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Chapter 719: The Remains Of The Divine Puppet

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The discussion among the various factions in the private rooms would not affect the order of the trade fair.

After several rounds of trading, the door of no.

122 private room was pushed open and a person wearing a blue Yama mask walked out.

The atmosphere in the arena became strange.

Everyone recognized that this was one of the two factions that dared to face the Holy Divine Palace head-on.

The other was the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Everyone knew about this.

However, no one knew about the origin of no.

122 private room.

Some busybodies even looked in the direction of no.

1 private room, wanting to see how the Holy Divine Palace would react.

However, even though no.

122 private room had called out the price of no.

1 private room and failed to win the treasure at the end, their ability to attract hatred was obviously not as strong as no.

209 private rooms Young Master Xu.


1 private room naturally did not respond to anything.

The blue Yama-masked man, Spider Lily, walked up to the high platform of the trading hall calmly and leisurely.


His tone was very light, and there was no usual teasing in it.

However, as he took out his items, he stated something that seemed very ordinary.

“The good item I brought for everyone this time is the complete remains of a Divine Puppet.”

“It doesnt have any spiritual intelligence and has already been beaten to death.

However, its extremely suitable to study the complete Divine Secret technique.”

“Thats because the divine path pattern on it is perfectly preserved!”


The entire place seemed to have fallen into the freezing point in an instant, and there was absolute silence.

Spider Lily finally took out something from his ring.

It was the figure of a burly man who was a few heads taller than the others.

However, it wasnt a human, but the remains of a Divine Puppet!


The remains of the divine puppet were smashed onto the high platform, and the entire place was finally filled with commotion.

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“Divine Puppet”

“What! Am I dreaming Where did no.

122 private room come from In front of the Holy Divine Palace, they pulled out the remains of a Divine Puppet Do they not want to live anymore”

“In my entire life, I have never even seen a Divine Puppet.

Yet today, In this place, I saw a divine puppet”

“Its a remnant!”

“Remnant Have you seen a remnant”

“Uh, Ive heard of it.”

“Then shut up!”


Everyone held their heads in their hands.

They were really going crazy.

Everyone felt that the situation was really getting out of control…

Divine Puppet, what was that

That was the trump card of the white-clothed and red coat organizations.

It was a true trump card and killing move that could only be used when dealing with the leader of the evil organizations in the world and a higher void expert.

If you could see this thing once in your lifetime…

There were two reasons:

First, you were guilty of something.

Second, your lifespan has come to an end.

But now, the remains of a divine puppet had been laid out so openly.

Everyone was filled with questions.

“Where did you get the divine puppet”

“This thing is dead.

Shouldnt it be retrieved by the Path Division”

“How could the remains of the Divine Puppet have a complete divine path pattern Shouldnt this thing have a self-destruct program”

“Your origin isnt appropriate, right!”

The entire place was in an uproar.

The last question was the biggest question in everyones mind.

On the high platform, Spider Lily gently pressed his hand and explained, “Perhaps you dont know, but the Divine Puppet of the Path Division can actually be traded.

Its just that your level isnt high enough, and you dont have any trading channels.”

Everyone was speechless.

Could it be that everyone present was trash

Spider Lily didnt stop and continued to speak with confidence, “Of course, the remains in my hand werent obtained through trading, but they definitely came from a clean source.”

He turned to look at no.1 private room.

“The people of the Holy Divine Palace can verify this point on the spot.”

Everyone turned their heads as well.

Cheng Ji and Chu Lisheng in no.1 private room were also shocked.

They had lived for so long, and this was the first time they had seen someone who dared to trade the remains of the Divine Puppet.

Inside No.

122 private room…

Did he eat a bears heart or a leopards guts

There was definitely something wrong with this faction!

Chu Lisheng felt that Master Chengs decision to take down the net tonight was very wise.

Once the net was collected.

No matter what, at least these unknown fellows should all be registered on the record, right

Cheng Ji was also thinking about it in his mind, but he did not explode at the first moment.

Perhaps the people present did not believe that the Divine Puppet could be traded.

However, as the hall master of the side hall of the Holy Divine Palace, he could completely tell that the Yama masked man on the high platform was not lying.

The Divine Puppet was not only used to increase the combat strength of the white-clothed and red-clothed organizations but it was also used by the demi-saint faction to purchase the family guards.


Apart from being exterminated, how could the demi-saint faction possibly lose the complete remains of the Divine Puppet

Taking out a Heaven Jewel Abacus from his ring, Cheng Ji asked, “Serial number”

Spider Lilys gaze did not waver at all as he calmly replied, “Serial number: E-087, codename: Tian Geng, you can verify it.”

Spiritual senses materialized, and the Heavenly Jewel Abacus flashed.

Cheng Ji raised his head from the abacus, his entire being lost…

“How is it” Chu Lisheng asked hurriedly.

Cheng Ji did not reply, but he was still immersed in the information of the Heaven Jewel Abacus:

“Tian Geng, the higher void Lei Familys Divine Guardian Puppet died in battle 16 years ago, and has yet to be retrieved.”

This piece of information proved that Tian Gengs background was legitimate.


Lei Family

Cheng Ji was truly shocked.

It would have been fine if it was any other demi-saint family, but the higher void Lei Family

How could Lei Familys Divine Guardian Puppet, which had died in battle, fall into the hands of the person in front of him.

Too many people had been involved in that incident back then, and all of them had been sealed.

Even though Cheng Ji was the hall master of the side hall, he didnt know much about it.

However, he also knew that the faction below the demi-saint level didnt even have the right to participate in that battle.

Even taking a glance at it would risk leaking the secrets of the divinity and dying.

Therefore, the “Tian Geng” who had died in the battle back then could only have been taken back by the Path Division on the spot.

How could he have fallen into the hands of an outsider

“Perhaps, hes not an outsider”

Cheng Ji suddenly thought of such a possibility.

But if he wasnt an outsider…

Either the person on the stage was someone from the path division of the Holy Divine Palace.

Or he was someone from the demi-saint family who had participated in the battle back then!


Cheng Ji was speechless.

He didnt even know how to respond to the crowd.

What kind of face was hidden under the Yama mask on the high platform Whether it was an enemy or a friend, there was no way to tell…

This matter was even beyond the scope of his control as the hall master of the side hall.

“Inform the Path Division to rush here overnight.”

Cheng Ji instructed and looked back at the high platform.

“At this moment, no matter how much this remains is offered, we must take it!”

Chu Lisheng immediately nodded his head after he recovered from his shock.


On the high platform.

When Spider Lily saw that No.

1 private room was silent, he was also a little surprised.

When Lord Huang Quan ordered them to take out the Divine Puppet, he had the same reaction as the people below the platform.

He was extremely shocked.

How did he dare to do that

However, the Holy Divine Palaces attitude towards him was noncommittal after a few sentences.

It was completely within Lord Huang Quans expectations.

Everything was going according to plan…

“Wow!” At this moment, the admiration that Spider Lily had for Lord Huang Quan started to surge again.

To be able to make the Holy Divine Palace acquiesce in trading the remains of the divine puppet, how much power did this require

“Since no one has any objection, Ill start trading”

Spider Lily asked symbolically, and No.1 private room continued to remain silent.

The audience below the stage was also dumbfounded.

All of them were either excited, lost, or confused when they saw the Yama masked man on the high platform strike his hammer.

“Base price, 100 billion!”


The entire place was dead silent.

Everyones faces turned pale on the spot.

100 billion

This was a figure that they would not be able to come up with even if they sold themselves!

In no.1 private room, Chu Lishengs face immediately darkened.

“Master Cheng, this person is toying with us.

They know that we have to buy it…”

“Buy it,” Cheng Ji interrupted with an indifferent expression.

No one could know what he was thinking.

Thats right.

This matter was no longer something that a mere hall master of the side hall of the Imperial City, Cheng Ji, could control.

This sum of money did not even need the side hall of the Imperial City to pay for it.

The remains of the Divine Puppet would be bidded for the time being, and the people of the Path Division would rush over overnight.

Naturally, they would be able to personally take responsibility for the Yama masked man on the high platform.

If it wasnt for the people who participated in the battle back then, they would have just taken him down.

And if it was…

Cheng Ji shuddered, not daring to continue thinking about what was going on.

He felt that this matter had nothing to do with him.

At this moment, he only needed to act as a normal member of the trade fair…

He only needed to make a bid.


“100 billion!”

In the dead silence, the voice in No.1 private room stood out like a crane among chickens.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The stupefied Mu Zixi in No.

209 private room understood the current situation.

How could the others not know

“Are they idiots”

Mu Zixi tugged at Xu Xiaoshous sleeve.

“The people in No.122 private room are clearly here to rob us.

Why is the Holy Divine Palace standing out like this”

Xu Xiaoshou pushed her hand away.

His mind was not on this.

He murmured, “Zhou Yu, Huang Gai, are both willing to be beaten…”

“Has the Holy Divine Palace gone mad” Liu Lu also exclaimed.

Then, he immediately covered his mouth and looked around.

“Who, who is speaking”

Xin Gugu, “…”

He glanced at Liu Lu, and his eyes turned white.

His gaze fell on Xu Xiaoshou.

“Young Master Xu, what is the origin of No.

122 private room Are they planning to rob the Holy Divine Palace directly”

“Yama!” Xu Xiaoshou said in a serious voice, “That day when we went out on the street, didnt we sense that someone was watching us It was their people.”

Mu Zixi was stunned.

Although her senior brothers gaze didnt shift over, the certainty in his tone reminded her of the few factions that her senior brother had told her to pay attention to after returning to the building that day.

Yama, wasnt that the organization that specialized in gouging eyes

These people had even dug into the Holy Divine Palace

“How dare they” Mu Zixi asked hesitantly.

How dare they… Xu Xiaoshou also frowned.

Thats right!

How dare they

How dare they put the remains of the Divine Puppet in front of the Holy Divine Palace so openly

Arent they afraid of being pursued and investigated

— only for money

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head in his heart.

He didnt believe that Yama was short of money.

No matter how short of money they are, they wouldnt be able to do such a big thing in front of the Holy Divine Palace.

Then, what are they after

“The eyes!”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of Yamas goal almost immediately.

But why would he release such a turn of events at the trade fair

“Wait, a turn of events…”

Xu Xiaoshous thoughts stopped.

His pupils constricted and his lips gradually widened.

“Young Master Xu” Mu Zixi raised her eyes from the side.

She had noticed Xu Xiaoshous emotional transformation.

Xu Xiaoshou ignored her.

In his heart, he combined Yamas ultimate goal with the shocking scene before him and came up with a path that he had just thought of not long ago — to create a diversion.

“Yama is planning to create trouble!”

In a split second, Xu Xiaoshou thought of this possibility.

Create trouble at the scene


What they wanted to do was to create a sudden turn of events during the trade fair and gather everyones attention here.

Spirit Gem Trade Fair is a grand event in the Imperial City, and almost all the representatives of the strongest faction in the land realm would gather here.

Even the Outsiders would come over here.

The Holy Divine Palaces gaze would also be here.

What did this mean

The defenses of other places were completely weak!

The best time to create a diversion!

Furthermore, the “East” of Yamas voice was in the form of the remains of the Divine puppet, and it was the “East” that the Holy Divine Palace had to pay attention to.

As a result, the success rate of the “West” they wanted to attack was almost 100%!

Then the question came…

“Who is the “West””

Xu Xiaoshou panicked.

This “West” was either his Eye of Heaven, his junior sisters God Devil Eyes, or Jiang Xians Three Loathsome Eyes!

“Two-thirds probability…” Xu Xiaoshou wanted to cry at the thought of this.

Before he had the time to stir up trouble, he suddenly realized that others were already starting to mess with him

Could he still have a good night

Wasnt this just a trade fair

Was there a need for such a great array

Would these people really not miss even a single opportunity This is too terrifying!

Xu Xiaoshou, who felt that he had accidentally broken through the divinity, looked at the people around him who were still shocked that Yama dared to trade the remains of the Divine Puppet so boldly.

For some reason, an indescribable sense of superiority rose in his heart…

The audacity of the other party was even beyond your imagination!


There was no doubt that no one dared to raise the price of 100 billion.

The Holy Divine Palaces action of retrieving the remains of the Divine Puppet was also something that no one dared to interfere with.

Spider Lily happily retreated in satisfaction.

The servant brought the remains back to No.1 private room.

He only needed to wait for the money to be collected.

This money would be Yamas operating expenses for a long time.

The transaction continued.

In the private room, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly stood up.

He was going to make a move!

If there were to be chaos tonight, one of the main protagonists of the tragedy might be him, Xu Xiaoshou.

Then this matter could not be tolerated.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he should be the one who fanned the flames in the chaos.

If Yama wanted to mess with him, then he would just burn the place down and use the Holy Divine Palace as a shield to watch the tigers fight.

After all, on the surface, he was still a good citizen and was protected by the Holy Divine Palace.

When the incident was over and they start looking for the culprits, he would not be blamed.

After all, the arsonist would not him, and he, the main party, had already escaped…

Those who watched the fire from the other side may be considered guilty, but they did not deserve to die.

“Liu Lu, operate it.

This young master wants to sell something!”

“Uh, okay… whatever Young Master Xu wants to sell, I will arrange for you to be the next one to go on stage.” Liu Lu immediately nodded.

Xu Xiaoshou leaned against the windowsill and stared at No.

122 private room with a mischievous smile:

“This young master wants to sell Princess Iron Fans banana fan, the kind that fans the flames!”




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