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Chapter 732: Eye-catching

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From the spatial ring to the consumption of the Saint Blood.

It was clearly the most sparse and ordinary method, the shortest distance.

But this distance, under the effect of an ocular power, became unattainable.

Perhaps no one would have thought that the spatial ring, which was usually the most convenient to store items, would actually become a forbidden treasure trove under this ocular technique.

Xu Xiaoshou could already foresee that the other treasures on Jiang Xian would also be completely forbidden in this form.


This guy seemed to be alone.

He could only rely on his identity as a demi-saints descendant to defend himself against the two great cutting paths with his rather insignificant cultivation level!

“Cough, cough…”

The price of destroying the demi-saints blood essence, which was full of holy power, directly with ocular power was obviously something that even a cutting path could not withstand.

The green-robed masked man wiped the blood from his eyes and mouth and sighed softly, “Its the third drop of Saint Blood.

This guy is really rich…”

“Are you alright” The red-robed masked man asked with concern.

“I am alright, but this guy kept the saint statue as his backup plan.

We have to guard ourselves against that…” The green-robed masked mans face was gloomy.

“Lord Huang Quan has said that whether it will work or not depends on that instant.”

“Theres no time.

We have to end the battle as soon as possible.

Someone is already here!” At this moment, the red-robed masked man began to shake his head.

The two of them did not say anything.

However, it was clear that they had the same worry.

Xu Xiaoshou was unable to intercept this telepathic communication.

What he could do was only disappear in front of the cutting path.

He could not really possess the ability to rival the cutting path.

Hiding in the tree trunk and disappearing at this moment was truly terrifying.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt even dare to pay too much attention to the two cutting paths, for fear of arousing the opponents whim.

However, looking at the entire scene, he was constantly taking stock of the situation.

“Flower Fairy Eyes…”

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According to Jiang Xian, what this fake Storyteller had should be the Flower Fairy Eyes, which had the highest level of illusion, and was also the source of this illusion array.

This pair of eyes was already very hard to resist.

However, Lei Shuangxing also had a pair of extremely terrifying eyes!

Then, what are they

“Cross-shaped Eyes!”

At this moment, Jiang Xian seemed to have gone through many tests and finally saw through Lei Shuangxings hidden eyes.

When he realized it, he was already a little scared.

“The Cross-shaped Eyes has the power of theCross of Nirvana.”

“This kind of power can even destroy the holy power on the spot.

What you need to pay is only the price of your lifespan…”

“Why do you have it”

Jiang Xian panicked.

He didnt know all of the Lei Familys Eyes recorded in theEyes of the World, after all, it was lost.

However, he had heard of the “Cross-shaped Eyes” before!

Even the higher void family couldnt produce a pair of these.

How could this person in front of him have them

“Flower Fairy Eyes, Cross-shaped Eyes…”

Jiang Xian was stunned for a moment before he realized what was going on.

“In addition to my Three Loathsome Eyes, you are collecting the Lei Familys Eyes.

What you are eyeing is the power of the higher void Lei Family!”

“How clever.” The masked man in the red dress chuckled.

His delicate hands turned smoothly as if he was already gathering power and did not intend to say anything more.

Jiang Xin became even more flustered.

“Impossible! Are you crazy I dont believe that you dont know why the Lei family was destroyed.

How would you dare to collect it…”

“Arent you also looking for them” The storyteller interrupted with a rhetorical question.

“Im different!” Jiang Xian took a few steps back.

“The Jiang clan is only looking for them because…”

In the chaos, he finally regained a trace of his initial calmness and hurriedly shut his mouth.

However, it was because of his calmness that the scene became even more terrifying.

He had casually come across two great cutting paths, and one of them had the “Flower Fairy Eyes” and the other had the “Cross-shaped eyes”.

Both of which only existed in legends.

The background of the two masked men in front of him was definitely not simple!

Would such people be afraid of the identity of a demi-saints descendant…


It could be seen that they were afraid too!

However, the legend of a demi-saints descendant not dying was no longer absolute in front of these two people!

Jiang Xian looked left and right.

However, at this moment, when he really wanted to call for reinforcements…

He found that not only was there no one around, but even the reinforcements that Jiang Qi and Jiang Si should have called for did not arrive.

The two of them had disappeared since the start of the show…

“Who are you” Jiang Xians voice sank, and his face was as white as paper.

“Saint Servant!” The power in the storytellers hand had taken shape.

Jiang Xian bit the tip of his tongue and forced himself not to tremble.

“The Demi-saint of the Jiang clan, do you really dare to touch him Are you really not afraid of my clans demi-saint taking revenge”

“Your clans demi-saint He probably doesnt know yet.”

“Do you think its possible Our demi-saint has the eyes of the great path, he is able to see through the five regions!”

“He wouldnt be so bored as to stare at you all the time…”

Before the storyteller could finish, Jiang Xian suddenly opened his mouth and shouted, “Jiang… pfft!”

With just the word “Jiang” he spat out a mouthful of blood, and his tongue disappeared.

At the same time.

The accessories on Jiang Xians body, such as necklaces, rings, belts, and jade pendant, all exploded!

Bang! Bang! Bang.

It was as if thunder had exploded on the surface of Jiang Xians body, causing him to be covered in wounds.

Some of the waves of spiritual source caused by the explosion of the defensive spiritual weapon were full of path energy, and some even contained traces of holy power.

But without exception, they were all shattered!


In the disappearing state, Xu Xiaoshou could clearly feel the confrontation in that instant.

The second half of Jiang Xians sentence was silenced on the spot by the green-robed masked man.

But obviously, it was useless to directly silence his voice.

Therefore, the green-robed masked mans choice was to completely erase the existence of the tongue the moment Jiang Xian spoke!

What followed was a series of defensive spiritual weapons protective mechanisms.


Under the Cross-shaped Eyes, even if some of these defensive spiritual weapons contained holy power, they wouldnt be able to withstand it.

“What does he want to say Jiang”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

What he was shocked by was Lei Shuangxings superior reaction power.

Not only was the cultivation level of this cutting path powerful, but his ocular power was also astonishing.

It seemed that he had already anticipated all of Jiang Xians backup plans.

When the other party showed signs of attacking, he immediately stopped his actions.

It was simply terrifying!

As the green-robed masked man wiped away the blood and tears in his eyes again, the red-robed masked man could delay any longer.

The power of the cutting path in his hands had already gathered into two white balls of light, completely drowning his hands.

It was as if his hands were holding two scorching White Suns.

“Calling a demi-saint by his name is disrespectful to a saint.”

After a sneer, the masked man in the red dress attacked Jiang Xian while he was still in a daze after being influenced by the white balls of light.

He waved his hands forward and the white balls of light in his hands turned into two beams of light that were about to pierce into Jiang Xians depressed head.

The white light from the Brilliant Sun.

The white light dazzled the Brilliant World.

Heaven Prayer Forest was instantly lit up by the white light.

Xu Xiaoshou could even feel the power similar to that of Jiang Xians saint blood from the white light beam.

He originally thought that Jiang Xian would definitely die.

However, at this critical moment…

Jiang Xian, who was repeatedly spitting out blood and speaking incoherently, looked up at the white light beam at the same time.

The light beam that was enough to light up the night did not make him back down in the slightest.

On the contrary, on that ferocious and despairing face, the gray tri-colored tri-flower of the tri-hate pupil was turning at an extremely slow speed.

If the masked man in the red dress wanted to be eye-catching…

Then he had to use it on his eyes.

And the beam of light had to be used on his eyes.

His line of sight would definitely follow.

This was the opportunity for the Three Loathsome Eyes.

“Mind-changing aperture!”

His low cultivation level could not affect Jiang Xians ability to forcefully use the ultimate ability of the Three Loathsome Eyes: Mind-changing aperture against the cutting path expert who was a distance away.

This kind of power to control a human spirit was beyond the way of the heavens.

Even if cultivation level would affect the control effect, it could also be the same as the green-robed masked man using his cross-shaped eyes to forcefully resist the holy power.

Whatever price he had to pay could be offset.


The white beam of light stopped just before it pierced into the Three Loathsome Eyes.

It was only a hairs breadth away from Jiang Xians face.

As for Jiang Xian, whose hair had suddenly turned white and his face looked like it aged into an old mans, the power of the Three Loathsome Eyes immediately acted on the red-robed masked mans Flower Fairy Eyes, which dared to look directly into them.

The white light in the hands of the masked man in the red dress suddenly weakened, and his eyes instantly became hollow.

He began to mumble something listlessly.


On the side.

Almost at the moment Jiang Xian used the mind-changing aperture, the masked man in the green robe moved.

He pulled out the spiritual sword in his hand and slashed out horizontally.

Sword light tore through the night and instantly penetrated through Jiang Xians neck.



However, at this moment, a loud explosion sounded from the direction of Jiang Xians neck and the place behind him where the sword energy had cut through.

However, there was not even a hint of blood.

The green-robed masked man was stunned and suddenly realized something.

“Saint statue…”


This is the holy power!

A casual strike from the cutting path could not be blocked by Jiang Xians physical body, which had completely exploded with his spiritual weapon.

However, at this moment, Jiang Xians Three Loathsome Eyes, which had been continuously acting on the red-robed masked man, was unwilling to let go.

White mist rose up from his body along with that sword attack.

The white mist became dense.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was hiding behind the battlefield, could not help but tremble in his calves.

At this moment, he, who was looking at the white mist in front of him, actually felt a guilty feeling and urge to lower his head to repent.

It felt almost as if he had blasphemed God with his eyes.

In fact, he even began to prostrate himself in his heart and prostrate himself in worship.

However, how similar was this scene to the fantasy realm of “Swallow the Mountains and Rivers”

At the first moment when his mood underwent a transformation, the aura around Xu Xiaoshous body rose.

He pushed aside the terrifying power that was bursting forth from Jiang Xians body and stood upright.

At the back of the battlefield, Xu Xiaoshou, who was not involved in the confrontation and was not in the center of attention, could do this.

However, the green-robed masked man involved could not do this at all.

The moment the white mist rose, his kneecap shattered with a bang, and his entire leg was wiped off.

The moment his lower body disappeared, even though he tried his best to raise his head, his head still seemed to crack under the terrifying pressure of the white mist of the Saint Statue, and he was pressed deep into the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The area within a few miles of the Heaven Prayer Forest sank more than ten feet at the same time amid the sounds of the end of the world.

At this moment.

The Saint Statue on Jiang Xians body had yet to appear.

What came out was only the white fog on the eve of the Saint Statues appearance.

But that was the holy power!

It is an irresistible factor that transcended the way of the heavens!

It has the ability of decline and calamity that only a saint possesses in the mortal world!

It is the sum of all calamities, and also the beginning of all new life.

It is before the chaos, before existence, and after existence, not in the five elements, and not in the six paths.

It is a saint who was above the mortal world, and below godhood.

“Saint” was used instead of “Yes”.

This was a power that could not be described with words.

Mortals used “Saint” to refer to it, implying transcendence.

However, if one really wanted to explain “Saint”, no one could explain it.

Once the Saint Statue appeared, the scene completely changed.

The green-robed masked man, whose body was half-buried in the ground, was still pressed into the ground despite all the precautions.

The red-robed masked man, who was completely controlled by the Three Loathsome Eyes and refused to lower his head in front of the saint, was gradually shattering and disappearing.

The original body, Jiang Xian, naturally could not withstand this great power.

However, while his body was decaying, the white fog of the saint statue was healing him.

This was the power of his bloodline, the confidence of a demi-saints descendant.

It was the trump card of a demi-saint who was not afraid of the final risk.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was in the disappearing state, was almost unable to hold on any longer.

It was not until he gritted his teeth and fought desperately that he suddenly woke up.

Only then did he realize that the “Vanishing technique” was not invincible.

Holy Power could affect him even in the disappearing state.

And what he was enduring now was already weakened by theVanishing Technique.

The power he endure was also only the aftermath of the Holy Paths great power.

What if..

He had faced it directly

Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to continue his imagination.

At this moment, even if he gritted his teeth and endured, he was still pressed into a bow by the rapidly rising holy paths great power.

He couldnt even lift his head.

But it did not matter.

“Perception” still transmitted the scene from afar.

Although it was distorted and blurry.

But sometimes it was clear.

Xu Xiaoshou could see Jiang Xian switching back and forth between the state of pain and enjoyment.

He knew that it was the interaction between the use of holy power and the treatment of holy power.

He also saw the small half of Lei Shuangxings body that was embedded into the ground and was almost cracked.

He also saw the storyteller, who had completely disappeared into the air and turned into the last bit of embers…


Xu Xiaoshous hair stood on end.

Is this childs play

You are a cutting path!

You were just fighting, but when the Holy Statue Opens, you are gone

How could Yama not guard against this move

Isnt what you have been guarding against all this time the power of a saint that could possibly appear from Jiang Xian

Xu Xiaoshou tried his best to see the situation inside the white fog of the Saint Statue, but there was nothing but a tall outline.

He seemed to see a three-headed, six-armed God, a bodhisattva who sympathized with all living beings, and an extremely ordinary old man..


This was a saint

Before he could react, he had forgotten everything he had seen just now.

“This is the end”

Xu Xiaoshous thoughts returned to the state he was in when he was staring at the saint statue.

Then, this time, he saw a dark red dot in the white fog of the saint statue.

“No, its not over yet!”

In the image transmitted by his perception, the storyteller was clearly controlled by Jiang Xian with the Three Loathsome Eyes and died because he did not lower his head.

But at this moment, another storyteller rose up behind Jiang Xian!

“Jiang Xian, did you control the wrong person”

At this moment, this thought flashed through Xu Xiaoshous mind.

No one could answer.

In a flash, the second storyteller appeared behind Jiang Xian.

Both of his hands were covered in golden power, and the smell of space and time permeated from it.

It was as if he had reached out to grip Jiang Xians neck from another world, so he was not affected by the holy power of this world.

Then, he twisted his hand.


Jiang Xians neck turned 180 degrees backward, and the Three Loathsome Eyes instantly lost focus.

His painful and happy expression was also frozen in an instant.

The storytellers face was very close to Jiang Xians forehead.

Cherry powder bloomed in his flirtatious flower fairy eyes, and both of his hands, along with a white beam of light, pierced into Jiang Xians eyes.


A miserable cry sounded.

The moment was frozen, and the night was dyed red.

A soft, ethereal voice that sounded like a mother coaxing a baby to sleep in a foreign world murmured,

“Hold on, youre not dead yet, dont give up….”



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