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Chapter 725: Who Else

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“Good night, everyone.

Im Cheng Ji.”

Cheng Ji floated onto the stage and spoke with a smile.

He did not wear a beast mask, so everyone could see this smiling face at a glance.

And when they realized who this face was…

“Master Cheng”

The crowd below the stage exploded.

Everyone stood up.

“So, Master Cheng has always been in Room 1 I thought it was just a representative of the Holy Divine Palace…”

“Heavens! Why is Master Cheng here”

“Is something big going to happen”

When they saw Cheng Ji, the young ones from various factions were all excited, as if they had seen their legendary idol.

However, the faces of the older generation in the private rooms and private seats immediately darkened.

Some people even contacted the Night Cats servant on the spot, “Im leaving.”

However, the reply they received was the same, “Im sorry, but you cant.”

Many of the most powerful factions in the Imperial Citys Land Realm had heard about this matter beforehand.

Some factions like Great Xuantian Sect and Guiyin Pavilion who were extremely arrogant and fearless, didnt plan to leave early before this.

Obviously, they werent aware of the Holy Divine Palaces plan.

When they saw Cheng Ji appear, they immediately stood up and wanted to leave, but they were stopped by the servant.

“What are you Night Cat doing Why didnt you inform me that Cheng Ji is here” The Master of Great Xuantian Sect, Leng Qi, was furious.

He truly didnt expect that.

Master Cheng was the one who had watched him seize three void tokens instead of an ordinary representative of the Holy Divine Palace.

Where was the fun in that case

What good could happen when Cheng Ji was around

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Cheng Ji had just become a new official, and he hadnt even started doing anything.

Almost every elder in Imperial City knew that this cunning man was holding back his trump card.

Now that Cheng Ji had appeared, he must be planning something big.

Or else, could it be that he was just here to greet everyone

“Cheng Ji, why are you here”

The Master of Guiyin Pavilion, Xiu Mingyue was similarly stunned.

She immediately searched through her memories and recalled that she had won a void token tonight.

Oh no…

It was as if she was caught red-handed by a judge.

She could even be sentenced to death instantly without any explanation.

Who wouldnt panic if this happened

In Room 122, even Huang Quan who was wearing the golden mask, was a little surprised.

However, he was only stunned for a moment before he laughed out loud, “Thats right, how could the Holy Divine Palace not think of it when Ive thought so”

Beside him, Spider Lily started to worry, “Lord Huang Quan, then we…”

“It doesnt matter.”

Huang Quan waved his hand and said with a smile, “I think the Holy Divine Palace has gathered red-clothed and white-clothed people to search the entire place.

However, they could hardly find us out.”

Even the Nine Serenities Ghost Child raised his eyebrows when he heard this.


It was just like the red-clothed people, the natural enemy of the Ghost Beast Host Body.

Underground organizations like Yama were almost all on white-clothed peoples blacklist.

On usual days, they succumbed to the white-clothed people the most too!

When they heard the word “White-clothed”, the hearts of the Nine Serenities Ghost Child and Spider Lily were moved.

However, in just an instant, the two of them regained their alertness.

Yes, they were usually afraid of white-clothed because they were on a solo mission.

If they bumped into white-clothed, they might die.

But now, both of them were with Lord Huang Quan.

Now that Lord Huang Quan wasnt afraid, why should them be afraid

Why should an outsider worry more than an insider

On the high platform.

Cheng Ji didnt do anything on purpose, he was waiting patiently.

After everyone calmed down and listened attentively, he talked with a smile, “Theres something I want to announce.”

His words were extremely overbearing.

Everyone could tell that Master Cheng had not come here to discuss matters, but to deliver an unquestionable order.

The commotion was unbearable, so Cheng Ji ignored it and continued,

“First of all, I want to clarify that it is not the Night Cats fault.

Its the Holy Divine Palace that took over before the transaction ended.

This has nothing to do with them.”

“Secondly, I know that everyone is eager to go home, so I wont waste any more time.”

“If you want to leave, you can do so.

Everyone just line up and leave through the entrance of the venue according to order.”

Until now, most of the people were still confused.

Someone shouted with courage, “May I ask why are you doing this, Master Cheng”

Cheng Ji smiled, “Nothing much.

I received news that… some dark factions and the Ghost Beast Host body were here in the trade fair, so I have to investigate thoroughly.”

With a whoosh, there was a huge commotion below the stage.

Dark faction, Ghost Beast Host Body…

Most people were only shocked when they heard this, but it had nothing to do with them.


Investigate thoroughly…

When they heard this, everyone couldnt sit still anymore.

They all knew what this meant.

Cheng Ji waved his hand in the air and calmed everyone down.

Then, he smiled and said,

“Everyone, dont panic.

Those who are innocent would not get involved.

If you havent done anything that the white-clothed or red-clothed should interfere, you can all go home safely tonight.”


With that, the door of Room 13 was pushed open heavily.

Leng Qi didnt even put on his beast mask and walked out with a livid expression.

“Master Cheng, this is too much!”

“You dont even say hello and you want to catch them all”

“Since when did this Imperial City become under the control of merely a single branch of Holy Divine Palace”

“Even if its the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace in the Central Region, youre only responsible for keeping the continent safe.

You cannot control the lives of all the factions here!”

Leng Qi flicked his sleeves.

Everyone on the private seats was astonished.

Although some people had guessed that Room 13 was a powerful faction, they were greatly shocked when they saw Leng Qi.

“Master Leng”

“Great Xuantian Sect”

“Wow, as expected of the Great Xuantian Sect, a powerful faction!”

“We need such a person to hold up the situation and deal with the insolence of the Holy Divine Palace!”

Someone stood up.

Following that, someone else gave a feedback.

No one wanted to be investigated.

In fact, the Holy Divine Palace did not have an authority so high that it could ride over everybody.

Therefore, at this moment.

The moment Leng Qi appeared, many private rooms opened the doors one by one.

The leaders and representatives of the big factions took off their beast masks and stepped forward.

At this moment, the people who used to fight against each other formed an alliance to protect their own factions.

If they didnt do so now, they might have to kneel down later on.

However, there were also exceptions.

For example in Room 209 and a few other rooms, no one stepped out.

“Its happening…” Liu Changqing watched the scene in the Room, feeling a little surprised.

The situation was progressing according to what Young Master Xu had expected, Heavens!

How could he predict that the major factions would rebel

Liu Changqing could totally understand why the major factions were rebelling at the moment.

However, how could Young Master Xu guess peoples thoughts so accurately before all this happened

Being someone who could judge the current situation and being someone who could make predictions…

They were completely different!

He looked at Young Master Xu, who was sitting cross-legged on the sofa and muttering to himself.

Young Master Xu was still immersed in the extremely abstruse “Demi-Saint Discrimination Path” state.

With that, Liu Changqing sighed, “At this age, we are just like…”

“Be careful.”

Mo Mo spoke at the right time.

She could not predict whether the situation would go as Xu Xiaoshou said.

No one had expected that the person in Room 1 would be Master Cheng.

Even Xu Xiaoshou had not expected that.

To be honest…

Seeing this person…

Mo Mo felt that even Xu Xiaoshou looked down on the Holy Divine Palace for their carelessness of the ongoing mission tonight.

“Why do I feel that these people dont seem to be able to rebel” Mu Zixi looked at the leaders of the various factions who were clearly outnumbered.

Yet, she felt that Cheng Ji seemed to be more confident, wasnt that so

“So do I…” Xin Gugu was also a little flustered.

“Theres hope!” Liu Changqing began to pray.

He didnt want to die.

But if the Holy Divine Palace were to make a move tonight, he would be the first person to be investigated.

He exchanged information on the Ghost Beast in front of the Holy Divine Palaces Master Cheng…

Liu Changqing was heartbroken.

But at that time, no one would have thought that the person in Room 1 was Cheng Ji, right

Xiao Wanfeng scanned the people in the room and was extremely calm.

Was there anything to be afraid


He didnt even know why these people were nervous.

Liu Lu was also inexplicably uneasy.

But when he looked at Young Master Xu…

Xiao Wanfeng was very calm.

If Young Master Xu was as calm as usual, it shouldnt be a big problem.

He was the descendant of a Demi-Saint!

At the scene.

Facing the threat around him, Cheng Ji kept his smile.

However, he floated in the air and looked at the people below.

He said again,

“Everyone, youre overracting.”

“Ive said before, its the white-clothed and red-clothed people who will take action.

They only focus on the dark faction and Ghost Beast Host Body.

They wont bother about your personal matters.”

“Similarly, white-clothed and red-clothed peopler are above the Holy Divine Palace.

They are calledtranscendents.”

“If they want to investigate, the Holy Divine Palace can only do our best to cooperate.

I hope that everyone can understand this point.”

After a pause, Cheng Ji looked at the gloomy faces below.

He remained unmoved and continued,

“All of you are the leaders of various factions, so you must know how difficult it is for these seniors to keep the continent safe all these years.”

“Since they got the news, they will certainly conduct a thorough investigation.”

“Dont worry! This is really not a investigation by the Holy Divine Palace, so it wont harm your businesses and industries…”

“Master Cheng!” Leng Qi was impatient and interrupted loudly.

Cheng Ji narrowed his eyes and turned to look.

If he remembered correctly, this person had been provoking the commotion all along.

Leng qi sneered, “Master Cheng, you speak so pompously.

What do you mean by its the white-clothed and red-clothed whore on a mission You arent trying to fool us, are you”

“Would you promise that the Holy Divine Palace wont interfere this time Its only the white-clothed and red-clothed people, are you sure”

Cheng Ji wanted to reply, but Leng Qi raised his voice and cut him off.

“Master Cheng!”

“There are some things that cant be dealt the way you do it tonight.”

“Even when Master Jiang was still around, he was in a cooperative, competitive, and friendly relationship with various factions.”

Leng Qi looked at the people around him as he spoke.

Seeing that everyone nodded their heads in agreement, he turned to look at Cheng Ji.

“The way you behave is a little…”

Raising his head high, Leng Qis eyes were filled with ridicule.

“Overpowering To be honest, I dont like it at all!”

Cheng Jis smile froze on his face.

At this moment, he was high up in the sky, while Leng Qi and the others were on the second floor.

It wasnt wrong to say that he was overpowering them.

However, that wasnt important!

The important thing was…

Ever since Cheng Ji took office, countless people had been pointing fingers and making comments.

All in all, there were comments like,

“This incident was not handled very well.

Its not as great as how Master Jiang used to deal with it.”

“That matter was not very wise.

If it was Master Jiang, he definitely wouldnt do it this way.”

Cheng Ji pondered.

He wasnt Jiang Bianyan after all!

Jiang Bianyan was such an overly kind person.

He was so gentle and like to handle tough situations with a soft manner.

Cheng Ji, didnt even bother to do like that.

Why did people keep comparing him to someone in the past

“Are you teaching me how to work” Cheng Jis eyes widened as his hair and beard fluttered in the wind.

He grabbed Leng Qi and pulled him up.

The situation became so tensed up.

Everyones hearts skipped a beat.

They were getting anxious.

Cheng Ji was not Jiang Bianyan.

He had the Cheng clan behind him, and he was also at the Cutting Path stage.

Was a battle between the Cutting Paths about to begin right now

However, it was not like what everyone expected.

Leng Qi who was in the air, did not get angry.

Instead, he laughed, “Master Cheng, do you want to mess with me Just who do you think you are, Master Cheng”

“A man”

“The son of the Cheng clans elder”

“Or the Master of the Side Hall of Holy Divine Palace”

Leng Qi didnt resist at all.

He was a Cutting Path, but he was caught in the air right now.

It was a shame.

Yet, he believed that Cheng Ji wouldnt dare to make a move.

Because no matter what, Cheng Ji wouldnt make a move.

Once he made a move, he would be doomed!

He would be totally doomed!

In that case, the Holy Divine Palaces plan tonight would be completely ruined by the crowds objection!

Who would have thought that Cheng Ji would stay so rational even when he was triggered to this point.

He released his hand that was holding on to the rules.

He no longer looked at Leng Qi.

Instead, he turned his eyes to look at the crowd below.

“I was just standing slightly higher since Master Leng was so unwilling to beoverpowered.

Everyone, stay calm.”

Cheng Ji changed the topic and coldly glanced at everyone below.

He said indifferently,

“At the same time, I would like to know…”

“Who else was unwilling to be overpowered and would like to go against the white-clothed and red-clothed people”

Leng Qis mocking smile immediately froze in the sky.

Go against the white-clothed and red-clothed people

When had he ever said that

Cheng Jis framing would probably make Leng Qi die on the spot!

“Master Cheng, youve gone too far.

Ive never said that…” Leng Qi struggled to defend himself.

However, before he could finish the sentence, Cheng Ji looked past him as if he was invisible.

Cheng Ji continued to stare coldly down and interrupted,

“Ill ask one last question.”

“Those who want to stand up here, those who want to go against the white-clothed and red-clothed people…”

“Please, step forward!”



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