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Chapter 726: Red-clothed Arrived, It Was Set!

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The scene suddenly became exciting.

Everyone was cautious, did not dare to go forward.

Leng Qis mouth twitched as he watched from high up in the sky.

Were these people mad

If they were suppressed by Cheng Ji now, how could they stand a place later on

In the future, wouldnt they have to listen to Cheng Jis words blindly

In Room 209.

Looking at Cheng Ji who was controlling the entire scene alone, Xin Gugu and the others fell silent.

Cheng Jis aura was too strong.

It did not turn into a huge commotion as Young Master Xu expected.

Instead, he managed to convince everyone with one word.

One word from the Holy Divine Palace.

Those who dared to resist would be instantly doomed.

They would never be able to clear their names anymore.

“Thats awesome!”

Xin Gugu had been with Xu Xiaoshou for a long time.

He knew very well that these large factions were more afraid of being framed than being overcome by strength.

He had seen Xu Xiaoshou using similar methods before.

He definitely knew how great it was.

At that moment, he could not help but worry.

Would everyone act so cowardly and get suppressed so easily

Also, where did Xu Xiaoshou go Why wasnt he around

If he didnt stir up trouble now, it seemed like nothing else could escape from this situation…

However, there were still many capable people present.

Under Cheng Jis threat, most people didnt dare to move.

Some of them had been in the martial arts world for a long time.

With their high qualifications and positions, they were familiar with these methods.

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At the door of Room 7.

Xiu Mingyue walked out with the Guqin in his arms, and left guardian Mo Qing immediately followed.

“Master Cheng, you must be kidding…” Under the veil, Xiu Mingyues red lips quivered as she chuckled, “Leng Qi merely questioned your actions.

Why would you go so far as to accuse Master Leng”

Cheng Ji tilted his head and said sternly, “Do you want to be like him” He looked at Leng Qi.


Xiu Mingyue shook her head and did not reply.

Instead, she continued,

“Master Cheng, dont you think youre being a bit inappropriate”

“Night Cat is a big faction.

The Holy Divine Palace took over their home ground without any early notice.

Even the local factions in the Imperial City like us do not know about this.”

“Perhaps you do get the pressure from the white-clothed and red-clothed seniors, but it doesnt seem appropriate for you to be so forceful.”

“Furthermore, strictly speaking, the top factions of the Imperial City are forced to attend the meeting without prior notice.

At the meeting, we can have a vote of veto.”

“To put it another way, we can choose not to cooperate with you, right”

When the Guiyin Pavilion spoke, they made things feel so clear.

Xiu Mingyue did not go along with Cheng Jis plan at all.

She brought up the survival motto of various factions in the Imperial City.

From this point, everyone felt that Cheng Ji would definitely be speechless.

They immediately cheered and agreed loudly.

However, Cheng Ji only sighed and shook his head:

“Master Xiu, I actually agree with your opinion from the bottom of my heart.”

“But this time, the white-clothed and red-clothed seniors are really in a hurry.

They didnt even inform us beforehand.”

“How would I have the time to inform you”

For a moment, everyone was gritting their teeth when they heard this.

Cheng Ji was determined to push the blame.

He was about to leave everything to the white-clothed and red-clothed!

However, up to this point, it was clear that Xiu Mingyue still had control.

Cheng Jis expected words were only met with a contemptuous smile from the master of Guiyin Pavilion.

Then, everyone heard her as she said, “Since Master Cheng has said so, this matter is purely an unexpected situation.

Everyone cant wait to go.

How about…”

After pausing for a moment, Xiu Mingyue suggested,

“How about Master Cheng let everyone go now.

Lets wait for the invitation letter to be sent to various factions.

Then, we would come to the Holy Divine Palace.

Hows that”

“At that time, I believe that none of us will resist thethorough investigation of the white-clothed and red-clothed Seniors.”

Everyone agreed with applaud.


“Master Xiu said it right, I agree too.”

“What she said makes sense.

Were trapped here for no reason.

We still have many faction matters to attend to.

How can we waste our time here”

“Why dont we pick a date and visit Holy Divine Palace one by one.

We can also give Master Cheng the belated promotion gift, right”



“Lets do it!”

Everyone responded with one call.

No one wanted to stay.

At this time, it turned into complete chaos.

Some people took advantage and sneakily squeezed their way out of the door.

They tried to make their way out of the spiritual array.

At this moment, various factions came out of the private rooms.

Those who had shown themselves in public and those who had been hiding, all walked out at this moment.

There were a few juniors who were here to gain experience.

But, most of them were elders at the Sovereign or Cutting Path stage.

When all the major factions joined together, the scene became a market of the Sovereigns.

It went totally out of control.


“The Holy Divine Palace intends to imprison us.

Lets all leave here now!”

Someone shouted in the midst of chaos.

Someone even gathered the spiritual source and attacked the spiritual array in an attempt to escape.

“Its a big mess…”

Xin Gugu who was in Room 209, was ecstatic when he saw this.

He knew that even if there were ten more people here, the scene wouldnt get controlled, let alone Cheng Ji.

He immediately turned around to look at Mo Mo.

He wanted her to secretly seal the spiritual array.

There was no more spiritual array.

Everyone scattered and fled the scene.

How could the Holy Divine Palace investigate in such a situation

“Wait…” However, at this moment, Mo Mo did not act impulsively.

Instead, she stretched out her hand to stop Mu Zixi and the others from leaving the room.

“What “Mu Zixi was stunned.

It was a good opportunity to escape.

She did not even need to wait for Mo Mo to seal the array.

She opened her God Devil Eyes and was about to find out the loophole of the array.

“What are you waiting for Lets go!” Liu Changqing became even more anxious.

As a newborn Ghost Beast Host Body, he was most afraid of the red-clothed people.

He couldnt handle them at all.

Just by listening to telepathic communication, he wouldnt be able to resist them despite being a Cutting Path.

Mo Mo noticed that things were going south, it was beginning to get out of control.

She knew that she wasnt strong enough and couldnt control the situation.

Immediately, she lifted up Young Master Xu who was sitting cross-legged in meditation.

That was so cool!

Everyone immediately stopped in their tracks.

Mo Mos action of trying to bring along the leader to calm the crowd made everyone stunned.

Xu Xiaoji who was meditating became so freaked out that he almost burst into tears.

“Young Master Xu said it, all of you have to listen to me.

Come back!” Mo Mo shouted sternly.

Liu Changqing held onto the door and frowned.

In the end, he chose to let go of his hand.

While everyone was confused.

The chaos suddenly paused.

Those who had been rushing toward the exit of the trade fair suddenly returned timidly.

“Whats going on”

At that point, everyone was shocked.

Besides Mu Zixi and the others in the private room, the bustling crowd by the high platform was surprised too.

Why did they return

Were there any monsters outside

Not long after, everyone was forced to return to the entrance.

They were pushed to a corner in shivers.

Accompanied by mocking laughter, a red-clothed appeared at the entrance.

He said,

“What The factions of the Imperial City are all so f*cking ballsy”

“Now, even Master Chengs words are useless, right”

“Must you call us out so that you can see a red-clothed with your own eyes Is that what you need to stop your dispute and calm down”

Red-clothed people walked forward.

He mentioned “us”.

Yet in fact, he was the only one here.

However, as the red-clothed stepped forward, the entire scene was immediately filled with a murderous and dangerous vibe.

It was not something that could be found in someone who lived and fought for petty matters in the Imperial City

It had to be someone who had been through life-threatening wars.

Only someone who had been through critical moments between life and death would have this aura.

“Red-clothed! ! !”

Red-clothed stood still at the entrance.

Everyone felt their hearts skip a beat followed by racing fast.

“Is he here for real”

“The red-clothed senior”

“Could this be… the Night Guardian of the White Cave”

Many people immediately recognized the fierce, gloomy-looking red-clothed.

In the entire Eastern Sky Realm, the most renowned red-clothed was

definitely not someone from the Imperial City.

Instead, it was the red-clothed team from the Eighth Palace, led by Lan Ling from the White Cave!

It did not mean that the red-clothed team from the Imperial City was weak.

The Imperial City was a peaceful place, Ghost Beast rarely appeared here.

However, the evil beasts were born in deserted lands!

The red-clothed who guarded those places had the most outstanding merit.

Without mentioning the rest, just in the past few years, in the White Cave…

A rare seal ghost beast that was unprecedented in history appeared.

After that, the vicious sword and fourth sword broke out of the ground.

It gathered the Saint Servant, Xu Yue Grey Palace, various dark factions, and Ghost Beasts.

At that time, there was a battle at the White Cave.

White-clothed lost many people in that battle, but they captured the second-in-command Saint Servant, Sang Qiye.

That could level half of the dark factions.

The red-clothed were even more outstanding.

From the official announcement, everyone knew that red-clothed had captured at least three Ghost Beasts in that battle.

And that was only the official announcement.

Apart from that, they did not know how many were captured in total.

More importantly…

This red-clothed team who survived the White Cave battle was one of the few white-clothed and red-clothed teams that were able to withstand the full force attack of the Saint Servants chief.

Seven hundred white-clothed people were lost.

There were only more than a dozen red-clothed people who survived after capturing the Ghost Beast and retreated from the Eighth Palace.

Outsiders did not know the secret behind this.

But anyone could gauge how terrifying they were.

And now.

This person at the trade fair was actually one of the four giants of the red-clothed team in White Cave, the Night Guardian!

With that, everyone fell silent as they saw that face.

The moment the Night Guardian appeared.

There should be at least one Ghost Beast present, right

At that point, if they still resist, they must be related to the Ghost Beast, right

“Master Cheng.”

The Night Guardian only appeared for a while before he nodded at Cheng Ji and left.

Everyone was silent.


Tonight, there was no doubt that they would be investigated!

A victorious smile appeared on Cheng Jis face.

Then, the smile spread from the corner of his mouth to his ears.

Next, he lost his smile.

He looked at Leng Qi calmly, “Are you still making a scene”

Leng Qi puffed his chest before letting out a deep breath.

“Master Cheng, tell us the truth.

This time, how many white-clothed and red-clothed are here”

“A lot.”

Cheng Ji did not elaborate.

He knew that there was a large trap hidden in the void outside.

There were outstanding warriors all around.

These people were all prepared in case of accidents of the Imperial City trial.

They had made a move in advance.

The price was only staying up all night.

Even if there was no gain, there would be no actual loss.

But if there was really a harvest for Cheng Ji tonight, if he could find out a Ghost Beast, it would be greatly rewarding!

In fact, Cheng Ji had no idea what kind of monsters were present tonight.

He had seen through the recent and future events.

After summarizing them, he used his deduction, intuition, and the Way of the Heavens to come out with this conclusion.

As for how rewarding would it be for him tonight…

To put it bluntly, it was all up to God!

The scene was in pin-drop silence.

After Leng Qi shut his mouth, Xiu Mingyue also took a few steps back and remained silent.

Since the leaders of the two powerful factions acted this way, the others became even more fearful.

“Line up!”

Seeing this, Cheng Ji couldnt help but laugh.

“Since there are no objections, from the first seat to the end, and then from the second room to the end, walk out one by one.

Its all up to you whether you can return safely!”


Someone sat down heavily and began to wait for the trial.

In Room 209, Liu Changqing and the others sat down feebly as well.

They were doomed!

Things had turned out to be the worst that Young Master Xu had expected…

Cheng Jis backup team was too strong, and too many of them were here.

The scene had been controlled!

Liu Changqing looked at Young Master Xu who had been thrown back onto the sofa to meditate and began to curse in his heart.

What the hell

Just what situation it was now Why was he still chanting

What exactly did his Demi-Saint Discrimination Path solve

If he had supernatural powers, he should hurry up and show them.

If he waited any longer, it would be too late!

Yuan Mansion.

Xu Xiaoshous small world.

Ever since he swapped places with Xu Xiaoji and came to the new world in Yuan Mansion, Xu Xiaoshou did not have time to check out the Bodhi Ancient Wood.

He hurriedly picked up some elixirs refined by Greedy the Cat Spirit and classified by Xu Xiaoji, then left.

Greedy the Cat Spirit who was secretly eating by the side was dumbfounded.

It sensed something.

Was master here

He seemed to be here before, but he wasnt seen anywhere…

“Vanishing Technique!”

Coming out of Yuan Mansion, he couldnt care about anything else.

Xu Xiaoshou took the pills and focused on the spiritual source at all times to prevent showing up.

At the same time, he passed through the private room and the spiritual array.

Then, he flew past the wine pavilion and came to the outside of the trade fair.

He had to come out.

He wanted to see what the outside of the Holy Divine Palace looked like.

Using the Vanishing Technique, he wanted to bring the First Pavilion in the Sky out from this mess.


The moment he went out.

When he arrived outside the long street, Xu Xiaoshous entire body froze.



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