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Chapter 730: The 361th Bazhunan

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The imperial city was destined to not be peaceful tonight.

At the same time that the trade fair was coming to an end, something was happening in other places as well.

The Western District.

Located in the far west of the Western District, there was an aristocratic family of treasures in Dongtianwang City.

Many of the factions in the imperial city would not provoke this family on a normal day.

Moreover, whether intentionally or not, they were all protecting the existence of this higher void faction.

The Yao Family!

A higher void faction, or family, isnt known as a higher void faction just because there is a higher void in a clan or faction.

Other than having at least one higher void…

The number of cutting paths and sovereigns of that faction had to reach a certain level and be officially recognized, registered, and publicly announced by the Holy Divine Palace before they could be recognized by the world.

For example, the Great Xuantian Sect, the Guiyin Pavilion, and so on…

Even if there was a higher void in these sects, they could only be called the “Overlord level faction of Dongtianwang City.”.

This is because, in the end, those higher voids could only be considered guests.

In a nutshell.

These factions could only be considered as overlords of Dongtianwang City.

However, outside of Dongtianwang city, they basically have no connections.

They were also not known and recognized by other regions, countries, and cities in the world.

That is not the case for a true higher void faction.

Wherever they are, that place would conveniently have a new guardian.

Usually, no other faction would provoke them.

And the Yao family in Dongtianwang city was such an existence.

There was no other reason.

The Yao familys Elder, Yao Ye, is the 21 Famed Swords, the current sword-bearer of the Taiyi Shengshui Sword!

The Yao family was also different from the Su family which Su Qianqian of Tiansang City was from.

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It did not decline.

Nor did the famed sword-bearer age.

When the family is at its most decline, at that very moment, the famed sword would be in urgent need of a new owner.

The old master of the Yao family had held the famed sword for 30 years.

The entire Yao family was able to become a higher void faction because he killed his way out with one strike after another!

At this moment.

It was pouring outside the Yao Residence.

The land realm around the Yao Residence, which was three miles away from the outer sword, usually didnt have many other spiritual cultivators.

At most, there would only be occasional swordsmen who came because of Yaos family fame.

Tonight, however, there was an exception.

The third street outside of the Yao Residence was quiet and empty.

Suddenly, a scruffy-looking man walked out from the corner.

The mans curly hair was so dirty that it was oily.

Under the wetness of the rain, it stuck itself to his scalp and face.

His clothes were in tatters, and his eyes were cloudy.

The bags under his eyes looked extremely heavy.

He was holding a large sack in his hand.

The sack was making several loud noises, making him look as if he was a person who had traveled thousands of miles to the Imperial City to collect junk in the rain.

As he walked forward, he muttered to himself in surprise.

“This is strange…”

“Someone is collecting the Crazy Eagle Sword”

“How did these people know where the Crazy Eagle Swords sword-bearer is, and how did they dare to attack that madman”

“Not only did they dare to do so, but they even defeated that madman.

This is simply amazing.”

“I just dont know if Yao Ye from the Yao family, who was caught in the eye of the storm, is dead or not…”

The scruffy-looking man continued dragging the big sack.

When there was no one around, his footsteps were very fast.

In less than half a minute, he crossed the third street and arrived at the door of the Yao residence.

“Who is it!”

The two guards standing at the door with swords in their hands immediately became alert.

They could vaguely sense that the person who came was not simple.

Everyone in the Yao family, including the servants, was all swordsmen.

There were both spiritual swordsmen and rare ancient swordsmen.

And since they were swordsmen, they could roughly sense that the person who came tonight was also someone from the same path.

The scruffy-looking man, who was dragging the sack, wiped the rain off his forehead and swept his hair up to his head.

He revealed a stiff smile and said in a hoarse voice,

“Inform your old man, Yao Ye.

Let him know that someone is coming to retrieve the sword.

Tell him to quickly hand over the famed sword.”

The guards at the entrance were shocked.

There was actually such a brazen person in the imperial city who dared to make such a declaration in front of the Yao Residence

Over the past few years, they had come into contact with quite a number of assassins who tried to snatch the sword.

However, this was the first time they had seen such a brazen assassin.

However, when their line of sight shifted downwards from the scruffy-looking mans turbid yellow eyes, the two guards saw the hand that was dragging the sack…


This time, the two of them were the first to stiffen up.

Then, they burst out laughing.

“Another one!” One of the guards shook his head and burst out laughing, instantly removing most of his vigilance.

“I know who you are.

If I am not wrong, you are also called Bazhunan” The other guard smiled at the scruffy-looking man.

However, the two of them began to mock him.

“This is the 361th Bazhunan Ive ever seen…”

“You have miscounted.

If we were to count the Spirit Array Masters from last time, it would be the 368th!”

“It doesnt matter, it doesnt matter.”

“Indeed, we just have to add one to the number tonight.”

The guards chatter and banter stunned the man who was outside in the rain.

He lowered his head.

“Were there really so many people who pretended…”

Unexpectedly, this mutter was heard.

The guards looked at each other and laughed.


“Its this muttering again.

Its so funny to the point where its not that funny at all…”


One of the guards pointed at the scruffy-looking man and sneered, “How are you going to prove your identity to us Do you want to show us the 10 sections of the finger sword, Great Buddha chop, one strike from the east, or sword cognition”

The scruffy-looking man opened his mouth.

The other guard pondered for a moment and said in a hoarse voice, “The real Bazhunan doesnt need to be shown!”

At the same time, the man also opened his mouth and said in a hoarse voice, “The real… huh”

Halfway through his words, the man seemed to hear the overlapping voices of the guards at the door and was immediately stunned.

When he looked up again, the two of them were already laughing so hard that they were on their knees.

The drizzle continued to fall from the sky.

However, the corner of the scruffy-looking mans mouth suddenly twitched wildly.

His toes, which were exposed outside the tattered cloth shoes, curled up and gripped tightly onto the floor, creating a sharp indentation that looked like a sword mark.

“Have you laughed enough” The man asked in a serious tone.

Even at this moment, he could not suppress the anger that had reached the depths of his embarrassment.


“Wait, wait, allow me to laugh a few more times.

You cant do this.

Your preparations are not as good as ours, and youre here to snatch the sword”

“Hurry up and leave.

Elder Yao is not someone that a person like you can provoke.

If you want to die, move to another place.

We dont want to help collect corpses every night.

Its very annoying!”

“Damn it, there are fakes everywhere…”

The two of them laughed and cursed.

Suddenly, the atmosphere turned cold and heavy.

They quickly stopped laughing and looked up.

They saw that the scruffy-looking man had already closed his fingers in mid-air, revealing a sharp aura.

This time, the two guards could no longer laugh and froze on the spot.

The scruffy-looking mans fingers trembled as he drew a line in mid-air.

“The heavens do not judge the colors of the World.

I will make death the witness.


His sword pointed past.

The guard on the right suddenly felt his heart stop, but he did not feel any pain.

He immediately thought of his companion.

“Could it be that this person injured my companion”

Thinking of this, the guard turned his head and looked at his companion on the left.

At the same time, his companion on the left seemed to have the same thought as he turned his head around with a swish.

Then, both of their eyes were filled with shock as they watched blood shooting out from the other partys neck with their head slowly falling off.

They cried out in unison,

“F*ck, your head fell off!”

With this cry, both of them reacted at the same time.

Their eyes were already filled with deathly stillness, but they were still on the verge of death.

With all their strength, they shouted loudly,

“Enemy attack–”

“The true 10 Sections… ptui!”


On the other side.

Dongtianwang city, North City District, outside the Heaven Prayer Forest.

“Who is it!”

Jiang Xian shouted.

The Three Loathsome Eyes turned and reflected, enabling him to faintly see the silhouette of that person.

But in the next second, his vision blurred.

Whatever silhouette or profile disappeared.

“Rustle, rustle, rustle…”

From the depths of the dense forest, a quiet rustling sound could be heard.

It felt just like the extremely quiet imperial city tonight.

From time to time, there would also be strange and ear-piercing cat meows.

It was so mournful that it sounded like the cries of a baby.

“Young Master Jiang, we cant chase after him anymore!” Jiang Qi said solemnly from the side.

The Jiang clan was supposed to participate in the Imperial Citys grand meeting and the Spirit Gems trade fair tonight.

However, for some baffling reason, a person who could affect the Three Loathsome Eyes perception had appeared.

The Three Loathsome Eyes werent the Lei Familys Eyes that could be used to sense other eyes of the Lei Family.

Most of its abilities were displayed in the mind-changing aperture.

The only thing that could be used to sense the Lei Familys Eyes was the Heaven Pearl.

However, the Heaven Pearl had already been lost.

Now, if everything went according to plan, it should be in Bazhunans hands.

However, the appearance of this figure tonight was a move that could affect the Three Loathsome Eyes!

If the opponent was Bazhunan…


Jiang Qi didnt think that the legendary Eighth Sword Deity needed to use such underhanded methods.

Therefore, Jiang Qi felt that something was fishy inside and out.

She could immediately sense the potential trap.

However, Young Master Jiang is currently on a mission.

Not only did he not find a pair of Lei Familys Eyes, he even lost the Supreme Treasure, the Heaven Pearl.

To discourage her from investigating after sensing something odd is completely impossible!

After all, even if a demi-saints descendant meets with a higher void, the other side will not lay a finishing blow on them…

Making his death an impossible situation.

When his ultimate fear was removed by his demi-saint descendant identity, Jiang Xian also lost the fear of the unknown, so he chased after.

Jiang Qi, although worried, could only follow behind despite not being able to do much help.

Jiang Si looked at the dense forest in front of him and said cautiously,

“Young Master Jiang, the Heaven Prayer Forest is located at the north of the northern city.

Although it is still within the area of the northern city, it is no longer under the jurisdiction of the city.

It belongs to the outer part of the city.”

“After all, it is connected to the vast Heaven Prayer Forest outside the city.

Thirty kilometers into the north of the Heaven Prayer Forest is also the border of the Yunlun mountain range.”

“So, we cant chase after them anymore.

Be careful of any tricks!”

As Jiang Si spoke, he suddenly felt a chill on his face.

He frowned and reached out his hand.

Tiny raindrops floated in his palm.

The cold touch made him feel even more frightened, and his heart palpitated even more.

He raised his head.

Under the gloomy night sky, a drizzle had unknowingly appeared in midair.

An ominous omen!

Jiang Xian was calm and unmoved.

He said, “Its a trick.

There must be a trick.

However, it doesnt matter.

I just want to see who dares to trick me.”

“If someone dares to trick us, they must have someone to rely on!” Jiang Si was anxious.

Jiang Xian sneered instead.

“Youve already said the wordtrick.

Dont you know that the dignity of the demi-saint family is not to be trampled on”

Jiang Si fell silent for a moment.

He looked helplessly at Jiang Qi, hoping that Jiang Qi would open her mouth and persuade Young Master Jiang to return to the Tianyang Manor.

“Young Master Jiang, do you have any new sensations”Jiang Qi did not continue to persuade him at the first moment.

Instead, she followed Jiang Xians train of thought and asked.


Jiang Xian nodded.

After a long silence, he said in a low voice,

“If nothing goes wrong, the only thing that can make the Three Loathsome Eyes sense is the pair ofFlower Fairy Eyes.”

“If Im not wrong, the other party should be targeting the Three Loathsome Eyes, just like how I am targeting her Flower Fairy Eyes.”

“But this method…”

Jiang Xian compared it to the Bazhunan who had directly entered the room to steal the eyes, and he faintly didnt think well of the enemys method.

To be able to use such an underhanded method to steal the eyes, no matter what, the other party couldnt be a powerful senior.

At best, it was just a restraining array set up in the Heaven Prayer Forest in front of him.

If he stepped in, he would only fall into the other partys geographical advantage.

However, the enemy had fallen to the point of using the geographical advantage to catch the eye.

No matter how powerful he was, as a demi-saints descendant, what reason did he have to be afraid

Jiang qi immediately warned, “Young Master Jiang, you still have to guard against this level…”

“Show your weakness to the enemy!” Jiang Xian smiled.

“I understand.”

The two people on the side fell silent.

Young Master Jiang was indeed not stupid.

He could see everything clearly, but he still chose to take the bait.

It was nothing more than the pair of “Flower Fairy Eyes” opposite him, which was equally fascinating.

The eyes of the flower fairy were one of the unusual eyes recorded in the “Eyes of the World”.

The possessor must be a woman and possess the supreme ability of illusion.

The ability of the eye technique could be taken as an illusion, and when the mind willed it, it could also be taken as reality.

To turn an illusion into reality…

What a terrifying thing!

This pair of eyes only existed in legends.

The world had never even seen it, not even once.

Even in the past, it was said that there were real people who had mastered such an eye technique in the Lei family, but they had never appeared in the world.

Therefore, it was passed down in the world by word of mouth.

Whether the records were true or not, it was impossible to know.

However, Jiang Xian would not doubt anything that the world did not doubt.

The background of the demi-saint family let him know clearly.

Although there were too many eyes of the world that looked and sounded illusory, it was impossible for the eyes of the world to exist in the world.

As long as there were records, everything is true.

It could not be fake!

That was because only those eyes that had once appeared would be recorded in the eyes of the world!


“Go in!” Having made up his mind, Jiang Xian waved his hand and took the lead to step into the Heaven Prayer Forest.

“Wait…”Jiang Qi was shocked.

However, before she could finish her words, she saw Young Master Jiang, who had taken a step into the area of the Heaven Prayer Forest, disappear on the spot.

“Oh no!”

Jiang Si was anxious.

He took a step forward and hurried to catch up.

However, after she landed on the ground, her figure disappeared as well.

Jiang Qi almost vomited blood when she witnessed this from behind.

Didnt Jiang si notice the obvious spiritual array that was served to divide the enemy Why did she still go forward

She wasnt in a hurry to make a move.

Instead, she immediately took out a communication bead.

She was about to send a message to the higher-ups of the clan.

However, she barely moved her hand and the Heaven Prayer Forest in front of her suddenly shook.

The boundary of the dense forest also spread under her feet, covering them as well.

Jiang Qi was confused.

She had wanted to adhere to this principle.

If the enemy doesnt move, I wont move

But if I dont move, would the Earth move


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