you leave the trade fair, the will of the Cutting Path (stage) isnt that easy to suppress.”

“Once theres a conflict outside, you have no choice but to take actions.

Liu Changqing is creating trouble in your body, and you will die without a doubt!”

Xu Xiaoshous voice turned cold as he spoke, “Great Infernal Ancestor didnt let you out to throw your life away.

He had a plan!”

Ancestor Wu Ji was convinced.

Indeed, the two ghost beast host bodies in front of Xu Xiaoshou were too convincing!

Being able to occupy the Cutting Path (stage) body as soon as he came out, as long as the two wills in this body could coexist peacefully, he, Xuan Wuji, would definitely be able to display more power than Feng Yujin.

However, if the two wills were hostile to each other, the result would be very terrifying.

Feng Yujin to Mo Mo, Xin Gugu to the ghost beast in his body..

How could Xuan Wuji not be envious of such a peaceful state of voexistence

“Alright!” Thinking of this, Ancestor Wu Ji nodded, “I will trust you this time!”

After saying this, he wanted to take the last position and release Liu Changqings will.

“Wait!”Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly stopped him.

“What” Ancestor Wu Ji was stunned.

After saying so much, didnt this young man want him to be supporting him

Xuan Wuji was not stupid.

This point could be seen from the little foxs face.

“Its like this…”

Xu Xiaoshou rubbed his hands and thought about his explanation, then, he said, “Xiao Ji Ji, you said just now that youre a Divine Sorcerer, which is why you were chosen by the Great Infernal Ancestor to be the only person who could hide from the Void Array and be released”

“Yes!” Ancestor Wu Ji nodded, “So”

“Little Ji Ji, since youre a big shot on the Abyss Island, and you could hide from the Void Array, I guess your level of the Divine Secret isnt low, right” Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

“Of course!” Ancestor Wu Ji was confident and proud.

“To what extent”

“Ha!”Ancestor Wu Ji arrogantly laughed, “In this world, besides those few people from the Holy Divine Palace, the Divine Secret cant lose to anyone else!”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately shook his head, “I dont believe it.”

“You Little Bastard…”Ancestor Wu Ji was so angry that he was amused.

He turned to Feng Yujin and said, “Tell him about it!”

The grey mist figure was silent for a while.

In the end, he couldnt catch the two gazes full of expectations and said, “Thats true.”

Xu Xiaoshous pupils dilated immediately.

“Thats great!”

He clapped his hands and said to Ancestor Wu Ji, “Little Ji Ji, go back now and teach Liu Changqing the Divine Secret.”

Ancestor Wu Ji was stunned.


Then, he angrily said, “I, an ancestor, my Divine Secret is not something that can be learned by an ant like you!”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately pointed at the grey mist figure and said, “His Sealing Technique was also taught to an Innate (stage) junior, and it was a female.

Little Ji Ji, its already not bad that you can get a male body.

You have to learn to compare with others!”

The grey mist figures face immediately darkened, “What did you say”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and sneakily gave the grey mist figure a look, asking him to cooperate with him.

Then, he pressed on the shoulders of Ancestor Wu Ji, acting like an old friend that he had known for a long time.

Then, he lowered his voice and advised,

“The man is not bad!”

“Besides, I didnt ask you to teach all of the Divine Secret.”

“Since you want to coexist peacefully, you have to show some sincerity first, right”

“There is no problem in this world that can not be solved with benefits.

You took out the supreme Divine Secret, and Liu Changqing tasted the sweetness of it he will naturally want to learn more little by little.”

“As for the rest, I dont need to say much, right”

It had to be said that this time, Ancestor Wu Ji was tempted again.

He wasnt stupid.

Naturally, he could understand what Young Master Xu meant.

Hanging on by advanced way ahead of Divine Secret, using the Divine Secret to control the body.

From then on, on the surface, Liu Changqing was the master of this body.

Behind his back, the one who truly controlled this bodys will and direction would be him, Xuan Wuji!

“How is it”Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows, “Time is running short.

I dont have much time to chat with you here.

There are still many treasures waiting for me at the trade fair!”

At this point, Ancestor Wu Ji wasnt someone who couldnt make a decision and he finally stopped hesitating.


He heavily nodded and took a deep look at Feng Yujin again before concealing his will.

The power of Way of the Heavens Wu Ji faded away, and the seal aura was removed at the same time.

Liu Changqings will was finally released from the spiritual altar and freed from the cage.


As soon as he appeared, he immediately attacked the grey mist figure.

“Hold on!”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately stopped him and kept on saying, “Xiao Ji… ptui, Mr.

Liu, dont you think that once the ghost beasts will is released, your soul will be annihilated At this moment, its impossible for you to come back”

Liu Changqings actions immediately stopped.

Even the grey mist figures counterattack stopped with Xu Xiaoshous words.

“Soul annihilation”

Almost at the same time, the grey mist figure, Xin Gugu, and Liu Changqing had the same question:

What did the thought of the ghost beast have to do with the soul annihilation

Seeing this, Xu Xiaoshou explained, “Its like this.

If the will of the ghost beast can not coexist peacefully, then either your soul will be annihilated or the will of the ghost beast in your body will be gone.

Does Mr.

Liu understand this”

How could Liu Changqing understand

If he understood this, he would not have come to Xu Xiaoshou to ask for the escaping method of ghost beast.

The grey mist figure and Xin Gugu listened from the side.

Seeing Liu Changqings complicated expression, they immediately understood something:

Xu Xiaoshou was going to start bluffing!

As expected, when Xu Xiaoshou saw Liu Changqings reaction, he also knew that this person did not know much, so he immediately opened his mouth and said,


Liu, just now, my friend sealed your will because he wanted to see what position the ghost beasts will in your body was in.”

“Now that I have confirmed my position and reached an agreement with him, the rest depends on your choice, Mr.


Liu Changqing was stunned and said slowly, “What position What choice”

“The position of peaceful coexistence, the choice of mutual benefit and symbiosis!” Xu Xiaoshou lowered his voice.

Xin Gugu could tell that his voice was full of bewitchment.

The grey mist figure also covered his face.

In this short period of time, he had sighed countless times already.

Xu Xiaoshou..

This guy was simply too much!

Was there no one in this world that he could not fool

Using all kinds of information gaps, he could use his mouth to trick the elders of the Abyss Island and the Cutting Path (stage) to death!

“What do you mean” Liu Changqing was indeed tempted.

Ghost beast was torture, but it was also power.

Without a way to escape from, torturing and consuming each other would only be a last resort.

If there was a way to suppress this ghost beasts power, or even make use of it, then he, Liu Changqing, would be able to gain far more than being simply freed from it.

“Its like this…”

Xu Xiaoshou hooked his arm around Liu Changqings shoulder and whispered into his ear, “I negotiated a condition for you.

‘It has agreed not to torture you anymore.

and give you a lot of advanced power.”

“Such as”Liu Changqing did not believe it.

“Such as… The Divine Secret !”Xu Xiaoshou seriously said.

This time, Liu Changqing was shocked, and his eyes were filled with confusion.

Divine Secret..

As a Cutting Path (stage) , how could he not have heard of it

Cutting Path (stage) had an extremely long lifespan.

After knowing that he had no hope of transcending the tribulation and breaking through to the higher void (level) , Liu Changqing had studied all kinds of powers.

Conducting alchemy, weapon forging, spiritual array…

Just the spiritual array alone, Liu Changqing was already at the level of a grand master (stage) , so how could he not have heard of Divine Secret

However, wasnt Divine Secret something thats controlled by the Path Division of the Holy Divine Palace and was not available outsiders

“Are you serious” Liu Changqing couldnt believe it for a long time.


Xu Xiaoshou became serious, “You dont believe me If you dont believe me, you can communicate with the ghost beasts will in your body.

I believe thatit isnt going against you anymore!”

Liu Changqing gave it a try.

As expected, the will that needed to be suppressed by most of the power of the Way of the Heavens in the past.

Now that the power had relaxed, and did not struggle anymore.

“Hu ~”

Liu Changqing heaved a long sigh of relief.

He was somewhat certain of Young Master Xus ability.

After all…

The two living examples of the ghost beast host bodies were right in front of him.

Who would not retreat after seeing such an ability to control a ghost beast

Xu Xiaoshou saw that Liu Changqing was moved, and he seized the opportunity to go further, “The power of the ghost beast is actually something that the various factions are secretly studying.

Its because the power within is too strong.”

“Now that youre in prison, other than the road to death, any choices, methods, would have offer you more than the road to death, right”

“In this situation where opportunities and challenges coexist, by accident, the two of you can really be as harmonious as my two friends here beside me…”

“Then you, Liu Changqing, are an existence thats ahead of your time! Youll be able to grasp the power of the ghost beast!”

“As for the Cutting Path (stage) …”

Xu Xiaoshou was disdainful, and his tone was even more mocking, “You should be able to see the full strength of the ghost beast.

Even ifitis getting weak, it can still torture you to this extent.

After truly grasping this power…”

“Cutting Path (stage) , what is it”

“Nine Death Thunder Calamity isnt a dream!”

“Higher void (level) , its just around the corner!”

“Even Saint…”

Xu Xiaoshou stopped as he spoke.

He looked at Liu Changqings bright eyes and said steadily, “But dont think too much.

You guys are still getting used to each other.

Hehe, Saint is too far away.”

“What do I have to give for this”Liu Changqing lowered his voice.

At this moment, Xin Gugu and the grey mist figure knew.

This old fellow could not be saved…

What Xu Xiaoshou said was the truth, and there was also the truth around him.

It was not Liu Changqings fault for being tricked.

If there was anyone to blame, it was Xu Xiaoshou who was too mysterious!

This “Double trap” method was so magical that no one dared to imagine it..

“Of course you have to give something!” Xu Xiaoshou only took a step back with a serious expression.

He knew that such an old fox, if he told him that there was a pie falling from the sky, he could only turn around and leave immediately.

However, if he asked him to help count the money when he was scamming him, he would only think that he is well-deserved.

After all, only when there was a sacrifice would there be a return!

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou pointed at himself with an extremely solemn expression.

“It”, he is the same as you and he does not believe in either of you, so he appointed me as the middleman.

After all, I have a successful case here.”

After glancing at the grey mist figure, Xu Xiaoshou said,

“So, you can follow me for the time being!”

“Then, you can communicate with theit now, and see if you can get the inheritance of the Divine Secret.”

“If possible…”

Xu Xiaoshou paused for a moment, then took out a scroll from his ring with a solemn expression and slowly handed it over.

“This is a scroll for making a small-scale Spatial Teleportation Array Wheel.”

“Dont look at it as it is insignificant, if you can make it…”

“This small step to make, is a big step for humans and ghost beasts to coexist peacefully!”


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